The Misadventures of Jessica: The Slumber Party, Part 1

“Happy birthday to me!” Jessica exclaimed as she took a perfectly wrapped gift from her friend Amanda.  Her friends were set to arrive over the next hour or so for her party- a good old fashioned slumber party.  Jessica had pulled out all the stops- junk food, horror movies, sleeping bags, face masks, games- it was going to be the perfect retro night, reminiscent of elementary school.  Now that she was in college, though, there was one key difference- boys decidedly allowed.

Jessica’s boyfriend Scott had taken her out for a surprise dinner the night before to celebrate more privately; he had gifted her a gorgeous heart shaped locket that she was now wearing.  Inside the locket was a tiny photo of the two of them, taken on their first date.  Jessica already cherished the locket and told Scott she would never take it off.

The slumber party had a larger guest list than their intimate dinner for two.  Jessica had invited her closest college friends, including Scott and a few of his guy friends.  She had steadily become friends with his friends over the years that they had dated, and was grateful that everyone got along really well.  Jessica was excited about the slumber party- doing something so silly and fun was just the thing that they all needed after a gruelling round of midterms.  The mandatory pyjama dress code was in effect, and Jessica had purchased a new matching set just for the occasion.  She wore a pink satin buttoned shirt with matching shorts; the material skimmed her body perfectly and felt impossibly soft against her skin.  She was totally lost in the novelty of the party, excited about every detail.

“Quite a pile of gifts you’ve got there…you must have really great friends,” Jessica’s friend Lucy teased as she added a gift to the pile.  “Well, I said no gifts, but apparently those really great friends suck at listening,” Jessica laughed, secretly excited to be so spoiled.  Even the boys had brought gifts; Jessica wondered if Scott had encouraged it.  She watched him across the room as he dealt a round of cards to a few of the slumber partiers.  He was so quietly confident, and Jessica loved him with all of her heart.  

The party continued until the wee hours of the morning. An impromptu poker tournament turned into ice cream sundaes, and finally the group camped out in their sleeping bags on the floor to watch a scary movie.  Jessica snuggled up next to Scott, curling into him and sneaking kisses every time the movie made her jump.  A couple of their friends were also getting close under the blankets, and Jessica found herself smiling- what a wonderful birthday.

Everyone drifted off to sleep long before the movie credits rolled.  Jessica slept beside Scott, holding hands over top of their separate sleeping bags.  The others were scattered with blankets, sleeping bags, and pillows all around the room, junk food and loose playing cards scattered throughout the space.  Everyone in the room had succumbed to their very own junk food induced coma- with a few key exceptions.

“I think everyone’s asleep,” Dan whispered, gently shuffling out of his sleeping bag.  Lucy’s hand was across his waist, her last reach for the popcorn interrupted by sleep.  He moved her arm, taking extra care not to wake her.  Dan stood, surveying the room as a couple of his friends quietly stood up as well.  “Talk about a captive audience,” Dan smirked, “everyone is ripe for the taking, boys.  Where do we start?” he sneered, his friends surveying the room with him.

“I think the birthday girl is the obvious target,” Kyle whispered, taking a few steps closer to Jessica’s sleeping frame.  The others followed suit, five tall shadows circling her and Scott. 

 “Aw, look at the lovebirds holding hands,” Mike said sourly, “I’m sure Scott won’t mind sharing.”  He reached down, gently separating the couple’s entwined fingers.  Jessica stirred briefly, causing all of the men to freeze.  She took a deep breath, drifting further into sleep while the men relaxed.

“Scott doesn’t even have to know that he’s sharing,” Dan reminded the group. A big part of their pact was secrecy- no one but the five of them could know what they were doing. 

“Yah, man, we know,” Eric chimed in, bending to get a closer look at Jessica.  “She’s gorgeous- this is gonna be hot,” he said appreciatively.

“Okay, we can’t wake her up- no sudden movements- let’s get her as naked as we can without waking her up.  Kyle, Eric- you work on getting her tits out.  The rest of you, watch to make sure the others don’t wake up- especially him,” Dan said, gesturing toward a sleeping Scott.  He was right up against Jessica, making it extra difficult for them to do what they wanted to do.

The boys quickly got to work.  Eric quietly unzipped Jessica’s sleeping bag, exposing her body from head to toe.  They held their breath as he took it off her, watching her slim body shiver slightly as she adjusted to the cool air.  She was laying on her back, which was lucky- all they had to do was move her arms to get at the buttons on her shirt.  Eric and Kyle made quick work of the buttons, both clearly trying to temper their own enthusiasm to keep their movements deliberate and gentle.  When Kyle undid the last button, the pink satin opened to reveal stunning naked breasts.

“God, I love slumber parties,” Kyle whispered as he opened Jessica’s shirt.  Her nipples instantly stiffened in the cool air, goosebumps forming on her flesh as the men stared. 

 “She has such nice tits,” Dan agreed, taking a moment to survey the room.  

“Do you think we can get her out of her shorts without waking her or Scott up?” he asked, debating the issue himself.  “The pics will be better naked, and I bet if she isn’t wearing a bra then she isn’t wearing panties either,” he mused.

“Only one way to find out,” Mike said, bending over Jessica.  He gently hooked his fingers into the waistband of her pink satin shorts, lifting them to look inside.  “No panties,” he confirmed, “and no hair either.” 

A shiver of excitement went through the group of men as they weighed the pros and cons of their next move.  “We have to- she’s not even wearing panties.  It’s like she wants it,” Dan decided.  The others nodded.

Dan and Mike knelt beside Jessica as the others watched the room.  Dan gently worked one side of her shorts off her slim hips while Mike took the other side.  They kept their movements slow, taking breaks in between progress to let Jessica settle back into sleep.  Her breathing stayed even as they worked, each of the men stifling their own gasps as Dan and Mike exposed her bare pussy.  

“Fuck, I can’t believe this,” Kyle marvelled.  Dan pulled her shorts down her smooth legs, gently moving her feet out of them and tossing them aside.  He noted that her painted pink toes matched the pink satin exactly.  “She’s perfect,” he said, standing to admire Jessica in all of her nakedness.

“Now the fun begins,” Mark said from slightly behind the boys.  While they undressed Jessica, he had been prepping his camera.  Mark was a photography major, and was poised to take photos of Jessica’s unsuspecting form.  “Okay, look out- I want to get some just as she is now, before we start to move her,” he said, stepping closer to Jessica.  Scott was still asleep next to her, and he made sure to include him in some of the initial photos.  “Poor guy has no idea,” he said, more to himself than anyone.

Mark took some close ups of Jessica’s perfect tits, zooming in on her hard nipples and the curve of her full breasts.  He took some full body shots, making sure to include the open sleeping bag and her pink satin pyjamas casually strewn beside her.  He took photos of her hairless pussy, focusing on the curve and angles where her thighs came together.  “We need to open her legs,” he ordered, and Kyle was quick to oblige.

Kyle gingerly wrapped his hand around Jessica’s slender ankle, spreading her legs for the camera.  Mark knelt, putting his camera between her legs to photograph her most intimate area.  “I want more,” Mark said as he eagerly snapped his photos, and his friends understood.

Dan got on the other side of Jessica, and he and Kyle gently parted the lips of her pussy.  Jessica stirred, causing all of the men to freeze- but she soon relaxed.  They all took a collective deep breath, while Dan and Kyle held Jessica’s pussy open for the camera.  Mark made sure to get her face in the photos too, making an effort to capture every vulnerable moment.

“Fuck, I’m hard,” Eric said as he watched.  The others nodded and grunted in agreement, each of them starting to stroke their hardening cocks as Mark finished up.  He reached out to cup each one of Jessica’s breasts, capturing the further violation on his camera before the main event.

“Okay, who’s first?” he said, stepping back to get a wider view through his lens.  “It’s gotta be me,” Eric said, already stepping up to the plate.  He had his cock out, rock hard as his hands stroked it.  He knelt beside Jessica, cupping her breast as Mark just had.  Mark snapped photo after photo as Eric molested her, and made sure to capture every second as he shot ropes of hot cum onto her perfect tits.  His cum covered the delicate chain and locket that Scott had given her the night before.

Dan was up next, standing over Jessica as he stroked himself.  While Dan decided where he wanted to paint Jessica, Kyle knelt at her feet.  He took his cock out of his pyjama pants, gently placing it between her feet.  Kyle loosely closed his hand around her pink painted toes and began to thrust his hips slightly to rub his cock between her feet.  

Dan eventually decided to add his load to Eric’s, leaving Jessica’s tits and locket absolutely covered in cum.  Mike was up next, taking some time to rub his cock over her sleeping face before he came in her hair.  Mark eagerly snapped photo after photo of the abuse, feeling his own cock tightening his pyjama pants.  Kyle remained at Jessica’s feet, using them to harden his cock as he watched his friends molest her.  Mark took his own cock out, watching Kyle’s slide between her feet as he kept snapping pictures of her cum covered body.

Kyle’s cock exploded all over her feet, his hot sticky cum running between her toes and down the soles of her feet.  Mark bent lower to capture the intricacies of such a violation, and decided that he needed to add his to that exact picture.  He used his own seed to cover the rest of her feet, laying on the floor at her feet to get the perfect angle as cum dripped down her gorgeous toes.  He could see her cum covered feet perfectly in the foreground, and snapped at photos at such an angle that the rest of her naked body was also in the frame.

“Guys, this is easily our best work,” he said enthusiastically as he snapped the last few photos.  When Mark had finished, Dan took Jessica’s sleeping bag and covered her with it.  The last part of the plan was the most important- they had to make sure that she woke up before everyone else, in order to give her a chance to get herself cleaned up before they were discovered.  

They were fairly confident that she wouldn’t say anything to anyone, particularly with her sleeping boyfriend beside her.  It would be pretty hard to explain why you woke up naked and covered in cum while your boyfriend slept beside you.

The men quickly went back to their own sleeping quarters, tucking themselves into their sleeping bags as if nothing had happened.  Dan carefully lobbed a pillow toward Jessica, hitting her gently in the face with it.  She stirred, but didn’t wake.  He threw another, and this time her breathing changed- he knew that he had woken her.

Each of the men laid there in silence, waiting to hear her reaction.

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The Misadventures of Jessica: A Day at the Beach

It was a gorgeous day for a visit to the beach.  Jessica and a group of friends from school had met early, all carpooling to a nearby beach for a day of fun in the sun.  She was wearing a bright red bikini, with red toe and nail polish to match.  Her boyfriend, Scott was driving, with a few of his friends in the backseat.  Another car of friends was behind them, everyone excited to blow off some steam.

They arrived at the beach, scouting out the perfect sunny spot to set up.  The ocean waves sounded peaceful, Jessica thought, as she put her towel down beside her friend Amy’s.  “This is going to be the perfect day,” Amy said as she rooted around for some sunscreen.  “Hey, Jessica, will you get my back?”  Jessica grabbed the lotion, squirting a generous amount into her hands and rubbing it into Amy’s toned shoulders.  She delicately untied her friend’s bikini top, moving it to the side so that she didn’t miss any spots.  She also reached her hand slightly into her friend’s bottoms, rubbing lotion onto the top of her ass, “just to avoid tan lines,” she said helpfully.  “Thanks, girl, I can do you now if you want,” Amy said, grabbing the lotion.

“Not so fast,” Scott said with a smile, “I’ve got your back Jessica.”  He winked at Jessica, sending shivers down her body- no matter how long they were together, she hoped that he always had that effect on her.  His strong hands massaged the lotion into her, repeating the same motions that she had on Amy, down to untying the bikini top. 

“Woah, Jessica, better keep those hands where they are or you’ll give us all a show,” their friend Chris joked.  Jessica rolled at her eyes, crossing her arms and holding her untied top a little tighter under Chris’s gaze.  Their friends Juan and Malcolm joined the group, each taking a moment to look Jessica’s vulnerable frame up and down.  Their gazes did not make her feel the butterflies that Scott’s did

“Okay babe, all done!” he said finally.  He fumbled with the back of her swimsuit, finally securing it. 

“Thanks,” Jessica said, making a show of kissing Scott in front of the guys. 

“Okay, you two, get a room!” Amy laughed, throwing her sunhat at them.  Jessica laughed too, and the boys went to throw the frisbee around.  

Jessica and Amy laid in the sun, each of them reading a book and sipping cucumber water.  Jessica was so relaxed that she may have even dozed off for a bit- that was until the boys returned.  “Hey, that looks like a really good idea,” Scott said, parking himself beside Jessica and offering a kiss hello.  “I could really go for a nap in the sun.”  Amy agreed, mumbling that it was highly recommended as she rolled over, continuing her own nap. 

“Forget naps, let’s go in the water!” Malcolm said, already walking toward the rolling waves. 

“Naw, I’m gonna have a nap- I’ll be in later,” Scott said. 

“Ugh, fine- Jessica, you come with us instead- we need four for our game,” Chris said.  “Plus, you already napped!” he said with a smile.

Jessica was torn- she really wanted to lay with Scott in the sun, holding hands and just being close to him.  She was also sweating like crazy, and could really use a dip.  “Go, babe, go as tribute for me while I get some zzs,” Scott joked, lightly smacking Jessica on the ass.  “I’ve hung out with those bozos all morning,” he said through a smile. 

“Oh, fine,” Jessica said, getting up and walking toward the water, “I’m going.”  She could feel Scott’s eyes on her as she walked toward the water, so made an extra show of swinging her hips so that her ass jiggled in her red bikini bottoms.  When she reached the cool water, she took a few long strides and dove in.  By the time she looked back at him, he was already asleep.

She swam out to meet the boys, surprised at how far ahead of her they were.  She took some easy strokes in the water, grateful for years of lifeguarding when she was younger.  She picked up her pace, pleased that the muscle memory was still there.  She cut through the waves crashing above her with ease, making it out to the boys in what she thought was pretty good time.  She dipped her head under water to get her hair out of her face, finally finding her footing in the deep water.

The water was up almost to her shoulders, which is perhaps why she didn’t immediately realize why the guys were looking at her so funny.  She met Chris’s eyes first, and saw them lower to her chest.  Malcolm and Juan seemed to be having a similar issue.  Jessica’s own eyes followed theirs, suddenly seeing that she was missing her bikini top.  “Oh my god!” she exclaimed, covering her exposed nipples with her hands, “why didn’t any of you say anything?!” 

Chris spoke first. “Sorry, we were a little…distracted,” he said obviously, to the laughter of the other guys.  “You have great tits, Jessica,” Juan said.  Malcolm was silent, drawing Jessica’s attention.  He was looking just over her shoulder, back from where she had come.  She was hesitant to turn and follow his gaze, lest she flash the rest of the beach.  It wasn’t particularly crowded, and they had swum out further than any of the other patrons by a long shot.  She doubted that anyone would even be able to tell that she was nude from the waist up, especially because of the water level.  Even still, she didn’t want to take any chances.

While she was engaged in this internal battle, Malcolm leapt past her, jostling her exposed breasts and causing her hands to drop from her nipples momentarily.  She righted her footing, crossing her arms in front of her breasts modestly.  “Got it,” Malcolm said triumphantly, holding a small red piece of fabric out of the water. 

“Oh, thanks, Malcolm,” Jessica said in relief.  She went to reach for her top, cupping both breasts with her other hand, when Malcolm threw it over her head.  

She instinctively jumped for it, forgetting that she was naked.  Her breasts fell out of her grasp, with both hands reaching up to catch the swimsuit top.  She jumped as high as she could and reached for it, but it was way over her head and landed in Juan’s grasp instead.  Jessica came back down with a lurch, her exposed breasts bouncing in the water before she covered them again with her hands.  “Not funny, Malcolm- give me my top back, Juan,” she said, starting to get annoyed. 

Juan examined the top in his hands, as if considering her request.  “Naw, I think you look better without it,” he said, throwing it to Chris.  

They played keepaway with it for a while, forcing Jessica to dart between the three of them while they tossed the top, her breasts inevitably jiggling free of her grasp as she desperately tried to get possession of her top.  She leapt toward Malcolm as Chris threw it toward him, her nipples brushing against him as she fought to get the top from his hands.  He easily overpowered her, throwing the top to Juan before she could wrest it from him.  Jessica didn’t even have a chance to charge Juan before he had thrown it to Chris. “Come on, guys, please- the joke is over- just give me my top,” she said, starting to feel panicked. 

Chris just leered at her, spinning the top around his finger.  “It barely covers you anyway, Jessica, you might as well not even wear it,” he said, baiting her.

She lunged at him, her arms freeing her breasts as they tried to close around his neck.  She fought him desperately, not realizing or caring that her breasts were directly in his face as she wrapped her legs around his waist.  “Give it back, Chris!” she exclaimed, desperation creeping into her voice.  Chris was quite a bit taller than she was, and easily held it out of her grasp while she clawed at his chest. 

“We like you better without it,” he said finally, pushing her off of him- by holding her breast.

Jessica allowed herself to be pushed off of him, if only because of the shock of him grabbing her breast.  “Give it back,” she said quietly, her defeat beginning to sink in. 

“You can have it back, maybe-” he said, a smirk on his face, “if you’re a good girl.”  Malcolm and Juan smirked at this too, closing into a circle around her.

“We will give it back to you, Jessica, but you will have to earn it back,” Chris said simply.  Jessica had no idea what he was talking about, so said nothing.  “You can start by kissing Malcolm,” he said, sneering as the reality of what he was saying sunk in on Jessica. 

“I am not kissing him- or any of you, for that matter.  My boyfriend is on the beach right now- and I love him.  Absolutely not,” Jessica said incredulously.

