Best Friends Forever: Prequel- Ch. 3-5

This story is a prequel to Best Friends Forever, and Best Friends Forever part 2.

Read Chapters 1-2 here.


When Jack left the apartment, Katie’s knees gave out and she crumbled on the floor.  Her mind was too rattled to cry; she just sat there in a numb fog for who knows how long.  She couldn’t believe what had just happened.  Her relationship with her close friend had fundamentally changed- she could hardly count him as a friend anymore.  He had been totally inappropriate- threatening- blackmail?! What the fuck?! She couldn’t believe his audacity.

 He had her photos- how could she have been so careless?! It wasn’t so much that he had seen her in such a compromising position- okay, that was decidedly not ideal- but his threat to share those photos- that could totally ruin her reputation.  Job prospects, respect of her peers…her family…it was all too much to bear.  She wanted to believe that Jack would never, but she also could see during their conversation that he was hurting.  He didn’t want to admit it to himself, but Michelle had hurt him, and Katie could see that it was going to take him a while to get over her.  Jack clearly wasn’t himself, and now she was firmly under his thumb. 

She heard Julia come in the door, and hurried to pry herself up off of the floor. Julia could instantly see that something was wrong, and came over to give Katie a hug- best friend intuition is a powerful thing.  “What happened?” Julia asked, embracing Katie.  Katie burst into tears.  “Oh, Katie, it’s okay, I’m here…just let it out.”  Julia’s voice was comforting, and Katie cried until she ran out of tears.  “What happened?” Julia asked, handing Katie a glass of water. 

“Oh, just stupid boy drama,” Katie said, buying time to think while she sipped her water.  She couldn’t tell Julia about Jack- it was too messed up, and she had no idea what she was going to do about it- no, she needed some time to think about that one.  “Jason and I broke up.  It’s stupid, we were barely dating, but ugh- I guess it just hit me hard,” Katie said.  It wasn’t entirely untrue, but it was far from the whole truth. 

“Ugh, men,” Julia validated, “honestly, you are better off without him.  I’m going out to get ice cream- you pick a terrible romcom on Netflix, and we will reconvene here in a half hour,” Julia said, bringing a reluctant smile to Katie’s face.  Katie was grateful to have such a friend- one that wasn’t using nudes to blackmail her into sex.

Katie fell asleep halfway through the movie, the exhaustion of the evening’s events finally catching up with her.  She awoke in the morning with a blanket over her- Julia really was a great friend.  It took her a moment to orient herself, and then the state of her life came crashing into her like a freight train.  She felt totally out of control, and couldn’t even begin to make a plan.  She decided that the best plan right now was just to move forward- go through the motions of the day and not think about anything else- if she thought about anything else, she would never be able to move. 

With great effort, Katie buried all of her anxiety and fear, and got off the couch.  She showered, praying that the scalding hot water would cleanse her of her situation.  She took extra care applying her makeup- her whole life was out of control, but at least she could control her appearance.  She did a heavy lid and a bold lip, the contrast of the makeup popping against her fair skin and bright hair.  She dressed in black leather tights and soft oversize sweater, slipping into her black heeled boots to finish the outfit.  She left her hair down, and when she caught her reflection in the mirror she felt almost human.  As long as she didn’t run into Jack, she might just be able to keep it together.

Katie made it through the day- barely.  She looked over her shoulder at every moment, terrified that she might run into Jack.  She dropped her coffee in the hallway before class because she saw someone wearing a shirt similar to the one he had on the night before- the night that he ruined her life.  She didn’t hear a word of anything her professors said, and couldn’t eat anything beyond a banana.

 The minute her last class ended she all but sprinted home.  Julia was just heading out to work at her part-time job, and hugged Katie before leaving.  Katie closed and locked the door to the apartment.  She was exhausted but knew that she couldn’t nap.  She laid on the couch, frozen and numb until the buzzing of her phone jolted her back to reality.  Jack was calling.

She screened the call.  It wasn’t even a conscious choice- more of a protective reflex in a futile effort to erase the events of the past 24 hours.  Jack called again, and she declined again.  Her phone buzzed with a text- it was one of the photos she had accidentally sent him.  She was perched on her bed, legs open, dildo filling her as her head leaned back in ecstasy.  “Answer me,” was all the text said.  When her phone rang again, she took a deep breath and answered.  She held the phone to hear ear, saying nothing.

“When I call, you are to answer me- the first time,” he said.  His voice wasn’t angry, but it wasn’t its usual easy tone either.  Katie couldn’t find her own voice.  “Do you understand?” 

She struggled to speak, finally choking out a soft “yes”. 

“Good girl.  I will be in your apartment in a half hour.  Make sure the door is unlocked.”  With that, he ended the call. 

Katie sat in stunned silence, her body shaking.  She had gone the whole day without seeing Jack, but she should’ve known that it meant nothing- he knew where she lived.  She unlocked the door, hoping that if she did as he asked he would be reasonable.  She started to formulate a plan in her mind to talk to him- remind him of their friendship, ask for mercy.  He likely just got caught up in the moment last night, lost in his own hurt- he would be more reasonable today.  Katie repeated that to herself until she almost believed it. 

Jack didn’t knock.  He opened the door to the apartment, closing and locking it behind him.  Something about the way he flicked the deadbolt felt so final to Katie.  She took a deep breath as he dropped his bag and took off his coat and shoes.  She was sitting on the couch, consciously trying to make her body language appear casual.  “How was your day?” he asked, his tone reminiscent of the old Jack- when he was her friend, before he was blackmailing her. 

“It was stressful,” she said honestly.  “Jack, this has to stop- you can’t- we can’t- please.”  Okay, maybe not quite as eloquent as she had intended, but she made sure to at least meet his eyes as he sat on the couch beside her. 

“I’m afraid that ship has sailed, Katie,” he said gently.  He put his hand on her thigh, gently stroking the buttery leather of her tights.  She tensed, but didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of her pulling away. “I know it seems intense and unfair right now, but I think soon enough you’ll find that it’s really a good arrangement.  I meant what I said last night,” he said gently, taking her face in his hands, “I care about you.  I will take care of you.  This arrangement is going to be good for both of us, you’ll see.”  He pulled her face to his, pressing his lips to hers. 

Katie remained frozen in place, letting him kiss her until he pulled away.  “Jack, I don’t want this,” Katie said in a last-ditch effort.  “I didn’t mean to send the photos, and I don’t mean for you to have them.  Please delete them, and leave me alone- I won’t tell anyone about this, and we can just go on with our lives.  Please- don’t do this to me,” she said, her voice breaking at the end as she begged. 

“Katie, I’ve already told you- this isn’t a negotiation.  You sent me those photos, and I now have them- whether you meant to or not is irrelevant.  I’ll be honest- I was pretty surprised to see that side of you- I didn’t know you could be so…sexy- it just made me want more of you.  I need to see what else you can do, what else your body has to offer.  Speaking of, I would like you to suck my cock now.  Please.”

His feigned politeness was a direct contradiction to his body language.  He undid his belt, lifting his body slightly to unbutton his pants and slide them down his legs.  His erection sprung out of his boxers, startling Katie.  She recoiled, but Jack grabbed her by the arm- not hard, but enough to prevent her from moving away from him.  “Suck, Katie, be a good girl,” he said in the same polite tone.  Katie looked into his eyes, searching for any sign of mercy- all she saw was arousal and determination.  When she didn’t move, his hand moved to the back of her head and gently forced her mouth toward his cock.

Katie allowed herself to be guided down- she felt completely out of control of her own body.  “That’s it, open your mouth,” Jack said gently, and she obeyed.  She tasted the salt of his precum on the tip of his cock immediately, wrapping her lips around him instinctively.  He didn’t force her head down any further, but his hand didn’t leave her hair- he took a gentle handful, and let her set the pace. 

Katie swirled her tongue around his cock, tentatively sucking the head of his cock.  Her heart wasn’t in it, but he moaned all the same.  He guided her head up and down his shaft as she sucked, teasing her throat with the tip of his cock but not forcing it.  “Such a good girl,” he moaned, his hand more firmly gripping her hair as he quickened the pace.  Katie started to panic, scared about how far he would go.  She pushed her head up off of his cock, looking at Jack. 

Spit had dripped down her chin, and his hand remained in her hair.  “Please Jack I don’t want to do this…don’t make me.  You’ve had your fun, you’ve made your point- please let me stop,” she begged. 

He said nothing, just shaking his head in response to her pleas.  His hand forced her head back down, but this time she fought him.  Katie planted her hands in front of her, resisting as he tried to force her head back onto his cock.  “No, Jack, stop!” she cried, but no one was around to hear her. 

“Stop it, Katie,” he finally said, “Stop fighting me- I don’t want to hurt you.  Be a good girl and finish what you started- I told you last night that you can’t say no to me- I meant it.  Make me happy, and I will take care of you.”  Katie continued to resist, and Jack finally stood. 

He gripped her by the hair and dragged her to her knees in front of him.  “Look, Katie, I tried to be nice- maybe you just need to learn some manners,” he said through gritted teeth.  He held Katie’s head steady, and forced his cock through her gritted teeth.  “If you bite me, you will regret it,” he said, his tone menacing.  Katie believed him. 

She resumed sucking, his hands now far less gentle.  He fucked her face, forcing his cock down her throat, and pulling out to trail spit all over her face.  She gagged on him, pleading him to stop and let her breathe as he relentlessly thrusted into her mouth over and over.  Katie tried pushing away, but she knew that she was outmatched.  She finally stopped fighting him, allowing him to use her face as he wished.  Jack’s pace slowed, his cock now more deliberately thrusting in and out of her throat, allowing for her to breath between each thrust. 

“Look at me,” he ordered.  Katie opened her tear-filled eyes, feeling the sting of her running makeup as she tried to focus on his face.  “You will not fight me again- you are mine, and will do exactly as I say.  It will be better for you that way,” he said, his tone shifting back to gentle.  He cupped her face as she sucked his cock, smearing her makeup down her cheek as he wiped away her tears.  “I don’t want to hurt you, Katie, I just want to use you.  I would like to still be friends, but I understand if that will take you some time.  For now, just focus on doing as I say- the rest will come naturally, I promise,” he said, taking his cock out of her mouth to wipe the tears with it.  “That’s it, good girl.  Now make me cum,” he said, his cock again touching her throat. 

Katie set her mind to her task, swirling her tongue around him and relaxing her throat so that he could use it.  She could feel his body tensing as his hand gripped her hair again.  He jerked her head back, and she closed her eyes just in time for the first load of warm cum to hit her face.  He emptied himself onto her face, smearing spit, cum, and makeup together with his cock.  He took a step back to admire his work, and Katie could hear the click of his phone as he took her photo.  “To add to the collection,” he said with a laugh.

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” he said, kneeling beside her.  He wiped cum from her eyes, allowing her to open them.  “Open your mouth”, he said gently, and Katie obeyed.  He scooped the cum into her mouth one finger at a time, telling her to suck it off of his fingers but not to swallow.  Finally, when he had gotten it all, he gave her permission to swallow.  “You did well, Katie,” he said, gently wiping her hair off of her face.  “I am proud of you- you’ve made me happy.”  Katie was silent, her mind reeling.  “I am going to leave now.  I will turn the shower on before I go, I’m sure that you want to clean up.”  He took her face in his hands, kissing her deeply on the lips before he turned and left.  For some reason, Katie found herself kissing him back.


Jack couldn’t believe he had gone through with it.  The blowjob from Katie had been so hot- he felt in control of his life for the first time since Michelle had broken up with him.  Jack had spent so much of his life being agreeable and easy going, often sacrificing his wants and needs to go along with the group.  When he made the decision to use the photos to take control of his situation, he had no idea that it would feel like this.  Sure, he felt bad for Katie- he really did value their friendship, and he knew that he was putting her in a difficult position- but taking a blowjob from her perfect lips was a high that he had never expected to find.  He knew as he walked out of her apartment that he would be chasing that high for the rest of his life.

Jack decided to leave Katie alone for a couple of days; he didn’t want to push her too far, and knew that it would take her some time to come to terms with their new arrangement.  He sent her a couple of texts over the next few days, asking how she was and offering to talk if she wanted to.  She kept her replies short, but she did send them- he hoped that meant that she was warming to the idea. 

Jack’s classes ended early on Wednesdays, and he knew that Katie’s did too- they would often meet up for a late lunch on campus while Michelle finished up with her last lab of the day.  That felt like another lifetime, Jack mused as he texted Katie: “Happy Wednesday! I am coming over this afternoon.  Door unlocked.”  He read her reply of “k” before pocketing his phone.  It was going to be a great day.

Jack took his time getting to Katie’s place after class; he stopped to grab some lunch and worked on an outline for an upcoming paper before finally heading over.  When he opened the door, pleased to see it was left unlocked, he saw Katie’s perfectly shaped ass bent over in the living room.  She was wearing yoga pants and a sports bra, working through a program playing on the TV.  She stood when he entered the room, her arms crossing over her torso in an attempt at modesty. 

“Don’t let me interrupt you,” Jack said easily, eager to watch the show. 

“No, it’s okay, I was almost done,” she replied quietly. 

Jack wondered how long it would take until he saw the old, bubbly Katie again- oh well, he would think about that later.  “No, please finish,” he said with more finality.  She reacted to the edge in his voice and turned back to the TV.

Katie resumed her downward dog as Jack sauntered to the living room.  He took in every inch of her toned frame, from the skin-tight tights to the muscles in her back framed by her strappy sports bra.  He could see sweat glistening on her skin and fought the urge to lick her right then- all in good time. 

He sat on the couch for a bit, watching her stretch and move with the much less attractive woman on TV.  Jack said nothing, but he could feel the tension building in the room, and knew that Katie could feel it too.  She was on her hands and knees, arching her shoulders and relaxing them, pausing when Jack ran a finger down her spine.  “Don’t mind me, keep going,” he said playfully, his finger tracing her spine all the way to her ass.  She kept flexing her shoulders, slower than before, as his finger traced between her ass cheeks and wrapped around to tickle her pussy.  She then turned on her side, reaching one arm up to the ceiling as her body tightened to hold the side plank.  Jack’s finger traced along her side, scooping a bead of sweat onto his fingertip.  He made a show of licking it off of his finger before tracing more lines of Katie’s body.  She returned to downward dog, and he stood to cup her ass. 

