Honour Thy Father: Chapter 10-12 (Final)

Chapter Ten: Eva Eva laid in bed with Daddy, both of them completely naked as she tried to fall asleep- as if she could sleep after the day that she’d had.  She couldn’t believe how a few short hours had changed absolutely everything about her life.  You know it’s an insane day when the mostContinue reading “Honour Thy Father: Chapter 10-12 (Final)”

Honour Thy Father: Chapter 8-9

Chapter Eight: Melody No one had ever watched her suck Father’s cock before.  Melody knew, of course, that Michael and Eva were coming to learn from them, but she hadn’t considered that they would be watching her most intimate moments with Father.  She had to admit that it felt a little strange, and she almostContinue reading “Honour Thy Father: Chapter 8-9”

Honour Thy Father: Chapter 6-7

Chapter Six: Eva Daddy was eerily quiet all weekend.  She was grounded, naturally, so she spent the weekend at home working on some art pieces.  Eva found herself walking on eggshells around Daddy, half expecting him to put her over his knee at any moment.  The moment never came, and by Sunday night he seemedContinue reading “Honour Thy Father: Chapter 6-7”