“Well, that’s your choice,” he said calmly, “but it’s you who is going to have to walk all the way back to Scott without a top on and explain to him that all of his friends saw your tits.  Not to mention all the kids on the beach,” he said.  As he was talking, Juan was getting closer to Jessica.  She didn’t realize until he pulled at the string of her bottoms.  She fought back immediately, blindly kicking her legs under the water.  One half of her bottoms was undone, and she desperately fought to keep the other half on.  Her hands clung to the fabric, forgetting about covering her breasts.  

Malcolm wrapped her in a bear hug, her back facing his chest.  He closed his hands over her breasts, roughly kneading them and pinching her nipples as she kicked toward Juan.  “Stop! Don’t touch me!” she said in her most threatening voice.  Her mouth was covered by Malcolm almost instantly, so no one could hear her scream.  She kicked her painted toes out of the water, aiming for Juan’s nose.  She missed, giving him the perfect opportunity to unite the other side of her bottoms and pocket them.  

Jessica’s body relaxed as soon as she realized she had lost the fight.  She leaned into Malcolm’s embrace, the fight draining from her body as her naked vulnerability set in.  “Guys, please- don’t do this,” she begged, her voice small.  “Please don’t hurt me,” she said quietly.

“It won’t hurt if you don’t fight it, Jessica,” Chris said kindly, tucking a piece of her dark hair behind her ears.  “From the beach it’ll just look like we are playing a game,” he said reassuringly, “Scott doesn’t have to know.  If you be a good girl for us, we will give you back your clothes and you can walk back to the beach with dignity,” Chris said, acting as if he were still her friend. 

“If she can still walk,” Malcolm muttered under his breath, making Jessica’s heart sink.  

“We won’t tell Scott, and neither will you,” Chris said authoritatively.  “We don’t want to hurt him- he’s our friend.  We just want a piece of you,” he said, squeezing her breast as Malcolm held her still.  “If you scream, Malcolm will hold you under the water until you stop,” he said, his voice instantly changing to threatening before he kindly said, “so be a good girl, okay?”

All Jessica could do was nod.  Her boyfriend’s closest friends were about to rape her, and there was nothing that she could do about it.  She steeled herself, trying to prepare to be humiliated.

“Now, where were we- oh yes- kiss Malcolm,” Chris ordered.  She could see his hand drift under the water, no doubt to stroke his cock.  Malcolm grabbed her by the waist and turned her toward him, his mouth closing on hers greedily.  His tongue invaded her, demanding far more than she was willing to give.  He cupped her bare ass under the water, lifting her slightly to gain better access.  She lost her balance, finally having to wrap her legs around him to keep herself from falling.  “That’s it, good girl- get into it,” Chris encouraged.

Juan stood beside them, stroking his cock.  He grabbed one of Jessica’s breasts as she kissed Malcolm, gently teasing her nipple.  She was dismayed to find that it hardened in his fingers.  “Mmm, I think she likes it,” he whispered. 

“I’m cold,” Jessica stammered, relieved as Malcolm removed his tongue from her mouth. 

“Let’s see,” he said, taking her other nipple into his mouth.  Jessica swallowed a moan, pushing against his chest in vain to create some distance.  He just held her tighter, pressing her breast into his eager mouth.  

“I want some,” Chris said, and Malcolm turned her around again so that her back was to his chest.  He held her firmly, arms behind her back in his strong grasp.  Her breasts were forced outward, easily accessible by both men.  As Jessica stood there with her arms bound, she felt Malcolm’s cock twitch against her hands.  “Such great tits, Jessica,” Chris said, cupping the one that wasn’t already in Juan’s mouth.  He flicked his tongue on her nipple a few times, and Jessica shivered in spite of herself.  Her hand brushed up against Malcolm’s hard cock, and she immediately tried to move away.

“It makes me wonder what’s waiting for us down here,” Chris said, trailing his hand down her smooth stomach.  Sheer panic welled up in her as she realized that he was going to take her most private place. 

“Chris, no,” she whispered, knowing that he wasn’t listening.  He reached between her legs, instantly feeling slippery wetness, beyond the ocean water.  “Mmm, I think she’s enjoying herself,” he said, “you dirty girl.”  He kissed Jessica deeply as he pressed his fingers into her reluctant hole.  “That’s it, get it nice and wet,” he said between kisses, “this pussy has some work to do.”

Jessica felt tears fall down her cheeks as he moved in front of her.  He reached down to grab her legs, and she took the opportunity to fight back.  She landed a hard kick with both feet at his chest, using Malcolm’s tight hold on her as leverage to get her legs up.  Chris stumbled back a few paces, his head dipping under the water momentarily.  “You little bitch,” he said through barred teeth, “I told you to be a good girl.  This won’t be nearly as pleasant if you do that again,” he said, approaching her again to rape her.  This time she didn’t fight or kick- she knew that it would be no use- but it did feel good to get him at least once.

Chris put her legs on his shoulders, no doubt to keep her kicking to a minimum.  Her red painted toes shone in the sunlight; Jessica focused on the happy colour as Chris slid his cock inside her.  He was much bigger than Scott, and the resistance of the water had her moaning.  “That’s it, Jessica, take that cock,” he said, starting to thrust.  Malcolm’s body was as strong as a brick wall, offering Chris the perfect resistance to drive his cock deep inside her.  Jessica focused on her red glistening toes, channeling happier times in hopes that the rape would be over quickly.  She didn’t even stir as Malcolm wrapped her hands around his cock, encouraging her to stroke it as Chris fucked her.  She even lost sight of Juan, who had been attached to her tits somehow since it had all started.  

He resurfaced at her toes, taking them into his mouth and breaking her focus.  Now the thing that she was focused on to find a happy place had also been ruined.  Juan sucked her toes over Chris’s shoulder with the same enthusiasm that he had been using on her nipples moments before.  She felt his teeth nibble at her, and moaned at the horrible scene.  He massaged her feet, which would have felt great under very different circumstances- without her friend’s cock in her pussy, and another in her hands, for example.

“Fuck, she feels amazing, boys, who’s up next?” Chris asked, finally pulling out of Jessica’s pussy.  He took over holding her for Malcolm, who moved to kiss her again.  “That’s it, whore, kiss him while you wrap your hands around my cock,” Chris said, holding her hands just as Malcolm had. 

Malcolm kissed her while he reached between her legs, stroking her clit.  Juan continued sucking her toes until Malcolm invited him to fuck her.  “Looks like you’re next in line, Juan,” he said, “I’ve got her good and ready for you.”  He continued to stroke Jessica’s clit as Juan entered her, finally evoking a moan from her mouth that Malcolm captured with a kiss. 

Chris held her wrists on his cock with one hand, and fondled and pinched her breasts with the other.  “Such a good girl,” he whispered in her ear.  His voice was both gentle and threatening.

When it was Malcolm’s turn to rape her, Chris continued to hold her hands.  Malcolm wrapped her legs around his waist, driving his cock into her without warning.  She wrapped her ankles around him, if only to hold on to some ounce of sanity as he penetrated her.  She could feel Juan back at her feet, this time holding them around his hard cock.  She could picture her painted red toes just under the water, wrapped around yet another cock that had just raped her.  Juan massaged her feet and toes while she gave him a foot job, all the while Malcolm raped her pussy and Chris molested her breasts.

She was utterly helpless, her body having long gone limp from resisting.  They were using her like a rag doll, her only protests being the silent tears rolling down her cheeks.  She tried uttering the odd “please stop,” but it just made them fuck her harder so she went quiet.

“She’s been such a good girl, hasn’t’ she guys?” Chris asked in a patronizing tone.  “You’re almost done Jessica- we are going to paint you with cum, but will give you a little reward first,” he said, his touch again turning gentle.  “You’ve been so good, and you’re going to give each of us such a good orgasm, that it’s only fair that you get one too.  I bet you’ve never had three guys make you cum before,” he said, gently teasing her nipple.  Malcolm’s thrusting slowed, his more deliberate actions giving her instant butterflies.  Juan appeared again at her side, taking a nipple into his mouth and pressing his fingers to her clit.  Her body relaxed, the rape starting to feel good for the first time.

Jessica let out a moan, pleasing each of the men.  “That’s it, let it feel good.  See Jessica? We aren’t monsters, we’re your friends,” Juan said, gently rubbing her clit while she moaned.  He reached a hand underneath her, feeling around for her asshole.  Her body tensed, but Chris kissed her neck, whispering in her hear.  “Just relax, we will make it feel good,” he said, and she obeyed.

Juan’s finger entered her ass slowly; she focused on relaxing around it while Malcolm thrusted into her pussy and Juan rubbed her clit.  “That’s it, good girl,” Juan said, finally pressing his finger a couple of knuckles deep.  He manipulated her asshole and her clit at a similar pace, and Jessica could feel herself nearing the edge.  With one man’s hands on her breasts, another on her clit and asshole, and yet another fucking her pussy, she was completely overcome with sensation and need.  She was freely moaning, her body no longer squirming to get away, but squirming to cum.  

“That’s it, good girl- let it out,” Chris cooed into her ear.  His gentle voice coaxed her nearer and nearer to the edge.  The contrast from the earlier roughness and the current gentle touches from all of the men- her friends- had her feeling strangely safe.  Her body was exhausted, and she could feel her last reserves of energy building into an orgasm.  She grinded herself against Malcolm’s cock and the other guys’ hands, her moans becoming more urgent.  “She’s going to cum, I can feel it on my cock,” Malcolm said excitedly. 

“Cum, Jessica,” Chris said firmly, and she did.

Chris put his hand over her mouth to muffle her scream as her orgasm took hold; she writhed and squirmed against all three men as her body convulsed, a tidal wave of pleasure rushing through her from head to toe.  When she was finished, she lay limp in her three friends’ embrace, her consciousness floating somewhere above them.  She felt totally out of touch with her body, and let them gently carry her to slightly shallower water.  

They had drifted quite a bit to the side of the beach, so even in the shallow water they were far away from the others.  They gently sat Jessica down on the sand, so that the water was up over her shoulders but her head was at the height of their three cocks.  “Suck,” Chris said, as Malcolm stuffed his cock into Jessica’s mouth.  She didn’t react at all; her body and mind were so spent from the rape and the orgasm that she received Malcolm’s cock easily.  He thrusted into her throat a few times, her lips closing and sucking him without her mind even telling it to- Chris had told her to, which apparently was enough. 

Malcolm used her mouth until he was ready to cum, pulling out of her and moving behind her to spray his cum into her wet hair.  Juan was next, repeating the exact same motions as Malcolm; he used her mouth to bring himself to the edge, his thrusting slightly more aggressive than Malcolm’s.  If Jessica had any strength left she would’ve gagged, or begged, or something- but as she was, she just sat there as Malcolm’s cum dripped down her hair, mixing with the salt water and Juan raped her mouth.  He added his cum to Malcolm’s, and Chris moved himself into her mouth.

“You have been such a good girl, Jessica,” he said kindly, taking slow and deliberate thrusts all the way into her willing throat.  “Our cum will stay in your hair for the rest of the day, giving you a reminder of our little game,” he said, gently cupping her face to see that she understood.  “You’ll want to put it up so that no one can tell,” he continued, “and if Scott notices, tell him it’s sunscreen- only we will know the truth- only we know what a good little girl you are,” he said, his thrusts getting more and more urgent.  Jessica nodded, vaguely, continuing to take his cock in her throat.  Chris emptied his balls onto her hair as well, and knelt behind her to tie it up in a cum-filled bun.

With that, the boys gave her back her swimsuit.

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Learning to Cum: My Foray into Orgasm Control- Part 1

I had to lose control of my body to gain control of my orgasms.

Prior to my foray into BDSM, I could not reliably cum with a partner.  Sure, I could get myself off- at an Olympic level pace- but with a partner I found it way too hard to stay in the moment.  Instead of focusing on the climb to orgasm, I would find myself distracted:

“Fuck yes that feels good, a little to the left, don’t stop!”

“Am I moaning enough to let him know I like it? Is it too much? Does it sound like I’m trying to be a porn star?”

“I need to remember to take the laundry out of the dryer…shit, no, focus!”

“What does my face look like right now?”

“Did I send that email before I left the office? I need to remember to call that person in the morning.”


“Is he bored? It’s been a while…he’s probably bored.”

“This is just not going to happen for me tonight.  Do I fake it? I don’t want to hurt his feelings…he really is trying…okay, Oscar winning performance in 3…2…1…”

The female orgasm isn’t something that we talk about enough- and I would bet that any woman who happens to be reading this can relate.  When we cum, it isn’t just a physical reaction; the mental gymnastics required to achieve orgasm- especially with a partner- are intense.  You need to stay present in the moment, and pay attention to your body.  Once you grasp the thread of the big O, you need to do everything you can to hold on tight.  And guys, when we say don’t stop- we mean don’t move even a centimeter to the left or change the pressure- just keep going, exactly as you are.  Probably best not to breathe too heavily for fear of changing the pace.

All of this is to say that before BDSM, I found it hard to cum with a partner.  It certainly happened, but it was sporadic and unpredictable.  There is a lot of stigma associated with discussing such a thing with a partner- does it mean that I am just bad at sex? Is there something wrong with me? And then of course there are the partners who say “Oh, it’s just because you haven’t been with me yet.” Eye. Roll.  The more pressure you put on an orgasm, the harder it is to grasp.

When Mr Grey and I first started playing together, he asked me point blank if I was able to cum with a partner- as if it was totally natural not to be able to.  The truth was that I had cum with him our first time, but that was quite a rarity- particularly with a new partner.  I debated downplaying it, but in the interest of our shared commitment to honesty as we embarked on the D/s adventure, I gave him the whole truth.  He nodded in understanding when I told him that I have a hard time staying in the moment.  He normalized it, and then explained how for some folks surrendering control can help to take the pressure off.  It was with that spirit- no pressure- that we began.

Our first session began with him tying my wrists and ankles at the four corners of the bed.  I was laying on my back, fully naked and exposed.  He remained fully clothed.  He explained that part of my submission would be to surrender my orgasms to him- he would decide when I get to cum, and I would need to ask his permission to do so.  I nodded along, having seen the likes of it in porn, the butterflies in my stomach drowning out any nerves.  I pulled against the restraints, testing their narrow limits as he explained what the session was about.

“You are not going to cum tonight,” he said to my surprise.  “Tonight is about me getting to know your body, and you getting to know my touch.  I want you to pay attention to how every touch makes you feel.  Focus your mind, and drown out all else.  You will focus on my voice, my hands, and my mouth- but you will not cum.”

You can imagine my confusion- I thought that the whole point of this is for me to learn how to cum with a partner.  Now he’s telling me I can’t?  I decided to trust the process (which is really not in my nature- but when you’re tied to a bed- what choice do you have?).  He then blindfolded me, which I realized later was to help me focus- if I am not worried about making eye contact/what my face looks like, I can better focus on what’s happening to my body- smart man.

“Yes, Sir,” I replied- and he began.

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The Misadventures of Jessica: A Day at the Office

A Day at the Office

Jessica snapped a photo of herself in the mirror.  She had just gotten out of the shower, and had her hair wrapped in a towel.  She was otherwise nude.  “Just a little treat for Scott,” she thought, snapping a couple of different angles.  She got a look at the time out of the corner of her eye and realized that she was VERY late for work.  She quickly hit send on her two favourites- one with her squeezing one of her perfect nipples, and the other with her leg up on the counter, fully exposing her cute pussy- smiling to herself as she imagined the kind of reaction that Scott would have when he received them at work.

Jessica’s day continued on as usual; she was interning at a large communications firm and spent a large chunk of her day writing copy.  It was somewhat boring work, but the internship provided invaluable networking opportunities for her career.  She was a little surprised that she hadn’t yet gotten a text back from Scott, but assumed that perhaps he was just having a busy day.  It was for this reason that she didn’t understand why Mark stopped by her office.

Mark was one of the full-time staff at the firm.  He was a few years older than her, and worked in her unit.  She hadn’t had a ton of interaction with him beyond being given tasks, but they got along well.  “Are you having a good morning so far, Jessica?” he asked, a smirk playing on his face as he entered her office and closed the door. 

Jessica raised her eyebrow at the closed door, but assumed that perhaps he had something confidential for her to work on.  “It’s been good so far,” Jessica said brightly, her curiosity definitely piqued.  She waited for him to continue.

“Glad to see you were able to get all cleaned up for work,” he said, the smirk turning into a malicious grin.  Jessica’s smile faltered as she got the distinct feeling that she was on the outside of an inside joke. 

 “What…what do you mean?” she asked, confused. 

 “Oh, nothing,” Mark said casually, “I just want you to know how much we value…cleanliness…in this office.”

Jessica’s stomach began to feel upset- clearly Mark was having a bit of fun at her expense, but she didn’t understand what he was getting at.  “Um, okay,” Jessica said, blushing.  She didn’t like this feeling one bit. 

Mark perched on the side of her desk, fiddling with a couple of pens.  “So I received an interesting text message this morning,” Mark said nonchalantly, 

Finally, Jessica thought, he’s getting down to business.  “Oh? From which client?” she asked, relieved that the conversation was steering more toward work. 

“From an employee, actually,” he said, making intense eye contact.  Jessica found herself flushing, and looked down at her painted toes instead.  “From you, Jessica,” he said, not taking his eyes off of her.

“From me?” she said, suddenly confused again, “But I didn’t…” 

Jessica’s heart sank.

She grabbed her phone frantically, silently willing away what she knew deep down was the truth.  She opened her text history with Scott.  “I love you, babe” was the last text that he sent- last night.  There were no photos.

“No, no no no no no no!” Jessica exclaimed, going back through her text messages.  Mark was the second text, as he had messaged her the night before about a meeting location change.  “No, no.  No I didn’t…” Jessica mumbled, opening the thread.  Sure enough, the two very explicit nudes that she had meant to send to her boyfriend were sent to her colleague instead.

