Mr. Intensity’s New Toy

I love impact play.  I pride myself in my stamina when faced with a Dom set on pushing my boundaries.  While my body doesn’t translate pain to pleasure, I do get lost in the mindfulness that is required to compartmentalize each hit and prepare for the next.  Feeling my body in that way is such a high.

Mr. Intensity is a wizard with impact play.  He knows exactly how to scaffold each hit to push his sub to their next level- he varies implements, placement, and force to create a gradual symphony of moans and screams.  If he puts his mind to it and has a willing participant, the bruises and marks that remain are art.

He messaged me to say that he had a new implement to try, and that when he found it he immediately thought of me.  He said that it was going to be rough, but that he knew I could handle it. 

I’m a sucker for praise, especially from this man.  Moth, meet flame.

His weapon of choice was a construction marker- a long, thin piece of fluorescent orange rock hard plastic used to mark curbs and things on construction sites.  If you look around a grocery store parking lot or a road construction site, you are likely to see them sticking out of the ground.  He was picking them up from a job site, and immediately thought about my ass- how flattering.

He let me touch it, and I started to get nervous.  The material was unforgiving, thin and hard enough that I could already feel the welts that it would leave.  About four feet long, it had plenty of length for him to get a good swing in.  When he whipped it through the air, the slicing sound it made me instantly wet, and vaguely terrified.

I was giddy with excitement as I laid naked in my bed, face down.  “This is going to hurt, so we will ease our way into it,” he said in his quietly dominating way.  He elected not to use restraints.  That kind of willful submission requires more focus on my part- I need to resist the urge to self-protect by covering my ass or moving away from his reach, instead taking a deep breath and surrendering to the next blow.

I felt his hand gently caress my ass, and shivered as goosebumps gave me away.  When he landed the first spank with his hand, I moaned as my anticipation was rewarded.  He let the colour in my ass build slowly as he oscillated between hard, crisp slaps and the slow trickle of his fingers across raw, red flesh. 

When he was pleased with his effort (or perhaps when his hand started to ache), he switched to a particularly nasty flogger- long, leather strips ending in hard, tied knots.  The thud and subsequent sting was deep and powerful.  While a couple of the spanks had landed hard and made me flinch, the flogger made that more of a constant practice.  I yelped with each impact and had to put my hands under the pillow in front of me to keep them from covering my ass.  He allowed me to shuffle my legs, but did not relent in his task.

My ass was on fire, and each knot left a long, slow ache within me.  The thought of the small, thin plastic was becoming a beacon of light. I was longing for a sting instead of a thud, which is exactly where he wanted me to be.

When he finally put the flogger down, my body and mind breathed a collective sigh of relief.  Stinging pain tends to subside much faster than the deep thuds, so I was ready for it- or so I thought.

“This is really going to hurt,” he cautioned.  I could hear the excitement bleeding through the caution in his voice.

“So did that,” I said flippantly.  Sometimes I can’t help myself.

“It’s either going to break on impact, or it’s going to leave an impressive mark,” he said.  “Ready to find out?”

I took a deep, settling breath and put my hands under the pillow in front of me.  I progressively relaxed my muscles, taking great care to focus on releasing my thigh, hip, and ass muscles.  “Yes Sir,” I said back.

Jesus. Fuck. No amount of caution or warning could’ve prepared me for that.  I must be bleeding.  Mr. Intensity has an immense amount of control, but that must have broken the skin. 

“Good girl,” he said simply.  “Ready for another?”

“Yes Sir,” I heard a voice say.  It couldn’t have been mine.

The next one came with a louder whoosh in the air, and I tensed before it hit me- big mistake.  “Fuck!” I exclaimed, and he laughed.

“This is going to be fun,” was his only reply before he hit me again.

My hands flew to my ass, instantly covering and putting pressure on the site of the third strike.  I debated calling red, more from shock than anything else.  I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t broken skin. 

“You know better,” he chastised, “move your hands.”

The devil himself must have moved my hands, because two seconds later there was another white hot sting. I was absolutely ready to call it, which he must have sensed. “Two more,” he promised. 

I slowly obeyed, breathing deeply as I reminded myself I wasn’t bleeding.  I felt a dildo press into my slippery wet pussy- the moan this time was pure relief.  “This should help,” he said smugly.  He started slow, thrusting the dildo with one hand while his other fingertips traced the welts on my ass.  “These are gorgeous,” he mused.  “Two more and I will take a photo.”

I am not sure if it was mercy or added torture that the last two blows were delivered within seconds of each other.  I had no time to absorb and recalibrate, though I suppose I also had no time to panic.  The second he was done, he thrust the dildo and out of me with enough force that I was cumming before I realized it.

I let the warmth wash over me, begging the release to relax me.  I could vaguely hear him snapping photos, muttering to himself- clearly impressed with his work.

“Did you like it?” he asked.

“Absolutely not,” I replied quicky- some might even say desperately.

“Good.  It’s about time I had something you truly feared.”


Choose Your Own Adventure

“I’m in a mood. Go upstairs, into the toy chest.  Pick something that you want me to use, leave it on the nightstand- choose absolutely anything you want, but know that I WILL use it.  You have five minutes. Be naked when I get up there.”

In my career, I am well-known for my decisiveness, especially when under pressure of time, resource, or political constraints.  I am able to quickly consider options and consequences, and confidently choose a path that mitigates damage and achieves results- even with complicated circumstances or competing priorities.  I can effectively communicate that plan to my team and troubleshoot issues during execution.

Just don’t ask me what to have for dinner, or what colour of nail polish I want. 

It was with this chronic inability to make small decisions that I approached the toy chest.  Filled with innumerable treasures, the toy chest was the start of my very own choose your own adventure story.  I stared at the options- everything from mousetraps to suction cups to rope to anal beads- and panicked.  What should I choose?

The instructions were delivered with a decided edge to Wonderboy’s usual tone; he clearly intended to bring some intensity to the play.  I was wound pretty tightly, not having had a submission session lately.  When my fingers brushed the soft leather of a glass-handled flogger, I shivered at the welcome thought of feeling a sting across my ass.

When I wrapped my hand around the ribbed (though narrow) glass handle, my pussy twitched- as much as I wanted to get flogged, I also wanted to get absolutely railed.  I grabbed a dildo from the chest, now debating between the two.  The chain of some rather pinchy clover clamps caught my eye, and suddenly I was holding three toys. 

Two pain, one pleasure- well that simply wouldn’t do.  I added a vibrator for good measure, and displayed my treasure spoils on the bedside table.  I’ve never been known for my restraint. 

I had just finished undressing when he came to the bedroom.  He surveyed my choices slowly, his mouth curving into a grin.  “Quite the selection,” he mused- the edge still clear in his tone.  I wasn’t sure if he was complimenting me or threatening me- I’m still not. 

After he undressed, he secured my wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed.  As he pulled each strap tight, the electricity in the room buzzed louder.  When he was satisfied with my immobility he gathered the toys from the nightstand and settled himself on top of me, his legs hugging my hips.  We made heated eye contact, each assessing the other, wondering how far we would take things.  He is very much aware of my affinity for and experience with BDSM, but we hadn’t dabbled much in the art beyond the odd ass smack or hair pull in the heat of the moment.  This felt decidedly different.

He kissed me deeply- an unspoken I love you before his demeanour sharpened.  He ran his hands down my shoulders, up my stomach, and landed on my breasts.  My nipples, already hard, got playfully teased before they were painfully clamped.  I gasped, forgetting just how sharp their bite can be.  He watched me closely as I took a deep breath, already compartmentalizing the sting in anticipation of being dealt more.

He pulled gently on the chain linking the clamps together, smirking as I tried to control a wince.  He put his finger in my mouth, pressing it down my throat to test me.  His smirk told me I passed, but before I could feel smug he was already on to the next instruction. “Hold onto this- don’t drop it, or you will be punished,” he ordered as he replaced the finger in my mouth with the chain of the clamps.  I hitched my tongue onto the chain and held it behind my teeth- there was just enough give that it pulled tightly, but didn’t actively pull on my nipples.

I vaguely wondered about the punishment, but this felt like an attainable task.  As long as I didn’t move my head back or open my mouth too widely, holding onto the chain would be fairly effortless- which he knew, of course.

He slid down between my legs, taking a moment to look me up and down.  I felt completely consumed by his gaze- like everywhere his eyes looked turned to flames.  He looked at me like I was the only girl in the world, and like he was about to devour me.  I completely forgot about the pain in my nipples.

I can’t remember if he started with the dildo or the vibrator- what I do remember is an overwhelming erotic symphony of the two.  From his perch between my legs (and with my legs restrained wide open), Wonderboy had me completely at his mercy.  He was able to play me like an instrument, alternating between fast, hard dildo thrusts and a laser focused vibrator on my clit.  His hands worked their expert magic as a smirk drew across his face. 

I could feel my orgasm building.  I pressed my hips into the dildo, making the most of my limited ability to move.  I moaned and bit down onto the chain as a reminder to keep the chain in my mouth.  I was so deliciously excited to cum that I forgot what the chain was attached to; I threw my head back just before my orgasm hit, and instead of ecstasy I felt immediate pain, then frustration.

When I threw my head back, the chain in my mouth pulled on my clamped nipples- hard.  The pain immediately coursed through my body, all the way to my clit- which was now untouched, as Wonderboy had edged me just before I reached orgasm.  Waves of pain and disappointment and frustration coursed through me as I refocused on creating slack in the chain.  I looked up at the man hovering over me, no doubt with a stare of a thousand daggers.  He answered me with a small smile, and a sugar coated “Oh, you didn’t think it was going to be that easy, did you? Good girls wait to cum.”


The feeling of his tongue on my clit melted me- a welcome change in pressure after the relentless vibrator.  Now that I knew he was going to edge me, I stopped chasing the orgasm- I find it much easier to disconnect and let the sensation wash over me when I know any attempt at pulling on the thread of orgasm will result in disappointment.  Unfortunately, that particular strategy only works for so long.

Also unfortunately, he was not in a hurry.   Just as I neared the edge again he stopped abruptly and left me shivering and begging for more.  I swallowed my desperate words as he landed the flogger on my stomach. 

The flogger (that I had chosen, I reminded myself) was small and could be soft and teasing or hard and precise.  Wonderboy chose both approaches.  He warmed me up with soft, quick impacts- stomach, arms, inside of my thighs.  The impact was more pleasure than pain, even when he centered it between my legs.  I closed my eyes and settled into the rhythm, playing with the clamp chain with my tongue as I shivered with each delicious slap.  I was just starting to relax when the bite between my legs turned sharp. 

I jolted against the restraints.  The look in his eyes told me not to get comfortable.  He hit harder in all the same places, earning a wince every now and then when he landed on thin skin.  His hits got more precise, and soon he was flicking the flogger with enough force and finesse that the ends kissed my clamped nipples.  Each impact felt like a lighter was being held to the tender and pulsing flesh- I wanted to marvel at the skill, but I was too distracted by the bite.  Each whip of my nipples earned him a yelp, while his harder impacts between my legs got a moan.  He turned me into a one woman symphony, with the crack of the flogger providing excellent percussion. 

Keeping the chain in my mouth was no easy feat with a constant assault of bee stings.  I yelped when the flogger kissed my skin, occasionally jerking my head back and pulling on the clamps to add to the misery.  I realized that I wasn’t helping myself- I was vulnerable and compromised, but I knew how to handle that- I needed to overcome my frenzied panic by submitting.  I took several deep breaths, relaxed my limbs, and absorbed the sensations that he dealt- to what I would call a medium degree of success.  The chain still got pulled, but not nearly as often. 

At long last he put the flogger down, settling back between my legs.  His tongue greeted my clit with softness, and I took a deep breath as he danced expert circles around it.  The precision of his tongue was dragging me toward an orgasm, whether I wanted to cum or not.  He changed pressure and pace to keep me guessing, and brought the dildo back at a steady pace for good measure.  I was wary of my clamped and sore nipples, the pain an increasingly constant buzz beneath the pleasure between my legs.  I knew the cost of losing control, and tried my best to keep my neck tilted to create as much slack in the chain as I could. 

My focus on the chain kept being interrupted by the building tension beneath my clit.  I knew that I couldn’t hold out much longer.  “Please,” I begged.  I’m not sure for what.

Our eyes met, and any ties to this earth that I had melted away.  When we make eye contact I can feel him seeing into my soul, and to say it’s unnerving is an understatement.  Nothing around me even registered anymore- not the chain, the nipple pain, or even the pleasure- it was just him.

“Cum,” he commanded- and I did.

The orgasm ripped me apart.  I had a fleeting thought to bite down on the chain, which served to jerk my clamped nipples around as my head and body thrashed.  In spite of the pain, I bit down harder, determined not to let it go.  He forced the dildo in and out of me while my pussy squirted around it.  I was barely tethered to earth, but the shooting pain in my nipples kept bringing me back to the moment.  The relentless pressure between my legs created another orgasm before the first had even finished, and I screamed when I flew over the edge.

You know what happens when you scream? You open your mouth.

I was immediately aware of the chain slipping from between my teeth, but there was nothing I could do about it.  I could feel (and hear) my pussy gushing around the dildo, soaking the sheets and his unrelenting hand.  I screamed until I had no voice, and he finally released the dildo. 

I could feel my whole body shaking with the aftershock, and could feel my consciousness floating somewhere above me, tethered only by the pulsing pain in my clamped nipples.  He pulled on the chain gently to bring me back, his face a mixture of exertion and anticipation.

“You dropped the chain,” he said smugly.  I moaned, because I knew my words didn’t matter.  He put his cum-soaked fingers in my mouth, letting me taste my salty mess before he again replaced them with the chain.

