Mother and Daughters: Part 2

This story is a sequel to My Mother, My Wife. Read part 1 here.

Read part 1 of Mother and Daughters here.


They were at it again, Violet thought with a thrill.  She had been listening to her mom and sister have sex for the better part of a year, but she knew by the sharp slap she’d just heard that tonight was no ordinary night of mother/daughter intimacy.  She heard her sister’s muffled moan, the mixture of pleasure and pain in it being a dead giveaway that Lily was getting spanked. 

Violet got under her blankets naked, rolling her nipples between her breasts and quieting her breathing so that she could hear what was happening in the next room.  She could hear her mom’s voice, the firm yet gentle tone that she often used when she was hurting Lily.  Come to think of it, it was the same tone that she used with Violet when she forgot to do her chores, or got a poor grade on a test.  There was something about that tone of voice that immediately inspired repentance and surrender- a mother’s gift, Violet supposed.

Violet reached between her legs, spreading her lips to find her pussy already damp.  There was a time that listening to her mom and sister have sex disgusted her; when they had first come home from their ski trip and told her they were going to be together, Violet had laughed in their face and took off.  She’d stayed away for a week, refusing to talk to either of them.  Not only was their supposed relationship gross, but it was also totally inappropriate- what would people think?! Violet seethed all week, staying at a friend’s place and claiming her family was still skiing.  She methodically built her argument, preparing a convincing monologue as she did for the school plays she’d been in.  A week later she returned home to confront her mom and sister.

To their credit, they heard her out.  Her monologue was delivered with dramatic flair, as was everything Violet did.  Arms waving, voice shouting, every logical point delivered from the highest of horses.  When she was finished, she met her mom’s and sister’s patient gazes, seeing both hurt and understanding looking back at her.  The rest of Violet’s words died in her throat.  She instead heard them out, listening to how they needed to support each other since their dad had left, and how Lily’s oversight of the household had naturally progressed to being more of a partner to their mom.  Their logic was sound enough, but it was their love that finally won Violet over- all she had to do was see them together to know they were head over heels for each other.  She loved them both dearly, and ultimately wanted them to be happy.  She still sometimes grappled with the taboo of it all, and disliked it when Lily used her “parent” voice on her, but all in all things were going smoothly- all three women were genuinely happy within the new dynamic.

The sex was hard to get used to.  Violet would go to sleep with earplugs in and music playing, just to drown out her mom’s and sister’s lovemaking.  Violet herself had never had sex, a fact that she was embarrassed about given that she had already turned 18, but she knew enough about it from the moans coming from the next room that in some ways she felt like she had.  It wasn’t until about six months into their new normal that the screaming started. 

The first time it happened, Lily’s scream broke through Violet’s soundproof armour.  Violet lurched out of bed, running down to their room to see if everything was okay.  She opened the door, prepared to help in any way that she could.  She was met with another scream, this one distinctly laced with the pleasured tones that Violet was used to hearing.  Her sister was bent over their bed, fully naked.  Lily’s arms were bound behind her back, and her ass was pointed in the air.  Their mom was behind her, her hand caressing a bright red welt on Lily’s ass.  Violet was stunned into silence, her presence going unnoticed by the women in the room.  She stood in the doorway and watched as her mom spanked her sister, each time coaxing a sound somewhere between a scream of pain and a moan of pleasure out of her lips.  “Do you like that, Lily?” her mom asked in that firm and gentle tone.  “Yes, Mother,” Lily said back, her voice completely sincere.  “More, please.”  Violet had slunk out of the room quietly, and had never spoken to either of them about what she had seen.

That night when she got back to her room, she continued to listen to her mom hurt her sister, and to her sister enjoying it.  She told herself that she was listening to protect Lily- that if her tone of voice lost the note of pleasure, she would go back into the room and intervene.  It wasn’t until she realized that her pussy was dripping wet that she started to acknowledge that maybe she liked listening.