“Oh yes, yes yes yes yes yes,” Mark teased, clearly enjoying Jessica’s discomfort. 

“Mark, I didn’t mean to send those…oh my god, I am so sorry.  Please delete them…please…please don’t fire me,” Jessica stammered, her face the same colour as her crimson toenail polish.  “Oh my god, that’s why you’re here- to fire me,” Jessica said, her body feeling completely panicked.

“No, I’m not here to fire you,” Mark said, his face gently smiling, “I think that we can work something else out.  I am not going to tell anyone about this- well, beyond the few people that I’ve already told.  This will be our secret, Jessica, but you are going to have to do something for me.”

“Anything,” Jessica said naively, relieved that she would still have her job, and not have to leave in scandal. 

“Good girl,” Mark said, “I have scheduled us a meeting for just after work.  You will attend, and myself plus a few others will let you know what you’ll need to do to keep your job- a project of sorts.  Does that sound okay?”

Jessica was so filled with relief that she didn’t even balk at the notion of others knowing about the photos.  “Yes, Mark, yes, of course.  I will do any additional work that you need- thank you so much for letting me keep my job,” Jessica said, resisting the urge to hug him.  “I promise it won’t happen again.”

“We’ll see about that,” Mark said slyly as he left her office.

The sick feeling stayed with Jessica all day.  She realized that she would have to tell Scott about her mistake- not that she cheated on him, but she had accidentally sent another man photos of herself nude- she felt it much better to come clean about things than to try to hide it.  Plus, she certainly needed to debrief the day with him after the emotional rollercoaster that she had been through.

The hours dragged on, but finally the workday ended.  Mark hadn’t booked their meeting into her work calendar; instead he had replied to her ill-fated text to tell her to meet him and “the others” in the upstairs boardroom.  Jessica could vaguely picture it- she had only ever been to a meeting there once, with some big wigs from the company.  It was on the executive level and had a huge boardroom table surrounded by black leather chairs.  She gathered her things, stopping by the washroom to touch up her makeup before heading upstairs.  Yes, everyone in the room had seen her naked, but she still wanted to look her best.

She was surprised to see four men in the boardroom when she arrived.  She was even more surprised to see the two photos that she’d mistakenly sent blown up on the projector for everyone to see.  Her nakedness stared back at her, and she felt her face flush instantly.  Why Mark had felt the need to put her on display like that was beyond her- it was totally cruel- but, if this was the worst consequence of her mistake she supposed that she could live with it.

“Thank you for coming, Jessica,” he said kindly, “please have a seat.  These are my colleagues- some of the senior executives of the company- meet Luke, Van, and Raoul. 

Jessica waved meekly, taking her seat and smoothing out her skirt on her lap. She sat up straight, determined to preserve some sort of dignity through her humiliation.  “I want to thank you all again for not firing me for such a carless and grave error,” she said politely.

“You are welcome,” Mark said, “it was certainly a possibility. Luckily, I was able to talk my colleagues into a different option.  As we discussed this morning, you will need to complete an additional project for us- or, rather, a series of projects- to make up for this mistake.  Are you willing to do this?” he asked, knowing the answer.

“Yes, of course.  I will do anything that you need me to do to rectify my mistake,” Jessica said earnestly. 

“See?” Mark said to the others, “I told you she was amenable.”  

“Jessica, these photos caused quite a stir among us.  You have given us each quite a distraction throughout our workdays, and our productivity was decreased as a result.  That is unacceptable, and unsustainable for the company.  We need to make sure that we are all able to do our jobs effectively and are free from such pent up tension.  Don’t you agree?” Mark said, his tone vaguely patronizing.

“Yes, of course,” Jessica agreed quickly, “I didn’t mean to be such a distraction.  I didn’t mean for anyone to see these photos at work.  I am so very sorry,” she said politely, tucking a strand of her dark hair behind her ear. 

“You may not have meant to, but you were.  So, in order to repair the harm caused, you will need to help us to relieve the tension that you’ve built up so that we can do our jobs effectively.  Do you understand?”

Jessica considered his words- she again had the distinct feeling that he was dangling the point just out of her grasp.  “I…I’m sorry,” she said, her voice shaking slightly, “I don’t think I follow.”

“We are going to fuck you senseless,” Raoul said plainly, causing the other men in the room to laugh.  Jessica’s heart rate increased, and her palms immediately started to sweat.  There was no way he was serious…was he?

“I…I have a boyfriend,” she said lamely, hoping that they would reveal that they were joking. 

“You have a boyfriend, yet you sent nudes to another man- tsk tsk,” Luke said, standing from his chair and striding toward her.  He put his hand on her shoulder, moving her blazer to the side so that his skin touched hers. 

She turned away from him, crossing her arms over her chest to protect herself.  “I am not having sex with you…with any of you,” she said with as much confidence as she could muster.  She tried to stand, but Luke easily pressed her back down in her chair.

“We aren’t asking, Jessica,” he said, his voice laced with lust and cruelty.  “You said that you would do anything to keep your job- this is the anything.  It’s a simple ask, really.  You made us all hard all day, and now you have to deal with the consequences of that.  If you don’t, we could always send your photos out to everyone at the company- we are a communications firm, after all- we can disseminate all sorts of information.  We could also just fire you- really, the possibilities are endless. This solution really is the lesser of all evils, wouldn’t you agree?”

Jessica felt like she as going to be sick.  Luke’s hand squeezed her shoulder, reminding her that she was not permitted to leave.  “Please, don’t do this to me,” she said quietly, her mind fighting to catch up and find a different way to handle and escape the situation.  She could always scream, but it was after hours- there was no one around to hear her.  With four men against her, there was no way she would be able to physically escape.

“Now, let’s get you out of these clothes- we much prefer the…natural…version of you- like these lovely photos,” Mark said, nodding to Luke and Van.  Van rose to stand beside Luke, and both men removed her blazer roughly.  Jessica tried to fight against them, but they were much too strong and easily overpowered her.  They tugged her blouse out of her skirt, wrestling it over her head while she begged them not to.  Van unhooked her bra while Luke held her arms, the flimsy material easily falling off of her slim frame.  Van threw it at Raoul, who caught it and swung it around his finger.  

“Let’s see those gorgeous breasts,” Mark said.  Jessica was doing her best to keep her arms crossed around them, but once Luke and Van each took an arm, she was fully exposed.  “That’s much better,” he said appreciatively.  Raoul whistled.  “Let’s get her up on the desk so that we can get under that skirt,” Mark said, and the two men at her sides easily lifted her out of her chair.

Jessica tried to kick at them, but all that did was kick off her shoes.  They sat her roughly on the boardroom table, Mark and Raoul coming to her side to hold her down.  Jessica was struggling as much as she could, kicking and clawing at her captors, but to no avail.  “If you would just relax, you might actually enjoy yourself,” Raoul said, pinching her nipple.  Jessica cried out, doubling her efforts to get free.

Luke removed her stockings and panties, and hiked her skirt over her hips. Her pussy was completely exposed to the men, who all took a moment to appreciate the scene.  “I bet she’s soaked,” Mark said, “such a naughty little slut who sends nude pictures must always have a wet, needy pussy.”  She felt Van’s fingers part her lips, as Mark dipped his inside her.  “So, so, wet, you little slut,” he said to Jessica, licking his fingers clean.  Beside her, she heard a belt and zipper being undone before she felt Luke’s cock at the side of her face.  

He slapped her cheek a couple of times as Jessica fought to wiggle away from him.  With the other three men holding her down, pinching at her nipples and fingering her pussy, she wasn’t able to move far.  “Please, stop, I don’t want to do this!” she cried, but as soon as she opened her mouth to protest it was filled with Luke’s hard cock. 

“Suck, you little slut,” he ordered.  Jessica refused, instead threatening his cock with her teeth.  “If you bite me, this is going to get a lot less pleasant for you,” he said menacingly, and as if to punctuate his point Van twisted her nipple until tears sprang to her eyes.  After that, Jessica started to suck.

Luke thrusted his cock in and out of her mouth, occasionally holding her head so that he could use her throat.  It wasn’t long until Raoul’s cock was in her mouth next, with Luke choosing to use her pussy instead.  Van held her lips open while Luke fucked her, Mark still focused on teasing her nipples.  Van rubbed her clit, causing Jessica to moan as she sucked Raoul’s cock.

The men used and abused her for hours, taking turns using her mouth and her pussy as they wanted.  When she didn’t have a cock in her pussy, she had two, three, or even four fingers inside her.  At one point she had a cock in her mouth, one in her pussy, and one in each hand.  She was truly helpless- just a vessel for the men to use.  She thought about Scott, and how disappointed he was going to be in her.  She had no idea how she would tell him.  Before today, he was the only man that she had ever slept with- now she was being entirely used up.

“Such a good slut, just like we knew she would be,” Van said to the others as they used her.  He was dragging his spit-soaked cock across her face, smearing her makeup. 

“I think that this might have to be a regular thing,” Mark said,

“I don’t know if once is enough for her to repair all the tension that those photos caused…especially because we can look at them every day,” Luke agreed. 

 “Maybe we will need more photos…just so that we don’t get tired of these ones,” Raoul added.  All three men nodded and laughed as they used her, with no regard to her wellbeing.

“Ah, it’s getting late, I have to get home to the wife soon,” Mark said casually as he fucked Jessica’s now dripping pussy.  “The question is, where should I cum?”  All of the men nodded, seemingly lost in thought at such a difficult philosophical question. 

“I am going to cum in her pussy so that it drips out of her all night,” Van said decisively. 

“Ah, good call man.  I think I will cum on her face, and then take a photo- a reminder of how well used she was tonight,” Raoul said with a smirk. 

“I get her throat,” Luke said, his cock already assaulting that very area. 

“I’m going to take her ass,” Mark said, pulling out of her pussy.  

Jessica felt white hot panic the instant that Mark’s words registered, but was unable to do anything before she felt his cock pressing into her most intimate hole.  “No, please don’t” she tried to moan, but her throat was full of cock. 

Mark pressed into her, thrusting impossibly deeply as he prepared to fill her with cum.  “That’s it, slut, take it,” he said sharply, his last words turning to moans as his orgasm took hold.

Hot cum sprayed into her ass and throat, followed closely by Van’s load in her pussy.  Raoul was last, finishing on her face as Jessica lay helpless and spent, dripping cum from every hole.  “Such a pretty picture,” he said after painting her face with his hot seed.  He took out his phone, snapping a few photos of her used and cum-soaked body.

The men got dressed, talking collegially and congratulating each other on how hot their performances were.  Jessica lay naked and used on the boardroom table, as if an afterthought.  She wanted to call for help, but she had no energy left.  They all started to leave, with Mark bringing up the rear.  He bent to her ear and whispered, “Good girl- you can keep your job, and you will also be hired full time when you graduate- provided you attend this standing meeting once a week.  If you tell anyone, we will ruin your life.”  With that, he left Jessica on the boardroom table, crying and alone.

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Cage Match

Chapter One

I woke up hard, and was running way too late to do anything about it- what a start to the day.  I stuffed my boner into my boxers, buttoning my jeans as I shuffled my feet into my boots.  I had just enough thought to grab my gym clothes and a banana, and then was literally running out the door to catch the next bus to work.  I rode with my gym bag on my lap, desperately trying to think of literally anything other than the throbbing in my pants.  I managed to get myself under control by the time I walked into work, surprised that I was only 15 minutes late.

“Thanks for showing up,” a musical voice said from behind me.  Jenna.  Delicious curves, blonde hair, the most kissable lips.  Tits for absolute days.  My cock threatened to make another stiff appearance as I met her eyes, prompting me to issue her a quick wave before ducking into the break room.  I’ve never seen her naked- hell, we’ve never even been on a date- but she runs through my mind as often as any celebrity crush.  I took a deep breath, adjusting my still twitching cock in my boxers as I went back out to the floor to say a proper hello.

We have worked the same retail job for the last year or so.  This isn’t my forever gig, it’s just something I do to pay the bills while my MMA career takes off.  I have a good overall ranking in the region and am training for a larger competition at the end of the month that has the potential to elevate my career to the next level.  I have been pretty obsessive with spending time at the gym, meeting my coach for weight and agility training or sparring almost every day of the week.  It doesn’t leave me a lot of time for dating, but I’ve made my peace with it.  I will date later, once I get in a better position to achieve my dreams. 

The musical voice returned in the same joking tone. “Late night?” she asked, a smile dancing across her lips.  “Hardly,” I scoffed, “just hit snooze too many times I guess.”  Our boss gave us marching orders for the morning, with Jenna and I being paired together to unload some inventory in the back.  We spent the day flirting and working, me tousling her long blonde hair and her not missing a chance to punch my arm or touch my shoulder to steady herself on the ladder.  Every time she reached over her head, her shirt rode up a bit to show a toned stomach.  When she bent over, I could’ve gotten lost in her cleavage.  Every time I looked at her or caught a whiff of her flowery perfume my cock twitched, reminding me of my failure to provide it with relief this morning.  I was thinking about how I might have to spend part of my break in the washroom taking care of things when her voice broke my daydream.  “So how’s the whole fighting thing going?” she asked.  I occasionally talked to her about my upcoming fights, or PBs that I achieved in the gym.  She always listened with interest, though I was unclear whether it was genuine or just an excuse to flirt.  In truth, I guess I didn’t much care.  “It’s going well,” I replied, debating on how much I should share.  It was something I could go on about forever, but she likely didn’t want to hear every single detail.  “Lots of time in the gym- I have a few big fights coming up toward the end of the month, and I want to make sure I’m ready,” I said. 

She giggled, though I didn’t think I had said anything particularly funny.  “What?” I asked, suddenly self-conscious.  “Oh, nothing,” she said, putting her hand on my arm reassuringly, “it’s just that I can’t at all picture you beating the shit out of someone.  You seem so…nice,” she finished, her eyes sparkling.  “It isn’t really beating the shit out of someone,” I qualified, “there’s a lot of technique and strategy involved.  More than just a bar fight.”  I hoped that I didn’t come across as defensive, but I hated it when people compared my passion for MMA with aimless aggression.  “No, of course,” she said quickly, “I can tell that a lot goes into it, just with the amount of time you spend at the gym.”  She playfully squeezed my bicep, as if to make her point.  “It would be cool to see you in action sometime,” she said tentatively, “if you don’t mind being watched.”  I looked at her then, trying to gauge her sincerity.  “I don’t mind,” I said, trying to muster some modicum of nonchalance, “ill text you the address of the gym- you can come by anytime.”  She smiled at the invite, and I tried to ignore the butterflies in my stomach- and my god damn twitching cock.  I really had to do something about that.

My afternoon break seemed like the perfect time to relieve some tension.  I went to the bathroom, armed with the image of Jenna laying in the sun on the picnic table outside at lunch.  I thought of about a million different ways I could fuck her on that table, all the while she was talking about who knows what.  It’s not that I don’t care about what she has to say- she’s actually really funny and cool- but I find it impossible to listen when she’s laying on her stomach, perfect ass just begging to be grabbed.

I started stroking my cock, thinking about what it would feel like to cup her tits, feeling her nipples through her shirt.  I was hard again in an instant, my cock already dripping precum.  I thought about her perfect mouth, and how it would feel wrapped around my cock.  While she was laying on the picnic table, I so easily could have pulled her pants down, slipping my cock into her tight pussy.  My hands on her hips, setting the pace as I fucked her harder and harder.  I stroked my cock at the pace that I wanted to fuck her, feeling my balls tighten.  It was then that my boss knocked on the door.  Talk about a mood killer. 

“Yep, just a second!” I called, trying really hard not to scream in frustration and need.  Sure, sometimes I edged myself for fun, but that was a sick fucking joke.  I realized that I wouldn’t be able to finish with my boss waiting to use the washroom, so I focused instead on softening my cock (again).  I felt like I owed it a thousand apologies, and made a mental note to watch some good porn after the gym- have a proper orgasm.  It was the least I could do after a day of torture.

The rest of the day passed without incident; before I knew it we were done for the day, and I was about to leave for the gym.  “Have a good night!” Jenna said, looking up at me through her lashes.  “Bye,” I said lamely, trying (and failing) not to look down her shirt.  All of a sudden her tits pressed into me, and I felt her arms around my neck.  Her lips found mine, swallowing what would have been a sound of surprise.  My body finally caught up, and I leaned into the kiss.  Her lips tasted sweet, her tongue tentatively dancing with mine as she deepened the kiss.  I felt her fingers in my hair, and wrapped my arms around her waist to pull her closer to me.  She felt amazing, and my surprise quickly gave way to excitement.  That pesky boner was back, and I grinded into her waist as I kissed her back.  We finally broke apart, both breathing heavy.  She looked up at me, a smile dancing across her perfect lips.  “See you tomorrow,” she breathed, turning and swinging her hips as she walked away.

Chapter Two

I made it to the gym in a complete fog, thinking of little other than how amazing Jenna’s kiss felt.  I changed hastily into my spandex shorts, my cock continuing to remind me how I had neglected it all day.  I was beginning to become really concerned about some sort of boner-induced stroke if I didn’t have an orgasm soon.  I thought about rubbing one out before I worked out, but figured the need would fuel me into a better performance.  The gym was actually much emptier than usual, an observation that I should’ve made much earlier.  Before long I was the only one there, but was so focused on my workout that I didn’t realize it.  It wasn’t until the lights were turned on and off that I snapped out of my focused sweat to take in my surroundings.  The gym was quiet, the absence of equipment noise and heavy breathing now very obvious.  The octagon was empty, as were the practice mats- not a single soul was sparring.  I wondered briefly if I was dreaming, a thought that I became more and more sure of as I saw a dark figure walking toward me. 