To Katie’s credit, she didn’t say a word, and didn’t resist him.  Jack promised himself that he would be gentler with her this time in hopes that she would warm to him a bit.  She turned onto her back, her legs slightly raised off of the floor.   Jack cupped her breasts next, teasing her nipples so that they hardened through her bra.  Katie looked at him with contempt, but continued to breathe through her stretch.  He could see sweat on her brow and her cheeks, and couldn’t resist her any longer.  Jack climbed on top of her, letting his body weight settle on to her as he whispered, “workout over.” 

He ran his tongue from her collarbone, up her neck, to her cheek- licking every drop of salty sweat in its path.  “You’re delicious,” he said, repeating the same motion on the other side.  He felt Katie shiver under him, kissing the tip of her nose before forcing his tongue between her lips.  “You are gorgeous, Katie,” he said between kisses.  He noticed that she wasn’t kissing him back, but she also wasn’t resisting him; her mouth opened for his kiss, and he began to feel her body relax under him.  He pushed off of her, standing on his knees.  “Get back on your hands and knees, Katie- it’s my favourite view.”

She did as she was told, planting her hands and her knees shoulder width apart, and relaxing her posture.  Jack ran his hands over her ass again, grazing up her hips.  He grabbed her hips, pulling himself up behind her and pulling her back into him so that she could feel his hardening cock through his jeans.  “That was a beautiful little show, but it got me a little excited,” Jack said playfully.  “I’m going to have to do something about that.”  He pulled Katie’s yoga pants down, exposing her ass and pussy to him.  He bent to kiss her ass, his tongue tracing lines around her most sensitive parts as his fingers found her clit.  “Mmm, good girl, you’re already ready for me,” he purred, and undid his jeans.

Katie was perfectly still, tension radiating from her body.  Jack teased her with the tip of his cock a few times, pressing into her slightly and pulling back to see her wetness glistening on his head.  “I’ve been thinking about this all day,” he said as he finally thrust into her.  Her body hugged tightly around him, the sensation better than he had imagined.  He slid easily in and out of her, gently grabbing her hips as he took everything he wanted.  He soon lost himself in the moment, grabbing the back of Katie’s sports bra to bring her toward him even harder.  He fucked her so hard that she moaned, and he heard distinctive pleasure in it.  “That’s it, Katie, lean into it- I know you like it,” he said, and while she didn’t make any more noise, there was no tension left in her body. 

Jack exploded into her, filling her with his cum.  He gently pulled away, taking care to pull her lips apart to see the creampie that he left inside her.  “You are going to feel me inside you for the rest of the night,” he said as he pulled her yoga pants back up over her ass, pressing them between her legs until he felt wetness seeping through.  He stood, offering Katie a hand up as well- which she took.  “I want you to think about me every time you feel that cum drip out of you- think about how I care about you, and how you belong to me.  Understand?” he asked, his hand caressing her face and bare shoulder as he spoke, noticing goosebumps forming in his wake. 

“Yes,” she breathed, her face flushed- from yoga or sex, it was unclear. 

“Who do you belong to, Katie?” he asked gently, tilting her face up to look at him. 

“You,” she said quietly. 

“That’s right.  You belong to me- I will care for you, I am your Master.” 

“Yes,” Katie repeated, her eyes not wavering from his. 

“Yes what?” he challenged. 

“Yes, Master.”


Master.  The word tasted foreign on her tongue, like trying to sound something out that’s spelled wrong.  Is that what Jack is to her now? It felt a long way from friendship, but perhaps a step forward from blackmailer.  Katie shook her head- how did this become her life?  Jack left shortly after he filled her with cum, leaving her alone with her thoughts.  He was right about one thing- every time she moved, every time she felt his cum slowly leaking out of her, she thought of him.  She couldn’t believe how she had just stayed still as he touched her, used her, fucked her- she had done nothing to stop him.  She reasoned that it was because she didn’t want to have another fight- it was just easier to let him have his fun, and then leave- she hoped that he would just lose interest eventually.  There was a tiny piece of her, though, that wondered if the butterflies in her stomach were from anxiety or excitement.

The next few weeks gave Katie ample opportunity to adjust to her new normal- to her Master.  Jack had an uncanny way of navigating Julia’s class and work schedule, ensuring that Katie was alone in the apartment each time he came by.  Sometimes he stopped by for a quick blowjob, other times he took his time fucking her and filling her with cum.  He always left her a mess, whether it be dripping cum from her pussy or down her tear- and spit-covered face. 

She was getting oddly used to it, and began treating the interruptions as she would any other.  In truth, as long as she did what Master asked Jack was quite kind to her, always starting the shower or helping her to clean herself up before he left.  It seemed impossible that he could force her to have sex and also make her feel cared for, but she had to admit that for the most part that was her experience.  He had this odd way of caressing her and kissing her as if she was his most cherished possession, which she supposed perhaps she was. 

She wasn’t surprised to receive a text from him one Friday afternoon; he often came over Friday nights when Julia was at work.  Julia was away for the weekend, something about a grandparent’s birthday at home that she had to be at.  Katie considered going home with her, just to get a break- but she had three papers due the next week, and knew she needed the weekend to finish them.   She would give Jack whatever he wanted, and then set to making a plan to catch up on schoolwork over the weekend.  She was about halfway through compiling a mental to do list when her phone buzzed, reminding her of Jack’s unanswered text. 

She opened his message, seeing her plans fly out the window as she read its contents: “Just ran into Julia…you’re mine- all weekend.”  Katie roller her eyes- so much for productivity.

Jack was quite a bit later arriving Friday night than usual.  Katie was on the couch reading a book (having already removed her bra and panties as he preferred easy access) when she heard him let himself in.  She listened to the rustling at the door as he dropped his stuff, and then his easy steps toward the living room.  He sat down beside her on the couch, asking her about her day as he started to rub her thigh.  She kept her answers short, tone cordial as she told him about the schoolwork piling up. 

“Look, Jack- Master- I know that you want me all weekend, but I really have a lot to get done.  Can you cut me a break?” she asked. 

He considered while his fingers trailed up her thigh, teasing her nipple through the thin fabric of her t-shirt.  “I’m afraid that’s not how this works, Katie,” he said gently, the sensation of his finger circling her nipple taking the edge off his words.  “I’ve brought an overnight bag; I’ll be staying until Julia comes home on Sunday.  I intend to use you whenever I wish until then.  However,” he conceded, “you are welcome to go about your day however you need to- provided you remain available for my use.  You can do your schoolwork here, and I will try to be…minimally disruptive while you’re working.” 

By this point he was cupping her breast, gently massaging it.  Reluctantly, she could feel herself getting wet at the sensation.  She knew that his word was final, so she acquiesced with a shrug of her shoulders.  “Fine,” she said disappointedly. 

“Good girl.  Now that we’ve got that settled, undress please,” he said, his overly polite tone grating on her nerves.  Nonetheless, Katie obeyed, standing and removing her t-shirt and stepping out of her tights.  She was no longer embarrassed to be naked in front of him and stood silently awaiting his next instruction, eager to get on with it.

He stood, coming closer to her and running his fingertips over her shoulders and down her bare arms, watching her nipples harden in response.  “You’re so beautiful,” he said softly.  “Undress me.” 

She got to work, first unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it off of his shoulders, then pulling his undershirt over his head.  She undid his belt and jeans next, pulling them down for him to step out of.  The motions of undressing him felt oddly intimate; though she had seen and been with him naked many times over the past few weeks, she had never undressed him herself.  She was kneeling as he stepped out of his pants and socks, and she remained on her knees as she reached up to tug at the waistband of his boxer briefs.  She ran her fingers under the seam, gently pulling them down until his hard cock sprang free.  He stepped out of them, standing in front of her as she knelt. 

She knew her instructions before he said them, so she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.  “Very good,” he said appreciatively, and placed his cock on her tongue.  “Suck,” he ordered, and she did. 

She licked and sucked his cock until it was soaking in spit- she knew he liked it like that.  At about the time he would typically start getting more forceful he moved away from her, sitting on the couch.  “Come here, sit on my lap,” he said.  Katie moved toward him, turning her back to him as she sat on his lap.  His spit-soaked cock slid easily inside her, and she gasped as he filled her. 

His hands gripped her hips, guiding her up and down his shaft.  He moved her in slow circles, his cock reaching every nerve inside her.  She leaned forward slightly, the angle excruciatingly pleasurable for her.  She grinded into his cock, no longer sure if he was setting the pace or if it was her.  His hands found her breasts, cupping them and pinching her nipples as she moaned in pleasure.  He picked up the pace, thrusting upward into her as she put her weight on him.  He squeezed her breasts painfully as he finally let go, emptying his balls inside her with a moan and a few bucks of his hips. 

He held her on his cock as he caught his breath, cum already leaking out of her and down his softening shaft.  He finally released her breasts, the outline of his fingers still visible on them where he’d squeezed.  “Clean me up, please,” he said as he continued to breathe hard.  Katie knelt between his legs, licking cum from his shaft and balls.  She could vaguely taste herself as well, their two fluids combining to form a new flavour- she liked the taste. 

“Thank you,” he said, as she rose.  “You should probably get to bed now.  Don’t worry, I’ll sleep on the couch.  You’ll need to be rested up for tomorrow,” he said conspiratorially, patting her on the ass before she left to go to her room. 

Katie showered before bed, and then tucked herself in. She tossed and turned, worried about school and the weekend and what else Jack would demand from her.  She felt agitated and couldn’t settle.  She felt wetness between her legs as the rest of Jack’s cum leaked out of her, and she was annoyed that it would be all over the sheets.  The sensation did give her an idea, though, as cumming often helped her sleep. 

She reached between her legs, sighing as she leaned into the sensation of her fingers rubbing her clit.  Sex with Jack had been, in all honesty, pretty hot that night, and she was disappointed that he came before she was ready to.  Usually an orgasm was the furthest thing from her mind when he was using her, but something about that night- maybe the intimacy of her undressing him, maybe his gentle tone, or the angle of his cock thrusting inside her- or a combination of all three- had her definitely nearing the edge.  She thought about his cock inside her as she played with herself, smelling his cologne on her and remembering how his hands had roughly pinched her nipples as she caused him pleasure.  She squeezed her own breast as she came, emulating his painful grip as her body shook.  She drifted to sleep soon after, grateful for the escape.

She woke up to a box at the end of her bed, and a note from him. 

Dear Katie,

Get dressed and come suck my cock as soon as you wake up.



Katie swallowed hard, her day already off to a compromising start.  She emptied the contents of the box- a latex dress, impossibly tight looking.  She leaned back in bed, covering her head with the blankets.  Maybe if she just stayed here all day she could wake up and it would be Monday?  She knew better, and finally pulled herself out of bed to get dressed. 

She shimmied into the dress, noticing too late that there were perfect cutouts for her breasts.  She pulled it over her hips, the material sticking to her but barely covering her ass.  The neckline was high, and it had long sleeves.  She felt ridiculous with her breasts sticking out of the dress, on full display.  She knew better to wear panties, so she tugged and pulled at the dress until she had it covering a couple inches past her hips.  She did her makeup, buying herself as much time as she could before the day started.  Finally, there was nothing left to procrastinate- she went to suck Master’s cock.

She could hear him in the kitchen, preparing breakfast for the two of them.  She walked out, shuffling her feet in the skin-tight dress, embarrassed by her out of place costume.  She had never in her life worn anything like it, and couldn’t believe she was now standing in front of him.  He turned toward her, his face breaking out in a smile as he took in the view.  She crossed her arms in front of her, a failed attempt at modesty. 

He said nothing to her, and she didn’t speak.  She walked over to him where he’d been spreading cream cheese on bagels and got to her knees.  He was dressed in boxers and a t-shirt, so she was able to quickly access his cock.  She took him in her mouth, stroking his shaft back and forth as she worked her lips and tongue around the tip of his cock.  She sucked him until he’d finished preparing breakfast; he then stepped away from her, cheerfully announcing that breakfast was ready and inviting her to sit with him at the table.

She delicately wiped the corners of her mouth as she stood, knowing that her lipstick was likely smeared on her face.  She sat down at the table, her overtly sexual outfit feeling ridiculous while doing such a domestic activity.  He had a coffee waiting for her, just as she liked it, and a bagel and fruit prepared as well.  They ate in companionable silence, until Jack started making small talk about her papers.  She talked to him about what she had to write, for lack of anything better to do, and in an effort to feign some sort of normalcy.  He seemed genuinely interested, and she caught a glimpse of her friend- the person he had been before she had accidentally sent the photos.  When they’d finished, she made a comment about starting her homework. 

“Actually, Katie, do you mind washing the dishes first? Seeing as how I made breakfast and all…” he said, his words vaguely suggestive. 

“Oh, sure,” she said, realizing that her usually well-practiced manners seem to have left her when she dressed up as a sex doll.  She gathered the dishes from the table, filling the sink.  He watched her from his seat as he finished his coffee.  She bent at the sink, focusing on her task at hand when she felt him behind her.  His hands grazed the smooth latex at her hips, appreciating every angle that the material highlighted.  He smelled her hair, pressing his hard cock into her.  She stood, expecting that he wanted something from her. 

“Continue, don’t mind me,” he said, his tone light.  She bent back toward the sink, feeling his hand trail up her thigh, between her legs.  He cupped her ass and exposed breasts, now freely groping her as she scrubbed.  He put his foot between her legs, spreading hers slightly before he thrust his cock inside her.

She gasped in surprise, not expecting him to fill her on the first thrust.  She relaxed around him, standing on her tip toes for a more comfortable angle.  She stopped washing the dishes to stabilize herself on the counter, but he corrected her.  “Keep washing, you aren’t done,” he said to her, and in a concentrated movement she began rinsing a plate.  “Good girl,” he said patronizingly as he continued to fuck her.

His hands gripped her latex-clad hips, holding her steady as he slammed into her.  She could feel him nearing his orgasm, and arched her back slightly in preparation.  He pulled out at the last second though, and roughly ordered her on her knees.  He sprayed rope after rope of cum in her hair, stroking every last drop out of his cock before telling her to clean it off.  She took him into her mouth, feeling cum dripping from her hair down to her latex dress.  She licked his cock in a practiced motion, tasting herself as she swirled her tongue.  When she finished, he told her to finish the dishes while he went to the shower.

She finished the dishes, using the cloth to clean the cum dripping onto her dress.  She knew not to touch her hair- he would want that to stay for the day.  She tidied the kitchen, still hearing him in the shower.  She took the opportunity to get set up for the day’s homework, curling up on the couch with her laptop and textbooks.  She felt absolutely ridiculous writing papers in latex- with her tits out, no less- but she covered herself with a blanket and started to feel a little more normal.  Jack came out of the shower dressed for the day, and poured himself another coffee while he read something on his laptop. 