She had stopped using ear plugs and listening to music at night after that, instead straining to hear when her mom and sister might be having sex.  She enjoyed their lovemaking noises, but got an extra thrill when she heard the spanking begin.  She started to rub her clit as she listened, counting the number of spanks as her mom delivered them.  Lily began to sound more and more desperate, her screams tonight muffled by something.  Violet counted 20 spanks in all, making her somewhat impressed by her sister’s stamina.  Violet fingered her pussy as she pictured herself taking Lily’s place, wondering what it would feel like to have her mom speak to her that way, and touch her so intimately.  Based on her sister’s moans, it sounded pretty great.

Violet stroked and fingered her pussy until she was dripping onto her sheets.  She took handfuls of her ample breasts, pinching her nipples to mirror some of the pain that her sister was going through.  She bit her lip as her fingers returned to her clit, rubbing faster as the moans in the other room grew louder.  She could now hear both her mom and sister moaning, and knew that they were getting close to orgasm.  Violet heard her mom say “Okay, Lily, it’s time,” and imagined her saying it to both of them.  Violet came with her family, letting a moan of her own join the sounds from her mom and sister in the next room. 

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Mother and Daughters: Part 1

This story is a sequel to My Mother, My Wife. Read part 1 here.


“Yes, Mother,” Lily mumbled through her gag.  She was laying across her mom’s lap, hands bound behind her, and gagged with her own panties to muffle the noise of her screams as she was spanked.  “Good girl,” her mother Cherie said in a kind tone that directly contrasted with the harsh slap.  Lily could feel bright red welts already forming on her ass cheeks, and moaned knowing that they were just getting started.

A lot had changed in the last year; after that fateful mother/daughter ski trip, Lily and Cherie had returned home in a fully committed relationship.  It hadn’t all been smooth- Lily’s younger sister Violet took some time to adjust to their family’s new normal- but after sitting her down and explaining their love and service to one another, not to mention seeing the way that Lily and Cherie looked at one another, even Violet had to accept their relationship.  Once they had Violet’s approval, Lily and Cherie married in a quiet ceremony with just the three of them.  Lily’s poem became her vows, and hung in the bedroom she now shared with her mom. 

Lily was learning to be a wife to her mother, and a parent to her sister- all while attending college classes part time and keeping the house in order.  She took a great deal of pride in serving their family- as she always had- and continued to make sure that dinners were made and Violet’s homework was done.  Cherie continued to work full time, comfortable with having Lily oversee the day to day of their household.  They made a good team, inside and outside of the bedroom.

Lily was learning to serve in other ways, too.  Ever since she and her mom had begun their physical relationship, she began to realize a strong desire to submit.  Cherie occasionally liked to use sex to cope with her high pressure job, and enjoyed having a willing participant to absorb some of her stress and frustration.  Lily saw this as an extension of her household and wifely duties and delighted in the opportunity to support her mom in a more intimate way.  She found freedom in submission, appreciating the opportunity to forget about her responsibilities for a bit.  Submitting to her mother also happened to make her pussy very, very, wet.  It was in this type of service that Lily found herself across her mother’s lap. 

“I think we’ll go to twenty tonight.  It’s been a rough day,” Cherie said, “Can you do that for your Mother, Lily?”  Lily nodded, moaning the affirmative through her panty gag.  “Good girl, now remember to be quiet- your sister is sleeping.”  Lily bit into her gag with each slap, doing her best to muffle her screams.  Her mom wasn’t holding back tonight, and Lily could feel her ass swell with each blow. 

Her mom’s hand landed with force, the whispered counts illustrating to Lily how far she had come- and how far she had left to go.  “Six,” Cherie whispered.  Lily felt fingertips dance along the raised skin, leaving a trail of fire on the sensitive skin.  She relaxed as she felt the fingertips brush up her spine, tensing back up as her mom took a handful of hair.  “You’re going to get four in a row, and they’re going to hurt.  Don’t make a sound, and don’t move a muscle.”  Lily recognized the raw lust in her mom’s tone, her body responding instantly with more wetness between her legs.  “Yes Mother,” Lily mumbled, doing her best to relax her body and mind to take the pain.