Demi fucking Lawrence.

I had to do a double take, shaking my head to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.  What was she doing here? In the gym that I go to? It didn’t make sense.  Why she was in front of me stopped mattering at about the time I got a good look at her- at that point literally nothing mattered to me anymore.  She was a goddess- long dark hair, toned arms, ample tits tightly stuffed into a sports bra.  Her hips were wide-set, transitioning into absolutely huge thighs, the likes of which could hold or crush someone in a snap.  I swallowed hard, completely unable to speak, or move.

“You sure don’t know how to take a hint,” she said, her voice throaty and deep.  I blinked at her impotently, my voice gone, maybe forever.  “Hello? Anyone home? Do you notice the gym is empty? I bought it out for the night- I like to spar alone, without the hassle of onlookers and autographs.  Alone, meaning…without you here.”  She looked me up and down, hands on her hips, waiting on an answer.

I finally managed to choke out a few words- something along the lines of “Uhhh, sorry, I didn’t know.”  I couldn’t stop looking at her- the way her right hip jutted out, or the piece of hair that got caught in her lip gloss as she scoffed at me.  “Well, off you go,” she said dismissively, turning on her heel.  To this day I have no idea what came over me- temporary insanity, emboldened perhaps by Jenna’s earlier kiss and maybe too much blood in my cock. At any rate, before I had a chance to consider the outcome, I heard my voice say, “Make me.”

She stopped, her ass jutting out of her skin-tight booty shorts as she turned on her heel.  “Excuse me?” she said, her voice incredulous.  She faced me, squaring her muscular shoulders.  One look at her and I completely lost my nerve.  “Sorry, I’m sorry…Demi…I don’t know what came over me.  Of course I’ll leave,” I said sheepishly.  I couldn’t believe that I had spoken to one of my idols (not to mention insane crushes) like that- what was my problem?!  She smirked, running her tongue over her teeth as she considered me.  “My sparring partner isn’t here yet, and you seem…feisty.  I’ll tell you what- let’s spar.  If you manage to stay standing, you can stay- when I pin you, you’ll get the hell out of here and leave me to work out in peace.  Deal?”

I couldn’t believe my luck- was Demi Lawrence actually inviting me to spar with her? Demi Lawrence, blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, one of the hottest women on the planet- she wanted to spar with me?  I must not have answered, because she tapped her bare foot on the mat.  “Well?” she asked.  “Y-yes,” I stammered, trying to collect myself.  I stood up taller, squaring my shoulders like hers.  “Yes, I’ll spar.  And I will enjoy the hell out of beating you,” I said, far more confidently than I felt. 

Chapter Three

We met in the octagon, each of us stopping to get our gear on. I jumped on the balls of my feet a few times, relaxing my arms as I got the blood flowing.  She did the same, her thighs and ass flexing as she did a few deep squats.  I could feel my cock pulse as I watched her, and begged my body to focus on the task at hand.  It was such a privilege to spar with her, and I wanted to be competitive- I wanted to impress her.  She set the timer.  “A win is a pin,” she reminded me, her voice echoing in the empty gym.  We squared up, my heart racing as I tried to focus my mind.  She nodded, and we began our dance.

We circled each other, both light on our feet as we sized up our competition.  She moved first, a quick jab at my shoulder to test my reflexes.  I dodged her, dipping down for my fist to connect with her side.  She turned at the last minute, my knuckles just grazing her ribs.  We both retreated, plotting our next moves.  I had her on height, and I was slightly more agile than her.  She had me beat on balance, though, and when a roundhouse kick made contact with my chest, I knew that she was a match in strength.  As I went for an overhand, she slipped under my arm and delivered one hell of an uppercut to my jaw.  I staggered back, tasting blood, seeing a smirk across her lips.  I landed a couple of good punches after that, throwing off her flow enough that she had to take a step back.  I couldn’t ignore the electricity that ran through me every time we connected- and it wasn’t just from the pain of the blow.  We had both broken a sweat, our breathing becoming more laboured as we jabbed and danced back and forth, trying to catch the other person off guard. 

Without warning, she roundkicked me right in the stomach.  I staggered back a few paces, trying to catch my breath.  She lunged at me again, trying to lower her body to take me out at the waist, but instead giving me a prime opportunity to get behind her.  While she was bent over, still propelling forward, I grabbed onto her back, wrapping my arms around her neck in a choke hold. I outsized her, but her technique was perfect- she waited for me to take a breath, twisting around my planted legs and using the side of the octagon to help her slide out of my grasp. 

She planted her leg opposite mind and leveled me on the ground in one fluid motion.  She knocked the wind out of me as she tried to pin me, but my lanky frame was able to bend away from her.  I fought to get on top of her, looking for a vulnerability to exploit to get her in a pinnable position.  She got a couple of good kicks in, but I stayed out of the grasp of her strong thighs.  I was able to land an uppercut from underneath her, causing her to stagger off of me.  I stood up just as the bell rang.

I let out a whoop of victory, but quickly swallowed it as I heard a slow clapping.  I looked at Demi, but she was standing across from me, a look of frustrated contempt on her face.  My eyes darted around the gym to find the source of the clapping, until they landed on none other than Brittany Black- world-famous MMA fighter.  I blinked a few times, not willing to believe my eyes.  Blonde hair, perfect curvy body, wicked smile- yep, that was her.  “That is your sparring partner?” I asked Demi through heavy breath.  She said nothing, rolling her eyes and removing her gear. 

“Bravo!” Brittany shouted from the floor outside the octagon.  “That was really something.  You’ve lost your edge, Demi- couldn’t even pin an amateur,” she chided.  “Shit, I came for some competition, but I guess I might as well have stayed at home,” she continued, her eyes sparkling.  She was dressed similar to Demi, with a sports bra and booty shorts.  She wasn’t quite as thick as Demi, but she was raw muscle- definitely not to be fucked with.  “Oh, shove it, Brittany,” Demi said, clearly pissed that she didn’t pin me.  I found a smug smile dancing across my lips.  “I told you I’d enjoy winning,” I told her, Brittany’s attitude contagious.  “Shut up, amateur,” they both said together.  My smugness faltered.

“Seriously, though, that was pathetic,” Brittany pressed.  Demi was obviously agitated, throwing her gear on the floor as she exited the octagon.  I found myself rooted in place, both turned on and terrified at the catfight below me.  “Fuck off, Brittany, he’s stronger than he looks,” Demi allowed, the compliment not lost on me.  Brittany got in Demi’s face, her face a sneer.  “Yes, the lanky amateur looks impossible to beat,” she said sarcastically.  Demi slapped her. 

“Hey,” I said, more out of shock than principle- Brittany could obviously handle herself.  “Stay out of it, amateur,” Brittany said through her teeth.  “Looks like I hit a nerve,” she said as she flexed her jaw where Demi’s palm had connected.  “It’s not like you could do better,” Demi said heatedly.  “We both know you’re here because you’re out of practice.  That so called amateur would wipe the floor with you,” she said, her earlier confident swagger returning.  “Oh, yah?” Brittany said, sizing me up for the first time.  “What do you think, amateur? Think you can take me?” I faltered, but only slightly.  “There’s only one way to find out.  Come see if you can do what Demi couldn’t,” I said with confidence that I didn’t entirely feel. 

Chapter Four

“Let’s see what you’re made of, hot shot,” Brittany said as we squared up.  Demi started the timer, and Brittany caught me off-guard with an immediate lunge.  Her uppercut connected with my chin, sending my head back and rattling my teeth around my mouthguard.  “You’re not sparring with Demi anymore,” she said, her jab meant for both of us, “let’s see what you’ve got.”  I shook off her hit, studying the way she moved.  She was slightly more compact than Demi, but her muscles were tightly wound beneath the tight spandex that covered precious little of her body.  Every hit she landed rippled through me, her slightly quicker speed proving to be a challenge for me to anticipate.

I landed a couple of good kicks to her ribs, throwing her off balance enough to get her on the ground.  I got on top of her, wrapping my legs around her solid core in an attempt to pin her.  She wiggled under me, taking advantage of the momentary distraction that her tits created to flip me onto my back.  She was now on top of me, fighting to wrap her limbs around me to render me immobile.  She managed to get me on my side, her leg wrapped around my neck.  Though she was smaller than me in height, those muscular legs had me struggling to get free.  My hands clawed at her legs and torso, trying to buck her off. 

I could feel myself getting tired, losing momentum as I tried to find a way out of the pin.  Brittany’s grip on me tightened, her arms wrapping around me and her legs tightening around my neck.  She had me, and I knew it.  I could feel myself going numb, and was just about to call it when the timer sounded. 

Talk about saved by the bell.

Brittany reluctantly released me, rolling her eyes at Demi’s cheers.  “Not as easy as you thought, eh? Told you he was strong,” she said, her voice much more animated in the face of Brittany’s loss as compared to her own.  “Oh, please- I had him, and you know it,” Brittany said, rolling her eyes.  “And you know it too,” she said to me, her tone menacing.  I took a deep breath, soaking in my unlikely victory.  I had just withstood the attacks of two of my absolute idols.  Brittany was right, of course- she had me- but I didn’t have to admit it.  I secretly wondered if Demi called the timer a few seconds early, but of course didn’t question it.  I was still standing, and I was feeling invincible.

“And he had already gone one round with me,” Demi continued, needling Brittany’s already clear frustration.  “I tired him out for you, it should’ve been an easy win,” she teased.  Brittany left the octagon, throwing her mouthguard and gloves down just as Demi had done.  “Whatever, it’s a waste of time sparring with an amateur anyway,” she said, almost pouting.  “I didn’t come here to fight him- I came here to kick your ass,” she said with a smile, the women’s’ friendship starting to shine through their bickering.  Demi walked over to Brittany, embracing her in the hug of an old friend.  Both women were slightly sweaty from their rounds with me, but didn’t hesitate in embracing each other.  “Fucking amateurs,” Demi said, both of them turning back to me. 

I stood in the octagon still, basking in my victories.  When I felt both women turn their attention to me, it was all I could do not to cower.  “What should we do with him?” Brittany asked Demi.  “Well, I did tell him that if I couldn’t pin him he could stay, so we can’t get rid of him,” she mused, a smile playing across her lips.  “I kind of want to double team him- teach him a lesson and win back our pride,” she joked, making Brittany laugh.  “That was hella frustrating,” Brittany agreed, “he kind of has it coming.” 

They both approached the octagon, leaving their gear behind.  I was frozen in place, my nerves and adrenaline crash finally getting the better of me.  “You think you can take both of us?” Brittany taunted, her and Demi flanking me on either side. I laughed nervously, “No, definitely not,” I said, edging away from them slightly.  “You know,” Demi said slyly, “we don’t have to kick his ass.  There are other ways to double team him…other ways to take out our frustration.”  She winked at Brittany, who smirked.  “Do you want to make it up to us?” she asked me sweetly.

I had no idea what had just happened, noting the change in her tone and approach.  “Uh, sure…” I said naïvely.  “Oh yah?” Brittany said, catching on to Demi’s plan.  “So you think you can take both of us?” she repeated, this time a different inflection in her voice.  They closed the gap between us, so that they were both toe to toe with me.  Demi ran her finger along the waistband of my shorts, creating goosebumps in her path until she snapped my shorts back on me.  I winced, more in surprise than anything.  “I suppose he is also entitled to a reward for winning,” she mused, licking her lips.  I finally understood their plan.

Chapter Five

The women made quick work of my shorts before I fully realized what was happening; Demi pulled them over my hips, my soft cock hanging down as she brought my shorts to my ankles.  I felt incredibly self-conscious- of course on the day where I couldn’t seem to get rid of my boner, when I finally need it it’s nowhere to be found.  Brittany snorted.  “This? This is what we have to work with? There’s no way you can handle both of us with this,” she teased, lifting my soft cock and letting it fall against my balls.  Demi snickered, wrapping her hand around me.  “Fuck, we can’t even deepthroat this thing,” she said, “it’s pathetic.  I really thought that based on your size you’d have something to offer us,” she directed at me.  I mentally begged the floor of the octagon to open and suck me into it.  I was humiliated, my limp cock the object of ridicule from the two hottest women on the planet.  My nervousness eroded my earlier confidence, and I moved my hands to cover myself and preserve the little dignity that I had left.

“He’s soft,” Demi remarked, her tone still cruel.  “Do you not find us attractive?” she asked ironically.  Brittany followed suit, “That must be it- we aren’t his type,” she said, taking Demi’s hands in hers.  She kissed Demi, deep and passionate, grabbing a handful of her generous ass and drawing her in.  I almost choked on my breath- the sight of the two women making out and groping each other was the stuff of my literal dreams.  I could feel my cock respond, my soft five inches becoming a hard nine almost instantly.

Demi’s hands found Brittany’s hair, weaving through it as they kissed.  They licked lips, touched tongues, and giggled as they touched each other, getting lost in their own show.  By the time they turned back to me, my cock was rock hard, and I was hungry for both of them.  “Well, well, well, look who’s come to play,” Demi teased, her eyes widening at the sight of my stiff cock.  “Much better,” Brittany agreed, wrapping her hand around me and stroking.  “Long and thick,” she marvelled, “my favourite.  Can you take a cock this big, Demi?” she asked, her natural competitor coming through in her voice.

“Definitely,” Demi said, not to be outdone.  “Wanna see?” she said with a confident smile, lowering herself to her knees.  Brittany stood back, a sultry smile on her lips.  Demi took the base of my cock in her hand, stroking me as she assessed my size.  “He’s huge,” she remarked to no one in particular.  “Stop stalling, get him in your throat,” Brittany said impatiently.  Demi licked the tip of my cock, and my whole body trembled.  I had been poised to cum at a moment’s notice all day, and I realized that it would require an Olympic level effort to keep from exploding all over her beautiful face as soon as her lips closed around me.  I took a deep breath and prepared for the ride of my life.

Demi licked me from shaft to tip, soaking my throbbing cock in her spit before she finally closed her lips around me.  She cupped my balls as she sucked the top half of my cock, working her tongue and mouth around it in a practiced motion.  She bobbed her head in and out, each time taking me further and further into her mouth.  I could feel the back of her throat with the tip of my cock, but she had yet to really push.  I let her set the pace, so focused on not cumming that I didn’t think I could really do much else.  She picked up her pace, slamming the tip of my cock into the back of her throat with more and more force. 

I moaned- her mouth felt absolutely unreal- and planted my feet so that she could get me down her throat.  She wrapped her hands around my waist, cupping my ass cheeks and drawing me into her throat.  I felt the resistance of her throat each time, her shoulders squaring as she pushed me down deeper.  Her throat constricted around me as she coughed, pulling me out of her so that she could gag.  To her credit, she went right back down, trying again to get me deeper.  Each time she pulled me out of her throat, a string of spit connected my cock to her mouth.  Her chin was soaked in spit, as were her hands. 

“Come on, first you can’t pin him, and now you can’t get his cock down your throat? Maybe you’re the amateur,” Brittany said from somewhere beside us.  She knelt beside Demi, grabbing a handful of her hair. “Here, let me tie your hair back for you,” she said, wrapping an elastic around it and then grabbing her by the ponytail. “Clearly you need some help,” she said patronizingly.  She forced Demi’s face toward me, my cock pushing into her throat further than before.  Brittany held Demi’s head on my cock even as she started to struggle.  “That’s it, keep it there- further,” she coached, her voice unyielding as Demi gagged.  She finally gave her relief, pulling her off of me as she coughed and sputtered, spit running down her face and onto the mat.  “Again,” Brittany said, pulling Demi by the hair back to my cock. 

She pumped Demi’s head on my cock, her pace fast and rough.  “Are you going to let him beat you at this too? You really are useless,” Brittany said, pulling Demi off of me once again to let her breathe.  Brittany spit in her open mouth, and then spit on my cock.  “Maybe you need more lube,” she said before forcing my cock back down her throat.  Brittany’s help got me further into Demi, but she still wasn’t even close to getting me all the way in.  Demi planted her hands on my thighs at one point, gasping for air.  “I can’t do it,” she said, tears in her eyes from the relentless deep throating.  “He’s too big for me,” she said, her disappointment in herself clear.  Brittany released her hair, letting it fall and get stuck in the spit all over her face. 

“He’s not too big,” Brittany said confidently, “get out of the way- I will show you how to suck a cock.”  Demi didn’t fight her as she elbowed her out of the way.  Demi stayed kneeling, trying to regain her composure as Brittany spat on my cock again.  She took me into her mouth easily, the new sensation making it even harder for my cock not to explode.  She worked her neck as she bobbed back and forth, her throat already seemingly deeper than Demi’s.  She sucked me hard, pulling me into her mouth and then swallowing to get me into her throat.  The sensation of her throat closing around me was almost too much to bear; I grabbed a handful of her hair, more to steady myself than her.  She moved off of me, taking a breath and adding more spit before going back.  She pulled me into her, swallowing more and more of me until she was almost there- almost, but not quite.

“See, not as easy as you thought…you’re all talk, Brittany,” Demi said smugly.  She crawled up beside Brittany and watched her work, clearly pleased that she wasn’t able to do it.  “Here, let me get your hair for you,” Demi said with fake concern.  She pulled Brittany’s hair into a ponytail, securing and then holding her by the hair and pumping her head onto my cock.  Brittany gagged at not being able to set the pace, but Demi didn’t relent.  “See? How do you like it?” she asked cruelly, pushing on the back of Brittany’s head to force another inch of me down her throat.  She spit on her face before forcing me down until Brittany was gagging after each time, the sound of Demi’s laughter drowning out the coughing.