Katie tried not to pay attention to him, but she was keenly aware of his presence for the rest of the morning.  Aside from him coming over to her a few times to grope her breasts- no doubt just to demonstrate that he could- he left her alone for the morning.  He even made her lunch, and served it to her in the living room- she found herself feeling grateful for the gesture. 

She eventually closed her laptop, realizing that she couldn’t write any more until she read another chapter of her textbook.  Master took that moment to join her on the couch, remarking that she now had a free hand.  He pulled his cock out, wrapping Katie’s free hand around his shaft.  She stroked him as she read, doing her best to ignore his hands casually fondling her breasts.  He turned something on the TV, checking with her that it wouldn’t distract her.  “No more than…this,” she said ironically.  He smiled, but made no move to change their situation.

Katie could feel his cock pulsing in her hand as he stroked it, his own hand idly playing with her nipple as he watched a show.  She focused on the words of her page, every now and then dropping his cock to highlight something, before picking it back up to continue stroking him. 

“I think you need a break,” he said finally.  She closed her textbook, allowing him to guide her between his legs.  She knelt on the floor, closing her eyes as he laced his fingers through her hair.  “You know what to do,” he said patiently, and she closed her lips around his cock.

“I know you have school to do, but I just can’t resist you in that little outfit, and your hand was making my cock throb,” he explained as he gently moved her head up and down his shaft.  His grip in her hair tightened, his hips rising to her mouth so that his cock tickled the back of her throat.  He finally forced himself down her throat in a fluid motion, holding her head just for a second before relenting.  She took a deep breath, knowing that another assault was coming.  He kept his pace measured, going for depth instead of speed.  He held her head down his shaft, thrusting up into her throat as far as he possibly could.  She could feel his cock curve down her neck, resisting the urge to cough or gag.  She couldn’t stop herself from drooling, and soon his balls and cock were soaked, as was her chin.  She cupped his balls in her hand, hoping that the added sensation would make him cum sooner.  He moaned as she worked her spit into his skin, maintaining his practiced pace as he fucked her face.  She felt his balls tighten just before then unloaded, the taste of cum filling her mouth. 

He pulled out after, spraying the rest of his seed on her face and hair, a mess to match the one he left that morning.  She remained still until he was finished, obediently opening her mouth so that he could feed her the cum that was on her face.  He left what was in her hair to harden, running his fingers over the other side of her hair that he had already styled.  “Such a good girl,” he growled, his tone suddenly brightening.  “What do you want for dinner?”

Katie felt like she had whiplash from the day’s activities.  From being used to being talked to as a friend to casual groping to cum spraying in her hair- she couldn’t keep up with her mercurial Master.  Jack had made them a wonderful pasta dinner, having her sit extra close to him so that every now and then he could eat some sauce off of her exposed breasts.  Katie had accomplished more homework than she thought she would, all things considered.  She did the dishes after dinner, this time without a cock inside her.  She was exhausted, both from the activities and the anxiety of the day. 

They retired to the living room, Master instructing her to lay her head in his lap.  He cupped her breast with one hand and put his fingers in her mouth with the other.  She sucked on them as they watched a movie, and found herself feeling oddly soothed.  Master didn’t use her for the rest of the night, even going so far as walking her down to her room and tucking her into bed.  He kissed her lightly on the forehead, ordering her to sleep in the latex outfit.  As he left the room, he turned back towards her, a glint in his eye as he said “I am going to wake you up tonight to use you- you’d better sleep while you can.”

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Best Friends Forever: Prequel- Ch. 1-2

This story is a prequel to Best Friends Forever, and Best Friends Forever part 2.


Katie was finished with men.  She really thought that the guys at college would be different- more mature, less terrified of commitment than the ones from her small-town high school.  It’s not like she wanted to get married or anything, but she was looking for more than clumsy sex and late-night booty calls.  She had just told her boyfriend- if you could even call him that- Jason as much when they had lunch today, causing him to mumble some sort of “I’m not ready” excuse and promise to call her.  His loss, Katie knew, but she was still frustrated with her love life. 

She was ruminating about it as she got back to the apartment that she shared with her best friend Julia; the two women had moved to the big city for college and split on an apartment to save money.  They had fairly opposite class schedules, which today Katie was glad about as she let herself in and padded down the hallway to her bedroom.  She got along well with Julia- they had been best friends since they were kids- but Katie found herself in a foul mood and just wanted to be alone.  She flopped down on her bed, taking a few deep centering breaths as she tried to push Jason and his nonsense out of her mind. 

The deep breathing didn’t work.  She was so frustrated with Jason- not that she was particularly head over heels for the guy, but even she had to admit that she had a crush, and she was irritated that he didn’t even want to explore what could be with her.  She knew that she had to let it (and him) go, and it wasn’t the loss that she was mourning- more just the principle of the thing, having now to go back to the drawing board to find a worthy partner.

Katie’s phone buzzed, momentarily distracting her from her pity party.  She smiled when she saw Jack’s name pop up on the screen.  Katie had met Jack in her first year of college, and they’d become instant friends.  He and his girlfriend Michelle hung out at Katie and Julia’s often; Michelle and Katie were in many of the same classes, so they often did homework together.  Jack was asking what she was doing later.  Katie scoffed at the question- not like she had a boyfriend to hang out with- and told him he and Michelle could come over.  “Just me,” he replied, and Katie sent an emoji in acknowledgement.  Just me was the story of her life.

Her phone lit up again, this time Jason’s name on the screen.  She rolled her eyes, but couldn’t ignore the skip in her heartbeat.  Maybe he had reconsidered? Wanted to give them a real shot? She eagerly opened the message, only to feel her heart sink: “Can you bring my hoodie to class on Thursday? Thanks, and sorry Katie.”  His half-hearted attempt at an apology hit a nerve with Katie, and she slammed her phone down in frustration.  She knew the exact hoodie that he was talking about- he had left it the week before after he’d stayed over, and she had been sleeping in it ever since.  She grabbed it off the floor; she would give it back, but thought it complimented her pity party nicely, so she took off her shirt and bra and put it on. 

The worn fabric was soft against her skin, and she curled back up on her bed to feel sorry for herself a little while longer.  Katie knew she was a catch- smart, ambitious, pretty- she got a ton of compliments on her fiery red hair- plus she had a great ass thanks to her commitment to the gym.  Her self-pity was slowly replaced by indignation and anger; she was hot, smart, and hilarious- any guy would be lucky to be with her.  Jason was mediocre in every sense of the word, and clearly wasn’t worth her time.  She would find someone better and leave him behind her- taking in the view of her incredible ass as she walked away from him. 

She was feeling petty and grabbed her phone to reply to his text.  She took a photo of her in the sweater- sexy, tousled red hair, pouty lip, big eyes.  “This one?” she replied, sending the photo.  She then took a few more, each one showing more and more of her body.  She pulled the sweater up so that the underside of her breasts were showing, and snapped a photo.  The sweater then went up over her breasts, her nipples hardening as she took another.  She took the sweater off along with her jeans and panties.  She held it against her skin, strategically placing it so that it covered her below the waist while keeping her breasts on full display- photo.  She spread her legs, touching the sweater to the wetness between them- photo. 

Her fingers wandered along the sweater, following it to the sweet spot between her legs and starting to rub.  She dipped a finger inside herself, smirking at her wetness as she explored- turns out petty revenge is a turn on.  A moan prompted her to rub faster, her body squirming to meet her touch.  She felt her hurt and frustration channel out of her as she crept closer and closer to orgasm.  As the tension built inside her, she craved more. 

Reaching into her side table, her hands grasped her favourite dildo and thrust it inside her. One hand teased her clit while the other worked the dildo, Katie’s body a heated blend of sensation and movement.  Jason’s sweater had worked its way underneath her as she fucked herself with the dildo, her moans echoing in the empty apartment.  She snapped a few more photos as she touched herself, really wanting to show Jason what he was giving up.

She heard her orgasm before she felt it; her pussy gushed squirt around the dildo as she fell over the edge.  The wet sounds of the relentless dildo turned her on even more, and she screamed when she launched into her orgasm.  Her hands didn’t let up, demanding every ounce of cum and sensation from her body, until she was a soaking, panting mess. 

She floated back down to earth, trying to catch her breath and center herself as her body trembled in the aftershock.  She sat up slightly, laughing as she saw Jason’s sweater covered in her cum.  She didn’t always squirt when she played with a dildo, but when she did- it was messy.  She snapped a few more photos of the soaked sweater between her open legs, her pussy quivering as she held her lips open to show her swollen clit.  She made sure to get her face in the photos, a look of pure ecstasy in her eyes- who needs men, anyway?

Katie sent the rest of the photos to Jason- a parting gift, as it were.  “Fine, Jason- you can have your sweater back, but you won’t get me back!” she typed, and hit send before throwing her phone on her bed.  She felt fully cleansed of Jason now, and set her mind to grabbing a bite to eat before Jack came over.  She didn’t realize that he had texted to say he was almost there, and that her life was about to change forever.


Breakups were the fucking worst.  Jack and Michelle had been together since high school, following each other to college with big plans for their lives.  Jack had invested everything he had in their relationship- he saw Michelle as his soulmate.  Clearly, she didn’t agree.  She had sat him down and told him that she didn’t love him anymore- just like that.  She gave him some lines about college opening her horizons, and her wanting to explore and “find herself”, whatever that meant.  Not amount of reasoning (okay, grovelling), could make her change her mind.  She was breaking up with Jack, and there was nothing he could do about it.

That conversation had happened a couple of weeks ago, and Jack had finally accepted that he and Michelle were done. He had spent two weeks in his own head, shutting out the world and feeling sorry for himself.  His inner introvert was pleased with this approach, but he realized that he couldn’t be miserable and heartbroken forever. 

He didn’t want to be alone anymore, and realized that he needed a friend- he reached out to Katie.  They had been friends for a couple of years, and he really valued her insight- he knew she would make him laugh and feel better about things.  He showered and got dressed, sending a quick message to Katie to tell her that he was on his way.  He had just gotten in his car when his phone buzzed in his pocket.  Katie had sent photos.

Jack never in a million years would’ve anticipated what was waiting for him on his phone.  Katie had sent a bunch of photos of herself in varying stages of undress, the photos getting more and more explicit until she was touching herself and…had soaked the sheets.  Jack read the accompanying text- to Jason- and realized that Katie had accidentally sent the photos to him.  He guessed by the lack of panicked follow up texts that she hadn’t realized her mistake, and sat in stunned silence as he debated what to do next.

Jack couldn’t help himself- he scrolled back through the photos, taking in Katie’s gorgeous body and each delicious pose.  He felt his cock twitch in his jeans every time he opened a new photo.  He zoomed in to see her perfect nipples on sumptuous breasts, the way she bit her lip as she touched her bare pussy, and the look of satisfaction and pleasure on her face as she laid in her mess.  Jack licked his lips, shuffling in his seat to accommodate his hardening cock. 

How had he never seen how beautiful and sexy Katie is?  He had only ever thought of her as a friend, but now had many, many more ideas.  Maybe Michelle didn’t want him, but that didn’t mean he had to be alone forever.  A plan started to form in Jack’s mind as he drove to Katie’s apartment.

They greeted each other normally when Jack arrived; he couldn’t see any signal that Katie knew he had the photos, and carefully controlled his face so as not to give himself away.  It was very difficult to keep eye contact with Katie, as he found his gaze drifting over her curves and landing snugly in her cleavage more often than not.  Had she always smelled so sweet?

He idly wondered what her lips would taste like as she poured them each a drink.  She had changed into a tank top and tight black yoga pants, a fairly typical outfit for a casual night in.  Katie had ordered a pizza, citing Julia’s late-night class and her breakup with Jason as reasons for not cooking.  Jack used that as a window to disclose his own breakup.  Katie met his vulnerability with sympathy and commiseration, and the two friends drowned their sorrows in pizza while lamenting about the struggles of finding love.

Jack tested the waters with a few playful comments about he and Katie helping each other get through their respective breakups.  “Well now we’re both single, we could always keep each other warm at night,” he said nonchalantly. 

Katie wrinkled her nose, laughing off his comment, “Yah, that sounds healthy,” she scoffed. 

Jack tried a couple more times, his tone noncommittal as he suggested a friends with benefits arrangement, and drawing similarities to their friendship and a relationship.  “I mean, we spend all of our time together anyway,” he said with a shrug, “what’s the harm in getting naked every now and then?”  Katie didn’t budge, taking his comments to be purely rhetorical and laughing him off.  Jack felt a surge of frustration, and decided to change his tactic.  Plan B would be a little less gentle.

“So, have you heard from Jason?” Jack asked casually as they hung out on the couch after dinner. 

“He asked me for a sweatshirt back,” Katie said with a roll of her eyes, “but that’s it.  It’s definitely over- good riddance,” she said with only a trace of bitterness. 

“The green one?” Jack asked innocently, smiling as confusion played across Katie’s face. 

“How do you know it’s green?” she asked, the mood in the room suddenly anxious.  “

I didn’t know how to tell you this, Katie, but…I got the photos.  You must’ve sent them to me instead.” 

Katie’s face flushed, her eyes no longer able to meet Jack’s.  “No, that’s impossible,” she said, her voice laced with panic as she bolted to her room to get her phone.  “No, no, no, no, no!” she yelled from her bedroom as she confirmed her mistake. 

Jack kept his face neutral as she returned to the living room.  “Jack, I’m so sorry,” she said, her eyes almost teary.  “I had no idea…did you…did you look at them?” she asked, eyes glued to the floor as she sat back on the couch- the furthest point away from Jack that she could comfortably sit. 

“I’m only human, Katie,” Jack said with a laugh, “they were so fucking hot- I couldn’t help myself.” 

Katie flushed brighter red, fidgeting with her hands as she stared at the ground.  “Please delete them, now,” she begged quietly.  She was clearly embarrassed, and Jack felt for her.  He had a choice to make- go forward with his plan, or relent and show her mercy.  He considered his position, his eyes focused on Katie’s flushed face and vulnerable energy.  He was only human.

“I don’t think I will,” he said calmly.

Katie looked up, finally meeting his eyes.  Hers were scared, darting around like a caged animal’s might.  “What do you mean?” she asked, incredulous.  “I said delete them, Jack- I didn’t mean to send them, and they aren’t for you.” 