“Do you want the clamps off?” he asked.  As soon as he reminded me of them, my nipples ached and pulsed in response. They had been clamped long enough that I knew it was going to hurt to take them off- but I also knew the longer they stayed on, the worse it would be.  I nodded vigorously.

“Well then, take them off.”

I looked up at him, the impact of his words dawning on me.  I searched his face for a hint of humour or flexibility, seeing only the glint in his eye that said he knew he had me.  “I told you there would be punishment,” he said innocently.

My mind started to work, calculating the lowest-impact way to remove the clamps.  I wrapped the chain around my tongue, gently pulling on the clamps to test their tightness.

Pretty fucking tight.  They weren’t going to just slide off, which I should have known given how hard I had pulled on them when I was cumming.

I realized that I was going to have to pull them off one at a time at about the same time I realized that it was going to be excruciating.  I looked at him again, not naive to the fact that this was my first true opportunity to submit to him.  This was going to be all pain, no pleasure- a result of a punishment I had earned. 

Christ, I am a good girl.

I fed the chain through my mouth, tilting my head up so that I could bite down as close to the left clamp as I could.  I tested it a few times, wincing with each pull.  This was going to hurt- best to get it over with.

I snapped my head back, and the clamp moved, but not off my nipple.  The pinch was now far more acute, and I gasped in pain as I desperately tried to get a better grip on the chain to pull it the rest of the way.  I lurched my head again, and the clamp came off.

I screamed as the blood rushed to my nipple- it hurt worse than the clamp.

“Good girl, one more to go,” he praised.  That was enough to get me to focus on the next one.

I repeated the same action, but when I lurched my head back the clamp stretched my nipple but didn’t budge.  I moaned, because it fucking hurt.

I tried again and suffered the same result.  The clamp refused to budge, and my resolve was thinning.  I took a few deep breaths, feeling his gaze on me as I redoubled my efforts.

The third pull saw it budge, but it was still firmly on my nipple- now more painfully placed.  I could feel tears sting my eyes as he finally removed it.  “Good girl,” he repeated, and gently sucked my swollen nipples. 

“I was going to take them off after one attempt, but you were so determined I thought I would let you keep going,” he explained. 

I will admit to being annoyed that I couldn’t complete the task, but the relief coursing through me as the heartbeat in my nipples dulled distracted me from the feeling.

“Thank you,” I mumbled.

“You’re welcome,” he said as he slid his cock inside me.

The thing about Wonderboy’s cock is that no matter how many times I see and touch it, I am still shocked at its size.  He pushed the head inside me, and I felt my pussy fill and ache as it adjusted.  He pressed his full length into me with one fluid motion and untied my ankles as he did so.  I settled my legs around him, opening myself up to him as he started to move.

His cock filled me over and over, pulling orgasm after orgasm from my exhausted body.  I moaned his name every now and then to keep me grounded, but otherwise I was on a completely different planet. 

The clamp on my clit certainly brought me back to earth.

The word yellow danced on my tongue, threatening to turn to red.  The clamp hurt, and my clit was sensitive and exhausted.  I swallowed the safe words though- once the surprise wore off my instincts kicked in and I filtered out the pain.  “One more,” he said- both an instruction and a promise.

I knew that this part was all for me; he knew that I needed a release, and he was intent on making sure that I got it- and left nothing on the table.  He moved between my legs, coaxing one more orgasm from me- one that I didn’t even think I had.  The constant pressure from the clamp on my clit made sure that I was fully present for the journey, and augmented the pleasure when I finally came.

He filled me after that, and released me from the rest of my restraints.  When he removed the clamp I let out my final moan, and then immediately curled into his arms.

“You are such a good girl,” he said, placing his hand firmly on my chest to quiet my trembling and slow my breathing- to an immediate effect.  We stared at each other for an eternity, finding ourselves and re-establishing our footing back in the real world.  He kissed my forehead, and then I offered him my lips. 

I would choose that adventure again, any day.


(I won’t say) I’m in love

Romantic relationships are not for me.  They require a degree of vulnerability and compromise that I am horrifically uncomfortable with. The thought of being accountable to another person and allowing someone else to influence my world in any way gives me nothing but the ick. 

Don’t get me wrong- I thoroughly enjoy men (obviously), but as they say- variety is the spice.  I have long preferred to structure my life exactly as I want, peppering in a few casual sexual partnerships to satisfy my cravings for physical intimacy and closeness.  Some BDSM partners, some vanilla- but all at an arm’s length.  I have a life to live, after all.

Wonderboy was one of those casual partners.  He is tall, not terrible to be around, great with his hands, and has an absolutely enormous cock- basically everything that I look for in casual sex.  We had easy, instant chemistry, and over a year of passionate, explosive sex.  He would come over every couple of weeks, absolutely annihilate me, and then leave me to go on about my business (once I could walk again). 

To make a long story short, the casual sex turned into snuggles, and laughter, and getting to know each other.  His heart on his sleeve approach was jarring, particularly for my decidedly more detached and aloof disposition.  He chipped away at me as if I were an intricate ice sculpture, until I found myself telling him my secrets and finding ways to make him laugh.

No one is more surprised than me that I fell in love.

Fear not, dear reader- inside this wonderful, patient, hilarious, thoughtful man with a giant cock, there is also a fair amount of open-mindedness.  He knew who he was falling in love with, and loves me for all of my layers- including the one where I don’t believe in monogamy, the one where I am an absolute monster in the morning, and also the one where I need regular BDSM sessions outside of our relationship to de-stress. 

This marks the first time I have ever been on the inside of an open relationship, and also the first time I have ever been on the inside of a loving adult romantic relationship. 

I’ll keep you posted.

Honour Thy Father: Chapter 10-12 (Final)

Chapter Ten: Eva

Eva laid in bed with Daddy, both of them completely naked as she tried to fall asleep- as if she could sleep after the day that she’d had.  She couldn’t believe how a few short hours had changed absolutely everything about her life.  You know it’s an insane day when the most normal part of it was standing naked in front of strangers.  Daddy made her cum! Daddy came inside her! He touched her and kissed her and…it was all so wrong. SO WRONG.

Why did she feel closer to him?

Listening to his deep and regular breathing as he slept beside her, she couldn’t help but cuddle into his warmth.  She hadn’t realized how far apart they had drifted until she felt his hands on her.  They felt…protective, loving- not at all like the hands of the guys she’d slept with.  As scared and horrified as she was about being touched by Daddy, she very quickly found that Father David was right- intimacy builds bridges over dark waters of resentment and disrespect. 

After Daddy filled her with his cum, they were both permitted to get dressed.  Father David told Eva that she was only permitted to wear dresses for the length of the summer, and with nothing underneath them.  When Eva remarked that she had only brought one, Daddy let her know that he had purchased some extras in hopes that she agreed to stay. 

Melody showed Eva where her new dresses were.  Eva had the thought to be self-conscious of her nakedness, especially with someone as gorgeous as Melody.  The notion faded as she remembered that just a few minutes ago Father David and Melody had watched her and Daddy.  She also registered that Father David had his hand down Melody’s dress the whole time.  Still, she supposed, not the strangest part of the day. 

The rest of the day was filled with fairly innocuous tasks; Melody taught Eva how to properly set a table for dinner, and Eva helped Melody prepare the meal.  Eva thought that a lot of the pomp and circumstance that Melody displayed in serving Father David was foolish, but she was much too jarred from her own experiences that day to put up much of a fight. 

They ate dinner together at the table, and then turned in for an early night.  Sleeping was required to be nude, should the men need access to their women’s’ bodies overnight.  It was admittedly awkward undressing with Daddy, especially after he had been inside her hours before.  They both got into bed quickly, letting the darkness protect them as the lights turned off.

“I’m not going to touch you tonight,” Daddy said gently.  Eva wasn’t sure if she felt relief or disappointment.  Her heart was hammering in her chest, but it wasn’t solely due to anxiety.  “I just want to be with you, and make sure that you’re okay.  If this is happening too fast, I can sleep on the couch tonight.  I know today was a lot, baby,” he said as he gently stroked her hair.

Eva considered his offer and turned to face him.  He really did just want what was best for her.  He had full access to her body right then and was consumed with ensuring that she was okay.  That genuine care and love made her want to give herself to him even more.

“Thank you, Daddy.  Today was a lot, but I think I’m okay.  There is a lot to process, but I think Father David is right- I already do feel closer to you.  I think I lost my way when Mom died, and I lost you too.  I don’t really know how it happened, but I don’t want it to happen anymore.  I miss being your little girl, and I miss you,” Eva said.  Her voice cracked with the last sentence as emotion welled up inside her.

“Oh, come here baby, don’t cry,” Daddy said as he took Eva in his arms.  “I love you, and I’ve missed you too.  It’s okay, Daddy’s here now.  We’re here, we’re together- we are going to be okay,” he cooed.  Eva melted into his arms, allowing him to comfort her.  He stroked her hair, and wiped the tears from her face as she cried. 

“I love you Daddy,” she whispered through her remaining tears.  She stayed in his arms until he fell asleep, and remained there as her own sleep eluded her.

She listened to Father David and Melody have sex in the next room.  Their moans were somewhat muffled by the walls, but not enough that she didn’t hear Melody’s singsong voice yell “Father I need your cum!” before Father David moaned.

The cabin was now quiet, apart from Eva’s racing thoughts.  The things happening in this cabin were categorically wrong- of that she was absolutely certain.  She should be running for the hills, but instead she found herself wrapping her naked body in Daddy’s arms, gently placing the palm of his hand on her exposed breast and shivering as he reflexively squeezed.

She drifted to sleep almost immediately after that.

The next day progressed like any other, unless you count the part where Eva sucked Daddy’s cock and swallowed his cum.

Everyone got dressed and had breakfast, the girls went outside to work in the gardens.  It was a bit strange to be gardening in a dress, and Eva found herself bending very carefully so as not to put her whole ass on display- not that everyone hadn’t already seen it, Melody included.  Eva was grateful for the alone time with Melody, and while they didn’t talk about the events of the previous day, Eva felt a safety and camaraderie with Melody that wasn’t there before.

Their fathers had their coffees on the porch and watched the girls.  They then busied themselves splitting wood for the fireplace, as it was still cool at night.  The girls eventually went inside to make lunch, where everyone ate together.  Normal, right?

After lunch, Father David informed Eva that it was time for her next lesson.

“You did so well yesterday, Eva.  It was very clear to all of us that you pleased your father.  You were such a good girl to take his cum like that.  As you know, though, there are multiple ways to please a man, and to take his cum.   The ability to enthusiastically and skillfully suck cock is a key element in being a good woman, and a good daughter.  This is a way for you to show your love selflessly, without expecting anything in return.” 

Eva gulped, looking at Daddy nervously.  Daddy offered her a gentle smile, which helped to settle her nerves.  She had sucked a few cocks in her day, but of course never Daddy’s.  The voice in her head that said it was wrong was drowned out by the prospect of making Daddy smile.

“Eva, please get on your knees and remove your father’s pants,” Father David instructed.  As Eva undid Daddy’s belt, Father David undid his own.  His silent command had Melody on her knees beside Eva, repeating her motions to remove her father’s pants.

The girls looked at each other, a silent sisterhood, before sliding their fathers’ pants down.  Eva marveled as Daddy’s cock sprang free of his boxers.  She looked up at him, eyes wide as father and daughter embarked on another first.

“Now, Eva, I’m sure you know the basics,” Father David said over Melody’s sucking noises.  “You’ll start by licking your father’s cock from shaft to tip, making sure to get it very wet.  Blow jobs are best when they’re sloppy,” Father David said. 

Eva ran her tongue up the underside of Daddy’s cock, never taking her eyes off of his.  “Great eye contact, Eva, very good girl,” Father David praised.  Eva licked Daddy’s cock all over, paying special attention to the tip as she flicked her tongue along it.  She felt Daddy shiver, and found herself smiling.

“Now take him into your mouth- be mindful of teeth- and suck,” Father David coached.  Melody’s slurping sounds were getting louder, and Eva was eager to match her.  She did as Father David said, taking Daddy’s cock gently into her mouth.  She sucked the tip lightly, making a popping sound to add to Melody’s noise.

“That’s it, nice and slow,” Father David said.  “Now, Michael, tell her what you like- what you need,” Father David said.  He turned his attention back to his own daughter, weaving his fingers through her hair to quicken her pace.  Eva noticed that Melody was more practiced than her- more comfortable, more confident- and she vaguely wondered how long it would take her to have that level of skill. 

Eva looked up at Daddy, curious to know how he liked to have his cock sucked.  “Just like that, Baby, tease the tip,” he said.  Eva swirled her tongue around him, sucking more and more of him into her mouth.  “Now all the way down, baby,” Daddy said.  Eva did her best to take him into her mouth, but the head of his cock hit her throat sooner than she had hoped.  Her eyes watered, but she kept sucking what she could.

“Try again, baby, all the way down,” Daddy said gently.  Eva desperately wanted to please him, but couldn’t see how she would ever get his cock all the way in.  She took a breath, pressing Daddy’s cock all the way to the back of her throat.  The pressure was irritating, and she gagged almost immediately. 

“Yes, baby, like that- you’ll get it eventually,” Daddy encouraged.  Eva had never had a cock as big as Daddy’s in her mouth and had certainly never had to force one down her throat.  She felt out of her element, but determined to please Daddy. 

Eva wrapped her hand around Daddy’s now spit-soaked cock, stroking him as she swallowed her gag reflex.  She took a few deep breaths before putting him back in her mouth.  She stroked and sucked, gearing herself up to try to swallow his cock again.  Daddy was moaning, so she knew that he was enjoying it.