Lily swallowed her screams, turning them into moans.  Pain very quickly became pleasure, rippling through her body and resounding between her legs.  Her mom’s hand gripped her by the hair, holding her still as she spanked.  “That’s a good girl, take it for your Mother,” Cherie purred, the distinct pride in her voice stirring something in Lily.  She doubled her resolve, focusing on remaining still and quiet as her mom delivered blow after blow.  Tears were running down Lily’s face by the time she heard her mother tenderly whisper, “Twenty.  Good girl, you’re done.  I’m so proud of you, baby, thank you for letting me hurt you.”

Lily allowed her mom to move her onto her back, laying gingerly on the soft sheets as she tried not to put too much pressure on her tender ass.  Her hands were uncuffed, and instead attached to the corners of the headboard.  She felt her panty gag being gently removed and replaced with her mom’s fingers. “Suck,” she heard, and obeyed; Lily worked her tongue around the two fingers, silently sucking them as she breathed deeply through her nose to relax. 

Lily inhaled sharply as she felt the pinch of a clover clamp on her nipple.  She looked into her mom’s eyes as the second clamp was secured.  She moaned at the pain, sucking harder on the fingers to soothe herself.  Lily looked back up at her mom, her tear-stained eyes silently pleading for mercy.  “Shh, there there,” Cherie said, cupping Lily’s face, “I’m going to make you feel good now.  You’ve been such a good girl, it’s time for a reward.” 

Lily felt butterflies mix in with the strain in her nipples as her mom gently pulled on the chain connecting the clamps; Lily’s breasts jiggled back and forth, creating a sensual smile at the corners of her mom’s full lips.  “You’re so beautiful, baby,” Cherie said, bending to kiss her daughter.  Lily’s tongue found Cherie’s instantly, beginning a familiar dance as she worked to tune out the ache in her nipples and focus on her mom’s fingers gently parting her legs.  Lily felt spit-soaked fingers travel down her stomach, gently tracing her nipples as her mom kissed her.  “Mother,” Lily whispered into the kiss, the formal name that she used when submitting easily rolling out of her mouth.  “That’s it, baby, open your legs for your Mother,” Cherie whispered, her fingers easily finding her daughter’s swollen clit.  “You’re so wet, baby, I knew you like it when your Mother hurts you.” 

“Yes, Mother,” Lily moaned, the sting of her ass and ache in her nipples distant memories compared to the throbbing in her clit as her mom’s fingers slowly circled her most sensitive spot.  Lily tried to stay quiet, but as her mom applied more pressure to her clit, her moans became harder to contain.  She cried out as she felt two fingers enter her, shivering on her mom’s hand as she neared orgasm.  Lily felt one of her mom’s nipples slide into her mouth to muffle her sounds, and gratefully began to suckle.  “That’s it, Lily, suck your Mother’s nipple so you don’t wake up your sister,” Cherie ordered.  Lily looked up at her mom with nothing but adoration; she felt so lucky to have such a loving (and sexy!) relationship.

Lily found it more and more difficult to muffle her moans as her mom picked up the pace.  She felt the steady pressure of her mom’s fingers thrusting hard inside her, curling inward to hit her favourite spot.  She sucked harder on her mom’s nipple, desperately trying to stay quiet as her mom’s other hand began to tug at the chain between the nipple clamps.  Lily’s wrists pulled at her restraints, her struggle causing a sparkle in her mom’s eyes.  “You’re going to wake up your sister when you cum,” she said with a smirk, “maybe eating your Mother’s pussy will keep you quiet.”