Jack leaned back on the couch, relaxing his posture.  “You were sending them to a guy who doesn’t even want you,” he said directly, “I do want you, Katie.  I wasn’t kidding when I said we could take care of each other’s needs.  I think you should reconsider.”

Jack could see Katie assessing him.  She didn’t speak, but sat up straighter and squared her shoulders, seemingly preparing for a battle- except Jack held all the weapons.  “Like I said,” he continued in his easy tone, “we are both single now- both reeling from relationships ending.  We are already friends, we might as well make it more.  Plus, I’ve already seen you naked now,” he said with a knowing smirk.  He looked Katie up and down, intentionally disarming her as she squirmed under his gaze.

“Jack, delete the photos.  This isn’t funny,” she said timidly.  Jack had to admit he was enjoying seeing his typically headstrong and confident friend withdrawn and unsure- all because of his influence. 

“I agree,” he said smoothly, “I am very serious.  I think you should reconsider your position, Katie.  You don’t have the power in this situation.”

He moved closer to her on the couch.  She was all the way at the end, so she stood to widen the gap between them.  “I think you should leave,” she said, her voice shaking. 

Jack’s gaze didn’t waiver, his eyes focusing on her face, daring her to make eye contact.  He could see her lip quiver slightly, which was all the motivation he needed to make his final play. “I’ll leave, Katie,” he said.  Her body language demonstrated her surprise, but she quickly recovered.  “but not before I am sure you understand what’s happening here.  I have some very compromising photos of you- leverage, if you will.  There is nothing stopping me from sending them to anyone- Julia, your professors, your family and friends.  Of course I won’t do that- I care about you- but I would be remiss if I didn’t see this as an opportunity for me to get something that I want.  Do you know what I want, Katie?”

Katie blushed, her gaze refocused on the floor.  Jack watched as she wrestled with herself, making an effort to finally look him in the eyes.  “Jack, don’t.  Please.  Don’t do this to me,” she begged. 

“Admittedly, this isn’t how I wanted this to happen,” he allowed, “but I think in time you will come to see it as what’s best for both of us.  We can support each other, now beyond just friendship.”  Jack stood, unfolding his tall frame from the couch and taking a step toward a cowering Katie.  He was gentle in his approach, touching a strand of her gorgeous red hair and tucking it behind her ear.  He took her face in his hands, tilting it up to meet his. 

“You are going to be mine, Katie, until I decide otherwise.  I care about you, and I will take care of you- but you won’t tell me no again.  Do you understand?”  Katie nodded.  “Good girl.  I will leave now- I don’t want to make you any more uncomfortable.  I will keep the photos, but I won’t show them to anyone- they’ll be our little secret, just like this arrangement.  I will message you tomorrow,” Jack promised, kissing her gently on the forehead. 

To an outside perspective, his actions and body language would appear careful, loving, gentle.  Those were not the intentions playing in his mind as he left the apartment.

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Mother Still Knows Best- Chapters 9&10

This story is a sequel to Mother Knows Best. Read Chapters 1&2 here,

Chapter 9

Lexi got on her hands and knees on the bed, just as we had started the fuckfest.  “Go easy, Shane,” she said quietly, “you’re huge.”

“Nonsense,” I heard Crystal say, “you should’ve learned from last time, baby. You should’ve been practicing that with the dildo.”  As if reminded, she pulled the dildo out of her ass.  “Go on, Shane, ruin her ass like she just ruined mine.”

I wanted to go easy on Lexi, I really did- but my cock was hard, and her mom’s voice was in my head egging me on.  Crystal spit all over my cock and her daughter’s ass, ensuring that I had enough lube not to hurt her.  I lined the head of my cock up against her tightest hole, and tried to ease it in.  Given the size of my cock, her ass resisted me- until it didn’t.

I finally slid past her resistance.  I should’ve kept easing, but it felt so fucking good that I thrusted.  Lexi screamed, but I distinctly heard pleasure in it.  “Shane, you’re huge,” she repeated, her tone grateful.

I thrusted as deep as I could, pressing my hips into hers so that my entire nine inches was buried in her ass.  It felt unreal.  She clenched around me, her ass giving more resistance than even her tight pussy.  I knew I wouldn’t last long.   

I fucked Lexi’s ass with regular, deliberate strokes.  Her mom kept encouraging me to go faster, harder- so I did.  I fucked her until she screamed.  Her mom grabbed her by the hair, telling her to take it, and spitting in her face where she promised my cum would soon follow.

As soon as Crystal talked about my cum, I could feel it in my balls- hot and ready to be freed.  I slowed my pace, wanting to fuck Lexi’s ass for as long as I could before unloading.  She was backing up into me, hungry for more- so I gave it to her.

“Lexi, I’m gonna cum,” I said as I thrusted hard.  “I can’t keep this pace up Lexi, you’re too tight.  I’m gonna fill your ass with cum,” I said, somewhere between pleading and warning.   

“I know, baby, I want it,” Lexi said reassuringly, and I could feel it coming.

“Not so fast,” Crystal said, pushing me away from her daughter.  I moaned loudly at the edging; my cock was so close to cumming that it hurt to be forced out of Lexi’s ass.  

“Crystal, what the fuck?!” I said with exasperation. 

Crystal feigned innocence, absently stroking her pussy as she spoke.  “You’ve been saying since you got her how much you want to cum on her face,” she said with a smile, “I was only helping.”

I smiled then, reminded of how much I had fantasized about blowing all over Lexi’s face.  To her credit, she eagerly licked her lips as she stood up from the bed.  “Thanks, mom,” she said as she approached me, getting on her knees, “that’s exactly where I want it.”

Chapter 10

I looked down at Lexi, who was eyeing up my cock.  She wrapped her hand around me, stroking gently.  She spit on me, and so did her mom- they kept going until it was dripping down Lexi’s arm.

“I think he’s ready, baby- make him cum,” Crystal said, looping her arms through mine and holding them behind my back.  “We’re going to paint my little girl’s face,” she purred into my ear so that only I could hear, “even more so than last time.  I know you’ve been holding back all night, Shane, don’t disappoint me.  I want her covered,” she said, holding my arms tight.

I looked down, totally at the mercy of mother and daughter.  Lexi’s fist closed around my cock, gripping it hard as she started to tug. 

Lexi was ferocious; she stroked my cock- the cock that had been in all of her holes, and her mother’s- with reckless abandon.  “That’s it, baby, I want your cum all over my face,” she encouraged.

“Make sure it’s wet, baby, there should be spit flying with every stroke,” Crystal encouraged.  Lexi spit on my cock again, following mother’s orders.  

“It’s coming, mom!” she exclaimed; I knew she was right.

Lexi gripped my balls, rolling them between her fingers as she frantically stroked me.  “Make a mess of her,” Crystal whispered in my hear, tightening her grip on my arms.   

And I did.

My cock exploded, Crystal’s words still in my ear.  Lexi was ready for it; she no doubt could feel my balls tighten just before the first rope hit her in the face.  My cum was a steady stream for what felt like hours; the hot, sticky mess was all over Lexi’s face and hair by the time I was done. I think I even saw some hit the wall behind her.

She stroked me continually throughout my orgasm, completely overwhelming my senses.  I melted into her mother’s hold, now unsure of whether I was holding myself up or if she was.  My cock twitched as my body convulsed, throwing ropes at Lexi’s forehead, nose, chin, tits, and hair.  

I was vaguely aware of Crystal’s instruction for Lexi to open her mouth, so I aimed some cum there too.  

When I was finally done, I looked down at my cum-soaked girlfriend.  She knelt before me, her eyes closed as cum dripped down her face.  Her mother bent down to her and began licking the cum from her cheeks, running a finger along her mouth to open it so that she could feed some to her.

Mother and daughter lapped up my seed enthusiastically as I watched, the afterglow of my orgasm starting to wash over me.  Crystal grabbed her miniscule shirt, and used it to wipe the rest of the cum from Lexi’s face.  She stood, leaving her daughter kneeling on the floor in front of me.

“If you two don’t hurry, you’re going to miss your movie,” she said, as if nothing had happened- as if she was clothed, and didn’t have a belly full of her daughter’s boyfriend’s cum.

“Oh, and Lexi? Don’t wash your face before the movie- I dare you.”

With that, Crystal left the room, hips swaying as she closed the door.

I looked at Lexi, who was already getting dressed.  She threw my shirt at me as she stepped into her short skirt- still no panties.

“We’d better get going, or we’ll miss the movie- mom’s right.”

She always is. 

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Mother Still Knows Best- Chapters 7&8

This story is a sequel to Mother Knows Best. Read Chapters 1&2 here,

Chapter 7

“Looks like it’s my turn,” Crystal said.   

“How do you want me?” I said, still locking eyes with Lexi.  Lexi’s eyes had that post-orgasmic sparkle to them, and I was head over heels in love knowing that I had given it to her.

“Lay on the bed, Shane,” Crystal ordered.  She was back in charge, and I was happy to oblige.  It appeared that Lexi was too, as she dreamily got out of the way and stood beside her mother.  

Crystal put her arm around Lexi, kissing her deeply before both women turned to look at me.  I could feel their eyes on me, taking in my rock hard nine inches as I laid on the bed with nervous expectancy. 

“Do you think you can take another orgasm, sweetie?” Crystal said to Lexi.  That got my attention.  

Lexi considered.  “I think so.”

“Good,” Crystal purred, “because I want to see if I am as good as Shane.  I am going to ride his cock reverse cowgirl, and you are going to stand in front of me so I can eat your pussy,” she said matter-of-factly.

Neither Lexi nor I argued with her direction.

Crystal perched on top of me with her ass in my face as her hand skillfully guided my rock hard cock inside her.  Her pussy was warm and wet, and I instantly had to refocus on not cumming.  “Come here, baby, hold your lips open for me,” I heard Crystal say, and knew my girlfriend was standing in front of her mother showing her her clit.  

I couldn’t see, because Crystal’s perfect ass was bouncing in my face.  Tough luck.

“You taste so good, baby,” Crystal said as she started to ride me.  Her hips moved up and down on my cock in perfect rhythm to keep me on the edge.  As she started to ride harder I grabbed her ass, partly because it was there and partly in an attempt to slow her rhythm so I didn’t fill her with cum.  I was only partly successful.

Crystal bounced up and down on me hard as she ate her daughter’s pussy; it was as if one was fuel for the other.  I could hear Lexi moaning in front of us, and knew by her tone that she was close to another orgasm.  Crystal was relentless on us both, clearly enjoying being in charge of both of our pleasure.  I had no choice but to enjoy the ride.

Lexi screamed again, and I knew she was cumming.  “Mom, fuck!” she moaned, and folded over her mom as she shuddered.  Lexi looked into my eyes just before hers rolled back in her head.  Her weight was pushing her mom down on my cock, my moans mixing with Lexi’s.

“Good girl,” Crystal purred as Lexi stood.  She stumbled a bit, no doubt on weak knees after her orgasm.  

“Thanks, mom,” she breathed.  “Now it’s definitely your turn.”  Lexi got on the bed beside me, her mom’s back still to us.  “Hold on, Shane- don’t you dare cum inside my mom,” she said with a wink.

Crystal started to ride me again, but this time with Lexi’s hands forcing her down on my cock each time.  Lexi hit her mom’s ass, turning it red.  “Come on mom, ride that cock- harder, faster!” she cheered, her hands biting into her mom’s flesh as she set an impossible pace.

I could feel Crystal’s pussy clench before she moaned; this orgasm was going to be huge.  “That’s it, mom, fuck my boyfriend,” Lexi yelled, the sparkle in her eyes as she looked at me making it clear that she was enjoying the hell out of the moment.

“Don’t stop baby, I’m cumming!” Crystal moaned, her ass bouncing so hard on me that it rippled throughout her curves.  Her pussy clamped down on my cock, and I had to bite my lip and grab Lexi’s wrist to stop from cumming.

Crystal bucked on my cock as she came, her whole body convulsing with each moan.  Lexi let up the pace as I grabbed her wrist, clearly understanding that I couldn’t hold on at that pace any longer.  Crystal’s orgasm was long and hard, her pussy still quivering on my cock as her body relaxed.

“Holy fuck that is a perfect cock,” she breathed as she swung her leg over my body.  My cock was still standing straight up, rock hard and glistening with Crystal’s cum.  “Clean him up, baby,” she said to Lexi, who was all too willing to oblige.

Lexi bent over me, her mom holding her hair back.  She licked my cock gently, knowing how overstimulated I was.  Her tongue swirled around my head, making me dizzy with desire.  She licked me from base to tip, her tongue flitting, swirling, and dragging up my shaft.  It was heaven.

Chapter 8

My hands tousled Lexi’s hair as she licked me, and I knew I had to have her again.  I sat up quickly, the little blood that was outside my cock rushing to my head.  Both women looked at me quizzically, no doubt wondering about my next move.

I put my finger under Lexi’s chin, guiding her lips from my cock onto mine.  I could taste her mom’s cum on her tongue, and kissed her deeply.  Lexi’s mouth was accommodating, her tongue dancing around mine with enthusiasm.  “I need to have you,” I breathed, and pulled her onto me.

Lexi settled onto my cock, her tight pussy struggling to accommodate my girth.  I gave her a minute to adjust, and then grabbed her around the waist and stood up.  She wrapped her legs around me, starting to slowly move with my cock inside her.  She grinded against me, forcing my cock in slow, exquisite circles inside her.

“Go slow, Lexi,” Crystal said from behind me, “he almost lost it inside me.  He must be getting close,” she said, coming to look at me over Lexi’s shoulder.  “Are you, Shane? Are you getting close to soaking my daughter in cum? Don’t lose it inside her, I know you want it on her face,” she taunted me.  

She dipped her fingers into her pussy and forced them into my mouth as Lexi grinded against me.  I sucked them eagerly, cupping Lexi’s ass to hold her onto my cock.  I moved Lexi up against the wall to get more leverage, her mother following us with her cum soaked fingers.  

I slammed Lexi into the wall, her tits dancing in my face as her legs gripped my hips.  I took a nipple in my mouth when her mom’s fingers left it, gently sucking a moan out of my girlfriend.  Crystal was still there, pinching Lexi’s other nipple to turn her moans into screams.  I fucked her as hard as I could against the wall, making her small tits bounce in her mother’s hands.