Brittany eventually tapped out, falling back on her heels and wiping the considerable amount of spit- Demi’s and her own- off of her chin and chest.  Her sports bra was soaked in spit, so she removed it as well, revealing magnificent tits.  “Fuck, he’s big,” she said, as if I wasn’t still in the octagon.  “I really hate losing,” she said, fire in her eyes as she stood up.  Her tits bounced as she lowered her center of gravity, wrapping a leg around me and taking me down in one fluid motion.  I slammed down on my back, too stunned to fight back.  Brittany sat high up on my chest, pinning me with her strong legs.  “It seems like we should get something out of this,” she said to Demi over her shoulder.  “Take a ride.”

Chapter Six

I heard Demi moving behind Brittany, but my view was blocked by Brittany’s tits.  I could see her perky nipples, hard after her exertion trying to deep throat my cock.  I was laser focused on the way her tits curved into her muscular frame when I felt Demi lower herself onto my cock.  I slid inside her easily, swallowing my surprised moan as I felt her pussy start to stroke my cock.  Brittany kept me pinned as Demi rode me, rendering me completely helpless.  Demi’s hands reached around to cup Brittany’s tits, pinching her nipples and making her moan in tandem with me. 

Demi’s pussy felt even better than her mouth, her hips griding into me to take me deeper.  I felt her strong thighs on either side of me; with Brittany’s thighs also pinning me I was completely at their mercy.  Demi moved her hips in circles, coaxing moan after moan out of me.  “It looks like we are finally getting the better of him,” Brittany said, pitting a finger in my open mouth and wiping spit on my face.  She trailed a string of spit from her mouth onto my cheek, smirking.  “Now you’re starting to look more like us,” she laughed, squeezing her thighs hard enough that I had to think about breathing.

They toyed with me for a while this way, with Brittany finally getting up to take off her shorts.  Demi continued to ride me, her body fully naked and an absolutely jaw dropping sight.  I put my hands on her hips, both to steady her pace to stop me from cumming and to tether me to the earth.  She let me slow her pace, her focus split as she watched Brittany undress.  My attention was also split, half watching Demi’s tits bounce as she rode me, the other half watching Brittany bend over, her ass fully exposed as she stepped out of her shorts.  My mouth hung open, unable to believe my luck- it was the perfect opportunity for Demi to lean forward and spit in my mouth.  “This is much more like it,” she said as she slid me out of her, “I like you better pinned.” 

With that, she slid herself up my chest, smothering my face with her thighs and lowering her pussy onto my mouth.  As she did so, I felt Brittany slide my cock inside her, riding me reverse cowgirl.  Brittany bounced up and down on my cock like a jackhammer while Demi rode my face, squeezing my head with her thighs until I felt lightheaded.  I moaned- in pleasure, for help, I’m not sure, driving my tongue into Demi’s pussy as Brittany squeezed my balls while she rode me.  The taste and smell of Demi’s sweetness was intoxicating, her soft pussy contrasting with her hard thighs.  If it’s possible to die from sheer pleasure, I would have right there in the octagon.

I could hear them talking to each other, but Demi’s thighs prevented me from making out the words.  Their tone was patronizing, just as it had been when they were fondling my soft cock.  I began to replay the moments of the night so far, with all of their dismissing and underestimating me.  They clearly thought they had me beat, and my inner competitor just couldn’t let them win without a fight.  I dug deep to find some resolve, planted my feet, and bucked my hips up as hard as I could to drive my cock into Brittany. 

I heard her scream, and felt her tense to hold on.  I bucked harder, driving all my strength into her pussy.  Demi’s pussy on my mouth was still making it hard to breathe, but I focused on using my tongue to keep her hips moving as I fucked Brittany with everything I had left.  I eventually bucked her off, and started to twist my body to get out from under Demi.  She had a better hold of me than I thought, and before I could execute my manoeuvre Brittany was back on my cock, this time with her legs planted on either side of me.  She was much better balanced when she slid my cock back inside her, meeting my thrusts with force of her own.  It felt like my cock was going to go right through her, both of us testing each other with the force we could fuck with.  Demi grinded on my face, her wetness increasing with her pace.  I licked her clit with force, swirling my tongue around it while craning my neck to get the perfect angle.  It wasn’t long before I heard both women scream, almost at the same time.  Demi’s thighs squeezed together until I couldn’t breath, her orgasm rocking through her body as she convulsed on my face.  At the same time, I felt Brittany’s pussy contact on my cock, and put all my energy into not exploding with her as she came all over my cock- I wasn’t finished with them yet.

Chapter Seven

Demi rolled off of my face, her breathing heavy as she laid on the mat beside me.  Brittany had collapsed on top of me, my hard cock still pulsing inside her quivering pussy.  I would start with her first.  I grabbed on to her hips, planting my feet again as I thrust up into her.  Her eyes widened, a moan escaping her lips as she realized I wasn’t done with her.  She tensed, her body not ready for my assault.  I held her steady, driving my cock up into her as hard as I could.  “Who owns who?” I asked her, delighting in the sound of her moans.  She smirked at my audacity, rolling her eyes through her moans, “Fuck you,” she said simply.

I bucked her off me, following her trajectory and coming up behind her.  She was still reeling, so I easily grabbed her by the hips and pulled her up on her hands and knees.  I drove my cock into her pussy before she even realized what was happening.  I held her hips and fucked her from behind, bringing her into my thrust as hard as I could.  She was screaming, and it sounded like music to my ears.  I took everything I could from her, but still found myself wanting more.  Her asshole winked at me, and I knew I had to have it.

I spit on her hole as I fucked her pussy, sliding my thumb in and out to get her attention.  Her moans changed pitch, her body tensing until she started to relax around my finger.  I spit on my hand, adding it to my cock that was soaked in her pussy juices.  She screamed when I pushed my cock into her ass, arching her back to take me.  I thrusted slowly at first, giving her a chance to get used to my size before I made it hurt.  I brought her hips into me, thrusting into her ass harder and harder.  She was so tight that it felt like I could cum at any instant, but now that I had had Brittany’s ass I realized I needed to take Demi’s.  I gave Brittany a few more good thrusts, finally leaving her crumpled and panting on the mat while I stood and grabbed Demi. 

She was still coming down from her orgasm, and wasn’t ready for my grip.  I pulled her to standing, shoving her face up against the octagon’s cage.   I pressed her into it, the chains cutting into her tits.  “Your ass is mine,” I whispered into her ear, adding more spit to my cock as I bent her forward.  I squatted a bit, easing her onto my cock so that she was partially sitting.  Her ass was absolutely perfect, offering me handfuls of curves as I thrusted into her.  I watched her ass jiggle as I fucked it,  driving my hard cock into her with abandon.  “Looks like I own both of you,” I say over my shoulder, emboldened by the blood pumping to my cock and the temporarily subdued women.  I wrap my arms around Demi’s waist, supporting both of our weight as I fuck her.  Her thick body is all mine, just like I have always wanted.  I grab another handful of her perfect ass, and the reality of my situation hits me like a ton of bricks.  I can’t believe that my cock is inside Demi Lawrence right now, and that it was just in Brittany Black.  The two hottest women on the planet, and…me.  My nervousness from before settles back in, and I can feel my legs weakening under Demi’s body.  I refocus my stance to hold us both up, but start to feel my cock soften at the effort.  My body is fighting against itself, and I finally collapse under the pressure, breaking Demi’s fall. 

I hear her laugh first, feeling her stand beside me and place her foot on my chest.  “You think you own us?” she scoffed, soon joined by Brittany.  “We’re just getting started.” 

Chapter Eight

The three of us were breathing hard, covered in sweat and spit.  I could smell and taste Demi’s cum on my face, and knew that my cock was soaked in juices from both women.  “Well, he’s made us cum,” Demi said with a laugh, “I guess now it’s his turn.” Brittany smirked, putting her foot on my chest beside Demi’s.  “I guess it is,” she agreed, “but first- who owns whom?”

I didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of an answer; I had held out for this long, not only avoiding being pinned by both of them in the octagon, but also avoiding blowing my load all over them.  I was breathing deeply, trying to regain my strength and wits while they patronized me.  “He seems confused,” Demi said, “as if we don’t have him…by the balls,” she said with a laugh, stooping to cup my balls in her hand.  She rolled them between her fingers, making me moan in pleasure.  My cock twitched, desperate to explode. 

“Come on, answer us,” Brittany said, pressing her foot into my chest.  “Who wins? Who owns you?” I looked up at both of them, biting my tongue.  Demi tugged my balls, causing me to bite my lip and moan.  “Come on, we know what you want.  Just tap out, admit defeat, and we will give it to you,” she said sweetly, beginning to stroke my cock. 

Look, I’m only human.

“Fuck, fine- you win,” I said at last, realizing that there was no way I was going to beat two of them.  I had come close, but I was far too close to the edge of my own orgasm to keep hanging on- and in truth, I had been desperate to cum since I woke up that morning and couldn’t wait a single moment longer.  Both women let out a squeal, high fiving at their victory.  “See? Now that wasn’t so hard,” they teased, “and you will be handsomely rewarded for your forfeit.  Speaking of, how would you like to cum?”

My cheeks were crimson from exertion and embarrassment.  Submitting to them after such a battle was sickening, and I was frustrated with myself for not holding out.  I could feel hot anger bubbling underneath my skin, made worse by the smug look on each of their gorgeous faces.  “I want your throats,” I grumbled, standing up.

I took each of them by the hair, dragging them to the wall of the octagon.  They sat obediently, apparently happy to give me what I wanted- what I felt I had earned.  Perhaps they were just exhausted from fighting with me.  Either way, I was ready to take what was mine.  I dipped my cock into Demi’s mouth first, letting her run her tongue along my shaft and get it wet.  I then moved to Brittany, letting her taste Demi’s spit and teasing the back of her throat.  I kept my pace slow and even for a while, moving back and forth between the two perfect mouths in front of me, exploring their different techniques and sensations.

Eventually I started to want more; I wanted to show them once and for all who owned who.  They may have made me ultimately submit, but I wasn’t going to go out without the last word.  I let the anger at having to submit to them fuel me, thrusting my cock deeper and deeper into their throats.  I held each woman by the hair, steading her head as I pressed my cock into her throat.  I was measured and deep, not asking permission.  I could feel their resistance as their throats constricted, one of them gagging while the other was swallowing me.  Tears lined both of their faces, silent protests as I used them.  I created a frenzy between the two of them, spit flying between their mouths by way of my cock, the sounds of gargling and choking filling the empty gym. 

“Please cum,” Demi finally choked as I assaulted Brittany’s throat.  She was drooling down her chin and onto her tits, desperately trying to catch her breath.  “Please, stop- just cover us in cum,” she begged, choking on her words- and then my cock- as I pressed back into her.  “You’ve made your point,” Brittany agreed, wiping sweat off her forehead.  “Please,” she said, her mouth already filled with my cock again.  I took even more from them, until I saw a dazed expression on both of their faces.  They were vessels for my cock, the fight completely knocked out of them.  Whether they would admit it or not, I owned them in that moment- that was enough for me.

“Make me cum,” I said simply, jarring them from their face fucked daze.  I felt four hands on my cock and balls, both women desperate to end their suffering.  Brittany massaged my balls as both of them stroked my spit covered cock, the complementing motions driving me to the edge.  I growled as I finally let go, the day’s buildup of hot cum spraying them both in the face.

Rope after rope glazed their faces, covering hair, tears, sweat, spit, and tits.  They milked every last drop out of my cock, my body moaning and convulsing as I emptied myself all over their gorgeous faces and bodies.  They let go of my cock as it continued to twitch, my orgasm easily the most powerful I had ever had.  I took a step back, admiring my handiwork.  The two sexiest women in the world- in my dreams- were sitting in the octagon in front of me, completely spent, covered in my cum.  There was sweat and spit and cum everywhere, all over the mats below us.  I smiled, knowing that every fight I had in this octagon for the rest of my career would be secondary to the win that I had just had.

Chapter Nine

Demi and Brittany slowly came back to earth, stretching their limbs and clearing their throats as they stood.  They wiped the cum out of each other’s eyes, no doubt tasting salty tears and sweat as well.  I was sweaty myself, my cock sticky with cum at the tip- in comparatively good shape, I supposed.  They turned to face me, their expressions cool.  “Not bad for an amateur,” Demi said, a slight smile curving around her lips.  “Now get the fuck out of our octagon,” Brittany said with a smile of her own.  For once, I did as I was asked.

I put my shorts back on and hopped out of the octagon, thinking that the smile on my face might be there forever.  I had walked a few steps when Demi called out, “Next time I book the gym, you’re welcome to stay.”  I turned to give her a wave and walked right into someone else.  I took a step back, apologizing reflexively.  It took me a moment to realize that I had walked into Jenna.  She must’ve come to watch me- I did technically invite her, though didn’t expect her to come tonight.  Holy fuck. I was completely speechless, face beet red. 

She took my hand, turning to walk out with me.  “Well, it wasn’t quite what I expected, but I see why you like MMA so much,” she said with a smile. 

The Pool Party

What a bitch. 

That was the sentiment playing in Angela’s head as she went up to the pool deck on the roof of her condo building.  She had just run into the President of the Homeowner’s association- Karen, because of course that was her name- in the elevator.  Karen was much too reserved (repressed?) to show any direct disdain for Angela and her “lifestyle”, but did an excellent job getting her point across nonetheless.  It started with an up and down assessment of Angela’s outfit; Karen’s prying eyes taking in every inch of her five-foot-something frame, stopping to linger at the ample cleavage spilling from her black and white bikini top.  A distinct “tsk” escaped Karen’s pursed lips before she plastered on the fakest of smiles. “Angela, dear, how are you?” she sang, the very picture of propriety in her shapeless pantsuit.  “I’m fine, Karen, how are you?” Angela replied, resisting the urge to roll her eyes at the charade.  Angela knew how to play the game- pretending she didn’t know about Karen’s plight to block their condo application, not to mention her subsequent attempts to turn neighbours against them- all because she didn’t approve of their “lifestyle”-if she only knew.  Luckily Angela and her partner Liane were likeable people, and the neighbours (along with everyone else on the planet) could see through Karen’s nonsense.  Two of those neighbours, in fact, had become regular play partners in Angela and Liane’s open relationship- she wondered what Karen would think about that.  Angela bit her tongue as Karen prattled on about who knows what, willing the elevator to speed up.  At long last Karen got off on her floor, not before grasping Angela’s hand in some sort of white woman handshake.  Angela wondered what Karen would say if she knew that Angela’s hand was inside her partner a couple of hours ago- and she hadn’t washed it. 

Determined not to let Karen ruin her afternoon, Angela celebrated a mental victory when she saw the pool deck was completely empty other than a group of 18 year old boys horsing around in the pool.  They wouldn’t bother her- she had little intention to swim.  With Liane at work until dinner, Angela had the whole afternoon to soak in the sun and dive into a good book.  She took her time getting situated, carefully laying her towel out on her favourite chair, arranging her water bottle and book.  She could feel the eyes of the boys on her and smirked to herself as she recognized Karen’s son among them- on summer vacation, about to head off to college.  “Let them look,” she thought to herself as she bent to take her shorts off, taking a little extra time pulling her bikini bottoms out of her ass. 

She wondered what Karen would think of her perfect son perving a lesbian at the pool, and decided to give them something to look at.  Poor guy probably hasn’t ever seen a woman’s body up close, and if his mother had anything to say about it probably wouldn’t until he was thirty.  She took out her sunscreen, applying a generous amount to her hands and slowly working it onto her legs.  She could see the boys whispering to each other out of the corner of her eye, trying to appear as if they weren’t watching her every move.  She moved her bikini bottoms to the side, exposing each ass cheek as she rubbed the lotion into her skin.  Her hands moved to her stomach, the lotion creating a sheen in the sunlight.  She untied the halter bikini top, letting it slip down to expose her breast before catching it and covering up.

The boys were silent at this point, haphazardly throwing a football to each other- missing it just as often as it was being caught.  She retied her top, rubbing the last of the sunscreen into her face, neck, and shoulders.  She turned to the boys, a look of pure innocence on her face.  “Could one of you help me do my back?” she asked, internally rolling her eyes at the frantic energy that passed between the friends.  They all appeared to be paralyzed, so she further prompted Karen’s son.  “Cody? Please? It will only take a minute…I don’t want to burn.”

Cody all but leapt out of the pool, appearing at Angela’s side in a heartbeat.  She noticed his hands shaking slightly as she put the sunscreen onto his palm, turning her back to him and moving her blonde hair out of the way.  “Make sure to get it even,” she teased, “if I burn it’ll be your fault.” 

She was surprised at the strength in his hands; for a gangly guy he certainly had potential.  He took his time rubbing the lotion into her shoulders, awkwardly trying to navigate around the strings at the back of her suit.  “You can untie them if you want,” she said nonchalantly, almost able to feel his heart beating through his chest.  His friends remained silent, no longer keeping up the charade of playing catch.

Angela felt her top loosen, Cody’s shaking hands clumsily pulling at the strings.  She modestly held the top in place, careful not to let it fall.  She let him rub her long after the sunscreen had absorbed, delighting in the feeling of his strong hands on her back.  His hands moved to her lower back, flirting with the top of her ass, dipping his finger between her cheeks a couple of times.  She said nothing, letting him have his fun.  She had never had much use for men- to her they were more of a source of amusement than anything- but this one was certainly serving his purpose.  She finally took a step forward, forcing some distance between them as she retied her top.  “Thanks, Cody, that’ll be all,” she said facetiously.  His face flushed, and he quickly retreated into the pool with a splash.  Angela could hear his friends teasing him, their tone a mixture of jealousy and awe.  Their game of catch resumed as she laid in her chair, taking a sip of water before opening her book.