She squared her shoulders and forced her head down on Daddy’s cock over and over again.  She felt him pound the back of her throat, but couldn’t get the leverage to force him down.  Her throat was resisting him, the foreign feeling not something that her body could ignore.  Eva gagged on Daddy’s cock, spit trailing down her chin.  Her eyes watered as she looked up at him, silently pleading for help.

“She really wants it,” Father David remarked.  Daddy just moaned in response.  Eva took a break, going back to stroking Daddy as she caught her breath.  “Melody, sweetie, will you go help Eva for a minute?  Remember how I taught you to swallow my cock? I think Eva just needs a bit of help getting it down her throat,” Father David said. 

Melody was currently tonguing her father’s balls, and after a few final licks sat up and slid over to Eva.  “Yes, Father,” she said naturally.  She looked at Eva, silently asking for consent.  Eva gave her an embarrassed smile while she kept stroking Daddy’s cock.

“It’s okay, Eva.  I needed help with this too- it’s unnatural to hold something so big in your throat,” she said matter-of-factly.  It’s hard to get the leverage that you need when you’re on your knees at first- it takes practice,” she said.  Eva nodded as if this were a totally normal conversation.

“Eva, keep sucking your father’s cock, and Melody will help you to get it in your throat.  You need to surrender yourself to your father, and now to Melody- let them guide you,” Father David said.  He was stroking his own cock, soaked with his daughter’s spit.

Eva did as she was told, hearing Daddy moan again as she took him into her mouth.  Melody knelt beside her, wrapping her fingers in Eva’s hair and guiding her head gently back and forth along Daddy’s shaft.  She looked up at him, seeing nothing but pride in his eyes.

“Okay, Melody, a bit faster sweetie,” Father David said.  Melody gripped Eva’s hair tighter, quickening the pace so that Daddy’s cock was hitting the back of her throat with each thrust.  Eva fought her reflex to cough, trying to relax her body to accommodate Melody’s pace.

“That feels so good baby, you’re doing such a good job,” Daddy said through a moan. 

“Okay, now Melody,” Father David said.

With that command, Melody held Eva’s face against Daddy’s body, forcing his cock down her throat.  Eva instantly gagged, pushing away from Daddy and spitting on the floor as she tried to catch her breath.  She had tears in her eyes, and did her best to quell the sense of panic that had just flooded her body.

“That’s it, deep breaths,” Melody said gently.  “Let me know when you’re ready to go again,” she said.

Eva looked up at Daddy to see a look of concern across his face.  She wanted to be brave for him, and please him.  She took a deep breath, settling her nerves.  “Again,” she said determinedly. 

Melody grabbed her hair again as she put Daddy back in her mouth.  This time Eva was ready for his cock to slide down her throat, and was able to hold it for a few seconds before she gagged.  

“Much better,” Father David praised.  “Michael, she’s a natural- she will learn in no time,” he promised.  Eva smiled, the praise propelling Daddy’s cock back into her mouth for more.

Eva sucked Daddy with Melody’s help, doing her best to fight her gag reflex each time Melody forced Daddy’s cock down her throat.  Sometimes Melody would hold her head down for a few seconds, coaching Eva to ignore her desire to gag.  Other times she would slam her face into Daddy repeatedly, forcing his cock into her throat and letting her breathe in between. 

Eva became completely consumed by her task; she existed merely for Daddy’s pleasure and knew that Melody knew how to help her.  She allowed Melody to guide her head and set the pace, no matter how frantic she became.  She breathed when Melody told her to, and swallowed Daddy’s cock as much as she could.  She couldn’t even hear Father David coaching them anymore- the only thing that she focused on was Daddy’s cock.

“It’s so good baby, just like that,” Daddy groaned, his hand replacing Melody’s on Eva’s head. 

Melody leaned back on her heels, letting Daddy take over setting the pace.  “He’s gonna cum,” she whispered to Eva.  “Just let it flow down your throat, or take it in your mouth and swallow it.  Always swallow it,” she whispered. 

As if on cue, Daddy put both of his hands in Eva’s hair.  “Daddy’s gonna cum baby, that’s it,” he moaned.  His hips flexed as he thrusted into his daughter’s mouth, the tip of his cock assaulting the back of Eva’s throat as she struggled to hold on. 

With a final moan, Daddy thrust his cock as deep as he could, shooting the first rope of cum directly down her throat.  He pulled back slightly, filling her mouth with his salty flavour.  Eva relaxed her mouth, gently sucking the tip of Daddy’s cock as he finished.  She looked up at him and swallowed when their eyes met.

“Always thank a man for his cum, Eva, and always make sure his cock is cleaned,” Father David instructed.

“Thank you Daddy,” Eva said as she licked her spit off of his shaft.

“You’re welcome, baby,” Daddy said warmly.  He cupped her face, bringing her to a standing position before kissing her tenderly. 

“Now, Melody, please finish what you started,” Father David said.  Melody returned to her father’s cock and began to suck.

“Feel free to watch us,” Father David remarked to Daddy.  “We have certainly watched you enough, and it really is a beautiful thing to witness,” he said. 

Daddy led Eva to the couch, putting his arms around her and kissing her forehead.

“Good girl, Eva, you’ve made Father nice and hard.  Please come and sit on my lap so that I can finish inside you,” he said lovingly.

Father David sat on the other end of the couch, opposite Eva and Daddy.  Melody straddled him, hiking up her dress so that he could enter her.  She faced outward, allowing Father David to cup her breasts as she rode him.

Daddy stroked Eva’s hair while they watched Melody finish with Father David.  “Isn’t it beautiful, baby?” Daddy whispered as Melody bobbed up and down on her father’s cock.

“Yes, Daddy,” Eva replied, nuzzling deeper into his embrace.  She meant it.

Chapter Eleven: Michael

For the rest of the day, Michael’s mind was consumed with how familiar and natural it felt to have his daughter suck his cock.  Her mouth felt so much like her mother’s, it was uncanny.  He longed to be inside her again to see if her pussy felt the same; he had been so nervous and overcome with emotion the first time that he hadn’t paid attention.

He could already see Eva coming out of her shell, even though it had only been a day.  She seemed to be forging a friendship with Melody, and was much more relaxed around him than she had been in years.  Her defensiveness seemed to have dissipated, and while she seemed a bit nervous sucking his cock, her eye contact showed nothing but devotion. 

Cumming in her mouth while she looked up at him was a close to heaven as he thought he would ever get.

The girls took some time that afternoon for their hobbies (part of Father David’s training is ensuring that they are interesting and articulate women).  It was good to see Eva with her sketchbook.  Father David talked Michael through what the next two weeks of training would look like.  Michael’s earlier apprehension was far outweighed by his excitement and belief that this would bring him closer to his daughter.

After dinner, Michael and Eva went on a walk along her mom’s favourite path.  They didn’t speak much; there was so much to be said, that neither knew where to start.  Michael wanted to ask Eva how she was doing, if she was okay, what she needed from him to make this work, but he didn’t want to interrupt the companionable silence that they had found. 

On the way back, she took his hand in hers, intertwining their fingers.  When she whispered, “Thank you, Daddy,” his heart melted. 

When they returned from their walk, they said goodnight to Melody and Father David who were playing cards by the fire.  Michael and Eva went into their bedroom and closed the door.  The two quickly undressed, finding each other under the blankets. 

“I love you, Eva.  Thank you for that walk- it was so special to me,” Michael whispered. 

Eva nuzzled into his arm.  “I felt so close to Mom when we were out there.  I think she would be happy that we’re here,” she whispered back.

Michael squeezed his daughter tighter, trailing his fingers down her bare back.  He felt her shiver.  “I think so too, baby,” he said, and kissed the top of her head. 

Eva tilted her head up to him.  It was dark, but he could see the sparkle of her eyes as he gazed into them. 

“I love you, Daddy,” she whispered.  Her lips met his in a soft, sweet kiss. 

Michael kissed her back, cupping her face in his hands.  She put her hands in his hair, drawing him in closer as her tongue danced along his lips.  He breathed her name as his tongue found hers, and was soon completely lost in their kiss.

Michael’s hands moved down his daughter’s body, tracing her curves to her hip.  She broke their kiss, her breath heavy on his face.  She looked up at him as she took his hand, tracing it back up and deliberately placing it on her breast.  His fingers instinctively teased her nipple, causing her to shiver. 

“I want you, Daddy,” she whispered.

“Are you sure, baby?” he asked.

“Yes, Daddy.  Please, don’t stop.”  Eva punctuated her ask with a kiss so deep that he felt it in his toes.  Now it was his turn to obey.

He continued to kiss her as his hand moved from her breast to between her legs.  He could feel her wetness before he even parted her lips.  “Eva, baby,” he moaned as he slid a finger inside her.  Her body grinded into him as she bit his lip in pleasure.

Eva whimpered as his fingers circled her clit.  He moved his mouth to her nipple, running it against his teeth.  Eva arched her back, breathing heavily.  Michael brought his fingers to his mouth to taste his daughter’s sweetness before driving them back into her.  The small taste wasn’t nearly enough, so he moved his mouth onto her clit while he fingered her.

“Daddy, Daddy yes!” Eva screamed, her moans carrying throughout the cabin.  Michael didn’t relent with fingers or mouth, completely consumed by his daughter’s pleasure.  “Daddy, please can I cum for you?” she asked.

“Yes baby, yes.  Cum for Daddy,” Michael said before sucking her clit into his mouth and flicking it with her tongue.  She cried out as she came, an extra burst of wetness soaking his fingers as her body convulsed.  Michael licked her clit slowly, desperate to taste every drop of his daughter’s sweet cum. 

His cock was throbbing as he kissed his way back up to Eva’s mouth. “Daddy needs to be inside you,” he whispered into her mouth. 

Eva sat up, her generous breasts bouncing as she adjusted herself.  “Sit up, Daddy,” she said, “I want to do it like Melody.” 

Michael sat, leaning against the headboard.  Instead of facing outward as Melody had, Eva straddled him face to face, dipping her tongue into his mouth as she settled onto his cock. 

“You feel so good, baby,” he moaned as she started to grind her hips on him. 

“You feel good too, Daddy,” she breathed.

They looked into each other’s eyes, breathing together as Eva rode his cock.  “You’re so good baby, Daddy’s gonna cum,” he said, taking one of her nipples into his mouth. 

“I want your cum Daddy, please fill me,” Eva asked, riding harder.

Michael wrapped his arms around his daughter, pulling her hard down onto his cock as he filled her pussy with his seed.  They stayed wrapped in each other as Michael’s cock pulsed.  Eva eventually slid off of him, burrowing her way into his arms and wrapping her legs around him.

They fell asleep to the sound of Father David and Melody making love in the next room.

Chapter Twelve: Father David

Two Months Later

The girls had served pancakes for breakfast, with sweet maple syrup.  Father David had just finished his stack, and thanked Eva for clearing the plates on the table. 

She had come so far over the past couple of months.  He was really pleased with her training.  Her domestic skills had improved greatly; she was quite a creative cook, and while she didn’t have Melody’s discipline with cleaning, she was great in the garden. 

Her lessons in intimacy were also progressing nicely.  Father David still provided some instruction from time to time, and he also had daily debriefs with Michael to see how Eva was learning.  Michael was quite pleased with her progress, and Father David could see a seamless obedience from her that did not exist at the beginning of summer.

This obedience was currently on display; as Eva carried the dirty dishes over to the sink that Melody was filling, Michael backed his chair away from the table and undid the buckle of his belt.  Eva sat the dishes down on the counter for Melody, and then wordlessly crossed the room to kneel in front of her father.  She took his cock out of his pants and began sucking. 

The gagging noises as she forced her father’s cock down her throat had Father David feeling proud of all that they had accomplished. 

Melody continued washing the dishes, as if nothing else were going on.  Father David watched her focused work, attentive to the way her hips swung as she scrubbed a particularly difficult plate.  He felt his cock twitch at the sound of Eva sucking Michael’s cock, and realized that he needed to relive some tension of his own.

Father David got up from his chair, moving behind Melody as she continued cleaning.  “Do you need something, Father?” she asked politely, turning to face him.

“No, sweetie, it’s okay- keep washing the dishes,” he said gently, kissing her deeply before turning her back around.  “I can help myself.”

Melody put her hands back in the dishwater as Father David pulled her dress up.  He pressed his hand on her back slightly to bend her, and slipped his hard cock into her awaiting pussy.  She gasped slightly as he entered her, but it was swallowed by a moan from Michael.

Father David let Eva’s gagging sounds set his pace with Melody, thrusting his cock into his daughter each time he heard the girl gag.  Michael gently encouraged her, his voice becoming more and more urgent as she sucked.  Father David picked up his pace with Melody, who was having difficulty not sloshing the dishwater as he used her.

Michael’s orgasm spurred his own, both fathers emptying themselves into their daughters at the same time.  Father David pulled out of Melody, smoothing her dress back down around her backside.  She turned, getting down on her knees to clean his cock off. 

When she stood back up, her “thank you, Father,” was echoed as Eva thanked her Daddy at the same time. 

“Jinx!” both girls said together, and both daughters and fathers laughed.

Epilogue: Eva

The start of a new school year was never particularly remarkable for Eva- but that was before.  Eva considered herself a fundamentally different person now than she was at the beginning of the summer. 

She was in week two of her second year at the art program, and had dusted off the painting that she had left at the end of the last school year.  She found herself pleased with the way that the trees and shapes and cliffs accurately represented the landscape on which it was based.  After this summer, she was much more familiar with it.

She had worked for two weeks solid, intent on finishing the project.  When she had finally finished, she stepped back to assess her work.

Melody came up behind her as she was lost in thought.  Eva and Melody decided to keep their friendship secret at school, and remain acquaintances- until next summer, when they would pick up where they had left off.