Cherie’s nipple was ripped from Lily’s mouth as her mom swung her hips over Lily’s face.  She planted her legs on either side of her daughter’s head and lowered her dripping pussy onto her daughter’s face.  Lily could smell her mom’s sweetness before she tasted it, obediently and eagerly sticking her tongue out to lap it up.   The nipple clamps pressed into her as her mom laid down over her, immobilizing the rest of her body as she continued to rub her daughter’s clit.  Lily felt her mom relax onto her face, pressing her pussy into her mouth and griding her hips on her face.  Lily’s moans were swallowed in her mom’s folds.

“That’s it baby, eat my pussy,” Cherie said, her voice sounding muffled to Lily as her mom’s thighs squeezed around her head.  “Are you ready to cum for your Mother?” she asked, and Lily cried a muffled “Yes, Mother, please!” into her mom’s pussy.  Her mom’s fingers were relentless on her clit, bringing her closer and closer to the edge.  “That’s it, Lily, you’re almost there,” Cherie encouraged, “you’re making your Mother’s pussy feel so good. We’re going to cum together, baby,” she promised, and Lily smiled as her tongue stroked her mom’s clit. 

Lily took her mom’s clit into her mouth and sucked in rhythm with her mom’s fingers in her pussy.  The combination of having her clit rubbed and pussy fingered, not to mention the acute throbbing of her clamped nipples as her mom wiggled on top of her, was enough to push Lily all the way to the edge.  “Okay, Lily, it’s time,” Cherie said, grinding her hips into her daughter’s face.  Lily felt her mom’s pussy gush at the same time that hers did and let out a scream as she came.  Her mom’s thighs clamped down on her head, muffling her sounds as their bodies convulsed as one. 

Lily eventually felt her mom ease off of her face, leaving her coated in sweet smelling juices as she untied her daughter’s restraints.  She gasped as her mom removed the clamps on her nipples, pain searing in them as blood rushed back to the tissue.  Lily felt overcome by exhaustion, and was grateful for her mom’s embrace as Cherie cuddled up next to her.  “I love you, Lily,” Cherie said softly, stroking her daughter’s sore nipples.  “You were such a good girl for me tonight.  I am so lucky to have you as my wife,” she cooed, stroking Lily’s face.  Lily could feel herself coming back to earth, centering around her mom.  She felt so grounded, loved, seen, and cared for, that her heart could burst at any moment.  “I love you, Mother…wife,” she breathed contentedly as she drifted off to sleep.

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Best Friends Forever: Part 2 (Chapters 6-7)

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Chapter 6

Jack and Katie took care of Julia that night, ensuring that she was showered and tucked into bed.  They then stayed up for a bit more time, talking about the future of their dynamic.  Julia knew this for two reasons: one, she woke up clean and naked in bed, and two, she woke up with Jack and Katie perched on the end of her bed.  “Morning sunshine,” Katie said with a smile.  “Mmm, morning,” Julia mumbled.  Her body was sore, and if either of them came within a few inches of her clit she would almost certainly cry.  “So, um, we wanted to talk to you…you know, about what you and I talked about the other night.”  Julia’s sleepy brain struggled to catch up; it had been so starved of blood the night before that she may have some permanent memory loss.  “About what?” she said slowly, sitting up and wrapping the blankets around herself.  “About us,” Jack said, his smile gentle.  “Okay…” Julia said tentatively, and they began.

Over the next hour or so, the three friends talked about a relationship- not just a BDSM dynamic, but a romantic relationship between the three of them as well.  Jack and Katie shared that they had started to feel really close to Julia, beyond the intimacy of their D/S/s dynamic.  They asked Julia how she felt about them, particularly in light of the conversation that she and Katie had had earlier in the week.  Julia listened intently, the seriousness of their conversation clearing away any morning or post-earth-shattering-orgasm cobwebs from her mind.  She considered their perspectives and realized that a lot of what they were saying was exactly what she was looking for. 