She read for a while, idly watching the boys play catch.  They eventually got out of the pool, drying off and playing cards on one of the tables nearby.  She turned onto her stomach, deciding to doze for a while before heading inside to start prepping dinner.  The boys got quiet as she adjusted herself, closing her eyes as she listened to their conversation.  She could hear one of the boys challenging Cody to something, no doubt teasing him for his earlier grope session.  She heard Cody scoff, but then a chair pulled out.  Angela kept her eyes close, vaguely curious about what Cody was up to. 

He quietly walked toward her; she could tell he was near as she smelled chlorine and heard him breathing.  She felt a tug at her bikini string, the one holding her top on.  It instantly came loose, exposing her bare back.  Cody recoiled as soon as he undid the string, clearly anxious that he may have awakened her.  When Angela didn’t stir, he went back for the string at her hip.  He pulled it loose too, and then the other side.  His last act before he scurried back to his pals was to move the fabric off of her ass, fully exposing her.

Angela smiled to herself as she heard the boys giggle, pleased with themselves for having gotten her essentially naked.  She didn’t mind being on display, and didn’t want to bother lecturing them about respect- plus she made sure her ass was covered in sunscreen, so really they were just saving her from tan lines.  The boys were quiet, each of them taking in the sight of a naked woman on the pool deck.

It wasn’t long before she felt the presence of another boy beside her to complete his part of the dare.  A clammy hand groped her ass, roughly grabbing a handful of cheek before he scampered away.  She found herself irritated by his lack of finesse, and decided to adjust herself in the chair to make them think she may awaken- gotta keep them on their toes, she thought.

She heard a collective gasp as she stretched, spreading her legs slightly before settling back into her supposed nap.  She let one of her breasts peek out from under her, wondering if any of them would try to touch her there.  The boys gave her a minute, watching closely to ensure that she was still asleep before their third tribute took his turn.  This one was gentler, almost too much so.  She felt a whisper of fingers on her exposed nipple, lightly circling until it was fully erect.  The light touch sent a ripple of pleasure through her, culminating between her legs.  This boy lingered, gently flicking and pinching her nipple as his other hand rested gently on her ass.  She let out a contented sigh meant to encourage him, but instead he retreated back to his friends.

Another round of congratulations followed, the boys becoming more and more emboldened by their covert antics.  Angela smirked, her face hidden from the boys.  She was enjoying herself; not only did it feel good to know that Karen’s precious son wasn’t so pure after all, but the forbidden physical stimulation felt pretty good.  Of course she wished for Liane’s hands, but the taboo nature of the stolen gropes and voyeurism made Angela tingle. 

Cody returned to her side, making extra effort to silence his steps and breathing.  Angela shivered as he ran one of his long fingers along the crack of her ass, the sensation reverberating through her entire body.  He pulled his finger back, waiting for her to settle but not yet moving away.  Angela focused on breathing deeply to feign sleep, finding herself excited to see how far Cody would go.  His finger returned to her ass, gently parting her cheeks and circling her asshole.  He dipped slowly down between her legs, his finger sliding down easily into her wetness.  He chanced penetration, tentatively pushing into her hole, her juices smoothing the way for his finger to bury inside her.  He pulled out soon after, licking his finger clean as he returned to his friends whooping cheers.

Angela elected to stir shortly after, feeling a bit like she was in on the celebration of the boys.  They watched her carefully as she pretended to wake, realizing that her swimsuit was untied.  Much to their surprise she stood, removing her bikini completely and putting it in her bag.  She rooted in her bag for her cover up, taking her time to let her tits hang down as she bent, giving the boys a great look at her ass and side profile.  She finally found her cover up and threw it over her head.  “Be good, boys,” she said over her shoulder as she headed back toward the elevator.  Their stunned silence had her smiling all the way back to her apartment.

She told Liane all about her afternoon antics over dinner; her partner found the situation humourous, and shared in Angela’s smugness at corrupting Karen’s son.  Liane also found the story kind of hot, and showed her appreciation to Angela before they went to bed- three times.  “You can have your playthings,” she said haughtily, “but let’s see them do this.”  With that, Liane dove between Angela’s legs, making her forget that men even exist.

The next day was much of the same; Liane went to work in the morning, leaving Angela to her own devices for the day.  She went for a run, stopping in the lobby to get the mail.  Karen was just coming home, Cody in tow, and Angela thought it a commendable feat not to rub yesterday’s pool activities in her face.  Cody flushed instantly upon seeing her, making a beeline for the elevator.  Angela greeted them both with a polite hello, even though Karen didn’t so much as crack a smile toward her.  She thought she saw a brief nod from Cody, but his crimson face illustrated that he would not be saying much.

Angela smiled in spite of herself at his discomfort.  Truly it was earned, given that as far as he knew she was unaware of yesterday’s molestation.  Really she should have told his mother then and there, giving him a lesson in humiliation, but truthfully Angela wasn’t done with their little game.  She had enjoyed herself yesterday, and was vaguely curious to see if there would be a repeat performance today.  With the memory of Cody’s finger inside her tingling through her body, she got ready for the pool and set up in her favourite chair.

Sure enough, the two boys from yesterday were already there- she had affectionately (and originally) named them “the gentle one” and “the rough one” after their approaches.  They were awkward in the expert way that only teenage boys can achieve when she arrived, turning their backs to her and whispering in a flurry of anxiety, stealing glances toward her every now and then- no dobut to make sure she didn’t have a police escort.  Angela opened a bottle of vitamin water, and went to get her book only to realize that she had left it in the apartment.  “Will you boys watch my stuff for me?” she asked politely.  She heard a surprised and extra formal “Yes Ma’am,” as she sashayed back to the elevator. 

When Angela returned with her book, she took a moment to quietly observe the boys.  Cody had not yet arrived, and she had to admit she was a bit disappointed- after all, he had the best hands of any of them.  As she was watching, one of the boys hurried over to her chair.  He was taking a bottle of…cough syrup?…out of its packaging, and added some to her pink vitamin water.  It took Angela a moment to put it together, but she realized that this was their half-assed attempt to drug her.  Clearly they were looking to escalate yesterday’s activities.

Angela was horrified with their brazen (if hairbrained) attempt at assault.  That amount of cough syrup would do nothing to alter her consciousness, but their intentions were clear.  She again thought- knew- she should call them on it, but her curiosity was decidedly piqued.  She decided to let this afternoon play out, and then address it with them- and maybe their parents- after she saw how far they intended to go.

With her mind made up, she gave the boy time to get back to his friend, and then returned to her chair.  She waved her thanks, making a big show of drinking from the bottle.  In truth, she didn’t even take a sip, and switched the bottle out for a second one in her bag when they weren’t looking.  She continued the charade, sipping and reading while the boys floated in the pool, no doubt waiting for her to completely pass out.  Cody eventually joined them, and she enjoyed watching his face through her sunglasses as they updated him on their plan.  She read initial discomfort, seeing Cody protest and look at her almost protectively, but he eventually acquiesced and gave high fives all around for their apparent ingenuity.

Angela was almost finished her vitamin water and realized that it was time for her performance.  She turned onto her stomach, giving her a better angle to shield her facial expressions as she faked sleep.  She took a deep, centering breath and relaxed her limbs.  She put her head on her hands, and focused on regular breathing as she heard the boys begin plotting.  One of them went to put an out of order sign on the door out to the pool, locking it so that they wouldn’t be interrupted.  Another came up to her to get things started.

The boy with the gentle hands came first, cautiously circling her and moving toward her face to ensure that she was asleep.  Angela could see a shadow dance as he waved a hand in front of her face, and then felt his gentle touch in her hair- a double check to make sure that she was out.  He then moved to untying her swimsuit in a now practiced fashion.  He removed her bottoms, exposing her ass, before untying her top at the back.  She felt his gentle grip as he cupped her ass, kneading the tissue and separating her cheeks as he watched for any sign of reaction.  When he had had his fill he went back to his friends.  Based on their stage whispers, Angela deduced that they were much closer to her than yesterday- no doubt to get a better view.

Rough hands grabbed her next, wrapping around her torso to fondle each breast.  He pinched her nipples with gradual force, gauging just how well their little cold medicine trick had worked.  Angela winced at his pinches, but kept her breathing slow and even.  His hands eventually moved to her ass, repeating his friend’s move of separating her cheeks to look at her holes.  He dipped a finger into her pussy, just as Cody had the day before.  She could hear him tasing her, and was then surprised to hear him call his friends over.  “Guys, you’ve gotta taste her- it’s like candy,” he said.  His friends cautiously approached, each of them becoming more comfortable with their assault as she continued to feign sleep. 

She felt additional fingers dip into her pussy while the rough hands held her cheeks slightly apart.  They all muttered their approval, some going back for seconds.  Someone spread her legs further apart, giving them all better access.  She felt a tongue lick her slit, and then another dance around her asshole. She tried her best to mask her shiver, but their enthusiasm made up for any gap in skill and she was genuinely enjoying herself.  They took turns licking her pussy and asshole, each boy exploring her as thoroughly as he dared.

It was Coty who spoke next.  “My cock is so hard…fuck she’s hot,” he said, his hand idly stroking Angela’s nipple.  “Bro, she’s a lesbian, she doesn’t care about your cock,” his friend teased.  “Yah, look,” said the third, and she heard him move up near her face. 

She felt his cock against her cheek, gently rubbing her face back and forth.  “She probably wouldn’t even know what to do with it,” he said, rubbing himself into her hair.  She felt another cock on her back, hardening as its owner stroked himself.  “Come on, Cody, her skin is so soft,” he encouraged, and she heard Cody pull down his shorts.  Cody’s cock felt like the biggest of the three, and he lined it up between her ass cheeks before starting to rub against her.  “Fuck, you guys were right, she’s perfect,” he said reluctantly, moving into a steady rhythm between her cheeks. 

Angela could feel three cocks on her, all of which were hardening by the minute.  Every now and then someone would grab her tits or a handful of her ass, each of them casually talking about how hot she was.  “Do you think she would wake up if we fuck her?” one of the boys asked the others.  They all stood, as if to consider the risks.  Just then, she felt the sharp sting of the rough boy’s hand on her ass.  She was careful not to cry out, but it was definitely a test of her acting abilities.  She gasped slightly, but quickly steadied her breathing.  “If that didn’t wake her up, nothing will.  I’m going first,” he said triumphantly.

The other two boys moved aside, continuing to stroke their cocks as their friend got in position behind her.  She felt the head of his cock press against her pussy, and he swirled it around her slit to coat it in her wetness.  He slid in slowly, gauging her reaction before starting to move.  She sighed in pleasure before she caught herself. He paused, allowing her to stretch and move around him before settling back into feigned sleep.  His thrusts started gently, but quickly escalated- she was thankful he had a fairly small cock.  His pelvis slapped against her ass, the other boys appreciating the way her ass jiggled as he fucked her.  “She feels so fucking good…who else wants a turn?” he said, pulling out of her to share with his friends.

The gentle one went next, his cock slightly longer than his friend’s.  He was much more tentative, and Angela appreciated his deliberate strokes.  He buried his cock deep inside her, squeezing and separating her ass cheeks so that he could watch it disappear.  He circled a finger around her asshole, eventually pressing gently into her.  She could feel a bead of his spit land, giving his finger the lubrication that it needed to press all the way into her.  She moaned at the new sensation, now thoroughly enjoying herself as the boys assaulted her.  Her pussy was soaked, the taboo and scandal of the moment turning her on just as much as the sensations.

Cody stood beside his friend, stroking his cock as he watched.  When it was his turn, he rubbed his cock up and down her slit, taking extra care to soak it.  He added some spit, and pressed his fingers inside her to wet them before penetrating her ass.  He explored and stretched her with his fingers, giving her a hint at what he had planned.  When he was satisfied, she felt the head of his cock pressing on her asshole.  “Do you think you can get in?” one of his friends asked, stroking his cock faster at the thought.  “She’s tight, but I want her ass so bad…I am gonna try,” Cody said, gently applying pressure. 

Angela’s ass resisted him, but only for a moment.  He was patient and gentle, allowing her body to accept him before he started to thrust.  “Holy fuck man she’s so tight,” he marvelled, his cock sliding in and out of her asshole as all three boys watched with hard cocks.  “This is so fucking hot,” one said, to murmured agreement of all the others.  “I’m not gonna be able to hold on much longer, this is too good,” Cody said, slowing his thrusts in an effort to maintain control.  “Let’s soak her in cum,” one of them said, “I bet she hasn’t had that happen before.”  She smirked at their naivete, thinking about Liane and some other partners squirting all over her.  Men really had no idea. 

She heard each of them increase their pace, feeling Cody’s cock unrelenting in her asshole.  Their movements became frenzied, each boy focused on his own orgasm and her vulnerable body.  They stroked and moaned, the rough boy being the first to explode all over her back.  The gentle one came next, getting some in her hair before trailing the rest into the considerable puddle left by his friend.  Cody was last, violently thrusting into her.  “Cum in her ass,” one of his friends suggested, and with that Cody let go, spraying his cum inside her.

He pulled out after every drop was out, spreading her cheeks so that his friends could see his cum start to leak out of her.  They each muttered sentiments of how hot she was, and how hot she looked covered in cum while they toweled themselves off.  “Should we…clean her off?” one of them asked.  They considered.  “Yah…but someone has to get the stuff inside her,” Cody said with a smirk.  “Shotgun,” he quipped, laughing at himself.  She felt a towel on her back, mopping up the mess that two of the boys had left.  She felt Cody’s strong hands part her ass cheeks, and his tongue dart inside her asshole, licking her clean.  His tongue felt amazing, and she arched her back almost imperceptibly to give him better access.  “Okay man, we’ve gotta go before she wakes up…get your tongue out of her ass,” the gentle one said, gathering their towels.  Cody offered her a few final licks, clearly reluctant to leave such a (seemingly) willing participant. 

They left Angela naked and cum-soaked inside and out, pretending to be asleep in the sun.

When the boys had been gone for a moment, Angela got up and jumped in the pool.  She made sure to wash the rest of the cum off of her, smiling to herself as she replayed the afternoon.  She was both impressed and astonished in the audacity of the boys- someone would surely need to teach them a lesson.  It had been a while since she had played with a man, though, and she admitted to herself that the variety was certainly interesting.  She was absolutely not straight, but she could appreciate sexual pleasure in many forms.  Once she was all cleaned up, she headed back to the apartment, excited to fill Liane in on the developments.

“Those little predators!” Liane said, aghast.  They had laughed at the boys’ brazenness all evening, shocked that they had taken things as far as they did.  Both Liane and Angela agreed that they needed to do something about it, and began to formulate a plan.  They wanted to make sure that the boys thought about what they did, and decided that a healthy dose of panic and paranoia would be a good start to this particular life lesson.

They got their chance for phase one of their plan a few days later.  Angela and Liane were in the elevator, headed out for dinner.  It stopped on the way down, and Cody got into the elevator.  It took him a moment to realize the identity of his fellow passengers, and when he did it looked like he wanted to just dissolve into nothingness.  Liane greeted Cody innocently, and he mumbled his hello.  When the elevator dinged she exited first, leaving Angela just enough time to whisper something to the stunned Cody before exiting herself.

She glanced up at him, a smirk dancing on her lips. “Next time, leave the cum on me…I like the way it feels.”

Mother and Daughters: Part 6 (Finale)

This story is a sequel to My Mother, My Wife. Read part 1 here.

Read part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5 of Mother and Daughters.


Lily had listened to her mom take her sister’s virginity all night long.  She finally understood how Violet had felt, listening to Lily and her mom for all those months.  Lily lost count of her own orgasms, let alone those of her mom and sister.  Hearing two women that she loved experience so much pleasure was intoxicating. It was a spectacular night for all of them, and Lily was glad that she had given her mom and sister space to consummate their marriage alone.  When she woke the next day, however, she found herself eager to join in on the fun.

She tiptoed down the hall to the master bedroom, silently opening the door.  Her mom and sister were wrapped in each other, sound asleep under the blankets.  The room was completely disheveled; Lily could see the strap-on harness and multiple dildos, a vibrator, and- was that a butt plug? Lily smiled at the disarray, glad that her mom and sister had so thoroughly enjoyed each other.  She stumbled slightly on her way to the bed, tripping over a discarded dildo.  Violet stirred, sleepily opening her eyes.

“Hi, newlywed,” Lily whispered, a knowing smile dancing across her lips.  Violet smiled, her face a mixture of smugness and embarrassment.  “Did we keep you up?” she whispered back, gently moving out of her sleeping mother’s embrace to move closer to her sister.  Lily sat on the side of the bed, and Violet moved over so that they could chat without waking their mother.  “It’s okay,” Lily said, “it was super hot.  Plus, I guess you owe me a few sleepless nights,” she said with a smile.  Violet blushed again, but smiled along with her sister, delighted to be in on the joke for once.  “So…how was it?” Lily asked.

“It was incredible,” Violet said dreamily.  “I had no idea that it would be like that…I am so lucky,” Violet said.  “We are so lucky,” Lily corrected, taking her sister’s hand.  Their fingers intertwined, and Lily bent to kiss her sister tenderly.  “I’ll admit,” Lily said, moving the blankets slightly down to bare her sister’s naked breasts, “I definitely felt like I was missing out last night,” she said, visibly ogling her sister.  Violet laughed, making no effort to cover herself. 