 “It looks good,” Melody said quietly.  “It looks finished.” 

Eva looked at the black and grey landscape, and the three shadows- man, woman, and daughter.  Her gaze landed on the one spot of colour, a bright yellow flower in the mother’s hand, giving it to the daughter.

“It is,” Eva said, as she gathered her things.  Daddy was picking her up in five minutes, and it was rude to make him wait.

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Honour Thy Father: Chapter 8-9

Chapter Eight: Melody

No one had ever watched her suck Father’s cock before.  Melody knew, of course, that Michael and Eva were coming to learn from them, but she hadn’t considered that they would be watching her most intimate moments with Father.  She had to admit that it felt a little strange, and she almost hesitated when Father undid his belt.  She fought that instinct though, just as he had taught her, and did her duty.  She disliked being reprimanded for failing to apply a lesson.

She could vaguely hear the men talking while she sucked.  She had sucked Father’s cock all last summer, so she knew exactly what he liked.  The spit and the mess used to bother her, but not anymore- Father said that it pleases men even more, so she always let her dress and breasts get soaked.

She could feel Father’s fingers in her hair, and he was setting an aggressive pace.  She tried to open her throat and relax her jaw, focusing on just being a vessel for Father’s pleasure.  That is one of the main functions of a woman, after all.  Melody was good at this particular skill, and before long she felt his balls twitch in her hand.

“Are you ready, baby?” Father asked.  Melody knew that he was about to cum. 

“Yesth, Athhhher,” she said with her mouth full.  Hot, salty cum shot down her throat, and then all over her face has he pulled out and painted her.  Melody closed her eyes to keep the cum out of her eyes, but could feel Michael’s gaze on her the entire time. 

“Such a good girl, isn’t she Michael?” she heard Father say. 

“Y…yes, that was…amazing,” he stammered.  Poor thing, he is as shocked as Melody was the first time.  God only knows how Eva is going to feel.

“Why don’t you go get cleaned up, and then go find Eva,” Father said, more of an order than an ask.  “I think the two of you should have a talk.” 

Melody already knew that she was being tasked with explaining the program to Eva.  It was a huge responsibility, and she didn’t feel ready for it.  Father had reassured her that she was ready, and that it would prepare her for having difficult conversations with her future children.  “Children need boundaries,” he had said.  As always, she listened.

She cleaned Father’s cock off and stood as he nonchalantly tucked it back into his pants.  She squared her shoulders, remembering that Father has always said to be proud of the mess that a man makes on and in your body.  She smiled at Michael as she headed inside to wash Father’s seed off of her face.

She found Eva sitting on a rock just off the trail, her sketchpad laying untouched beside her.  She didn’t realize until she sat down beside her that she was crying.  Eva hurriedly wiped away her tears, but it was obvious that Melody had seen. 

“It’s okay, honestly.  I come here to cry sometimes, too,” Melody said reassuringly.  Upon looking around, she realized that it was true- she had come to almost this exact spot last summer, the first time Father had touched her.  An awful lot had changed since then, but she remembered the hurt and shame and confusion that she felt.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know that Daddy would send someone after me.  It’s just that being here, on this trail- it reminds me so much of my Mom.  I miss her so much,” Eva said, doing her best to swallow her tears.

“I am so sorry, she must’ve been pretty wonderful for you to miss her so much,” Melody said, putting an arm around Eva.  “I never knew my Mom,” Melody offered, “she left right after I was born.  It has just been me and Father since I can remember.”

Eva relaxed in Melody’s embrace.  “Ah, that sucks.  That’s so hard, in a different way,” Eva said.  Melody could feel the girls bonding in their shared lack of feminine influence, and let the moment hang for as long as she could.

“Listen, your Dad didn’t send me out here,” Melody began.  “I came because I wanted to talk to you- about this place, this summer.  It is a little bit…unconventional, and I thought that it might be better for you to hear it from me than from…them.”

Eva sat up straight, angling her body toward Melody.  She had stopped crying, and was now focused on her new acquaintance with new interest.  “What do you mean?”

“Well, I know that we don’t know each other at all, other than through the arts program, but we are about to learn things about each other that we can never unlearn.  I want you to know that I am here for you, and that although this will all seem really scary, it isn’t nearly as bad as you think.”

“Okay, Melody- just spit it out- you’re scaring me,” Eva said. 

Melody took a deep breath, and then told her everything.  She told her about the domestic training- the cooking and cleaning, and general homemaking chores.  She told her about the importance of obedience, and of service to men.  She shared that when she hit puberty she had a rebellious streak, and that Father implemented this program to help get her back on track.  She highlighted her accomplishments and talked about her boyfriend.  Finally, she talked about the ways that Father had taught her about her body, and about giving and receiving pleasure with men.

“So I have a pretty normal life, except for the summers.  My time here has really helped me learn and grow, and it made my relationship with Father so much better than it was.  I truly am a better person, and a much more desirable wife for being here,” she finished.

Eva said nothing; she just picked up her sketchbook and ran.

Chapter Nine: Father David

They could hear Eva before they could see her.

“Daddy!” she yelled, running up the hill toward the porch.  Father David and Michael had been talking about the finer details of the program, and how they would initiate Eva.  This was, of course, assuming that her conversation with Melody went well, which it apparently did not.

“Daddy you can’t be serious with this.  Tell me it’s all a joke- tell me,” she demanded when she finally reached the porch. 

Michael didn’t seem to be able to find the words to answer, so Father David stepped in.  “I know it’s a lot to process, Eva, but you will find by the end of the summer that you are much happier, and closer with your father,” he said gently.

“Closer with my father?! Really?! That seems to be an understatement based on what you have planned.  I am going home now.  Daddy, take me home.  I am going to pack my things and move in with someone else- someone normal,” Eva screamed.

Father David could see torment on Michael’s face and felt quite taken aback by the girl’s abrasiveness.  It had been a while since he had experienced an insolent teenager.

“Your father is doing what he feels is best for you.  Before you make any decisions, Eva, you may wish to know that your mother participated in the same program when she was about your age.”

This, as Father David knew it would, stopped Eva in her tracks.  “You’re lying,” she said automatically.  “Daddy, tell him he’s lying.”

Michael finally looked his daughter in the eyes.  “He’s not lying, baby, it’s true.  Your Mom came here after her Dad left, and learned the lessons of the church.  I went to Father David for advice last week after I spanked you, because I felt so horrible.  He told me about the cabin, and the opportunity to get us back on track.  I’m sorry, baby, I know it’s a lot- I just didn’t know what else to do.  I thought that if your Mom did it, it would be worth a try for us.”  Michael stared at his daughter, clearly unable to anticipate her next move.

Melody had finally caught up, and stood silently with Eva.  Eva looked from Michael to Father David to Melody, eyes darting around like a caged animal.  “So, all of you…all of you are just, okay with this?” she asked, bewildered.

“I know what it sounds like- believe me, I know Eva,” Melody said.  “I would never tell anyone at school about this part of my life.  Service is important, both as a woman of the church and a future wife.  I am grateful for the opportunity to learn these things from someone who I trust, so that I am ready for them when it’s time.  When I am good, Father rewards me in kind.  When I falter, he corrects my behaviour.  It’s a safe environment, Eva, I promise.”

“Can we please just try it baby?” Michael pleaded.  “I miss you, and I want to have what Father David and Melody have- a trusting, respectful relationship.  If you can demonstrate to me that I can trust you, we can talk more about your curfew.  I want to be close to you again, Eva.  I want us to laugh and have fun like we used to.  I really think that this will help- and clearly your Mom did too.”

Father David knew that he made the right decision with Michael.  His heart was definitely in the right place.  Eva must have felt it too, because her posture deflated, and a defeated “okay” escaped her lips.

“Good girl,” Father David chimed in.  ‘You are making the right decision, Eva.  Now let’s all get into the living room, and we can get things started.”

Fathers and daughters cautiously made their way to the living room, each lost in their own thoughts and perceptions of what was to happen next.  Only Father David had any idea.

Melody and Father David sat on one couch while Michael and Eva settled on the other.  Father and daughter were an arm’s length apart, both wrapped up in their own nerves.  “We need to start by setting some ground rules, and some agreements,” Father David narrated, looking at both Michael and Eva.  “Both of you, please come stand before me.”

Father David stood, and Michael and Eva cautiously made their way over to them.  Melody remained seated on the couch, as a witness.  “The relationship between father and daughter is profound,” Father David began.  “There is give and take, and each ultimately learns from the other.  Our daughters shape who we are as men, and it is our duty to shape who they become as women.” 

Eva shuffled nervously, and Michael touched her shoulder to reassure her.  “By agreeing to this program, you are both making promises to yourselves and each other,” Father David continued.  “Michael, you are promising to honour Eva.  You will teach her to the best of your ability, and help her to develop skills and attitudes that will improve her life.  You will always act with her best interest at heart, and believe the best in her.  You will follow the direction of the church in all of these matters.  Is this something that you agree to?”

Michael looked at his daughter, his gaze a mixture of love and apology.  “I agree,” he said unwaveringly.  “I love you, Eva, and I want what’s best for you- I always have.  I will do anything it takes to make you happy.”  He took Eva’s hands in his, and she let him.

“Now Eva,” Father David said, turning to the young girl.  “You are promising to honour your father.  To accept his teachings with an open mind, and to give yourself to him- body and mind.  You will obey and respect your father, and will trust that his actions reflect your needs and best interests.  You will dedicate yourself to his teachings, and as a result will have faith that your relationship and your life will be harmonious.  You will follow the direction of the church in all of these matters.  Do you agree?”

Eva squeezed Michael’s hands, her teary eyes matching his.  “Is this really what you want Daddy? Do you think that this is best?”

“Yes, Eva, I do.”

“Well then, I do.  I agree.  Let’s do this, for Mom,” she said with half of a smile.  Father and daughter embraced, setting their course for the summer. 

 “Now, you have a lot to learn about keeping a house and cooking meals,” Father David began, “but I know that what you are both most nervous about is the intimacy.  We will start there, to seal your promises to each other.  Eva, please undress.”

Eva’s cheeks blushed crimson, and she buried her face in her hands.  “I…I can’t do this,” she said, the tears in her eyes threatening to spill over.

“Yes you can, Eva,” Father David encouraged, “just think about what your Mom would want, and what your Daddy wants.  They just want you to be loved.  Help your Daddy help you.  Please undress.”

“It’s okay, Eva,” Melody encouraged.  For his part, Michael remained standing beside her, but was unable to look at her. 

Eva gave her father one last pleading glance before her shaking hands pulled her tank top over her head, revealing a black lace bra.

“Michael, please watch,” Father David prompted.  Michael forced his attention to his daughter as she slowly removed her bra.

Her breasts bounced heavily, nipples hardening at their exposure.  Eva’s motions were painstakingly slow, as if she were hoping that someone would stop her at each turn.  Michael’s face reddened as his daughter removed her shorts, but he did not look away.

“That’s it, good girl.  Now your panties, please Eva,” Father David instructed. 

Eva spared one humiliated glance to Melody, who offered an encouraging smile. “The first time is always the hardest- it will get easier, I promise,” Melody promised.

Eva removed her blue cotton panties and stood in front of them all stark naked.  She tried to cover her breasts and between her legs, but was unsuccessful.   

“Now, Michael, please kiss your daughter,” Father David said.  When Michael stood to face his daughter, Father David saw him mouth ‘you’re beautiful’ to her.  He thought that he also saw her expression soften.

Father David and Melody watched as Michael took Eva’s face in his hands, bending slightly so that he could plant a kiss on her lips.  Eva didn’t move a muscle, her posture remaining stiff and visibly uncomfortable as her father kissed her.

When they broke apart, Father David continued.  “Very good, now Eva, kiss your father.”

Eva squared her shoulders and looked up at her father.  She leaned in, and he bent to accommodate her hesitant lips.  Michael put his arms around his daughter, and this time the kiss was reciprocated.  Their kiss deepened, and Father David saw both Michael and Eva visibly relax. 

“Tongue,” Father David said quietly.

The two obeyed; Michael’s hands found Eva’s dark hair, his fingers tangling as he pulled his daughter in closer.  Eva melted into her father, letting a moan escape her lips as their tongues danced together.

“Very good,” Father David coached.  “Now, Michael, please touch your daughter.  Show her the pleasure that a man can gift a good girl.”

Michael broke their kiss, looking into his daughter’s eyes for permission.  “I’ll make it feel good, baby, I promise,” he whispered.  She stood up straight, a silent consent for him to touch her.  Michael’s hands grazed his daughter’s breasts, gently teasing her nipples as he kneaded the soft skin.  Michael kissed her neck, his mouth slowly progressing down to absorb a nipple.  Eva moaned as her father sucked one nipple while his hand teased the other. 

“See Eva? It feels good to give yourself to your father, doesn’t it?” Father David prompted.

“Yes, Father,” she breathed. 

“Lower, Michael,” Father David continued.

Michael’s hand dropped his daughter’s breast, slowly trailing down her stomach, and over the curve of her hip.  He released her nipple from his mouth, bringing his mouth back to hers for a kiss.  “Are you okay?” he whispered, and she nodded. 

“Spread your legs for your father, Eva,” Father David instructed.

Eva obeyed, her shallow breathing betraying her nerves.  Michael’s hand brushed the inside of her thigh, then delicately cupped her mound.  Unlike Melody’s, Father David noted that Eva’s pubic hair had been shaved entirely off.  It served as a good reminder that she was not a virgin.

“Your father is going to give you an orgasm now, Eva,” Father David said.  “We know that you are versed in the mechanics of intimacy, and that you are not a virgin.  I want you to forget those experiences.  Intimacy with the man who made you is an entirely different event, and you will soon find that the orgasms given to you from the love of your father far exceed any clumsy experience you have had to date.  I want you to show yourself to your father, and ask him for what you want.”