They explained that they would all be equals in the relationship, but during play they would both answer to Sir- or, Master, as Julia would be permitted to call him.  They would revisit her slave rules, giving her a bit more privilege and autonomy in the dynamic, like Katie had.  Outside of their collared time, Katie and Jack would open their relationship to Julia, romantically and otherwise.  Julia, as always, had a ton of questions about the logistics- but in the end, her gut feeling that this was the right move for all of them rang true. 

They talked a bunch more, the three of them cuddled up in Julia’s bed.  They committed to having future conversations on a regular basis, especially as questions come up and they re-establish what they mean to each other.  Julia was feeling really good about things, and the smiles on Katie and Jack’s faces suggested that they felt the same.  They kissed, held hands, and joked with one another in the way that only friends and lovers can. 

Eventually Jack got up to get some water, and came back with their collars.  Julia felt her clit retreat inward, but at the same time she felt a tingle inside, from her nipples to her pussy.  She accepted her collar with a habitual “Thank you Sir.”

“No, pet, you will call me Master now.”

Chapter 7

Julia flushed, the intimacy of that command carrying a great deal of weight.  She looked at Katie, as if to check to see if it was okay.  She smiled back, accepting her collar from Master as well.  He instructed both of them to undress.  “Master, what do I call…Mistress?” Julia asked, realizing that as equals that name wouldn’t make as much sense.  “That’s a good question, cumslut.  You see, you will still call her Mistress…sometimes.  Other times, she may call you Mistress.  You will each fulfill different roles, depending on the scene.  Sometimes you will both be my slaves, other times you will assume your regular roles of cumslut and cockwhore.  The possibilities are truly endless,” he said with a smirk. 

Katie smiled, clearly having seen this coming.  “Thank you Master,” Julia said politely, her mind still trying to wrap around all of the possibilities.  “You’re welcome, cumslut,” he said affectionately.  “On that note, actually, today I would like for you to call her slave,” he said, turning to Katie.  “And you will call her Mistress for once,” he said.  Katie averted her eyes to the floor, a well trained slave.  “Yes Master,” she said quietly. 

Julia was shocked at this unexpected turn of events, and suddenly wasn’t sure what to do with her hands.  “Stand up, both of you,” Master instructed.  Both slave and Mistress did as they were told, standing at the edge of the bed, facing him.  “Kiss,” he said simply, and watched as the women embraced.  Soft lips touched, tongues danced as Master undressed.  “I want my cock sucked, slave,” he said, as slave got to her knees.  “Now, you,” he said, turning to Julia, “are going to help her keep it in her throat.  We have set a goal for her to be able to hold me balls deep for 15 seconds, but she can’t yet make it to ten.  With your help, we are going to do that today,” he said simply.

Julia knelt beside slave, who already had Master’s cock in her mouth.  Julia again marvelled at slaves skill, wondering internally how on earth she could help improve that.  As if he could hear her, Master said, “Okay, now put your hands on her head.  You’re going to force her onto my cock as I thrust, getting it as far down her throat as possible.  If she gags, or coughs, or spits, don’t stop.  She knows the safe word, and she will use it if she needs to.  It is your job to make sure she doesn’t relent, do you understand?”

Julia nodded, taking slave by her red ponytail and wrapping her hand around her cheek.  “Yes Master,” she said, before they began.  Master fucked slaves face ferociously, and she relaxed her throat to take him while Julia held her head steady.  When slave balked for the first time, trying to turn away from Master’s cock, Julia forced her head down onto him instead.  Slave fought her, but Julia didn’t relent, desperate to make Master proud.  Master continued thrusting, with Julia forcing slave’s head down onto his cock each time.  Slave was moaning into his cock, cough and sputtering each time he released her, drool pooling all over her tits.  Her body tried to reject his cock, but Julia’s force behind her made it impossible.  Master’s cock was buried deep into her throat each time, completely unyielding.

“Good girls, now we are going to work on holding it.  I am going to put my cock into slave’s throat and hold it there.  You are going to count to ten, and make sure she doesn’t move off of it until you reach the end.  Start.”