I brought Lexi back to the bed, laying her down underneath me.  Her legs remained clamped around my hips, her pussy refusing to give up my cock.  Crystal got in front of us, dangling her pussy over her daughter’s face as she put her tits in mine.

 Crystal lowered her pussy onto Lexi’s face, smiling as her daughter started to lick.  I kept fucking Lexi as Crystal pressed her huge tits in my face.  I opened my mouth to suck on her nipple, her moans echoing Lexi’s muffled ones from below.

Lexi eventually taps out, her face glistening with her mom’s juices as she gasps for air.  Crystal had been riding her face hard, leaving Lexi red and exhausted.  “Let’s give her a break, Shane,” Crystal said as she kissed her daughter’s messy face, “use me for a while.”

With that, Crystal stood, flipping me off of Lexi with a surprising burst of strength.  I laid beside Lexi, looking over and holding her hand as she caught her breath.  Crystal mounted me, her breasts hanging in my face as she started to ride.

Lexi and I made eye contact for a bit, both of us completely sex drunk and lost in the moment.  Crystal’s nipples eventually pulled my attention, my lips giving them attention as my hand still held Lexi’s.  She eventually let go of my hand, sitting up as she caught her breath.

I cupped Crystal’s tits as she slid her soaked pussy up and down my cock, guiding one nipple and then the other to my tongue.  I pressed both tits together, sucking on both nipples together and making her squirm.  Crystal cried out and tensed; I assumed that it was because of the nipple stimulation.

“Surprise,” I heard Lexi say from behind her mom.  Crystal looked angry for a moment, but her face melted into pleasure as Lexi got up close.  “Still think my dildo is too small, mother?” Lexi said with a smirk.  She held it in front of her mom’s face, forcing it into her mouth.  It was then that I realized Lexi’s other hand was teasing her mom’s asshole.

“You’d better get it nice and wet, mom,” Lexi said through a smile, “because it’s going in your ass as soon as your mouth is done with it.”

I watched as Crystal spat on the dildo, working up as much spit as she could.  Her pace on my cock slowed as she focused, her nerves clearly seeping in.  In truth I was glad for the reprieve, not cumming is fucking difficult.

Lexi pulled the dildo from her mom’s throat with a pop, bringing a trail of spit across her mom’s cheek.  “Ready mom? Here it comes!” Lexi said, and shoved the dildo into her mom’s willing ass.

I could feel her pussy tighten immediately, the dildo rubbing up against my cock inside her body.  Crystal tensed as Lexi filled her, and then made a concerted effort to relax around the new sensation.  “Do your worst, baby, I can take it,” Crystal said, finally regaining control after her daughter’s surprise.

Crystal rode me hard, her daughter forcing the dildo in and out of her ass in perfect rhythm.  “Yes, baby, wreck me!” Crystal exclaimed, clearly getting off on what must have been a painful pace.  For my part I mostly just laid there, watching mother and daughter in a tug of war between pain and pleasure.  My cock was on its own, being used by Crystal to offset the pain in her ass.

She slid easily up me, and I was just wrapping my head around the new tightness and rhythm when I felt Lexi’s free hand tickle my balls.  “Jesus Lexi, fuck!” I exclaimed in surprise, the new sensation threatening my resolve.  I bucked Crystal off in surprise, my hips trying to protect my cock from exploding.  Lexi was smiling behind Crystal, who to her credit rebounded quickly.  

“Sorry, mom,” she said with artificial sincerity, “but after fucking you in the ass, I need Shane in mine.”

You don’t have to tell me twice.

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Mother Still Knows Best- Chapters 5&6

This story is a sequel to Mother Knows Best. Read Chapters 1&2 here,

Chapter 5

Lexi’s mouth closed around me.  It was softer, more tentative than her mother’s.  She gently sucked the tip of my cock, looking up at me from under her eyelashes.  I could literally feel my knees go weak.  “God, Lexi,” I murmured, low enough that her mom couldn’t hear.  The moment was just ours.

Lexi smirked and sucked harder.  “I’m just getting started,” she said, and forced me back into her throat.   She made it more than halfway, but couldn’t take all of my 9 inches.  She squared her shoulders, determination setting in.  Lexi gagged and gagged, stroking my cock with her spit covered hand between attempts.  It was obvious that she had been practicing.

As if reading my mind, Crystal’s voice carried over from somewhere beside us.  “Ooo, looks like someone’s been practicing,” she said with unmistakable pride.  “I bet she’s gagged on her dildo every night in anticipation of this moment,” she said as she gently rubbed her clit.  “Too bad it didn’t quite work- do you need mommy’s help baby?”  Crystal’s tone was patronizing, alarmingly similar to that of her daughter’s moments ago.

“No, I’ll get there,” Lexi said easily, barely breaking her stride.  “It’s a good problem to have- a boyfriend with a cock almost too big to handle,” she said with her mouth half full.  She looked up at me and winked as my cock reached the back of her throat.

Lexi was becoming as spit covered as her mother, and showed no signs of relenting.  All I could think about was not cumming- I never ever wanted this moment to end.  More than that, I really wanted to hold out so that Lexi could achieve her goal.

A gorgeous nipple came into my peripheral view as I realized Crystal was wandering the room.  She reached into Lexi’s bedside table, producing a dildo.  It was about six inches, and bright pink.  “Ah, is this what you’ve been using to practice, baby? This little thing? No wonder you can’t take his full cock- it’s way bigger than your little toy here,” she said, taking the dildo back to her perch on the computer chair.

She moved the chair so that it was directly in my view and sat down, her legs spread over the arms.  She slid the dildo inside her slowly, making eye contact with me as Lexi continued sucking.  It was glistening as she pulled it out and brought it to her mouth.

Crystal licked along the dildo, spit replacing her juices as she went.  She finally put the entire cock in her mouth, easily making it disappear.  “Christ, it isn’t even a challenge,” she scoffed as she pulled it out with a loud popping sound.  “You’ll never get him in if that’s what you’re used to.  You just let mommy know when you’re ready for some help,” Crystal said, idly licking and sucking the dildo before putting it back inside her.

I watched Crystal fuck herself with her daughter’s dildo, beaming with pride as Lexi sucked me off.  The fact that she would practice on a dildo to please me made me smile ear to ear.  I gently ran my fingers through her blonde hair in appreciation.  She looked up at me, a tinge of embarrassment in her eyes.

“It was supposed to be a surprise,” she said defeatedly.  “But mom’s right, it’s too small.  Your cock is way bigger- I am not sure if I can do it,” she said quietly.  Crystal was moaning as she masturbated, paying us little attention.

“You are so sweet,” I said to Lexi, cupping her spit covered chin.  “I love you- and I believe in you.  You can do absolutely anything you set your mind to baby,” I said- and meant it.  “Keep trying- you don’t need her- you can do it on your own.  Do you want me to help?” I asked.

“Yes please,” she said gratefully.  I let go of her chin, guiding my cock back into her mouth.  I let Lexi set the pace, getting back into her rhythm.  I matched her pace, my hands in her hair to apply a little more force behind her head.  We worked gradually together, her mouth inching ever closer to my groin with each thrust.

“Okay baby, you’re almost there,” I moaned, grabbing Crystal’s attention too.  “This is it!”

On her next thrust, I buried my cock in her throat.  I held her head down, forcing the last couple of inches beyond her resistance.  I held her mouth on me, giving Crystal ample time to see her daughter’s feat.  When I let go, Lexi came back coughing and sputtering, spit flying everywhere.  The look of victory was all over her face.

“Atta girl!” her mom exclaimed, clapping.  “Took you long enough- but I am pretty impressed.  It took me a while too,” she allowed, smirking at me.  “Looks like our Shane is more than we bargained for,” Crystal said.

“My Shane,” Lexi corrected with an edge in her voice.   

Chapter 6

Crystal didn’t challenge her, instead opting to change the course.  She sauntered over to Lexi, helping her to stand.  The three of us stood naked and horny, wondering what was coming next.  

Crystal put her arm around her daughter, gently squeezing one of her nipples.  I watched it harden, trying not to explode.  “Since we’ve been so good to you Shane,” she said casually, “don’t you think it’s time that you were good to us?”  She winked conspiringly at Lexi, who smiled ear to ear.

“Yes, I do think you owe us, after we both swallowed all nine inches of you,” she said, teasing her mom’s nipples in return.  The sight of the two of them gently playing with each other while challenging me was enough to make me explode. 

“I just hope you can hold your load long enough to get us both off,” Crystal challenged.  “I know how desperate you are to paint my daughter’s beautiful face.”

“Yes…of…of course,” I say lamely, too distracted by the gorgeous women in front of me to focus on words.  Lexi’s slim figure against her mother’s curves gave me way too many places to look.  Mother and daughter kissed, clearly in an effort to drive me completely insane.

“Well then,” Lexi said, breaking free of her mother’s kiss, “which one of us are you going to fuck first?”

It was like choosing between my two favourite desserts.  I looked at Lexi, all innocence and desire, and then at her mother- hardened skill and temptation.  “I want you both,” I said, a scene playing out in front of me, “hands and knees, on the bed.”

Both women obeyed, presenting their asses to me as they knelt on the bed.  I so badly wanted to wreck both holes, but decided to start with pussy.  I angled up behind Lexi, landing a swift slap on her mom’s much larger ass.  Crystal shivered, waving her ass as if to taunt me.

I rode my newfound dominance right into Lexi; I teased her dripping pussy with my cock just long enough to slap her mother’s ass, and then buried all nine inches in her tight hole.  Lexi cried out- I realize I should’ve gone easier, but I was too pent up to care.  Her scream became a moan with my next thrust, her body relaxing around my cock.  

Crystal’s ass was still waving, so I slapped it a few more times for good measure.  Each slap left a handprint after it rippled through her body. I timed the slaps to align with my thrusts into Lexi, my balls on Lexi echoing my hand on Crystal.  All three of us were moaning in ecstasy, completely lost in the moment.

I could see Crystal’s pussy glistening as I slapped her ass, and knew I had to get inside it.  I reached two fingers into her hole, curling my fingers inside her.  She was slippery, and tasted salty as I put my fingers into my mouth.  I pulled out of Lexi and drove my cock into her mom, grabbing a handful of Lexi’s much smaller ass as I did so.  Lexi flipped over, spreading her legs to show me her bare pussy.

I slid two fingers into her, timing my thrusts with my cock so both mother and daughter were moaning at the same time.  Lexi’s small tits bounced, her hands cupping one of hers and one of her mother’s as they dangled beside her.  Lexi pinched Crystal’s nipple hard, and I felt her muscles contract around my cock.  I almost lost it.

I pulled out of Crystal before I could cum, standing up straight to survey both women.  I needed to taste Lexi’s pussy.  As if reading my mind, Crystal got off the bed and licked her daughter’s pussy once.  “She tastes so fucking good, Shane, you have to get in here.”

I bent over Lexi as Crystal held her lips open.  My tongue danced around her clit, and she moaned loudly.  “What a talented tongue,” Crystal said appreciatively.  She held Lexi open a little longer as I licked, and then moved down to my cock.  Crystal sucked me with her practiced efficiency as I ate her daughter’s pussy.  My attention was split between pleasing my girlfriend and not blowing my load all over her mother’s face.

“Shane! I’m gonna cum!” Lexi screamed, pulling my attention fully back to her.  Crystal’s sucking and gagging became background noise as I focused on Lexi’s swollen clit.  My tongue circled around it before my mouth started to suck, tongue flicking it regularly.  Lexi’s entire body tensed, and she screamed as she let go.  I thrust two fingers into her pussy, delighting in the rush of wetness that I felt as her body convulsed.  Lexi’s body tensed around me, my tongue mercilessly stimulating her clit until she began to shiver.  Her body relaxed as I gently licked her, waiting for her to come down.

“Christ that was hot,” Crystal said appreciatively, her hand stroking my cock.  I didn’t even realize she had stop sucking me to watch her daughter cum.  Lexi sat up, her expression a mixture of sheepishness and elation.  

“Yes, it was,” she said, running her fingers through my hair appreciatively.  I felt like king of the world.

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Mother Still Knows Best- Chapters 3&4

This story is a sequel to Mother Knows Best. Read Chapters 1&2 here,

Chapter 3

Lexi and I locked eyes just as Crystal swallowed me yet again.  Crystal’s back was to her daughter, so she didn’t realize that we were being watched.  I swallowed hard- almost as hard as Crystal on my cock.  Lexi stood there staring, her hand on her slender hip.  She was wearing a miniskirt and skintight tank top, her long legs distracting me from her gorgeous tits.  Her expression was totally unreadable, which made the moment all the more agonizing.

Crystal kept fucking her face with my cock, completely oblivious to her daughter’s voyeurism.  She gagged and slurped and gargled, not noticing that my body had completely stiffened in apprehension of the moment that was about to unfold.  

I tried to pull on Crystal’s hair gently, willing her to stop.  “Shane, I told you- I am in control- don’t touch my head again or I am going to make you cum before my daughter gets home- then you can explain to her what happened,” she chided.

“That won’t be necessary,” Lexi finally said.  Crystal froze, my cock deep in her throat.  She gently released me, turning slowly to face her daughter.  

“Lexi, welcome home baby.  We were just….I was…getting him ready for you,” she said sheepishly.  Crystal recovered quickly, standing to her full height.  Her toplessness didn’t seem to bother her, even with the copious amount of drool running down her cleavage and nipples.  

“Mom, Jesus,” Lexi said incredulously.  “What, I’m ten minutes late so you just have to choke on my boyfriend’s cock? Last weekend was…a one-time thing.  It doesn’t give you the right to suck his cock whenever you want.”

Lexi was talking about me as if I wasn’t even in the room- I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.  So far, however, I was absolved from blame- that felt lucky.

“Oh, Lexi, relax,” Crystal said dismissively.  “I was just getting him ready for you.  I know he’s been saving his load for you all week; I wasn’t going to take it.  I just thought I’d have a little fun with him- get him all riled up so that he was extra needy for you.”   

Lexi rolled her eyes before she focused them back on me.  “And you? My mom? Again?

Seriously Shane?”

I was keenly aware of the fact that I was fully naked, cock still half hard standing beside my girlfriend’s half naked mom.  Where should I even begin to explain myself?  “Lex, I’m so sorry.  I was up here waiting for you, and your mom…well she just sort of pounced.  I told her that I was saving it all for you- that I wanted you to suck the cum out of me- but she insisted.  I made her swear not to take me all the way,” I finished, as if that would matter.  To my surprise, it did.