Eva took a deep breath, and then leaned in for a reassuring kiss from her father.  She reached down, gently spreading her lips for him.  Michael’s fingers explored her folds, eliciting a sigh from his daughter.

“Ask him, Eva.  Tell him that you want it,” Father David reminded her.

“Daddy, please make me cum,” Eva whispered. 

“Good girl,” Father David said.  “Michael, please lay her on the couch where she will be more comfortable.  Melody can come sit on my lap.”

Melody obeyed, shuffling over to sit on Father David’s lap, but never taking her eyes off of Michael and Eva.  Father David realized that for all of his daughter’s experience, she had never seen intimacy play out in another context.  He squeezed her ass as she sat down, earning a smile and giggle from her.

“That’s it, now spread your legs again Eva, let your father show you what real pleasure feels like,” Father David said.  He reached inside Melody’s dress to cup her breast as he watched Michael kneel between Eva’s legs.  Father David pinched Melody’s nipple as Michael licked his daughter’s clit.  Both girls moaned together.

Eva’s moans grew more urgent as her father slid his fingers inside her.  His tongue danced over her clit, sucking and flicking her into a frenzy.  Eva was writhing on the couch under him, her breasts heaving as her back arched.

“Daddy, Daddy please don’t stop.  It feels so good Daddy,” Eva moaned.

“I won’t stop baby, I want you to cum.  Cum for me baby, cum for Daddy,” Michael encouraged as he fingered her harder.

When his lips met her clit again, Eva erupted.  Her screams echoed throughout the cabin when she came.  Father David squeezed Melody’s breast harder, the lust in the room causing her to grind on his knee.  Both Michael and Eva were breathing hard- and both were smiling ear to ear.

“Daddy, that was incredible,” Eva breathed.  “I…I had no idea that it could be like that,” she marveled.  She was no longer self-conscious of her nakedness, but instead seemed to bask in her post-orgasmic bliss.  Father David knew that this was the time to continue.

“See Eva? That is the power of a father’s love,” Father David explained.  “Now, are you on birth control?” he asked.

“Yes, Father,” Eva replied. 

“Good girl.  That means that you can serve your father in the purest of ways, by taking his seed into your womb.  It will serve as good practice for the day that you become a mother, and carrying your father’s seed is a high demonstration of your devotion to him.  Eva, would you like to receive your father’s seed?”

“Yes Father,” Eva replied lustfully.  She was clearly still riding the high of her orgasm, and desperate for more stimulation.

“Michael, please take your daughter now.”  With that, Father David resumed his groping of Melody, the two of them watching Michael and Eva cross an uncrossable line.

“Thank you for this, baby.  It means everything to me,” Michael said to Eva as he undressed.  She replied with a moan as her father entered her for the first time.

“You must always thank a man for entering you, Eva.  Manners are important,” Father David said.

“Thank you, Daddy,” Eva breathed obediently.

“You’re welcome, baby,” Michael said as he started to thrust.

Father David and Melody watched on as Michael and Eva made love for the first time.  It was slow, tentative, and humble before it turned passionate and frantic.  Michael’s thrusts were evenly paced, the two of them getting lost in each other as he neared orgasm. 

“Daddy’s going to cum, baby,” he said at last, the sound of his hips slamming into her body almost masking his words. 

“Yes, Daddy, please,” Eva encouraged.

Michael’s hips bucked, and he filled his daughter.  Melody actually clapped, surprising herself at how lost in the moment she was.  “Sorry, everyone, it was just so beautiful,” she said through a blush.  Father David tweaked her nipples in admiration of such devotion. 

“She’s right, it was beautiful,” Father David agreed.  “Well done to both of you, I am so proud to have been a part of that.  You both have so much to learn, but watching you make love tells me that you both have what it takes to forge a new path.  Congratulations,” he said warmly. 

Melody clapped again, and both Michael and Eva smiled.  There was no turning back now.

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Honour Thy Father: Chapter 6-7

Chapter Six: Eva

Daddy was eerily quiet all weekend.  She was grounded, naturally, so she spent the weekend at home working on some art pieces.  Eva found herself walking on eggshells around Daddy, half expecting him to put her over his knee at any moment.  The moment never came, and by Sunday night he seemed to have warmed.  “Will you have dinner with me tonight baby?” he asked.  As if Eva had a choice.

Daddy sat at the head of the table, and Eva took her place to his right.  They ate in strained silence, until he finally put his fork down.  “Listen, Eva, I don’t want to fight with you anymore.  Can’t we just get along with each other?”

Eva scoffed.  “Maybe you should’ve thought of that before you spanked your 18-year-old daughter.”

Daddy paused, trying and failing to mask his exasperation.  “Look, I am sorry about the spankings, but I am just at my wit’s end.  I want to get along- to be like we used to.  I just don’t know how to get there…without mom.”

Eva’s initial prickliness softened at the vulnerability she saw in his eyes.  Sometimes it was easy to forget that he was hurting just as much as she was.  Eva took a deep breath, dropping her shoulders and looking across the table.  “I don’t like fighting either, but you keep trying to control me.  You can’t expect me to obey your every whim, Daddy.  I’m eighteen- I’m an adult.”

Daddy smiled, but his eyes remained sad.  “I know it feels like that, Eva, and you’re right- you are close to being all grown up- but you aren’t there yet.  You may legally be an adult, but you still have so much to learn.  I put curfews and rules in place to keep you safe- to make sure that you have the life that your mother wanted for you- the life that I want for you.  I know it seems unfair sometimes, but please know that I love you.  I would do absolutely anything to keep you safe.”

Eva felt a well of emotion threaten her eyes.  She blinked quickly, trying to regain control.  She was not ready to admit defeat, but maybe she could cut him a break.  “Look Daddy, I know the past few…years…have been, well…they’ve pretty much sucked.  I know you’re doing your best- I can see it.  I just still miss Mom, and I don’t know how I feel or what to do.” 

Daddy touched her hand on the table.  “I know you miss Mom, so do I.  We are on the same side here, baby.  I just want to know you again- I barely recognize you.  I miss my girl.”

Eva paused, considering.  “Maybe we could do something together this summer- like go to the beach, or to that place that Mom used to take us hiking- the one in my painting.”  Her painting that remained unfinished in the living room. 

Daddy’s smile turned from lukewarm to scorching.  “Really? You would want to do that with me? I’s funny you should say that, because I just had an offer to stay at a cabin near there- where we used to go hiking.  Would you like to do that?”

Eva balked at his enthusiasm, sensing some sort of trap.  What kind of cabin? How did he just happen upon an invitation? From who?  All of these questions ran through her mind, but as they did so Daddy’s smile monopolized her attention.  It reminded her of the old days, before they lost her Mom.  Daddy used to be so full of life, and so enthusiastic to spend time with her.  She felt all of her questions melt away as she heard herself saying, “Yes, Daddy- let’s do it.  Let’s go to the cabin, to Mom’s favourite trail.  I want to reconnect with you too- I’ve missed you Daddy,” she said.

No one was more surprised than her to realize that she meant it.

Chapter Seven: Michael

Michael could not believe that Eva had agreed to the cabin trip.  He kept looking at her out of the side of his eyes the entire way to the remote location, just to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.  Alas, she was there, dressed in denim shorts and a red tank top, her gorgeous dark hair spilling over her shoulders. 

To say that he was nervous was a gross understatement.  While Eva may not know exactly what they were getting into, Michael definitely did.  He fought his freezing cold feet with the wise and reassuring words of Father David, trying to place his faith in the church, and in his wife.  If she saw value in this approach, he could too.  He owed her, and their daughter, that much.

Eva hadn’t exactly been thrilled that the cabin would be shared by Father David, but when she found out his daughter was coming she gave her begrudging consent.  She didn’t seem excited about spending a summer with Melody (and made more than a few snide comments about her being the golden child) but the prospect of at least having another teenager around seemed to be enough to keep the plan on track.  Thank God for small miracles.

The drive to the cabin was familiar, given its proximity to their favourite hiking trail.  It suddenly made so much more sense that his wife loved this landscape so much- it was where she had spent many of her summers growing up.  When they pulled into the cabin, it was obvious that it was the only place around for miles. 

Father David and Melody were both on the front porch waiting for them.  Michael found himself relieved that they were both…decent.  He didn’t know what to expect but was fairly terrified about what would happen next.  He and Eva got out of the car, and Melody quickly helped them to carry their bags into the cabin.  “We are so excited to have you here!” she gushed.  “There is only one spare bedroom, so I will put your things in there.  The bed is…big…so uh, it should be fine,” she said, tripping over her words.  Michael wondered how much the girl had been told about their stay.  He wondered a lot of things at that exact moment.

“I’m sure we will work it out,” Father David said from behind them.  Eva unpacked her paint supplies, declining Melody’s offer of help. The foursome headed back to the porch where Melody served lemonade.  Eva hadn’t said a word since they arrived, but she didn’t look like a flight risk either.  In her way, she was taking it all in.  Michael was reassured by her silence- it was far more desirable than an outburst.

Father David told the story of the family cabin, edited for Eva’s sake.  She listened politely, fidgeting with her chipped black nail polish.  “My Mom used to bring us hiking around here,” she offered- the rarest of olive branches.  Perhaps this wasn’t a terrible idea after all.

“Daddy, would you mind if I went for a walk on the trail? I think I want to do some sketching,” she asked politely.  Michael looked at her, somehow trying to assess her motives.  She had been good so far, so he figured that a little bit of grace was appropriate- particularly given what was bound to come later.

“Of course, baby, go ahead.  Do you need Melody to come with you, or do you know the way?” 

“I think I know the way- I have my cell, and I will set a timer to be back in an hour.  Is that okay?”

Michael wasn’t sure if it was the fresh air, or the summer break, or some holy force- but whatever had his daughter acting so kindly was more than welcome to stay.  “Sounds good baby, have fun.”  He watched his daughter head down the trail until she was out of sight. 

“You’re making the right decision, Michael,” Father David said.  He stood beside Michael, looking out at the landscape.  “You can see she’s already more relaxed.  A summer here, and she will be right as rain- you’ll see.  Daughters just sometimes need structure, and a bit of training- isn’t that right Melody?”

“Yes Father, you have always known what’s best for me.  You are such a wonderful teacher,” she said.  Her voice was, well, melodious.  Michael looked for a chink in her armor but was met with nothing but sincerity and warmth.

“And you are a wonderful student, and daughter,” Father David said.  It took Michael a moment to realize that he was unbuckling his belt.  He quickly averted his eyes but realized he didn’t know where to look.  As Father David unzipped his pants, his daughter quietly dropped to her knees, angling herself between the two men to suck her father’s cock.

Michael stepped back, stammering an excuse to leave and unpack their things.  “Nonsense, Michael- you are going to have to get used to this.  It’s okay, and she’s okay.  I have trained her to drop to her knees when I unzip my pants.  Melody knows that part of her duty to the church, and as a woman, is to service me when I need it.  She is happy to do it, aren’t you sweetie?”

Melody removed her father’s cock from her mouth long enough to say “Yes, Father,” before continuing to suck.

“It really does become natural, Michael, you’ll see,” Father David promised.  Michael was transfixed as he watched Melody work.  She was able to take Father David’s full length into her throat, and didn’t let the gagging get in the way of her pace.  She licked around his shaft, taking great care to suck the tip of his cock until she made popping sounds.  Father David let her set the pace and seemed quite content to continue their conversation.

“You will get here with Eva eventually,” he assured Michael.  “Not right away, of course- they’re always so nervous and timid to start.  Melody couldn’t even swallow half of me the first time she tried.  She worked at it, though, and now she is incredible.  She is going to make her future husband very happy, aren’t you sweetie?”

He pulled Melody back by her hair, causing her to cough and sputter as she choked on her spit.  “Yes Father,” she agreed, before her father put her back on his cock.  This time he held her hair, commanding a faster pace as she gagged on him.  Spit was pooling down her chin, beginning to soak the top of her dress.  She didn’t seem to mind at all.

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The First Time I Asked for Pain

A masochist is defined as someone who derives sexual gratification from pain.  I do not identify as a masochist- when I experience pain, particularly in a sexual context, I do not derive pleasure from it.  I feel the sting of a leather belt or the sharp bite of a nipple clamp for exactly what it is- a fucking ouch.  Why, then, would I ever request such a thing from a sexual partner? How could I ever begin to crave it? 

As you know, my exploration of BDSM is a key strategy for me to cope with stress- the mindfulness exercise that submission grants me has no equivalent in the vanilla world.  The requirement to react and absorb instead of strategize and drive forces me to fight my natural instincts, sinking me into a state of awareness of my body and mind that I don’t often experience otherwise. This started, of course, with orgasm control Mr. Grey taught me to surrender control to him and gave me permission to exist and experience pleasure in my body in a different way.  It wasn’t until later in my practice that I learned that pain, too, could present an opportunity to focus my mind.

My first exposure to pain in BDSM was as a corrective measure.  As I was learning orgasm control from Mr. Grey, he largely used impact play when I failed a particular task.  If I came without permission or made a noise when I was supposed to cum silently, my ass would pay the price- and he did not hit me for pleasure.  The sharp sting of his hand or his belt was a powerful motivator for me to refocus on his instruction.  I submitted to his punishment dutifully, but not eagerly- I would much rather have experienced pleasure at his hands than pain.

This changed for me one fateful evening.  I was under an immense amount of pressure at work and hadn’t seen Mr. Grey in a couple of weeks- to say that my edges were frayed would be an understatement.  I desperately needed a couple of hours of submission- an escape and release from my crowded and exhausted mind. 