With that, he thrust into slave’s mouth, getting as deep as he could before he stopped.  Julia began the count.  Slave remained still, clearly focused on the task; her eyes watered, and spit pooled, but she didn’t struggle until Julia reached six.  She then tried to move away, but Julia held her in place.  When she reached ten let go, and slave came off of Master’s cock with tears running down her face.

“How was that, slave?” Master asked, pride easily seen in his eyes.  Slave looked at the ground.  “It was good, thank you Master,” she said quietly, still trying to regain control of her breath.  “Mistress helped me,” she said.  “Good, that was the point.  See, I knew you could do it- you just needed a little help.  Again,” he commanded, and the women set themselves back up.

They continued, with Julia holding slaves head until the ten count, feeling her fight to breathe as Master held his cock in her throat.  Julia knew that she wanted this, which made it easier to do- it was still incredibly bizarre to be treating her friend like this, especially because the day before she had been addressed as slave. 

Slave began to get tired, her resolve and determination weakening so that Julia had to be more forceful to get her to succeed.  “Come on, slave, you can do better than this,” Julia said, surprising herself.  Her tone was harsh, but her intent was good- she wanted her friend to succeed.  She noticed that her words sparked action in slave, so she continued.  She channelled the Mistress that she had experienced and let her have it.

“That’s it, take that cock, slave, you are such a good cockwhore, three more seconds,” she encouraged, pressing slave’s head into Master’s cock.  She let her out to breathe, and then pushed again.  “Again…do it again, you aren’t done yet, slave, get that cock down your throat.  That’s it, hold it…hold it…good girl,” Julia said, this time with even more enthusiasm.  She was so proud of her friend, and was very much enjoying this newfound authority.

Eventually Master was satisfied with slave’s progress and rewarded both of his pets with a spray of cum all over their faces and tits.  He had them lick it off of each other, while he stroked their hair.  “I am a very lucky Master, with such perfect pets,” he said adoringly.  The women licked each other clean, starting with their tits, swirling their Master’s cum around their mouths, swapping it between them with a kiss.  When they were both cleaned up to his satisfaction, their bellies full of his cum, he removed their collars. 

“Now, Julia, I believe you have a paper to write,” Jack said nonchalantly.  “You’d best get to it…wouldn’t want you to procrastinate again, now would we? I hope you’ve learned your lesson.”

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Best Friends Forever: Part 2 (Chapters 4-5)

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Katie and Jack were laughing as they came into the door, both quickly swallowing their sounds as they saw Julia awaiting them.  She heard them each take a deep breath, and felt them looking at each other, then back to her.  Neither Katie nor Jack said anything; they both deliberately put their things down and took off their shoes.  Their conversation resumed, the easy banter between them laced with scarlet lust.  She heard the fridge door open, and Jack poured them each a glass of water.  They drank at the kitchen island, Julia well within their sight line, feigning ignorance.  Jack leaned in to kiss Katie, his arms wrapping around her.  Julia stole a glance their way, absolutely rattled that they were ignoring her, but refusing to budge.  Jack’s tongue was licking Katie’s eager lips, her hips grinding into his as they explored each other.  The need building up in Julia was electric, feeling very close to toxic.  It felt like her pussy might actually drip onto the floor.  She wanted to scream, if only to get some release- but she stayed still and silent, waiting to be used- just like she was trained.

Jack- Sir- was the first to walk over to her, leisurely circling her.  Julia could smell his cologne, and almost moaned in desire.  She focused on her posture, trying to ignore every screaming fiber of her being needing to cum.  Sir’s hand brushed her hair as he tilted her chin up.  “Look at me, slave,” he demanded, voice gentle.  Mistress was standing behind him, leaning against the counter watching.  Julia looked Sir in the eye, hyper aware of the spit dribbling down her chin.  It caught Sir’s eye too, and he swiped his finger through it, wiping it on her cheek. “You have been such a good slave this week, accepting your punishment.  Are you ready to cum, slave?”