Lily bent to take one of her sister’s nipples into her mouth, feeling Violet shiver under her touch.  “And here I thought you might be too exhausted for any more play,” Lily teased.  “I don’t think I will ever get tired of sex,” Violet said, gasping as her sister nibbled gently on her nipple.  “Mmm, good.  I’ve only ever tasted mom’s pussy,” Lily mused, moving to her sister’s other nipple.  “Me too,” Violet said with a giggle.  She kicked the blankets off of herself, reveling in her nakedness as her sister took off her pyjamas.  “Let’s change that,” Lily said, climbing onto her sister to taste her pussy for the first time.


Cherie woke from what she thought was the best dream of her life.  She was married to both of her daughters, and had spent the entire night taking the virginity of her youngest daughter.  She took a deep breath, stretching to shake the cobwebs from her mind.  She blinked a few times, taking in her surroundings.  She realized that she wasn’t in her bed- she was at the lake house.  The next thing she realized was that she wasn’t alone in the room.  She heard moaning, two distinct voices.  Cherie blinked a few more times, sitting up slightly to take in the room.

Her two daughters lay naked beside her, their faces buried in each other’s pussies.  Lily was riding Violet’s face, her hands spreading her sister’s lips so that her tongue could flick her clit.  Both girls were moaning freely, completely lost in the moment and oblivious to their mother’s observation.  She watched them silently, her fingers roaming between her legs to rub her pussy as her daughters played.  “Violet, I’m gonna cum!” Lily exclaimed, driving her fingers into her sister’s pussy urgently.  Violet was the one who screamed first, her body convulsing under her sister as she came.  Lily cried out a moment after, her hips grinding her pussy on her sister’s face as she soaked her in sweetness.

Lily eventually rolled off of her sister, both of them working to catch their breath.  Cherie watched both girls, swelling with pride and arousal.  “My beautiful girls,” she said, jolting her daughters into the present moment, “come give your mom a kiss.”

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Mother and Daughters: Part 5

This story is a sequel to My Mother, My Wife. Read part 1 here.

Read part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4 of Mother and Daughters.


Violet was about to lose her virginity to her mom- to her wife.  After the ceremony the three women had gone out to a very fancy dinner.  Lily had thought of every detail, from the flowers on the table, to the wedding cake for dessert.  Violet was so grateful to have her, including now as she gave her sister a pep talk.  “I know you’re nervous, but it’s going to be incredible,” Lily said, brushing her sister’s hair out of the braids.  Their mother was in the shower, giving the sisters one final chance to talk.  “I am going to leave you two alone tonight; it’s important that you have time alone together to celebrate your marriage.  We can talk tomorrow, when it’s over- I can’t wait to hear all the details,” Lily teased with a grin.  Violet grinned back, her sister’s sense of humour, as always, reassuring her. 

Lily gave Violet one final kiss, then leaving her alone with her thoughts in the master bedroom.  Violet heard the shower turn off, and her mother step out.  She felt like the butterflies in her tummy would carry her away before her mother could even touch her.  Violet was wearing a simple white satin nightgown, picked out by her sister.  She fiddled with the hem as she waited for what seemed like a year for her mother to come out of the bathroom.  At long last, the door opened, and her mom stepped out of the steamy room.  It took Violet a moment to realize that she was naked.

She could feel her cheeks blushing as her mom closed the gap between them.  “You look beautiful, Violet,” Cherie said, kissing her daughter deeply.  Violet could feel warmth radiating from her mom’s body as she kissed her.  She found herself relaxing into her mom’s kiss, some of her anxiety dissipating as her tongue found her mom’s.  “I want you to feel good, sweetie,” Cherie said, cupping her daughter’s face, “I am so lucky that you married me today, and am so grateful that you are giving me your virginity.  I know you must be nervous; I want you to relax, and let your mom take care of you, okay?” Violet let herself be led over to the giant bed, and obediently put her arms over her head for her mom to undress her.  “Yes, mom.  I know that you’ll take care of me,” Violet whispered, and knew as soon as she said the words that they were true.

Cherie laid Violet on the bed, gently running her hands over her daughter’s naked body for the first time.  Violet shivered under her mom’s touch, a bundle of nerves and arousal.  She could already feel wetness between her legs, and her mom had barely touched her.  Cherie took her time kissing Violet, letting her daughter ease into the moment.  Violet felt her mom’s fingers first teasing her nipples as they kissed, and was surprised at how natural it felt.  “That’s it, let it feel good,” Cherie coached, and Violet could feel herself relax even more. 

Violet could feel her mother’s breasts pressing into her, and reached up to cup one of them.  It was soft, and Violet liked the way her mom moaned as she squeezed.  “Open your legs, Violet,” Cherie whispered intimately, finishing her request with a delicate kiss.  Violet felt like her body was melting, her legs easily falling open at her mom’s request.  When her mom’s fingers grazed her clit for the first time, Violet gasped.  She had masturbated countless times (often while listening to her mom and sister), but having someone else- let alone her own mom- touch her in such an intimate place was incredible.  Violet kissed her mom deeper, becoming hungrier for connection as her mom started to rub her clit.  She wrapped her arms around her, bringing her mom’s body close to hers, pressing their breasts together.  “Mom, it feels so good,” Violet moaned, opening her legs even wider for her mom.  “I know, baby,” Cherie said, “you deserve it.”  Violet felt her mom’s fingers leave her clit, trailing down her slit to press against her virgin hole.  “Your pussy is soaked, sweetie.  Are you ready for my fingers?” 

“Yes, mom, please,” Violet whined, feeling desperate for stimulation.  She felt her mom press two fingers inside her, and cried out at the pressure.  “You’re so tight, Violet, just relax.  I will use my fingers before I use anything else…it won’t hurt.”  Violet looked Cherie in the eyes, seeing the lifelong sincerity and trust of her mother.  She relaxed, flexing her hips around her mom’s fingers and moaning as she felt movement inside her.  “That’s it, good girl, just relax,” Cherie said, gently moving her fingers in and out of her daughter.  Violet started moaning more urgently, feeling her pussy dripping with each insertion of her mom’s fingers. 

“Your virginity is such a gift, Violet,” Cherie said as she worked her daughter’s pussy.  Violet felt her mom’s fingers move below her pussy, and felt momentarily confused until she felt pressure on her asshole.  “I know it can be scary to lose your virginity, but it’s perfectly natural to lose it to your mom.  Now that we are married, you can give all of yourself to me,” she continued, gently pressing onto Violet’s asshole.  Violet wondered if her mom was mistaken, perhaps not realizing what she was doing.  That thought was soon abandoned as her mom kept speaking.  “I want to have all of you, Violet, forever.  I will love you as my wife, and my daughter, and will always take care of you.  Will you give yourself to me, sweetie?  All of yourself?” she asked, punctuating the ask by increasing pressure on Violet’s asshole. 

Violet was so preoccupied with the thought of losing her vaginal virginity, that she had never even considered anal.  She looked into her mom’s eyes, seeing lust and love staring back at her.  “Mom, I’m scared,” she said honestly as her mom continued to play with her ass.  “I know, baby, it’s okay to be scared.  I am going to take care of you, remember? If you give me this gift, I will cherish it- and you- forever.  If you aren’t ready, that’s okay too- I don’t want to pressure you, Violet.  I just want you, in every way that you will give me.” 

Violet was touched by her mom’s words, and relieved that she was able to say no.  As she thought about it, though, she realized that she didn’t want to say no.  Yes, she was scared, but she knew that she could be in no better hands than her mom’s.  She knew that her mom would be gentle, and she desperately wanted to be connected to her in every way.  “I am yours, mom- your daughter, and your wife.  I want to give you every part of me, I want you to have my virginity forever- all of it,” Violet said, sitting up slightly to kiss her mom deeply. 

“Thank you, Violet.  I am so proud of you- and so attracted to you.  I can’t wait to explore every inch of your body.  Lay back, and let me make you feel good.  Don’t be scared, I’ve got you,” Cherie said, teasing her daughter’s nipples and cupping each of her full breasts before gently pushing her back down on the bed.  Violet felt her mom’s fingers exploring her pussy again, pressing in and out of her hole.  They stroked her throbbing clit, making Violet realize how close to the edge she was.  “Mom, don’t stop…I’m gonna cum!” Violet said urgently.  Cherie just smiled, and continued to stroke her daughter’s clit until she screamed.

“Good girl, you are absolutely gorgeous when you cum,” Cherie said as Violet breathed heavily.  Cherie licked her fingers, tasting her daughter for the first time.  “You taste delicious,” she said, making Violet blush.  While Violet took a beat to recover, Cherie stepped into her strap-on harness.  Violet watched her apprehensively, until she turned back toward her.  “It’s small,” Cherie reassured her, “it won’t hurt.  Are you ready?” 

“Yes, mom, please take my virginity,” Violet said.  She had never been more sure of anything in her life.  She laid still as her mother mounted her, gently sliding the dildo into her virgin pussy.  There was a moment of sharp pain that caused Violet to wince, but once her mom started to move slowly back and forth, it started to feel absolutely amazing.  “Mom, yes,” Violet moaned, grinding her hips against her mother as the dildo entered her.  “Good girl, you are doing so well,” Cherie encouraged, moving faster as Violet acclimated.  Violet couldn’t believe how amazing her mom was making her feel; if she had known that sex would feel like this, she would’ve tried it years ago. 

Her second orgasm built slowly, the result of her mom’s deliberate and methodical thrusts of the dildo inside her pussy.  Her mom’s fingers returned to her clit, providing added stimulation to push Violet to the edge.  This time when she came, her mom pressed the dildo far inside her, leaning over her to swallow her moan in a kiss.  Violet was winded and completely sated; she had never felt closer to her mom.  Cherie pulled the dildo out of her daughter, marveling at how it glistened with her wetness.  She licked it up and down, bending to then kiss her daughter.  “See, you taste so good,” she said, sharing her daughter’s cum with her. 

“I want to taste you, mom,” Violet whispered shyly.  Cherie smiled, no doubt pleased by her daughter’s enthusiasm.  “Well of course you can, sweetie,” she said.  “Why don’t you taste me while I keep playing with your holes.”  Violet nodded, not having enough experience to be sure about what her mom meant.  Things soon became clear as her mom swung one of her legs over Violet’s head, stationing her pussy over Violet’s head. 

Violet looked up, seeing her mom up close for the first time.  She could see wetness glistening along her folds, and found herself desperate to taste it.  She grabbed her mom by the ass, bringing her pussy down to her mouth.  She licked her tentatively, delighting in the salty sweet taste.  She stuck her tongue deeper, feeling her mom’s hard clit with the tip.  When her mom moaned, it sounded just like when she was with Lily.  “That’s it, baby, taste your mom.  Your tongue feels so good,” Cherie purred, starting to grind her hips on her daughter’s face.  Violet knew that she must be doing something right, and kept licking.

Her focus was split when her mom started to stroke her clit again.  She felt her mom spreading her wetness all along her slit, down to her asshole.  Violet tensed, realizing what was coming next.  “Just relax, sweetie, let your mom explore.  Just focus on sucking my clit, Violet, I will take care of you,” Cherie encouraged.  Violet took her mom’s advice, focusing as much as she could on exploring her mom’s sweet-smelling pussy.  Her mom pressed a finger inside her asshole first, just the tip.  She was so gentle that Violet wasn’t even sure that she had penetrated her.  Her mom wiggled her finger a bit, and the sensation was like nothing Violet had ever felt. She found herself hoping that her mom would press further in.  Her wish was soon granted, with her mom’s finger pressing into her knuckle by knuckle, until the entire finger was buried inside her.  “You are taking it so well, Violet, I am so proud of you,” Cherie said through the moans that Violet was teasing out of her through her pussy.

Violet felt something cold and slippery press against her now, and refocused on her mom’s pussy.  The thin plug slid inside her gently, her mom encouraging her to relax around it as she took the last inch.  Violet had never felt so full- or at least she had thought, until her mom put the dildo back in her pussy.  The sensation was absolutely incredible; Violet felt like she would rip in half from the sheer pleasure between her legs.  Her mom gently thrusted the dildo in and out of her pussy, wiggling the plug ever so slightly as she did so.  She licked Violet’s clit as she played, completely overwhelming her daughter.  Violet channeled her pleasure into her mother through her tongue, redoubling her efforts to explore her mom’s pussy.  “Yes, baby, that’s it…you’re going to make me cum,” Cherie said breathlessly, manipulating her daughter’s holes as she grinded her hips on her face.  “Me too, mom,” Violet moaned into her mom’s pussy. 

Mother and daughter came together for the first of many times that night, both of them screaming into the other’s pussy. 

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Mother and Daughters: Part 4

This story is a sequel to My Mother, My Wife. Read part 1 here.

Read part 1, part 2, and part 3 of Mother and Daughters.


Lily couldn’t believe her little sister was actually graduating high school.  She watched Violet walk her curvy frame across the stage with such pride, both as a sister and as a parent.  She always admired Violet’s free spirit, and her talent for acting and painting was incredible.  Lily knew that her sister would do great things in the world, and was excited to see what the future held in store.

She knew of one absolute in Violet’s future; her mom was going to ask her to marry her after the ceremony.  Lily was giddy with excitement at the notion that she would finally be able to share this part of her life with her sister.  It was all she could do not to blurt it out on the way home, but she restrained herself, committed to the plan that their mom had come up with.  They arrived back home so that Violet could drop her diploma off and change out of her graduation robes before going to the after-grad festivities.  When Violet bounded back down the stairs, Lily and Cherie were standing at the bottom, a huge bouquet of flowers in hand, with a card peeking out the top.

“Wow, these are beautiful!” Violet exclaimed, eagerly taking the flowers from Lily and smelling them.  “Thank you so much,” she smiled warmly, hugging her mom and sister.  “Mom, can you put these in water for me? I have to meet my friends,” she said.  “You should probably read the card, graduate,” Lily said teasingly.  Lily and Cherie exchanged a glance rife with nerves and excitement as Violet fumbled with the card.  “Oh yah, duh,” she said, opening the envelope. 

Lily watched her sister’s expression as she read the card.  Her and Cherie had agonized over how to word their proposal, but ended up very pleased with the outcome.  Lily had committed it to memory she had read it so many times.

Dear Violet,

We are so proud of all that you have accomplished so far in your life.  You are a beautiful, talented, kind, and creative woman who will no doubt move mountains.  You have had such an impact on both of our lives as a daughter and a sister; we are so blessed to call you ours.

As you make plans for your future, we want you to consider all that you want to get out of life.  We hope that you find happiness, fulfillment, and safety in all aspects of your life- you deserve all that and more.  A few months ago, you said that you want what we have one day- this kind of loving and passionate relationship- and we desperately want that for you too.

Violet, we want to give that to you.  We want to share what we are, and extend it to include you.  There is absolutely nothing like the bond between mother and daughter, except maybe the bond between sisters.  When you extend that bond beyond family to romance and intimacy, it is absolutely unbreakable.  We want you with us, Violet, forever, as your mother’s second wife.  Please say yes, so we can all live happily ever after- together.

With love,

Mom and Lily

Lily watched as her sister’s expression changed from soft to warm to confused to concentrated, resisting the urge to speak.  The silence deepened as Violet read.  Lily felt her mom anxiously grab her hand, intertwining their fingers.  Lily gave her mom’s hand a reassuring squeeze, not taking her focus off of her sister.  At long last Violet put the card down on the counter, and took a deep breath.

Before Lily knew what hit her, her sister’s arms were wrapped around both her and their mom.  “Yes! Oh my goodness, a thousand times yes!” Violet exclaimed theatrically, embracing Lily and Cherie tightly.  “I have been trying to figure out a way to ask you…you read my mind!” Violet said as her eyes filled with tears.  Seeing her sister’s elation and feeling her own sense of excitement and relief brought tears to Lily’s eyes as well.  “We love you, sweetie,” Cherie exclaimed through tears of her own, “and we are going to be so happy together.”

That weekend, the three women drove the two hours to the lake house.  Lily had spent every waking hour planning out their trip, and was positively bursting with excitement over her mom and sister’s upcoming nuptials.  They had agreed that a wedding was necessary to make things official; in spite of their atypical lifestyle, Cherie was quite a traditional woman.  She wanted to do right by her youngest daughter, making sure that she was married to her before any intimacy took place. 

“It looks exactly like I remember,” Violet said as she got out of the car.  The women carried their bags into the house, taking in the wall of windows in the kitchen/living room looking over the lake.  They explored the house, noting a couple of guest bedrooms and a washroom, before making it to the master bedroom at the end of the hall.  Complete with a fireplace and a California king-sized bed, the wall of windows continued into the master bedroom, offering a stunning view of the lake.  The three women stood together in the room, each anxious and excited for what that bed would later see.

“Well, let’s get ready,” Cherie said brightly.  “Girls, you can get ready in here; I am going to stock the fridge and decorate.  Lily, you are in charge of hair and makeup.”  Lily beamed, excited to see the day finally starting to come together.  “Don’t forget about…”

“The streamers, yes, Lily, I know.  I have your expertly crafted list right here- I won’t miss anything,” Cherie teased.  Lily and Violet both laughed as their mom headed back to the kitchen.

“Okay, sis, are you ready for your big day?” Lily asked, combing her fingers through her sister’s hair.  “I’m nervous,” Violet said honestly.  “It’s okay, I was too,” Lily said, squeezing Violet’s hand reassuringly.  “Really?” Violet asked, turning to her sister.  “You always seem so sure of yourself.”  Lily laughed.  “I’m glad it seems that way,” Lily said, “but I was so nervous to marry mom.  I knew that I loved her, of course, but marriage is still a big deal.  I was worried about whether I would be a good wife, what people would think….how to tell you…” Lily trailed off.  “And it all worked out…this is going to be a great day, Violet, you’ll see.”