Lexi’s expression softened.  “I know, I know what she’s like.  I really like that you were thinking of me- and I definitely want all of that cum- none for her this time,” she said, glaring at her mom.

“You should be thanking me young lady, you only know how to suck cock because I taught you last weekend.  Show some respect,” Crystal said, idly beginning to stroke my cock.  “After all, mother knows best- I know exactly what men need.  Really you should be begging to learn from me- begging me to teach you how to keep Shane satisfied.”

Something in Lexi’s demeanour shifted slightly.  “Respect.  Hmmm.  Mother knows best…” She set her jaw, coming to some sort of conclusion that neither me nor Crystal was privy to.  “You know what, mom? Fine.  If you are so desperate to suck his cock, get to work.  Show your naïve, inexperienced 18 year old daughter how to suck a cock.”

With that, Lexi sat down in her desk chair, legs spread just enough that I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties under her miniskirt.  My cock instantly jumped to attention.  Crystal’s hand stroked me while I stared at Lexi- I couldn’t believe that this was happening again.

“Babe, are you sure?” I asked, my cock already throbbing in her mom’s practiced grip.   

“I’m sure.  Let her do her best…or her worst.  I want to see her gagging, crying, covered in drool.  Come on, mom- get to work,” she ordered, leaning back in her chair to watch the show.  

“Oh, and Shane? Don’t you dare cum.”

Chapter 4

I swallowed hard at Lexi’s last command.  This dominant side of her was undeniably hot, if a little scary.  Don’t cum? While my girlfriend’s mom deep throated my throbbing cock?  While my girlfriend watched, her delicate pussy lips all but on display from under her miniskirt?  Talk about an impossible situation.

I stifled a moan as Crystal’s grip tightened.  She was staring at Lexi, a look of pride all over her face- that, and the spit.  “Atta girl,” she said admiringly, “way to take charge.”  Crystal got on her knees, ready to service me as her daughter commanded.

“No, not like that- it’s too easy for you.  You need a challenge, mother,” Lexi said coolly. 

“Shane, lay back on the bed.  Hang your legs over- my mom is going to get between them. 

We’ll see how deep she can get you when she can’t pull you in. Mom, on your knees.  Now.”

Crystal looked like she was going to argue, but instead she smirked at her daughter as she got down on her knees.  I did my part and laid on the bed, my cock now standing straight at attention as I laid back.  

“Better,” Lexi said from her computer chair throne.  “Now mom, get between his legs, and put his cock in your mouth.”  She waited for her mom to obey, which she did swiftly.  I felt Crystal’s skilled lips wrap around my cock, gently sucking my head to secure me into her mouth.  Her hand held my shaft, while the other cupped my still soaking wet balls.

“Good, but still too easy.  Mom, put your hands behind your back.  You are not to touch Shane at all with your hands.  See what you can do with just your mouth if you think you’re so good.” I was surprised at Lexi’s tone, but to Crystal’s credit she did exactly as she was told.  She slowly let go of me, putting her hands behind her back and leaning forward slightly, my cock still suctioned in her mouth.  

“Good girl,” Lexi said patronizingly.  “Now show me how to please my man.”

Crystal didn’t hesitate to get my cock in her throat.  Without the use of her hands for leverage she was clumsier, losing her balance as she forced her head down into my crotch.  “Come on, mom, I thought you were better than this,” Lexi said patronizingly.   

We made potent eye contact as her mom struggled on my cock.  A smirk danced across Lexi’s lips as her mom choked me down, not quite able to take my full 9 inches without her hands.  “She thinks she’s soooo good at sucking cock,” Lexi said with a roll of her eyes, “but she can’t even get you all the way down.  Maybe she needs some help…what do you think, Shane?”

The sound of my name took me out of my erection-induced trance.  With great effort I focused on Lexi, trying to get enough blood to my brain to decipher what she was saying.  “What?” I asked as I blankly stared at Lexi’s expectant expression.

Lexi rolled her eyes yet again.  “Don’t you think my mom needs some help getting your cock in her throat? She looks like an amateur right now,” Lexi scoffed, staring at her spit-covered mother between my legs.  

“Y…yes, it might help,” I said, hoping that it was the right thing.  To say that this was uncharted territory would be an understatement.

“Do you want your cock in my mom’s throat, Shane?” Lexi asked.  Her tone was completely innocent, if a little patronizing.  Just as she asked, her mom slammed my cock into her throat, her guttural gag echoing through the room.

I had no choice but to moan “Yes…Lexi…yes.”

In a flash Lexi was out of her chair and across the room, standing over her mother.  She observed the action for a while, getting a closer look at Crystal’s inability to get me down her throat.  “Pathetic, really, that she expects me to learn from her,” Lexi said, more to herself than anyone.  With that, she grabbed her mom by the hair and forced her face toward me, holding her as she swallowed my entire cock.  

Crystal struggled and gagged as her daughter held her down; each time she tried to come up for air, Lexi forced her down deeper.  Thick trails of spit came from Crystal’s mouth, coating my cock as her daughter bobbed her head up and down. 

 Lexi eventually took pity on her mother, grabbing her by the hair and lifting her head off of me. 

My spit soaked cock stood at attention, desperately awaiting the next assault.

“Looks like mother doesn’t always know best,” Lexi said smugly.  Crystal was silent, focusing on catching her breath and swallowing her still-triggered gag reflex.

“You’re not done,” Lexi said cruelly.  She pulled Crystal’s face back by the hair, forcing her to look up at her.  “Looks like you’re going to need more spit,” she mused, “open up.”   Lexi hovered over her mother’s opened mouth, spitting into her mouth and onto her face three times.  Crystal didn’t move, allowing her daughter’s spit to trail into her mouth and down her cheeks.

“Good girl,” Lexi said, and with one fluid motion forced her mother’s spit-covered face back onto my cock.  Lexi was rough, forcing my cock inch by inch down her mom’s throat until her mom’s lips kissed my groin.  She held her there until Crystal started to squirm and choke, then another few seconds for good measure. 

Bubbly white spit surrounded Crystal’s mouth, and my cock- it was endless.  Crystal was fighting for air, and her daughter- my girlfriend- just pushed her harder.  “Come on, Mom…that’s it.  Choke on that perfect cock,” Lexi said aggressively, her hand lost in a handful of her mom’s hair while the other one stroked my face.  “Are you enjoying yourself, Shane?”

“Yes, Lexi, yes, fuck,” I breathed.  Her mom kept sucking even as Lexi was forcing my cock deeper- the sensation was amazing.  Crystal’s guttural sounds mixed with Lexi’s gentle tone had my mind and body in a complete frenzy.  It was nothing short of a miracle that I hadn’t cum yet; I kept all of my focus on Lexi, thinking about how much I wanted to coat her beautiful face with my load.

Crystal’s hands gripped my thighs, holding on for dear life before finally pushing off of me.  It took some effort considering Lexi’s strength holding her mom on my cock.  “Lexi, please, I need a break,” Crystal garbled, her mouth still full of my cock.  She finally spit me out, breathing hard as she tried to regain composure.

“I’ll give it to you mom, you lasted way longer than I thought you would have.  That was pretty impressive,” Lexi said with respect.  Her previously dominant demeanour had shifted to something more akin to friendly, a certain camaraderie existing between mother and daughter.

Crystal choked and coughed, not yet able to reply.  She was drenched in spit from chin to pussy, her generous tits shining with big globs of it.  It was a gorgeous sight.  “Thanks, baby,” she finally managed, and smirked at her daughter.

“Impressive,” Lexi repeated as she stepped out of her skirt, “but I can do better.”  Lexi made quick work of her shirt, leaving her tight body completely bare in front of her mother and I.  Her bare pussy was a contrast to her mom’s neatly kept hair, and I couldn’t help but stare at the two.  My mouth hung open, because- well, of course it did.  I was breathing just as hard as Crystal and was almost as spit covered.  “Move out of the way, mother, and let me show you what he likes,” Lexi said, flipping her long blonde hair behind her back.  

Her confidence was intoxicating, the slight edge of domination back in her tone.  She was on her knees in front of me, her mom taking her spot in the computer chair.  I glanced over at Crystal, who already had her fingers between her legs, masturbating to the site of her daughter sucking cock.

I refocused on Lexi, our eyes meeting as she knelt beside me.  “I’ve missed you,” she purred.  I realized I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me or to my cock.

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Mother Still Knows Best- Chapters 1&2

This story is a sequel to Mother Knows Best.

Chapter 1

It had been almost a week since my cock was inside my girlfriend- and her mother.  Five days of working at my summer job as usual, talking on the phone with Lexi at night.  When her mom Crystal would answer the phone, she was her usual warm self, completely nonchalant- as if she hadn’t gagged on my cock last weekend.  Lexi was also completely normal, planning our movie date this weekend without a thought to how our universe had changed- as if seeing her mom’s tits (not to mention seeing Lexi eat her mom’s pussy) hadn’t completely turned everything upside down.

I had thought many times that maybe I hallucinated the whole thing- that would be a far easier explanation for what had happened.  I almost convinced myself that was the case, until Lexi ended our phone conversation the other night with “I can’t wait to feel your cock in my ass again this weekend.  I hope you’ve been saving your cum for me.”  Nope- not a dream.

I heeded Lexi’s request all week- I hadn’t cum since I last exploded all over (and in) her and her mom.  My balls were constantly aching, begging to be drained- a task that I knew Lexi was more than up for.  We had plans to go to the movies, and I was holding out hope of a movie theater blowjob- hey, after last weekend, it felt like nothing was off the table.  I had seen a whole other side of Lexi, and I was dying to see more.

I got dressed and took the familiar route to Lexi’s house.  I knew that she had been out with friends all day, but she had still taken the time to sext me a photo up her short skirt to show me she wasn’t wearing panties.  The message had read “if only my friends knew how soaked this pussy will be with your cum tonight.”  I was beginning to worry that I might not make it to nightfall before blowing my load all over her.

I pulled up in Lexi’s laneway, feeling my cock jump at the sight of the photo as I texted her that I was outside.  I would usually go in and get her, but…Crystal.  It’s not that I was avoiding Lexi’s mom, but I had no idea how to act around her.  Now that I had seen her naked- tasted her pussy, felt my cock throb inside of her ass…I just didn’t know what to do.  I decided it was best to let Lexi navigate things as she chose, and I would follow suit.  Maybe Lexi could tell me what to do with my hands, when all I wanted to do is put them down her mom’s shirt.

While I awaited Lexi’s sage wisdom as to where my hands should be, I elected to put them in my pants. My cock had felt half hard all week in anticipation of what was to come, and in memory of what had been.  I pulled it out of my pants, gently stroking it as I thought about Lexi’s perfect body, and the way her laugh made my cock twitch.  I closed my eyes, allowing myself to wonder if she would actually suck me off in the movie theater, or if she would make me wait until the drive home.  She did like to tease, but I was also hoping that she would be eager to continuing practicing the skills that her mom had taught her.

Speaking of her mom- a movement out of the corner of my eye interrupted my daydream; Crystal was standing on the porch waving at me- oh God. Where Lexi was tight and sculpted, her mom was soft and curvy- in all the right places.  Her tits bounced as she waved at me, my cock twitching in my hand while I gawked.  She was wearing a denim skirt even shorter than Lexi’s, and a red cropped tank top that showed off her hips.  She had cleavage that you could drown in. 

My cock allowed the tiniest amount of blood to head to my brain; it was then that I realized she was calling to me.  I clumsily put myself away and opened the car door.  “Lexi just texted to say that she’s running late and her phone was about to die…she should be here in 10 or 15 minutes.”  Not wanting to be rude, I got out of the car.  A wave of self-consciousness threatened to drown me as I walked up to the porch.  There was no way I was going to be able to look Lexi’s mom in the eye. 

Crystal bit her lip, batting her long lashes at me as she looked me up and down.  “You’re welcome to wait in her room if you’d like to be more…comfortable.”  She let the last word roll off her tongue, as if she knew what I had been up to just moments before.  I studied my shoes.

“Th…thanks,” I said lamely.  I would have shed my own skin if it got me up the stairs faster.  I entered Lexi’s room and closed the door behind me.  Her room looked just as it always had, but somehow different- probably because it had been the scene of last weekend’s events.  I checked my appearance in the mirror, the nerves from seeing Crystal again coursing through my body. My palms were sweaty as I readjusted my clothes and fixed my hair.

I sat down on Lexi’s bed, flashing back to how her mom had interrupted us the weekend before; my mind was a reel of tits and pussy and spit and choking as I remembered Lexi and Crystal taking turns gagging on my cock. 

My cock was instantly hard again, and I took it out to keep stroking.  If Lexi was running late, I figured I could edge until she got there to get ready for my hopeful movie theater blowjob.  I laid back on her bed, closing my eyes and picture Lexi’s tits…or were they her mom’s?  Details.

I could feel my balls pulsing, desperate to release the week-long buildup of cum.  I pictured Lexi’s sexy mouth wrapping around me, my cock twitching in anticipation.  I stroked slower, trying to soften myself after realizing that I was dangerously close to blowing my load already.  I didn’t hear the door open.

For the second time, Crystal walked into Lexi’s room while my cock was out. 

Chapter 2

“Insatiable little thing, aren’t you?” Crystal chided as she casually walked into the room.

I made a noise between a yelp and a groan, moving to grab a pillow to cover myself.  It was way too late.  Crystal took the pillow out of my grasp, smirking as she looked at my cock in my hand.  “Hmmm, I remember you being bigger,” she said, making no effort to hide her gawking.

“I…I was trying not to cum,” I sad quietly, trying and failing to cover my cock with my hand.  “I felt my entire body flush in embarrassment as she looked me up and down.  My eyes focused on one of Lexi’s pink slippers on the floor.

“I came to see if you wanted a snack,” Crystal said calmly.  “Clearly you do need something, but I don’t think it’s a snack.  You know, I could help you with that.  Well, I know you know,” she purred, inching closer to me as she licked her full lips.

I swallowed hard.  I could smell her floral perfume, a stark contrast to the vanilla scent that usually surrounded Lexi.  “No, no I’m okay,” I stammered.  “Lexi will be here soon, and we’re going to see a movie.  I was just trying to take the edge off,” I explained hastily.  My cock was still half hard as I continued, “Thanks for offering, it’s just…I don’t know how Lexi would feel, and…I’ve kind of been saving my load for her all week.”  I blushed as I said the last part, hoping that reminding her of Lexi would cause Crystal to back off.