Mr. Grey texted me an hour or so before he was planning to arrive and instructed me to begin edging myself. I obeyed, leaving the door unlocked as I headed to my bed. I started to play, channeling my work pressure and frustration into my clit through my fingertips.

I got so worked up that when I heard the door slam as he arrived, I almost came in anticipation. He took his time coming up the stairs, which was further torture for my desperate-to-cum self. He undressed slowly, maintaining intense eye contact as he stepped out of his clothes.  I was not to speak until spoken to, so I continued to pleasure myself as he watched. He sat beside me on the bed, passively playing with my nipples.  “I know you need some release, baby, and if you are a good girl you will have it,” he said.

“Yes Sir, I will be a good girl for you,” I promised desperately.

He put his index finger into my mouth, feeling around my tongue before I started to suck.  I craved his touch between my legs.  “Please, Sir, I want you,” I whispered, bringing my soaking wet fingers up to his mouth.  He licked them and moaned.

He took his finger out of my mouth and circled my nipple, making it wet.  He then blew on it, sending a shiver throughout my body. “You can’t cum until I say,” he reminded me.

“Yes Sir, I’ll be a good girl for you,” I repeated.

 His touch was impossibly gentle at first; his fingers barely brushed my slippery clit before they danced away from it, gently massaging my lips.  They eventually returned, pressing down on the sides of it, threatening to stroke but instead remaining perfectly still- it was as if he could feel the throbbing in his fingers and knew that I was hovering over the edge.  “Hold onto it, baby, I’m going to rub you now,” he warned.  I took a deep breath and gritted my teeth, trying to focus on anything but my building orgasm.

He dipped his finger inside me, bringing my arousal to the forefront of my mind.  There is something about feeling how wet I am that just makes me even wetter.  He started to stroke my rock hard clit, and I squirmed underneath him to relieve the building pressure. 

“Don’t move,” he commanded in his quiet way.  I swallowed hard, knowing that he had just made my task of not cumming infinitely more difficult.  I imagined restraints on my wrists and ankles- invisible shackles holding me in place.  I sank into the mattress, relaxing my body and trying to filter the building tension away from my clit out into my fingertips. 

He pressed harder, incrementally picking up the pace to a steady rhythm.  With each escalation I breathed deeper, determined to follow his instruction- determined to make him proud. 

“That’s it, good girl, hold on,” he encouraged. 

I clung to his words, letting his praise fill me and fuel me.  He pressed harder, and I realized that I was much closer to the edge than I had thought.  “Please Sir, I can’t hold it much longer,” I breathed.  I focused every ounce of energy on not moving my body, but my inability to flex around his touch had me sprinting toward the finish line.  “Please Sir!” I cried out.

“You’re almost there, just a little bit longer,” he promised.  I looked up into his eyes, my gaze no doubt feral.  He lightened his touch, just a little, and held my gaze.  “That’s it, don’t move- you’re doing so well,” he purred. 

Time stopped; we remained still, eyes locked, his fingers skillfully stroking me while my body remained immobile.  “Are you ready baby?” he asked quietly.

“Yes, Sir, please!” I exclaimed, my words somewhat garbled.

“Don’t move,” he reminded me.  I took a deep breath, steadying myself before he said “cum.”

It’s a short command, but I obeyed long before he finished the word.

A ripple of electricity exploded through me, but to my credit I didn’t move a muscle.  I absorbed the pleasure into my body, my limbs rigid and tense but unmoving.  I screamed in an effort to relieve the tension, willing his fingers to stop electrocuting me with every flick.  His touch eventually slowed, his strokes becoming softer as he let me come down.

I was breathing heavily, and grinning ear to ear- that was the first time that I had cum without moving successfully.  “Such a good girl,” he said, kissing me deeply.  I was proud of myself, and was revelling in his praise as well.

“Thank you Sir,” I replied, still breathless at the exertion and focus that it took me to achieve my (his) goal.

“I think you’ve earned a reward,” he said slyly.  I smiled- I much preferred rewards to punishment. 

“Yes please,” I said with a grin.

He kissed me again, dancing his tongue along my lips. He kissed down my neck, nibbling at my earlobes.  His kisses were completely decadent, and I moaned more than once.  He spent quite a bit of time on my nipples, teasing them to attention with his tongue, nibbling and sucking on them.  When he started to kiss down my stomach, I grew nervous- my orgasm had been intense, and I wasn’t sure that I was ready for another- as if I had a choice.

He settled himself between my legs, parting my lips just to blow on my clit- it felt like he was holding a flame to me.  My shiver turned into a moan as his tongue licked my slit.  “Enjoy this, baby- you’ve earned it.  Cum whenever you need to,” he said before taking my clit between his teeth.

His tongue was precise; he licked and sucked and flicked me until I was squirming and moaning underneath him.  He secured my legs open with his arms, preventing me from lessening his impact. 

After I came, he paused just long enough to say “again,” before diving back between my legs. I had four orgasms before he finally relented. 

I was floating on a cloud somewhere above us when he finally entered me; his cock slid in effortlessly, inch by inch until he completely filled me.  He moved slowly at first, coating himself in my wetness and letting me flutter back to earth.  He fucked me with long, slow strokes.  I could feel every inch of him enter and pull back, and the feeling was nothing short of delicious- until he flipped me over.

The edging and forced orgasms had left me completely drained and at his mercy, so he flipped me onto my hands and knees with ease.  I screamed when he buried his cock roughly inside me.  His slow, deliberate pace was now unhinged.  He grabbed my hips tightly, bringing my ass back to meet his every thrust.  The intensity and depth of his cock was overwhelming; all I could do to hold on was scream. 

I came without even knowing it, my release just fueling his desire.  His cock invaded the deepest parts of me, demanding more and more each time.  He grabbed a handful of my hair before he emptied himself into me, each thrust owning me more and more as he came.

We both collapsed in a satisfied heap.  I nestled my way into his embrace, letting each of us come back to each other on our own time. 

“I really am proud of you,” he said.  “You have come so far- I knew you could do it, but it was really awesome to see,” he said.  “Next, we will work on cumming silently.”  I gulped at the thought.

We talked for a while longer, debriefing the scene and checking in with each other.  We settled into a comfortable silence, his hands idly stroking my back as mine rested on his chest.

“What is it?” he asked.  I looked at him, puzzled. 

“What do you mean?”

“You still seem tense,” he said.  I thought about the session that we had just had, and the overall exhaustion that I still felt in my limbs. 

Was it exhaustion, or was it tension?

“I don’t know,” I said, genuinely confused.  The more I tuned back into my body, the more I felt an indescribable hum just under my skin.  “I feel kind of antsy,” I conceded, “but I have no idea why- or how, after so many orgasms.”

He stroked my breast, pinching my nipple in quiet contemplation.  I gasped, the sudden pain gone by the time the air filled my lungs.  He sat up slightly, pinching me again.  This time he held on for a few seconds, enough to make me bite my lip. 

“Ouch!” I exclaimed. 

“How did that feel?” he asked, somewhat redundantly in my opinion.

“It hurt,” I said obviously.

“I am going to do it again- tell me how it feels,” he instructed.  I was not in on his plan, but knew better than to question him.  He pinched me again, rolling my nipple painfully between his finger and thumb.  I winced, and he reiterated- “Feel it,” he said.

I tried to follow his instruction; I focused my mind on the pain.  He twisted my nipple, and I felt tears behind my eyes.  I looked up at him, focusing on his face instead of the pain.  When he released my nipple, I released my tension.

“How did that feel?” he asked. 

“It hurt,” I said cheekily.  He raised an eyebrow, equal parts threat and challenge.  I thought harder.  “It felt…intense,” I began. 

“What did you feel when I let go?”

“Relief,” I replied.  He smirked.

“Well then it looks like we aren’t done,” he said vaguely.  He rifled through his bag of tricks while I laid beside him wholly confused.

“I want to try something with you,” he explained.  “I think I can get rid of the itch, but you have to trust me.  Do you remember your safe words?” he asked, holding clothespins in his hands.

I stared at his new implements for a beat before I responded. “Yes Sir,” I said, and recited the safe words.

“Good girl.  Lay back, please.  I am going to hurt you,” he said as casually as a weather report.

My mind began to race, but my body had been conditioned to obey him.  I laid back, placing my hands at my sides and taking a deep, centring breath.

“I think I will need to restrain your hands,” he mused, more to himself than to me.  He bound them quickly with rope and suspended them over my head.  I was immediately more vulnerable, and more curious.

“Up to this point we have used pain as punishment,” he explained as he teased my nipples with his fingers.  “Pain has many uses, including release,” he said, pinching my nipple again as punctuation.  “Some subs get immense pleasure from pain, though I haven’t noticed that in you yet.  I don’t get the sense that you enjoy your punishments,” he said with a smirk.

“I don’t,” I said emphatically.  I gasped again as he twisted my nipple.

“Nevertheless,” he said, moving to my other nipple, “pain can still be a useful experience.  I am going to hurt you now, and I want you to pay attention to how your body and mind respond, can you do that?”

“Yes Sir,” I said doubtfully.  I trusted him immensely, but I was not excited at the promise of pain.

“Good girl,” he said gently. 

I screamed in pain as the first clothespin was clamped directly on my nipple.  I wanted it off immediately, my reflex desperate to swat it away- except my hands were tied.  I pulled uselessly against the restraints, squirming in hopes of flicking it off me.  It didn’t take long to realize my efforts were futile.

“Breathe, baby,” he encouraged.  “You’re okay- I know it hurts, but you need to breathe through it,” he instructed.

I locked eyes with him, trying to centre myself in his gaze to quell my panic.  I breathed deeply, and found that the pain started to lose its edge.  I took a few more deep breaths, visualizing myself locking the pain into a box.  I gained control over it and muted it to a dull roar.

Just in time for the second clothespin to clamp onto my other nipple.

I sucked in my breath and held it, pulling against the restraints again in a desperate move to remove the clothespin.  “Breathe,” he reminded me sternly.

I let the air out of my lungs, trying to pack the new pain into a more manageable space so that it didn’t consume me.  The sensation had a razor-sharp edge that demanded my full attention; there was no room for me to think about anything but controlling my reaction and finding somewhere to put the pain.  I had to feel it to control it, giving it my full attention before trying to repackage it into something manageable.  It was a mental and physical feat, so when I felt the pain start to dull, a sense of accomplishment began to fall into place.

“Good girl,” he said, snapping me out of my reverie.  I had somewhat forgotten that he was in the room.  He flicked my aching nipples a few times, each time requiring me to reassert my focus.

“These are going to hurt just as much coming off,” he warned.  While I was desperate for the relief, his words made me nervous.  I had managed to dull the pain to a mumble, and was not looking forward to a resurgence.

He removed both clothespins at the same time.  It felt like he had set my nipples on fire.  A wave of pain crashed over me, and tears sprang to my eyes.  Fucking ouch.  I screamed and pulled at the rope securing my hands.  My legs kicked as the panic took hold- fight or flight indeed.

Mr. Grey put his hands on my breasts, gently massaging away the pain that he had just inflicted.  “You’re okay, baby, breathe,” he coached.  I let the sound of his voice carry me back to him.

“What was that like?” he asked.

It took a moment for my scrambled brain to remember the English language.  “Focused,” was the first word that came to mind.  The pain was focused, my mind was focused- everything came into laser focus when he hurt me. 

“How do you feel now?”

“Relieved,” I admitted.  He remained silent, letting me reflect on the experience.  Even I had to acknowledge that his strategy had worked- he had scratched the indescribable itch that I had been feeling. I felt more centred after he’d hurt me.  The journey through the pain had challenged my mind and body in a new way, and I was more relaxed for it. 

I think he was surprised to hear me quietly whisper “More, please.”

I think I was surprised that I meant it.

For the first time, I wanted him to hurt me.

He left my arms tied but settled down alongside me, cradling me in his arms.  He kissed me as a display of gratitude and pride as his fingers moved to my now tender nipple.

I closed my eyes in anticipation of his assault.  “Look at me,” he ordered quietly.  I focused on his eyes as I felt his fingers constrict around my nipple.  His grip gradually tightened, the intensity of my stare matching the intensity of the pain.

I looked up at him, silently begging him to relent- or perhaps silently surrendering to his touch. I cried out as he twisted my skin, his vice-like grip creating tears at the corners of my eyes.  “Please, Sir…” I begged.

“Breathe, baby,” he reminded me.  I swallowed hard, forcing air into my lungs as I tried to compartmentalize the pain. 

“That’s it, baby, you’re doing it- just breathe through it.  You’re such a good girl for letting me hurt you,” he praised.  I held onto his words like lifelines, each one an encouragement to hold on. 

When he finally released my nipple, I melted into him, my gratitude for his mercy bleeding through me.  He let me take a couple of breaths before he started on my other nipple. I remembered his instruction, and this time responded more quickly.  I winced as he tightened his grip, but I swallowed my moan into deep breaths.  I focused on his eyes, allowing our connection to fuel my resilience.  I desperately wanted to please him- to demonstrate that I could take what he was giving.  My mind was consumed with this goal and worked to coax my body into absorbing the intensity of his touch. 

When he released, a tear of relief fell from my eye.  He kissed me deeply, murmuring his pride and thanks into my ear.  He released my hands, allowing me to embrace him. We remained like that for a while, both honouring the deepening of our bond.  I had asked him to hurt me, and he did.  

It was a new dimension in our partnership, one that I was both excited and terrified to explore.  The very definition of be careful what you ask for. 

Honour Thy Father: Chapter 4-5

Chapter Four: Melody

Summer vacation was Melody’s absolute favourite time of year.  The school year had just wrapped up (she had honours grades, a championship trophy, and a photography award to show for it), and now she was heading out to Father’s cabin for a few months of downtime. 