Violet smiled.  “I know- I am so lucky to have the two of you, and I am so excited to be married.  I guess I’m just nervous about…you know…” she faltered, staring at the bed.  “Sex?” Lily asked, surprised.  “Oh, Violet, sometimes I forget that you’ve never done it.  I’m sorry…do you have questions that I could answer?”  Violet was thoughtful, wandering over to sit on the huge bed.

“What’s it like…being with mom?” Violet asked.  “Is it, you know, weird- given that she’s…your mom?” she asked clumsily.  Lily smiled.  “It is incredible.  Honestly, I was nervous at first too, but mom is…she’s amazing.  She made me feel so safe, and so beautiful.  The first time she gave me an orgasm- I will never forget it.  She has been an amazing teacher, and just so sexual.  She has known us our whole lives; she knows everything about us.  You really feel that when she touches you,” Lily said, trailing a finger down Violet’s arm for effect.  She smiled as goosebumps formed in its wake.  “That does sound amazing,” Violet said dreamily, shivering at her sister’s touch. 

“Is…is she going to spank me?” Violet asked, looking to her older sister for wisdom.  “No, she won’t- not this weekend,” Lily said confidently, “and she would never do that to you if you didn’t want her to.  The spanking thing is something that mom and I do together; if you want to experiment with it I’m sure mom would let you, but you don’t have to feel pressure to.  Your relationship with mom will be unique from mine, and that’s okay,” Lily said, giving her sister’s leg a comforting squeeze.  “Mom will take care of you, Violet, you have nothing to worry about- and so will I,” Lily promised.

With that, the two girls started to get ready for the wedding.  Lily did Violet’s hair in an elaborate braid, and helped zip her sister into a gorgeous, white floor length gown.  Lily herself wore white also, her dress shorter to show off her long legs.  She knew that their mother was going to wear a black fitted pantsuit, made from a gorgeous silk material.  She did her sister’s makeup, keeping it natural, but with a bright red lip.  “You look amazing” Lily said honestly. She hugged her sister tightly, careful not to mess up her hair.  Just then, their mom walked in the room.  “Are you girls ready?” Cherie called from down the hall. “Coming, Mom!” Lily said, giving her sister a final squeeze.  “Violet, stay in here for five minutes, and then meet us on the deck.” 

Lily and her mom held hands as they walked out onto the deck, giving Lily a chance to inspect her mom’s decorating.  “Mom, it’s perfect- you did great,” Lily said, admiring the white rose petals marking the aisle that Violet would walk, and the gorgeous hydrangeas and roses punctuating their alter.  The moonlight bathed the deck in an ethereal glow, and the stars and lake provided a perfect backdrop for their family love story.  Lily grabbed her notebook, stationing herself to the right of her mother as their officiant.  She played a soft, instrumental melody on the speakers, and took a deep breath as her younger sister floated down the aisle.

Violet was a vision in white; her long dress hung to her curves perfectly, leaving just enough cleavage to leave you wanting more.  Her bold features were highlighted with makeup, making her beauty look completely effortless.  She took her time walking down the aisle toward her mother and sister, swinging her hips in a way that had Lily’s mouth watering.  Lily looked at her mother, whose eyes had already filled with tears as she watched her second daughter walk down the aisle to her.  The music quieted as Violet joined them at the altar; Lily held hands with both her mother and sister, all three of them smiling ear to ear.

The ceremony was grounded in Lily’s poem, “My Mother, My Wife.”  She spoke of the bond between mothers and daughters, and the importance of supporting and loving each other.  She spoke personally about her bond with her sister, and how excited she was to welcome her sister into her marriage.  The ceremony finished as each woman took turns reading a passage from Lily’s poem before Cherie and Violet finally sealed their vows with their first kiss.

Lily felt instant butterflies as she watched her mother- her wife- kiss her sister.  It was such a tender, beautiful moment; a tentative start deepened as years of familiarity and trust surfaced.  Violet put her arms around her mom’s neck, leaning into the kiss as Cherie’s hands gripped her daughter’s waist.  They finally broke free, Violet blushing furiously.  “That was hot,” Lily said, breaking the tension.  All three of them laughed easily.  Cherie put her hand on Lily’s face, bringing her in for a passionate kiss as well.  Lily could taste her sister’s lip gloss on her mom’s lips, heightening the sensation of the kiss.  She gave her mom’s lips an extra lick before breaking free, smiling at her family. 

Her mom left her hand on Lily’s cheek, moving her other hand to cup Violet’s face.  Cherie brought her hands together, inviting her daughters to seal their bond just as they had sealed it with her.  Lily and Violet made eye contact, allowing their mom to push their faces together until their lips touched.  As soon as Lily tasted her sister’s lips, her tongue searched for Violet’s.  The girls kissed deeply, both leaning into their mother’s hand on their face, allowing their tongues to meet and explore.  “My girls,” Cherie said, tears in her eyes as the sisters finished their kiss.  “You both make me so happy.  I am so lucky to be your mom…and now, a wife- to both of you.”

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Mother and Daughters: Part 3

This story is a sequel to My Mother, My Wife. Read part 1 here.

Read part 1 and part 2 of Mother and Daughters.


Cherie noted that her palm was sore as she wrapped it around her morning coffee. She smiled to herself, thinking back to the night before when she had delivered no fewer than twenty spankings to her daughter’s toned ass- and she certainly hadn’t held back.  If her palm was sore, her daughter’s ass would be very tender. 

Lily really was the perfect wife, just as Cherie knew that she would be.  They had worked hard over the past year to be a team, sharing responsibilities and intimacy as wives.  It wasn’t long into their marriage that Cherie shared her love and need for BDSM with Lily, who graciously and eagerly agreed to try it.  Lily was a natural submissive, and after a lot of conversation and practice they had a dynamic that worked well for both of them.  Lily called Cherie Mother when she submitted, the formality of the term becoming somewhat of an inside joke when they were out of the bedroom.  Cherie knew how lucky she was, and promised herself not to waste any moment of her time with her family.

She was lost in this daydream when Violet came down the stairs, already dressed for school.  Violet was in her senior year of high school, coming up on graduation.  Where Lily was a tall, athletic, straight A student, Violet was her opposite- short, curvy, and much more artistically inclined.  She was the lead in the school play, and her free spirit Cherie knew would never be tamed- it was one of the things she loved most about her youngest daughter. 

“Morning, sweetie,” Cherie smiled at Violet, “can I get you some breakfast? Lily is still in bed.”  Cherie knew that she had been hard on Lily last night, so decided to let her sleep in knowing she didn’t have class until the afternoon.  “Morning Mom,” Violet said pleasantly, “just coffee for me please- I am already late for school.”  Cherie shook her head, knowing that asking Violet to take the time to eat breakfast was a losing battle.  “Okay, at least grab an apple on your way out,” she said.  “I’m good, mom, I’ll grab something at school,” Violet countered.  Cherie frowned, handing her daughter an apple.  “Just take it- make your mother feel better,” she said- gently, but firmly.  A strange expression played across Violet’s face, but she eventually took the apple.  “Th…thanks, mom…okay, I gotta go…love you,” she said over her shoulder.

Lily had dinner ready when Cherie got home from work, as usual.  “It smells amazing,” Cherie said as she put her arms around her daughter’s waist. “Just like you,” she whispered in her ear before nibbling the lobe.  Lily giggled just as Violet came downstairs.  “Ugh, get a room you two,” she said dramatically, a giggle breaking her character.  Cherie looked at both of her daughters, feeling her heart swell with pride.  “Let’s eat,” she said, handing each of the girls a plate.

Violet and Cherie sat at the table as Lily got her food.  “Does anyone need anything?” she asked before coming over to sit down.  Cherie noticed Lily wince as she sat, and knowingly smiled at her daughter.  “Is everything okay, Lily?” Cherie teased, the memories of the night before passing between them.  “Yes, Mother,” Lily emphasized, “nothing I can’t handle.”  Her grin was contagious, and Cherie returned it.  “Seriously, you two, get a room!” Violet exclaimed for the second time that night, breaking the burning tension between Cherie and Lily. 

“What do you mean, sweetie? We weren’t even kissing!” Cherie asked nonchalantly, not realizing that Violet had understood the subtext.  Violet blushed.  She stared at her food, her body language showing her embarrassment.  “Violet? What’s the matter?” Cherie asked, still not quite understanding the change in her daughter’s disposition.  “Nothing, mom, never mind,” Violet mumbled, “let’s just change the subject.”

Not one to let something go, Lily chimed in.  “What’s wrong Violet? You can talk to us, you know,” she said with both sisterly and parental compassion.  Violet finally looked both of them in the eye.  “I can hear you at night, you know.  I’m not a baby- I’m 18 years old- I know what’s happening on the other side of the wall at night,” she said.  Now it was Cherie’s turn to blush.  “And,” Violet said, turning to her sister, “I know why Lily is having a hard time sitting down.”

It wasn’t often that Cherie was rendered speechless; whether in a boardroom or as a parent, she was always quick on her feet.  As she looked into the accusing- and curious?- eyes of her youngest daughter, she didn’t know what to say.  It was Lily who spoke first.  “What questions do you have?”  Lily was ever the pragmatic one; Cherie was grateful to have such a strong and grounded wife.

Violet seemed surprised by her sister’s question.  She thought for a moment, trying to recover her upper hand.  She chose her words carefully.  “Sometimes…when I hear you…you are really loving and gentle,” Violet began, “and then other times- like last night- you hurt Lily,” Violet said to Cherie, “and you like it,” she said to her sister.  “I don’t get it- why do you do that? Why isn’t it loving all the time?”

“Oh, sweetie, it is loving all the time,” Cherie blurted, working through the shock that her youngest daughter had overheard her most intimate moments with her eldest.  Now it was Cherie’s turn to choose her words carefully.  “Your sister and I have lots of different dynamics to our relationship,” she began.  “We are wives, partners…we love and care for each other.  We are also friends,” she said, beaming at Lily, “and we have fun together.  I am still Lily’s mother- I support her as much as I can.  Part of our relationship is intimacy…sexual intimacy. Intimacy can look different in different scenarios.  Of course we make love regularly, but sometimes sexual needs go beyond lovemaking.  Have you ever had sex, Violet?” she asked gently.

“No,” Violet said, face flushing again.  “Its okay, you will when the time is right- and when you do, you’ll learn that there are lots of ways to make someone feel good.  Sex is a beautiful thing, especially between mother and daughter.  I have known Lily for her whole life, as she has known me- we understand each other incredibly well.  Part of that understanding is that Lily knows that my work is stressful, and sometimes I need to deal with that stress in non-traditional ways.  Hurting your sister helps me to release tension, and be a better mom to you,” Cherie explained. 

Violet’s rapt attention to her mother was interrupted by her sister.  “I like being able to do that for mom,” Lily added, “and when she hurts me, I get something out of it too.  It’s hard to explain, but when mom is spanking me, that’s all I can focus on.  I forget about all of my other responsibilities and worries, and am just fully in the moment.  I feel so…free,” she explained, and Violet started to nod.  “So, you aren’t hurting Lily because you’re mad at her? Even though you’re using your ‘mom’ voice?” 

Both Lily and Cherie laughed, breaking the building tension of the moment.  “I hadn’t thought of that, but you are so right- it is her mom voice!” Lily giggled, Violet following suit.  Soon all three women were laughing around the kitchen table, just like old times. “Violet, you are always welcome to ask us questions, about any part of our relationship,” Cherie said genuinely.  “We know that this has been a journey for you, too, and I want to make sure that you understand.  We will try to be…more discrete…in the future.”

Violet looked thoughtful.  “What if I don’t want you to be?” she asked, “What if I…what if I like listening? Does that mean there’s something wrong with me?”  Cherie thought her heart would burst with compassion as she cupped the face of her youngest daughter.  “Violet, of course there’s nothing wrong with you.  I think I owe you an apology,” Cherie said, taking Violet’s hands in hers, “I was so happy to have your blessing to marry your sister that I have forgotten to keep checking in with you.  I know that a lot has changed in the last year, and it can’t have been easy on you.  Just because things have changed between your sister and I doesn’t mean they have to change between us- I am your mother, and I always will be.  I want to make sure you know that,” Cherie said, squeezing Violet’s hands. 

“I know, mom, and it’s okay.  A lot has changed, but it’s easy to see that you and Lily have something special…I just hope that I get to have something like that someday,” Violet said wistfully.  “You will, Violet, you are an incredible young woman,” Lily chimed in.  “Anyone would be lucky to have you.  You’ll find what’s right for you- you always do,” Lily said.  She stood, wrapping her younger sister in an embrace.  Cherie watched her two girls hugging, the picture of love and support- she knew what needed to happen next.

“I was thinking the exact same thing,” Lily said excitedly as they both got into bed that night.  Cherie had just blurted out her idea to marry Violet.  She was worried how Lily might react, but of course she shouldn’t have been- they were always on the same page.  “I can’t believe we haven’t discussed this before,” she said enthusiastically, “it makes so much sense.  Being married to you changed my life- what we have is so fulfilling, so solid- of course Violet should have the same.  How should we ask her?” Lily mused, tucking her naked body under the blankets.  Cherie took her daughter in her arms as she had countless times, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear before kissing her deeply.  “I love you so much, baby, I am so lucky to have you,” she said, feeling butterflies as Lily’s tongue danced along her own.  “I love you too mom,” Lily purred. 

“I think that we should ask her at graduation,” Cherie said, absently stroking her daughter’s breast.  She felt Lily’s nipple harden under her touch, causing her own body to tingle.  “I love that idea,” Lily agreed, “and after we could go to that house on the lake that we rented a few summers ago- the one that Violet loved,” Lily added.  “Yes, that’s perfect,” Cherie gushed, shivering as her daughter ran her fingers down her back.  They were locked in an intimate embrace, both lost in the vision of their future with Violet.  “I’ll plan the wedding,” Lily said, excitement dancing in her eyes.  “Of course you will,” Cherie laughed, kissing Lily playfully. “Oh my gosh, there will be so many flowers…and we’ll need a cake…oh, and outfits…and…!” Lily’s excited rush was cut short as Cherie put her nipple in her daughter’s mouth.  “There will be plenty of time to plan the wedding,” Cherie said lightly, stroking her daughter’s face as she began to suckle, “right now I just want to celebrate with you, my first wife.”

Her daughter’s skilled mouth went to work on her nipple, bringing her body completely to life.  Cherie reached between her daughter’s legs, moaning as she found her pussy to be soaked.  Lily’s moan vibrated around Cherie’s nipple as she stroked her daughter’s clit, practicing the pattern that she knew made her squirm.  Cherie looked down into her daughter’s eyes, biting her lip as Lily’s fingers pulled at her other nipple.  “I love you, Lily,” she said as she slipped two fingers inside her.  Lily had such a wet pussy, it was just perpetually begging to be filled. 

Cherie reached into their bedside table, finding their favourite double ended dildo.  She stepped out of bed, smiling as Lily’s disappointed expression turned into excitement as she watched her mother step into the strap on harness.  Cherie secured the straps around her hips, and then slipped one end of the dildo into her own soaked pussy.    She never took her eyes off Lily while she got ready; the sight of her daughter rubbing her own pussy in their bed had her already teetering on the edge.  She got back into bed, mounting her daughter and slipping the other half of the dildo inside her.  Lily moaned as her mother filled her, and Cherie returned the sound as their pussies touched. 

She thrusted gently into her daughter, shivering as the dildo worked its way in and out of both their pussies. It was anchored inside Cherie, moving inside her as she circled her hips against her daughter’s pelvis.  “Mom, that feels so good,” Lily moaned.  Cherie would usually remind her daughter to be quiet so as not to wake her sister, but in light of their dinnertime conversation with Violet elected not to.  “Yes, baby, that’s it- move your hips…mmm, you’re so wet Lily,” Cherie purred, bending to kiss her daughter.  She increased the pace, the sound of the dildo in both of their wet pussies turning her on even more.  Lily gripped her mom’s hips, digging her fingers into the soft flesh as she neared the edge.  “Mom, I’m gonna cum!” she exclaimed, and Cherie thrusted into her hard.  “Let go, Lily, cum for me,” Cherie encouraged, slamming her hips into her daughter.  She reached between them, flicking Lily’s clit just until she screamed, her body convulsing through the orgasm. 

Lily was breathing hard as Cherie pulled the dildo out of her, unhooking it from the harness around her hips.  She was about to pull it out of her own pussy when Lily’s hands wrapped around the cum soaked end that had just been inside her.  Lily wordlessly took the dildo, moving so that her mom could lay down.  Cherie laid on her back, opening her legs for her daughter.  Their eye contact was constant until Cherie’s rolled back in her head as Lily thrust the dildo in her pussy.  “Oh, God, Lily- yes,” Cherie moaned, feeling her own orgasm build.  “Harder, baby,” Cherie instructed, moaning as Lily obeyed.  “I want you to feel good mom, I want to make you cum,” Lily said, reaching up to pinch Cherie’s nipple as she relentlessly thrusted the dildo into her mom.  “Yes, baby, just like that- you’re going to make your mom cum,” Cherie encouraged, gripping the sheets beneath her as her body started to shake.  She thought about Violet in the next room, picturing her youngest daughter touching herself while she listened to her mother and sister having sex.  She looked up at her eldest daughter, the source of the pure pleasure that she was feeling.  “I’m cumming!” she exclaimed, no longer making an effort to hide their activities from Violet; her orgasm was powerful, fueled by emotion and the raw sexual energy between her and her daughter.

Cherie and Lily cuddled afterward, both taking deep breaths in an effort to get back down to earth.  “Do you think Violet heard us?” Lily asked ironically, sleepily stroking the outline of her mom’s breasts.  “Definitely,” Cherie said, “I hope she enjoyed it.”

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