“My daughter is a lucky girl,” Crystal smiled, still not taking her eyes off me.  She reminded me of a predator eyeing up her prey, and suddenly I understood where the term cougar came from. 

“I’m the lucky one,” I replied- and I meant it.  Even with Lexi’s mom- probably the hottest woman on earth- standing in front of me ready to pounce, my cock was still twitching at the thought of her daughter’s mouth surrounding it.   I thought I was getting control, getting it softer, but the thought of Lexi had me stiffening back up.  Crystal’s eyes never left it, taking in every inch.

“Listen, Shane- I am going to suck your cock until my daughter gets here.  You don’t have to worry about your precious load, I won’t make you cum.  You can’t expect to lay there with your half hard cock out and not have me do something about it- what kind of host would I be?” she said playfully, walking slowly toward me.  While her tone was playful, there was an unmistakeable edge of assertion in her voice.

“I…I don’t think…” My protest was interrupted as she hooked her fingers into my jeans and boxers and pulled them off.  “Crystal, please I…”

“Shane, this is happening.  I am going to suck your cock.  You’d best lay back and enjoy it,” she said, this time with that mom tone that made me instantly obey.  “I have thought about all of your nine inches all week.  It was such a challenge to get down my throat- and I do love a challenge,” she said, beginning to stroke me.

My cock wasn’t quite hard yet, but her firm grip around the shaft soon changed that. “There he is,” she purred as she stroked.  She spit in her hand, lubing up my shaft as it grew in her hand.  “Last time I tried to get you in my throat it took an awful lot of spit,” she mused, more to herself than to me.  “I suppose we should start there.”

She leaned over my cock, dripping a bead of spit on the tip and rubbing it in with her hand.  She repeated the action a few times, until I could hear the lubrication with every stroke.  “That’s it, much better- that looks like about nine inches, don’t you think?”

“Y…yes ma’am,” I said, still shocked that my girlfriend’s mom was yet again stroking my cock.  I was vaguely worried about what Lexi was going to see when she came in- and how she was going to feel about it- but most of my blood had left my brain in favour of making my cock hard for her mom.  Go figure.

“Just lay back, Shane,” she purred as she settled herself on her knees between my legs.  I did as I was told, leaning back on Lexi’s bed while my legs hung of the side, Crystal in between them pumping my cock faster.  “Your cock is going in my throat now, try not to blow your load before Lexi gets here,” she smirked, spitting on my cock one last time before she wrapped her painted red lips around it.

I moaned instantly; Crystal’s tongue swirled around the head of my cock while she sucked with such strength I thought my cum would just spontaneously explode.  “Crystal!” I exclaimed, squirming under her intense touch so as not to blow my load down her throat. 

She released, her hand cupping and massaging my balls as she laughed.  “Oh, come on Shane, you’re better than that.  Now that I’ve got you hard, you have to let me have some fun.  I want your cock in my throat, and I am going to get it there.  When Lexi gets home, she will be happy that I did all the heavy lifting.”

With that she licked me from shaft to tip, tracing the trail of her tongue with sloppy wet kisses.  She spit and sucked me into a frenzy, pausing every now and then to take in my size with her eyes.  At long last she squared her shoulders, taking me into her mouth.  I felt the back of her throat with the tip of my cock, and then she relaxed it to slide me all the way down.  She made it about halfway, and forced another couple of inches down before she gagged.

“Fuck, that is a huge cock,” she marvelled as tears sprang to her eyes.  She put her head back down, choking again and coming up for air.  The next time she went down I put my fingers through her hair, holding her head on me.  I didn’t even realize I was doing it until she sprang up. 

“Oh no, honey, I am in control now,” she said menacingly.  She was clearly becoming frustrated that she couldn’t get me in her throat, and forcefully removed my hands from her hair before forcing my cock back down her throat.

She bobbed up and down relentlessly; each time the head of my cock felt her throat it slid in a little deeper.  She was almost there but was gagging and drooling with such fervor that her eyes were tearing.  I looked down at her, seeing her makeup running and lipstick starting to smear, and couldn’t help but think that I can’t wait to do that to Lexi too.

When I thought of Lexi again I almost lost it.  My cock twitched in Crystal’s throat, and I was sure my load was coming.  I pushed her head back, pulling myself out of her mouth at the very last second before I exploded. 

“Crystal…fuck!” I breathed, equal measure of relief and frustration at almost losing it.  “You said you wouldn’t make me cum.  I told you I’m saving it for Lexi- your daughter.” I said, irritation clear in my voice.

“I know, I’m sorry,” she said chastely, though the expression on her face as she licked the spit off her lips told a different story.  “I’ll be good, I promise,” she continued, moving her hand back to my shaft while the other one cupped my balls.  “I’ll go slow- I just want to get you all the way in.  I know I can do it, it’s just going to take a little time- and a lot more spit,” she said, spitting all over my shaft for effect.

My frustration and resolve melted away as she stroked.  I leaned back down, surrendering to my circumstances.  “That’s it, good boy- just let me work,” she purred, flicking her tongue along the tip of my cock before trying to swallow me again.  She came up for air, gasping and choking.  “I’m so close, Shane, just be patient, I’m almost there and then I’ll leave you for Lexi,” she promised, forcing me down again.

I moaned- in pleasure, frustration, helplessness- her mouth felt absolutely amazing, particularly on a cock that hadn’t cum in a week.  Her hands continued to massage my balls, spit pooling and making them slippery.  I could feel their fullness in her hands, and was aching for a release- but I was determined to save it for Lexi.

I was picturing Lexi’s gorgeous face when I felt Crystal’s lips on my body- she was finally holding my cock all the way in her throat, her tongue almost reaching my balls.  I moaned; having her mouth fully envelop me and her throat contract around my cock as she tried not to gag was sublime.  She finally coughed and choked me up, a look of pure accomplishment on her face.  She wiped the tears from her eyes as spit trailed down her chin.  “Got it,” she said triumphantly.

I smirked- in a way, I was proud of her.  It felt so good to have someone with such experience suck my cock- I knew that Lexi would get there, but it was going to take some time.  “Well done,” I said, marvelling at how the spit had trailed down onto her breasts, soaking the front of her crop top. 

Her eyes followed mine, noticing her soaked shirt for the first time.  “Well, I guess I had better take this off, it’s soaked,” she said casually, pulling it over her head in one fluid motion.  Her huge tits bounced, and I realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra.  I could see her cleavage shining with spit, and had to look away to make my balls relax.  She stepped out of her skirt next, leaving her fully naked.  There was hair between her legs, neatly trimmed.  My eyes followed her fingers down as she tasted herself.  I didn’t stand a chance.

“Can you take more without cumming?” Crystal asked, standing and looking me up and down.  I sat up, my eyes not leaving her breasts as she sucked her juices off of her fingers.

“I think so,” I said cautiously, “but you’ve gotta go easy.  I really want to blow all over your daughter’s face, not yours.”

“I get it- like I said, she’s a lucky girl,” Crystal said genuinely.  “Stand up, I want to get better leverage.  Now that I’ve had you in my throat, I want more.”

I did as I was told, my cock standing straight out from my slim body.  It was rock hard, and I could feel my balls ache as Crystal got down on her knees.  She spat on me and stroked, rubbing my cock between her tits to lap up some of the drool from earlier.  My cock was slippery and soaked as she took it back into her mouth.

Crystal wrapped her hands around my hips, each palm grabbing a handful of my ass and drawing me closer.  I felt her throat open, the tip of my cock pushing through the resistance until I felt the smoothness of her throat.  Her hands clenched as she fought her gag reflex, holding me in her throat for an impressive amount of time before finally choking me out.  She looked up at me, spit shining down her chin as her eyes watered, a huge smile on her face.

“Much better,” she said as she went back for another round.  She fucked herself in the face better than I even would have, using her hands on my ass to force me deeper and deeper into her throat.  Her tongue swirled around my cock as she caught her breath, only to clamp back down on me with more intensity. 

I have no idea how long she was at it; I was completely lost in the moment, trying my very hardest not to cum.  Crystal was relentless, and I felt like I was invincible.

When Lexi cleared her throat, the feeling quickly left.

Read the full story:

Storytime with The Professor

The Professor is an excellent storyteller.  Whether it be about his work, coaching, his family, or his sexcapades, he has a way of capturing your attention and investment.  He teases his audience, building tension and interest, in no apparent rush to get to the much-anticipated climax.  This week, he took that to an entirely new level.

You see, The Professor had his first ever threesome.  As much as I love telling stories about sex, I also love hearing about them- and while I wasn’t present for the affair, after hearing (experiencing?) the story about it I feel like I might have been.

It had been a few weeks in the making; he had connected with a couple of women who were interested in playing together, and who also each happened to be playing with him.  Imagine that.  After it happened, he refused to give me any of the details that I was craving, insisting that the story would be better in person.  He was, as usual, absolutely correct.

By the time he made it to my place a few days later, I was absolutely dying for the story.  He took his time coming inside, making small talk.  I am not known for my patience, nor for my restraint, but with this man I know that he sets the pace.  At long last, I finally heard the magic words: “So, I have a story for you…”

Fucking duh.

One of us suggested that we go upstairs to my bedroom for the story- mostly because we were absolutely going to have sex after, but also because it was bound to be a very long story, and we wanted to be comfortable.  We got naked and laid beside each other under the blankets, my body vibrating in excitement at finally getting all the spicy details.  We were touching, but not intimately; I was not yet interested in sex- he owed me a story.

He toyed with me for a while longer, feigning difficulty at remembering exactly which story he was going to tell.  I felt like a child about to learn the secret behind Santa Claus.  My inner perv just knew the story would be good, and I love listening to his experiences- he has a great perspective.

The story began, and he had my rapt attention.  He spared no detail, to my delight and immense frustration as he described arriving at the hotel, ordering food, arranging logistics, etc.- I was very ready to fast forward to the naked parts, but could tell that he was enjoying my torment.  He idly stroked my breasts as he talked, less in an effort to arouse, and more so as you would twirl a strand of hair.  The end result, of course, was still arousal. 

My nipples hardened as he described the arrival of the first woman; their easy banter, her overt excitement as she begged for something to take the edge off before the other arrived.  The Professor, of course, obliged- he is most accommodating when he wants to be. 

The professor indulgently described a shower scene when the other woman arrived; all three of them headed to the generously appointed shower, a good gateway to the rest of the evening.  They took turns soaping each other up, breaking the ice and getting a feel for the dynamic.  He took his time explaining, allowing for some eye rolling irony of “of course I helped to lather, I always want to be helpful” or “I took a step back as they focused on each others’ nipples”.    He was clearly enjoying the story, not to mention my impatience and rapt attention.

His hand travelled along my stomach and from breast to breast as he described drying each woman off, his words perfectly illustrating the sexual tension that filled the room.  They moved to the bed, and the women started making their requests.

One wanted to be fucked from behind while going down on the other.

The other wanted him to go down on her while she was licking the other’s pussy.

He wanted to fuck them both, and toy their asses.  He wanted to give them countless orgasms, and turn them into puddles- he has a knack for that. 

And around and around they went.

He stroked my clit as he talked about stroking one of theirs, his words painting the picture of two women engrossed in each other while moaning in the pleasure that he provided.  He described the ideal push and pull of a threesome, each partner giving and taking in equal measure.

My attention was decidedly split between his expert retelling of every detail, and the building tension between my legs.  He of course knew this, and did nothing to relent.  He noticeably giggled a few times at my expense, his fingers pausing as he asked whether I needed to take a break.

“Fuck no, don’t stop” was usually my response.  I was at times unsure if I was referring to his fingers or his voice- very likely both.

“It seems like you aren’t listening,” he said with feigned disappointment as he applied more pressure to my clit.  He had just finished telling me about how much one woman had enjoyed the taste of the other, both of them marvelling at it as his cock was buried deep in pussy.  Was I listening? No idea.

With great effort I refocused, trying to follow his words as his fingers danced practiced circles between my legs.  He would demand eye contact as proof of focus.  He would ask me to repeat what he’d just said as my eyes rolled back in my head.  Ever the Professor, checking learning and comprehension.

Eye. Roll.  (In more ways than one).

His fingers moved inside me as he described putting them inside another woman.  My mouth was decidedly less occupied than hers had been, given that it wasn’t eating pussy.  A shame, really.  But I digress.

“And then, do you know what I did?” he asked, pulling my focus back.  His fingers had picked up the pace, darting in and out of my slippery hole as he spoke.

“No idea,” I said earnestly, having briefly lost track of the story.

“Well,” he continued patiently, “if you recall, this woman is a squirter.  So while her face was buried in the other, I buried my fingers in her, kind of like this.”  For emphasis, he adjusted his fingers inside me, curling them deeper around that special spot.

I caught on to what he was doing moments before it happened.

“And then, you won’t believe it,” he patronized, “or, well, maybe you would,” he said with a smirk.  His fingers curled, his hand pumped, and I was gone.

I squirted everywhere.  All over his hands, all over the sheets.

Just like she did.  Imagine that.

His hand finally relented, his soaked fingers circling back to my clit.  My focus was anywhere but his words, but he made sure to pull me back before he continued the story.

Five, six, seven, who knows how many orgasms later (both for me and for his threesome partners), the story was over.  He, as is his constant state, looked quite pleased with himself as I laid in a pool of cum and sweat and desire (my constant state).

“I thought you might like that little story,” he said nonchalantly, as if he had just told me a funny anecdote from the classroom.

“It was okay,” I breathed back, just before he fucked me.

The man is an excellent storyteller.

Learning to Cum, Part 2: Let it feel good

Read part 1 here.

My body tensed in anticipation of his touch- where was he going to start?  I could feel his presence next to me- a quiet calm.  It was his voice I heard first.  “Relax your body,” he said, his voice gentle but even.  I unclenched my fists (when did I make fists?), and did my best to focus on relaxing my shoulders and hips.  “More,” he instructed, “focus on sinking into the mattress.  Relax each part of you- start at your toes, and work your way up to your head.”  I recognized that he was leading me through a progressive muscle relaxation exercise, and it piqued my curiosity.  I did as I was told, relaxing each muscle group and visualizing myself sinking deeper into the mattress.  By the time I made it to my eyebrows, he still hadn’t touched me- and I was relaxed enough that I easily could’ve fallen asleep.