She had the top down on the convertible that he had bought her a few years ago for her 16th birthday, her blonde hair flowing in the early summer air.

She found herself a bit sad to be missing the summer with her friends, this year more so than previous years due to the fact that she finally had a boyfriend.  Jeff was everything she had ever wanted in a boy, and she was beyond delighted that Father permitted her to see him.  She knew, of course, that if he had said no she would’ve had to obey- he always knew what was best for her.  Just as she knew that she had to tell Father everything that happened between them, so that he could monitor her purity.

She sent Father a text, letting him know that she was on her way and that she had kissed Jeff goodbye, with tongue.  She also texted that Jeff had put one hand on her waist, and brought her in close so that her breasts pressed up against him.  While Father forbid Melody from being touched under her clothes by Jeff, he was okay with this kind of touching.

Usually she would make the drive with Father, but now that she had her license she offered to come up a day early to get things ready.  The cabin sat empty for the bulk of the winter, so there was always some refreshing and cleaning to do.  She enjoyed the work, and especially the quiet after a grueling school year.

Melody knew that this was not the typical Father/daughter relationship, but she also knew that as the daughter of a minister she had a duty not only to her family, but also to the church.  Father had been teaching her about her womanly duties each summer since she started menstruating, and she found herself to be an eager student.  She enjoyed learning about homemaking and being a good wife, for that was her main purpose and goal as a woman.  The lessons paused at the end of summer when they resumed their life back at home.  Father said that it was important for him to be able to devote his full attention to her training, where the church demanded more of his attention while they were at home.

The cabin became a summer oasis of sorts, away from day-to-day life and the prying eyes of others. Once she turned 18, Father was gracious enough to teach her about her body, and about the pleasure that it could give and receive.  She understood that until she was married her focus needed to be on pleasing Father, so that he could support the church.  She needed to remain pure for her future husband and had to learn the skills that would be required of her to keep him happy.  One day, when she could prove to Father that she was knowledgeable enough and ready to be a wife, he would allow her to marry. She still had a lot to learn, which is what she focused on in the summers.

Father would arrive in the morning, and her training would begin- or, rather, resume.  Melody had learned obedience, cooking, and cleaning, as well as the art of pleasure.  Father had taught her about penetrative sex last summer, and she was eager for more lessons.  He had insured that she was on birth control so that he could fill her with his seed without the risk of pregnancy- that was a gift that she could give only to her husband.  She imagined one day being allowed to please Jeff in this way, and it filled her tummy with butterflies.  She set to work washing the sheets in their two-bedroom cabin and opened all the windows to let in the breeze.  She took a deep breath, soaking in the joy of summer.

Melody awoke to Father’s text, indicating that he would be at the cabin shortly after lunch- and that he had a surprise for her.  She busied herself for the morning, having a quick breakfast before working in the gardens.  When she came in for lunch, she did some dinner prep as well.  She knew that Father would be impressed to see her domestic duties already well in hand.  When she got out of the shower, she dressed temporarily in a robe while she finished preparing for Father’s arrival.

She was only permitted to wear dresses in the cabin, and no panties.  Father had taught her that a woman must always anticipate and fulfill her husband’s needs. This, she now knew, included being ready for sex at any time.    Last summer Father taught her how her vagina gets wet when she is aroused.  This, of course, is desired for her to be able to take a cock.

While her training paused at home, Father made sure that she continued to practice on her own.  She masturbated three times per week, and told Father about each one so that he could monitor her progress and make suggestions.  She was always grateful for his guidance. 

Melody laid on the bed that she would share with Father for the summer, and lazily opened her legs.  Her pussy was covered in soft, dark hair- Father said that it marked her womanhood.  She began stroking her clit in practiced motions, licking her lips as she found a rhythm.  She was careful not to overstimulate herself; Father preferred to be the one to give her orgasms while at the cabin.  She slowly stroked herself, occasionally dipping a finger inside her to assess her wetness.  When she felt sufficiently lubricated, she stood to make the bed.  She was just putting the final pillow in place when Father entered the cabin.

Melody felt her heart rate quicken as his keys hit the table.  “Hi Sweetie, Father’s here!” he boomed from the kitchen. 

“In here Father!” Melody chimed back.  He found her quickly, standing beside the perfectly made bed beaming.  “I was just finishing making the bed- not a single crease!” she said proudly.

Father’s eyes inspected the bed and landed on her.  “Good girl,” he said appreciatively.  “Come here, please.”

Melody obediently crossed the room to stand in front of Father.  He took her face in his hands, kissing her deeply.  “I am so glad to be back here with you, and so proud of the work you’ve done so far.  You are such a good girl,” he said as he untied her robe.

Father pushed Melody’s robe off of her shoulders, letting it pool on the floor.  She shivered at her nakedness but did not cover herself- another lesson from Father.  It was important to always show off your body if a man wants to see it.  “You are even more beautiful than I remember, Sweetie,” he marveled.  He kissed her shoulder, gently caressing under her small breast. 

Melody felt goosebumps erupt all over her body.  “Thank you, Father,” she said politely.  She stood perfectly still as he caressed her, teasing her nipples to erection while his tongue found hers. 

“Are you ready for me, Sweetie?” he asked.  “Open your legs, please.”

Melody obeyed, standing with her legs apart to give Father better access between them.  “Yes, Father,” she answered.

Father reached between her legs, delicately tracing her slit before dipping a finger between her lips.  “Very good girl,” he said appreciatively.  He brought his finger up to her mouth, pressing it between her lips until he reached her tongue.

Melody sucked his finger obediently, her wide eyes eagerly awaiting her next instruction.

Chapter Five: Father David

“Lay down, sweetie,” Father said gently.  He undressed, never taking his eyes off of his daughter’s naked body.  He climbed on top of her, easing inside her as her legs wrapped around him.

Melody gasped as he filled her, letting her eyes roll back in pleasure.  “That’s it, good girl,” he encouraged, “take Father’s cock.”

“Father, yes,” she breathed as he started to thrust.  Her tightness was a marvel, and no matter how many times he entered her it felt like the first.  She squirmed under him, wrapping her arms and legs around him as if holding on for dear life.  Her perky little breasts bounced with each thrust as he completely lost himself in her.

“Father, may I please cum?” she asked, bringing him back into the moment.  He was impressed that she remembered to ask, and at her control. 

“Yes, sweetie, you may cum,” he said gently, thrusting into her harder.  He felt her tighten and pulse around him, and had to work to hold onto his own orgasm as she came.  His daughter’s orgasmic scream was his favourite sound.

“Good girl,” he breathed, giving her a moment to come down.  He maintained his steady pace, sliding in and out of her perfect hole as she breathed heavily underneath him.  When her eyes opened, he kissed her.  “It’s time for you to get on top, sweetie.  Do you remember?”

“Yes, Father,” she breathed.  He rolled onto his back, and she quickly straddled him.  She gripped his cock, urgently sliding it into her hole.  When her hips started to rock back and forth, he almost lost it.

“Mmmm, you are going to make such a good wife someday,” he said as he cupped his daughter’s breasts.  She rode him gently, moaning each time he thrust into her. 

“Thank you, Father.  That’s all I want,” she said proudly. 

His heart (and cock) swelled with pride.  “I’m going to cum in you now, Sweetie, don’t stop,” he said firmly.  She rode harder, her slim body rocking back and forth on him as he pulled at her nipples.  He groaned as his orgasm took hold, emptying his balls into his daughter. 

“Thank you, Father,” she said, getting off of him to lick his cock clean- yet another lesson she had learned last summer.  Her retention rate was excellent.

As they ate the wonderful dinner she had prepared, Father David let Melody in on the surprise that he had promised.  “We aren’t going to be alone this summer, Sweetie,” he said vaguely.

“Oh? How come Father?” she asked, trying and failing to hide her disappointment. 

“Don’t worry, Melody, it won’t change our summer.  I have been so proud of the way you have learned and retained your training, that I thought it was time to share our approach with someone else.  I have invited a father and daughter from the church to spend the summer with us.  They have been having a hard time, and I think that we can really help them.  You will be such a good mentor for her, and I can help him to learn how to teach her as I have taught you.”

Father David could see Melody considering his words.  Her face broke out in a smile.  “You really think I could help someone? You think I am ready?” she asked, her face beaming. 

“Of course, sweetie.  You have learned so much, and one day will make a man very happy.  You still have some things to learn, but you have all the basics mastered.  I really think that your leadership could change this girl’s life.  She is on a dangerous path, and her father is desperate to keep her safe.  Will you help us?”

Melody didn’t hesitate.  “Of course, Father.  Anything for you.”

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Honour Thy Father: Chapter 2-3

Chapter Two: Eva

School feels longer than usual when your ass hurts so badly that it’s hard to sit down.  Eva made a mental note to only break curfew on weekends in the future, so that she didn’t have to endure hours of classroom lectures with a welted ass.  Last night felt different than previous spankings; Daddy was so angry, and she definitely felt it then and now. 

Eva winced as she shuffled in her seat behind her easel.  She was enrolled in an immersive four-year art program in college. Students came from all over the area to pursue artistic passions, whether visual art, music, photography, or drama.  It was a creative collective, and had a 100% employment rate after graduation, which was all but unheard of for an arts school.  She knew it wasn’t cheap, and felt a pang of gratitude toward her Daddy to match the pang of pain in her ass.

Eva studied her work in progress on the easel, which is all she had done for the full hour of class. She had been painting moody forest scenes as of late.  Her mother loved being in nature, so Eva supposed it was some sort of tribute to her- but the palate of greys and blacks that painted the canvas stamped the scene with Eva’s perpetual melancholy.  It was the last class of the school year, so she supposed that this piece would remain a work in progress indefinitely. 

“Wow, that’s beautiful,” a voice behind her said, “but…a little depressing.  Why wouldn’t you use colour?”  The voice belonged to Melody, one of the photography students.  Her platinum blonde hair, perfect, slim body, and thousand-watt smile made looking at her akin to looking directly into the sun.  Melody was in a different program and a year ahead, so Eva didn’t know much about her beyond the fact that she was a star athlete, gifted photographer, and all around perfect person.  She also happened to be the daughter of her church’s Minister, who never missed an opportunity to brag about her to Eva’s dad.  If only all fathers could be blessed with perfect daughters.

Eva stifled an eye roll before answering, “I like black.”

“Oh,” Melody replied, not to be discouraged.  “I guess it kind of looks like some of my black and white photos- I totally get it- timeless,” she beamed, clearly eager to have found common ground.  Eva vaguely wondered what her angle was- it’s not like she needed more friends, and Eva certainly wasn’t the kind of girl that Melody wanted to be friends with.

Eva didn’t have a bad reputation, but she didn’t exactly meet the qualifications for the Preacher’s daughter’s friend group.  Eva didn’t have many friends- more acquaintances, and mostly guys. Yes, occasionally let some of those guys feel her up. While she didn’t have much use for men, she did find them fairly easy to be around, and they could make her feel good with the right instruction.

 It’s not like she was a slut- she had only had sex with three guys- but she didn’t buy into the virtue of virginity that her church was selling.  It was so rare for Eva to actually feel good, and as it turned out- sex felt good.  So what if she leaned into that sometimes?  Next time she would just have to make sure to be home by curfew.

“Ya, I guess,” Eva replied lamely.  She really just wanted to be left to brood about her sore ass in peace. 

“It kind of reminds me of this place near my father’s cabin,” Melody continued, oblivious to Eva’s very clear “leave me alone” vibe.  She leaned in closer to the painting, her small breasts in Eva’s exact line of vision.  Eva could see a white lace bra peeking out of her tank top, and smell Melody’s perfume, which was somehow a mix of cotton candy and flowers.  Barf.

“It’s this place my Mom used to take my dad and I hiking- before she died,” Eva offered, to her own surprise.  Why was she sharing that part of herself- her most protected part- with a complete stranger? 

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Melody said, genuine empathy in her eyes.  She put her hand on Eva’s shoulder, and in another surprising moment Eva didn’t recoil. 

“Thanks,” Eva offered, “maybe it is the same place.”

Melody smiled at her.  “Imagine that! What a coincidence that would be!” Her perpetual optimism would have typically grated Eva, but for some reason she felt drawn in.  Just as she was about to ask what Melody was working on, the girl’s cell phone alarm went off.  “Oh, I’m so sorry, I have to go- Father will be here in five minutes and it’s rude to make him wait.  I hope you finish your painting!”  With that she rushed out the door, leaving Eva with a bemused expression.

‘Man, that girl is a lot,’, she thought to herself, but couldn’t deny that she had an intriguing air about her- even if she was completely wrapped around her father’s finger.

Eva elected to head to her friend Troy’s place after class instead of going home.  She sent Daddy a vague text about an end of school party, now wanting to get into the who and where of it all.  After what he did to her last night, she hardly owed him anything. 

When she got to Troy’s, they had a few drinks.  This was their usual custom- get a good buzz on, and then get naked.  Eva appreciated the opportunity to shut off (she didn’t have to think very hard to be around Troy), and to feel good.  Troy appreciated her huge boobs.  They worked well together.

Eva could taste the whiskey on Troy’s breath as he kissed her.  She sunk further into the couch, getting comfortable for a long makeout.  He was a skilled kisser, and she let herself get lost in his lips and tongue.  She knew eventually she would feel them between her legs and could feel herself getting wet at the thought.

She ran her fingers through Troy’s curly hair, tugging on it as their kisses became more urgent.  He made quick work of her bra, stopping to gawk at her perfect breasts.  Eva’s nipples hardened as he sucked them, the ripple of pleasure heading directly between her legs.  She took Troy’s head in both of her hands, urgently guiding him down.  She craved his mouth on her, and did have a curfew to make after all.