“Good girl,” he said, recapturing my attention.  Something about that phrase hits me right between the legs every single time.  He cupped my face, planting a kiss on my willing lips.  “I am going to touch you now,” he began, “and you are going to pay attention to my hands.  Pay attention to how they feel on your skin, where and how the goosebumps form, and how your body reacts.  If your mind wanders, bring it back to my touch.  Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir,” I breathed, visualizing myself sinking into the mattress in an effort to get control of the butterflies taking over my body.  His fingertips brushed my stomach, trailing up my sides, deliberately bypassing my breasts to trail up and down each of my arms.  I shivered at the invasion, my restraints preventing me from shielding myself from the tickle. 

Despite my blindfold, I could feel his eyes on me.  My mind began to wander: what is he seeing right now…what is he thinking? How does my body look?  I refocused on his touch; his fingertips were now tracing the outlines of my breasts, dancing around my nipples but never quite touching them.  “You’re beautiful,” he said, and I felt myself blush.  At least then I knew what he was thinking.

I squirmed under his touch, desperate for his fingers to touch my nipples.  He outmaneuvered me, continuing to avoid my more sensitive areas in favour of tracing lines up and down my stomach, across my hips.  He traced where my belly meets my pubic bone, an area that typically invites a certain degree of self-consciousness.  I forced myself to relax and remain in the moment- just as he instructed.

I could feel my pussy start to ache as he moved lower down my body, kneading my thighs and calves.  He massaged each of my feet, commenting on how pretty my painted toes were.  As he moved back up my legs, he focused his touch on the inside of them.  I could hear myself breathing heavily as his fingertips grazed my inner thigh, and I stifled a moan as he traced the triangle between my legs.

By this point my body was a ball of nerves, and frankly it was difficult to concentrate on anything but his touch.  I was eager for him to explore more of me and give me the sensation that I was so craving.  When he finally touched my nipples I moaned, the tension that he created being temporarily relived until it quicky built again.  He teased my nipples with his fingers before adding his tongue.  He sucked, pinched, stroked, flicked, and squeezed them with patient focus until I was moaning and squirming at every touch. 

“That’s it, let it feel good,” he coached, and I did. 

His hands wandered my skin as his mouth worked my breasts and nipples; my body and mind were completely surrendered to his sensations.  Eventually he moved himself between my legs, and I could feel an ache deep inside me.  He took an excruciating amount of time to get settled, laying down so that his face and hands were perfectly poised between my legs.  “Please,” I breathed in desperation.  I could literally feel the wetness in my pussy dripping.

“All in good time,” he said with the slightest teasing note in his voice.  He was clearly enjoying himself, which deepened my own enjoyment.  I felt his fingers trace the lines where my thighs met my hips, taking time to brush between my thighs as well.  When he finally traced my damp slit, my entire body shivered.  It felt like a whispered orgasm.  “Remember, you are not to cum,” he reminded me as he gently parted my lips.

I felt vulnerable and desperate in that moment.  I was starving for stimulation but knew that he was setting the pace.  “Mmm, so wet,” he marvelled.  He still wasn’t touching me, just holding my lips open and admiring me. 

He was exposing- exploring- my most secret places.  His entire focus was on me.  Part of me wanted to crumble, that all-too-familiar self-consciousness threatening to seep in- more out of habit than any influence of his.  While part of me was worried I would burst into flames when he touched my clit, the rest of me was looking for matches.

The fact that I couldn’t see what was happening- his expression, his next move- very much challenged my innate desire to please.  Where I would typically be angling my hips up to him or preparing a moan to demonstrate my enjoyment- and keep his attention- I was instead forced to wait, and genuinely focus on what I felt.

Don’t get the wrong idea, reader- not every sexual experience before this has been an act.  If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, however- tied up and blindfolded, at the mercy of your partner- you will find that your usual dance moves don’t fit the rhythm of the music.  Mr. Grey was right- I had to pay attention.

He had all of my attention as he remained rooted between my legs.  “Are you ready?” I heard him say, and moaned a “yes Sir” before he had even finished.

I braced myself for the impact I so craved, waiting to feel hands, tongue, SOMETHING on my needy clit.  I could feel his grip firm on my lips, spreading them a little bit more.  I pictured him squaring his shoulders, going in with his tongue.  I screamed- in frustration, elation, who knows- when the burst of air hit my clit.

He had only blown on me, and it felt like the most powerful of vibrators. 

I couldn’t tell if it took the edge off, or sharpened the knife.  All I knew is that I wanted- needed- more.

He giggled at my shiver, reinforcing his enjoyment of the moment.  “Relax back into the mattress, baby, we’re just getting started,” he coached.  I refocused, trying to get back to the center that I had built.  Just as I relaxed, he blew on my clit again, reigniting the fire.  How rude.

“Please, Sir!” I exclaimed, unsure of exactly what I was asking for. 

“Let it feel good, baby, that’s all you have to do,” he reminded me- as if I needed it.

My heart hammered in my chest, my body as tense as a stretched rubber band.  My efforts to recenter myself were abruptly- mercifully- interrupted by his tongue on my clit.

At long last.

The sensation was warm, fulfilling, exquisite.  My body was rock hard tension and melting wax all at once.  His tongue was hot on my most sensitive part, gently flicking electricity all the way through my body.

The restraints dug into my wrists as my fingers fought to grip his hair.  My hips bucked underneath him in an effort to give him more of me.  I wanted him to consume me until there was nothing left.

“Pay attention,” he coached gently, the vibration of his voice yet another sensation between my legs.  “Let it feel good, but feel it- you’re not going to cum.  Feel my tongue, feel my fingers,” he said as he added the tips of his fingers to the mix.

I felt him stroke my clit with a finger- the same pressure as his tongue, but somehow more precise.  He rubbed me back and forth, then side to side. My body responded naturally.  “That’s it, good girl, focus.”

His words coached my focus back into my body- back into my clit.  I was getting caught up in the sensation, and my body was taking over- but as much as I tried to focus my mind, I could feel old habits creeping in.  Was I moaning too loudly? Not loudly enough? Was I squirming enough to let him know I liked it? 

The thing is, OF COURSE he knew I liked it.  Every fibre of my body was his at that point.  He was paying attention to my every shiver- he had been since we started.  My moans and motions were all but superfluous by that point- so why was I still so focused on them?  After all, this wasn’t about cumming- so really, I didn’t even need to focus on the climb- I just had to let it feel good.

So I did.

My moans quieted as I refocused my mind only on the dance that his fingers and tongue were doing.  It was intricate, practiced, and indulgent.  He was clearly taking his time, mixing up pressure and pace as my body responded under him.  Each time I felt my mind wander, I dutifully brought it back to my body.  I pushed out all of the pressure, the self-consciousness- even the self-awareness, and just let myself feel.

It felt good.  Really, really, really good.

Mr. Grey kept checking in, sometimes with his words (Does that feel good baby? That’s it, good girl), and other times with his actions- stopping the sensation just long enough for me to sigh or groan in frustration- as if to make sure I was paying attention.

He definitely had my attention.  He had all of me.

“Now, I want to talk about orgasms,” he said casually, as if we were sharing lunch.  His fingers were buried in my pussy, gently thrusting in and out, each time deeper than the last.  His fingers curled against me, hitting that sweet spot that makes me feel like I am going to implode.

“Not that this is about orgasms,” he reminded me, “but I’m curious.  With other partners, or with yourself- what makes you cum, baby?”

It took me a minute to remember how to say words, and another to consider his question.  The truth was, I had two different answers- one for partners, and one for myself.  As I considered, he continued a regular pace of fingering me- enough to keep me stimulated, but backing off so that I could come up with a coherent thought.  How kind.

“With partners,” I began with effort, “fast.  And hard.”  He noticeably picked up the pace of his fingers. 

“Clit, or inside you?” he asked.

“Clit.” I said definitively.  I had never had an internal orgasm.  More on that later.

“Mmmm, good girl,” he said, adding a third finger and pressing extra deep inside me.  I moaned.  “And alone?”

Alone was, in truth, harder to answer.  “Reflex,” I said vaguely.  The truth was, I just knew what felt good.  I could match the external pressure to the internal feeling, and seemingly glided up the mountain instead of the crawl/climb that I had to do with a partner. 

“Say more,” he challenged.

I sighed, trying to pull some focus from his fingers to my own mind.  “Fast, but more…deliberate.  Less pressure,” I said, still considering.  Finally, something clicked.  “Fantasy…mental…my mind,” I said, fighting to hold onto the thought as his fingers in my pussy threatened to take it from me.

“Ah, your mind has to be engaged,” he said knowingly. 

“Yes,” I breathed, relieved that I didn’t have to find more words to explain myself. 

“Do you use your mind with a partner?” he asked, clearly on a path to somewhere.  My mind was much too fractured to follow.

“Yes,” I said.  “No,” I followed.  The truth was, my mind, as we have established throughout this piece, was often on other things when with a partner.  His pleasure, his needs.  Mine were forced into a secondary position, no matter the physical stimulation.


“Ah,” he said.  “I think we might be onto something.”  With that, his fingers picked up the pace, while his other hand rubbed my clit.  “Let it feel good,” he reminded.  “Don’t cum.”

When he said cum, something inside me clicked.  I had been climbing the mountain without even knowing it.  I could feel the telltale pull from deep inside me as he rubbed my clit.  Something pulling from my belly button downward to his fingers, drawing me closer and closer to release.

The excitement and surprise damn near killed me.

He kept going, my body clearly giving me away.  The tension built, and I remained completely dialled into it.  I chased that orgasm as I climbed, terrified that the precious pull would leave me and I would fall down, only to have to start again.

Imagine my horror when he pulled away entirely.

I groaned, disappointment radiating through my body in all the places where pleasure once was.

“I told you, tonight isn’t about cumming,” he chided, his tone chipper and light in the shadow of my dismay.

“Please,” I begged, still yet to feel the full weight of my situation.

His now soaked fingers circled back up to my nipples, tracing familiar patterns that he had established earlier that night.  My previous self consciousness as he traced my belly, my lines, my curves, had entirely evaporated.  All I wanted from him was stimulation; all I could focus on was pleasure.

My pleasure.

He came up to lay beside me, his clothes soft against my overstimulated body.  He kissed me deeply, appreciatively.  “You’ve been such a good girl,” he purred in my ear.

It’s a good thing my hands were tied, or I might’ve hit him.

“I’m proud of you.  You paid attention; you let it feel good,” he commended. 

“Thank you Sir,” I said automatically, desperate to win good favour in hopes of turning it into an orgasm.  I was floating somewhere above my body, half of my focus still on my throbbing and denied clit.

“I know it was cruel to edge you,” he admitted, “but it’s all part of the process.  Did it feel good?”

“Fuck yes,” I breathed, still trying to get myself back to earth. 

His fingers returned between my legs, and I was all too happy to oblige- not that my restrained legs gave me much choice in the matter.

I purred out a moan as his fingers stroked my swollen clit, loosely debating the value of asking to cum, knowing that he would say no.  I elected to be quiet- and let it feel good.

I focused on his fingers- I couldn’t see his face, couldn’t read his body language.  I had nothing to focus on but his touch, so I leaned in.

He stroked my clit back and forth, applying various amounts of pressure and watching my body react.  “That’s it, good girl, focus on my fingers,” he said gently, his breath tickling my ear as he whispered.

I could feel myself getting footing back on the mountain, and starting the climb as he stroked me.  I could hear the wetness between my legs, the sound adding to the decadent sensation.  All I wanted in that moment was an orgasm, and it was decidedly within grasp.  I was laser focused on the climb, completely oblivious to every other single thing around and within me.

He was patient, deliberate- bringing me step by step closer to where I wanted- needed- to be. 

“You aren’t going to cum tonight,” he reminded me, to my extreme disappointment.

“Please, Sir,” I breathed, the tendrils of release starting to slip through my fingers.

“I know you don’t like it,” he said obviously, “but it’s how you will learn.  You have to know that you can get there, and know that I can bring you there- that I want to.  You have to practice focusing your mind on your body, and in the moment- and only that.  You’ve done so well tonight, baby, but we are just beginning.”

The disappointment was crushing, even as his fingers continued to stroke.  I could hear a finality in his voice, and as new as I was to submission, I was smart enough to understand that he held all the cards.  My fate was in his hands, and while I felt that he was nurturing it, he was also denying me.

Not something that I had a terrible amount of experience with.

When he finally trailed his fingers up from my clit, across my belly, around my nipples, I breathed a sigh of- frustration, disappointment, relief?

The sigh was interrupted as he gently put his wet fingers into my mouth. 

“You taste so good, baby.  I had so much fun,” he said gently.  I sucked his fingers, enjoying my own taste and sinking into his voice.

My body was exhausted, and so was my mind.  He untied my restraints, taking his time to massage my limbs as they relaxed.  He finished with removing my blindfold.

I blinked my eyes until they focused on his, an unrelenting but somehow gentle stare.  “I am so proud of you, this is going to be so much fun,” he said with a smirk.

That moment, that smirk- was what got me.  I was his, as long as he would teach me.  I had never been so indulged, so understood.  I had had some great sex in my life, but nothing with that level of dedication to my pleasure.  He was clearly invested in me- in what made me tick, in what I needed, wanted- and I was along for the ride.  I wasn’t overthinking it, I wasn’t self-conscious.  I kissed him deeply, hoping to communicate my gratitude with my tongue.

I was ready to let it feel good- whatever came next.

Like Mr. Grey’s style? Read more about him here.


Sir is a layered man, with a huge cock. As you all well know, I don’t give undeserved compliments- especially to men- so trust me when I say…huge.

He has taught me a whole awful lot about intimacy, partnership, vulnerability.  He is easy to be around, disarmingly familiar, and makes me want to open myself up (which is no easy feat).  What started as a casual, age-inappropriate (he is in his mid-fifties) D/s dynamic, somehow morphed into sleepovers, gifts, and an unabashed honesty that I haven’t enjoyed in quite some time.

Sir has made me infinitely better at sucking cock.  I was good before, bordering on great- he has made me exceptional (if I do say so myself).  He has one of the biggest cocks I have ever been with- and not the meaty, half hard kind- he is rock hard, girthy, and long.  The first time I saw it, he told me that soon enough it would be all the way down my throat- I laughed.  When he told me that soon enough it would be buried in my ass, I panicked.

He wasn’t kidding.

He is a patient trainer, strict enforcer, and a gentle soul- quite a package.

He has contributed substantially to my growth as a sub, and probably- if I really think about it- as a human as well.  He challenges me physically and psychologically, and creates a safe place to do so. 

I can’t wait to tell you more about him.

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