She wiggled out of her panties and spread her legs as his mouth took her.  He licked her gently first, moving his tongue back and forth along her slit to make her squirm.  “Come on, Troy, don’t tease me,” she begged.  He relented, driving a finger inside her as he took her clit between his lips.

His fingers curled upward, teasing the sweet spot inside her as she squirmed.  She was vaguely aware of the tenderness in her ass as she grinded up into his face, but the pleasure he created was more than enough to distract her.  “Troy, please don’t stop,” she breathed desperately, her body chasing one of the only highs that made her feel anything at all.  When she fell over the cliff, she felt alive.

Troy quickly slipped inside her after she came, his rock-hard cock easily finding its place in her wetness.  Eva wrapped her legs around him, desperate to feel the connection that comes with sex.  While she knew that they weren’t in love, she still craved the intimacy that sex provided.  She felt so disconnected from the rest of her life, any connection helped to fill the void. 

Troy thrusted into her, driving her ass into the couch.  While he felt amazing, each thrust coupled the pleasure of his cock inside her with the pain of her ass on the rough couch fabric.  The fact that Eva was forced to think of Daddy’s punishment during this moment was humiliating.  It completely destroyed the mood.  She found herself willing Troy to finish, just so that she could get home before curfew and avoid another spanking.

When he finally did, she quickly gathered her clothes, hastily stuffing her panties into her purse and pulling on her pants.  She mumbled a goodbye to Troy, who was too blissed out in a post-orgasmic haze to particularly notice.  She checked her watch as she walked home, knowing that she wasn’t going to make it in time.

Her father was sitting at the kitchen table waiting for her.  He said nothing as she came into the kitchen, which was far more unsettling than his usual passionate monologue.  She sat her purse on the table before she realized that her panties were hanging out of it.

He stood, walking over to her.  He leaned in close enough to smell the alcohol on her breath, reaching past her and pulling the satin material from her purse.  He dropped them on the table in front of her, looking into her eyes and shaking his head before retiring to his room.  The hurt in his eyes was worse than a million spankings. 

Chapter Three: Father David

“You are doing the best you can,” Father David said to the worried man in front of him.  Michael had joined the church with his wife when they married and continued to dutifully bring his daughter every Sunday even after her mother passed.  Her death had clearly taken a toll on both father and daughter, and Father David empathized entirely with Michael’s plight.  Daughters were not easy to raise, especially if you wanted to do it properly.

“I just don’t know what else to do.  I feel so terrible for hurting her like that, but I had no other options- she’s just impossible.  Even after the spanking, the very next night she came home with panties in her purse and vodka on her breath,” Michael lamented as he wrung his hands. The man’s face betrayed a mixture of worry and resignation; Father David knew that things must be pretty bad if he was seeking solace in the church.  While his late wife had been a devout Christian, he knew that Michael was a more skeptical follower.

“I know what you are going through,” Father David said, hoping to validate this poor man’s feelings.  “I have a daughter too, and while Melody is a very good girl, that didn’t come naturally.  Daughters sometimes need a strong hand to keep them safe,” he said empathetically. 

“I didn’t expect that kind of understanding,” Michael admitted.  “I honestly don’t know why I even came here.  I think part of me wanted to be chastised for spanking her the way that I did.  Another part of me knew that my wife always came here when she was troubled, and it always seemed to help.  I just feel so helpless and lost…thank you so much for listening, Father.”

“I am not here to chastise you,” Father David reassured him.  “I am merely here to guide and offer advice- if that is what you’re looking for.”  Father David could tell that Michael’s heart was in the right place- he did not desire to exude undue power or influence over his daughter, but merely wanted to ensure her safety and obedience.  “Trust is built through obedience; if Eva wants you to trust her, she must first prove to you that she can be trusted.”

“Yes! Exactly yes- that is what I have been trying to teach her.  I am so worried about her, Father.  I just want her to be safe and happy.” 

Michael’s love for his daughter was so clear that Father David felt a hitch in his chest as he thought of Melody.  She was such a respectful, obedient daughter- he had made sure of it- and he was grateful not to have to worry about the issues that plagued Michael. 

“I just want what you have with your daughter,” Michael continued.  “You two seem so close, and she clearly respects you.  Eva and I used to have that relationship- I want to get us back there.”

Father David studied Michael.  “My relationship with Melody is the result of a great deal of work, and some fairly non-traditional approaches to parenting.  I have the church to thank for showing me the best ways to parent a daughter, and Michael, if you’re interested, I would be willing to share some of the practices with you.”

Michael looked up from his hands, holding eye contact with Father David.  Tears were glistening in his eyes as he breathed a sigh of relief.  “Thank you, Father, thank you so much.  I am open to anything.  The traditional ways that I know are not working; I would be so grateful for any of your help.  My wife trusted you with her problems, and I am here to do the same.”

The two men spent the next hour reviewing Father David’s approaches to raising his daughter.  Father David requested patience and open-mindedness from Michael, and also for Michael to wait until Father David was finished explaining before passing judgement.  Michael easily agreed, but once he got into the conversation, he realized that he may have spoken too soon.

Father David had only had this conversation with three men over his lifetime, one of whom being his own father, the church’s previous minister.  Father David had taken over from his dad before he died, and was given all of the teachings of the church.  He shared these particular teachings sparingly, and only to those who he deemed deserving of the wisdom- and whom he had the capacity to help.  Michael’s love and protectiveness for his daughter, coupled with his genuine remorse for causing her pain, convinced Father David that he was worthy.  His late wife’s relationship with the church was also admittedly a factor.

When he finished explaining, he waited for Michael to speak.  There were a few times that Michael tried to interrupt, and twice when he tried to walk out, both reactions that were to be expected.  Father David patiently reminded Michael of his promise to hear the full story, and he continued to listen.

“I could never do that,” he said finally, his tone echoing the expression of utter shock on his face.  “Never, ever, ever.  I can’t believe you would even suggest it- any of it,” he said.

“I know it’s a shocking idea, especially when you first hear it- but all you have to do is look at my relationship with Melody to know that it works.  Melody is happy, successful, respectful, and trustworthy.  She lives a very fulfilling life, and I never doubt whether I can trust her.  Imagine what that would mean for you and Eva,” he suggested gently.

“I want that for Eva and I- I do, more than anything- but what you are suggesting is impossible.  It’s wrong,” he said emphatically. 

“I respect your decision as a father, and of course would never pressure you.  I will provide you with one more piece of information though, before you make your decision.  Your wife- in her youth, she had some trouble when her father left.  Her mother came to the church- my father at the time- and requested guidance.  She went through this program as well when she turned eighteen, and I know you will agree that she lived a very fulfilling life.”

Michael’s face was aghast.  “I had no idea,” he said, more to himself than to Father David.  “She never talked much about her father, other than to say that she was better off without him.  I imagined that it would’ve been difficult, but she always seemed so fine with it.  I assumed it was the mark of her mother’s positive influence.”

“Oh it was- her mother was a remarkably strong woman- but everyone needs a little bit of help now and then.  Your wife spent each summer with my father from the time she was about 18, right up until the summer that you met.  I only know about this because every now and then she would come to my father for guidance, or to make sure that she was on the right path.  When I took over, she came to me.”

Michael’s nostrils flared at the implication.  “Oh no, don’t misunderstand.  After she met you there was no more training- just conversation, and mentorship.  She loved you more than anything, and your daughter as well.  Her greatest desire was to be a good wife and mother, and we helped her to do that.”

Michael was speechless.  Not only had his wife been part of this program, but she had kept coming back to the ministers and the church that had put her through it.  He trusted his wife’s judgement implicitly, but this was a difficult pill to swallow.  He thought of Eva, of his little girl, and his desperation to provide the life that her mother wanted for her.  He took a deep breath, squaring his shoulders before he said, “When would you like us to arrive?”

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Honour Thy Father: Chapter 1

Chapter One: Michael

Michael always regretted spanking his daughter, but it was the only way he could make her see reason.  At eighteen she was headstrong, passionate, and the absolute light of his life.  At five foot five with a curvy frame, generous breasts, and a tangle of dark brown hair, Eva was the spitting image of her late mother. 

Eva’s mother’s death had devastated them both, and father and daughter were feeling the effects of their loss years later.  For Michael’s part, he channeled all of his hurt and sadness and angst into building the best possible life for his daughter- one that her mother would have been proud of.  He made sure that Eva had opportunities to pursue her artwork, maintained good grades, and attended church every Sunday.  While Michael wasn’t particularly religious, it was important to Eva’s mother so he persisted for her sake.

He looked down at the curve of his daughter’s bright red ass as he delivered another slap.  He longed for her childhood years where she was a happy-go-lucky little girl- one whose Daddy could do no wrong.  These days wrong seemed to be all he was capable of.  She continued to live with him after high school graduation to attend art school.  Eva and he argued constantly, over everything- curfew, chores, dating…even what to have for dinner at night.  Michael knew that Eva’s mother’s death was hard on her, and he did his best in the years following to lead with compassion.  Teenage Eva was a force to be reckoned with, however, and he worried about the late hours and questionable company that she was keeping.  He didn’t want to control her- he knew that she was eighteen, but while she was still living under his roof he just wanted to keep her safe.  No amount of gentle words or pleading would budge her, so Michael had to result to force.

“Daddy please this is humiliating- I am eighteen years old!” Eva protested, snapping Michael out of his reflection.

“I know Eva, and I don’t like this any more than you do- but you have to learn.  When I say that midnight is your curfew, I mean it,” Michael replied, landing another five slaps on her warm behind.

He had pulled her panties down- not that the black thong she was wearing would have put up much resistance- so that each slap had maximum impact.  He tried not to spank her often, but when he did he wanted her to remember it in hopes that he didn’t have to do it again. Clearly that strategy had yet to be effective.  She kicked her feet in protest, but her thong bound her ankles together.

“Daddy it hurts,” she whined, squirming on his lap.  

“Just lay still baby, it’s almost over. Why is Daddy spanking you?” Michael asked.

“Because I missed your stupid curfew,” she said.  He couldn’t see her eye roll, but he could certainly hear it in her tone of voice.  Michael slapped her ass again, harder.

“Curfews aren’t stupid, especially while you are still living under my roof,” Michael corrected with another spank.  “Midnight is quite generous on a school night.  More importantly, you disrespected me.  As long as you live here, you need to obey me, Eva.  The rules that I have are not unreasonable, and they are for your own good.”

Michael could feel his frustration growing as he spoke, focusing in on the level of disrespect that Eva had shown him.  He really was just trying to do what was best for her, and certainly wasn’t the only father in the world who imposed curfews.  He felt his frustration channeling through his hand as he continued spanking- it started to feel somewhat cathartic.  

“Daddy, please,” Eva whimpered.  It was the first sign that her resolve was slipping.  Michael softened, if only slightly.

“Ten more and then we can talk- you know that I am doing this because I love you,” Michael said gently.  He readjusted her over his knee and felt her settle.  “Count them, baby,” he said, hoping that the focus of counting would distract her a bit from the pain he was about to inflict.

He vowed not to hold back on the last 10 spankings.  He had found Eva over his knee far too often over the past few weeks and needed to make the spankings resonate with her.  When the first slap landed on her right cheek, she cried out.

“Ouch Daddy!”

“Count, baby.”

Eva paused, debating her defiance.  “One,” she mumbled, defeated.

Michael slapped her again, in the exact same spot.  He could feel Eva suck in air, but also square her shoulders.  “Two,” she said, this time more clearly.

Eva held out all the way to seven before she started to cry.  “Daddy, please stop.  I can’t take any more.  I promise I’ll be good. I’ll never miss curfew again Daddy, please.  Please no more spankings,” she sniffled, tears running down her cheeks.

Michael paused, stroking his daughter’s unruly brown hair and wiping away her tears.  “You’re almost done.  Three more Eva, you can do it.  This is how you will learn to obey your Daddy,” he said firmly.  His heart ached for his daughter, but he knew that he needed to finish what he had started.  He prayed that this would be the last time.

“Eight,” Eva choked through a sob as he landed the next spank.  Her entire ass was a fiery red and was warm to the touch under Michael’s palm.  He gently squeezed where he had just slapped to massage the tissue in hopes of giving her some relief.  She was freely crying now, her previous protests now made impossible through her sobs. 

“Two more, baby, are you ready? Will you do what Daddy says from now on?” he asked, gently stroking the welts on her ass.

“Y…yes, Daddy,” Eva whimpered.

Michael landed the last two blows in quick succession to put both of them out of their misery.  Eva dutifully counted each, and then crumbled over his knee in tears.

“Come here, baby, it’s over,” Michael said, pulling Eva into a sitting position.  She straddled his waist, wrapping her legs and arms around him and putting her head on his shoulder as she cried.  “That’s it, you’re okay,” he said as he tightly embraced her trembling frame.

Michael held Eva like that until her crying quieted to whimpering.  Her chest heaved into him as she choked out the last few sobs.  He felt her hands gripping the back of his shirt as she held onto him.  “What did you learn, baby?” he asked her gently.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” she said quietly. “I shouldn’t have disobeyed you.  I won’t miss curfew again, I promise,” she whispered into his shoulder.  

“Good girl,” Michael said, pleased.  “You know that Daddy doesn’t like to spank you, but I had no other choice.  If you can be a good girl, we won’t have to do that again, okay?” he said, gently stroking her back.

“Yes, Daddy, I’ll be a good girl for you,” she promised.  She stayed like that, wrapped around him, until she fell asleep and Michael carried her to her room.  He gently removed her panties from around her ankles, and tucked her into bed.

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