“Yessth Ssthir,” Julia said quickly, desperation evident even in her garbled words.  She felt her pussy tense at his mention of cumming, and worried that she might spontaneously combust if he touched her.  “We are going to make such a mess of you tonight,” he promised, gently caressing Julia’s face.  “Pet, go get dressed please,” he said to Katie behind him while continuing to stroke Julia’s face.  Katie instantly obeyed, and while she was gone Sir affixed Julia’s collar to her neck.  His hands skimmed the latex down her arms and chest, lingering just long enough to outline each nipple with featherlight touches- earning him a moan from Julia’s drooling mouth. 

“I bet that almost hurts,” he said, a sparkle in his eye as he continued circling her rock-hard nipples.  “So long without an orgasm, so overstimulated…I bet your pleasure is going to be painful tonight.”  Julia hadn’t considered this, but as he spoke she realized that he was right- the ache in her nipples- in her pussy- was becoming unbearable.  The line between pleasure and pain was razor thin, and she was straddling it.

Katie-Mistress- returned, her flame red hair in a high ponytail and body clad in a catsuit of her own.  Mistress’s outfit covered her head to toe like Julia’s, but the cutout at her pussy extended all the way up her ass, and the suit had an open chest as well so that her tits could freely bounce.  Julia thought she looked beautiful, and Sir said as much before kissing her passionately.  Sir collared Mistress as well and put Julia’s leash in her hand.

“I bet our slave’s legs are awfully cramped from kneeling for so long,” he said, feigning empathy, “take her for a walk.”  Mistress pulled on Julia’s leash, spurring her to get on her hands and knees.  Mistress walked- crawled- her slowly around the apartment, taking slow, deliberate steps both to allow Julia to keep up and to put on a sexy show for her Master.  Julia dutifully followed her mistress, trying to ignore the feeling of her nipples pressing into the latex, or her exposed pussy begging Sir for attention.  In truth, it did feel good to stretch her limbs, and she took advantage of the opportunity while it was given. 

When they were finished a lap of the apartment, Mistress brought Julia back to where she had been kneeling.  “Stay on your hands and knees, slave,” Sir instructed, and took the leash from Mistress.  “Go check her pussy,” he said to Mistress, “and see if she’s ready to cum.”  Julia felt her entire body clench at the thought of being touched, and took a deep breath to steady herself.  Mistress circled behind her, kneeling at her latex-covered ass.  “Spread your legs, cumslut,” Mistress ordered.  Julia obeyed, the rush of cool air on her pussy threatening to unravel her.  Mistress dragged her fingers over her ass, tracing the crack of it over top of the latex down to the cutout.  She then traced the border of skin and latex, sending a shiver- an earthquake- through Julia’s body.  “I can smell her readiness, Master, and I haven’t even touched her pussy yet.”

Sir growled his approval, and Mistress’s finger circled closer to Julia’s dripping slit.  She traced her up and down, barely touching her- just enough to make Julia moan in frustration, need, and desire.   Spit was pooling on the floor under her, though she didn’t even realize it- her entire being was focused on Mistress’s fingers, silently begging them to enter her.

As if on command, Julia felt the tip of Mistress’s finger push into her slit- not enough to touch her throbbing clit, but enough to feel the well of wetness inside.  “Oh, slave, you are so ready…so needy,” she purred, moving her finger up and down, just inside.  When she finally grazed Julia’s clit, she saw stars.  As soon as the sensation began it ended, with Mistress pulling her finger out of Julia’s warmth and offering it up to Sir.  He inspected and then tasted, murmuring his pleasure.  “Mmm, so ready…so sweet,” he said, sucking on Mistress’s finger.  He bent to where Mistress had been, firmly pressing on Julia’s back.  “Arch your back, slave, show us that soaked, needy pussy,” he commanded, snapping Julia’s consciousness from her pussy back to her posture.  “Good girl,” he said approvingly, before he drove two fingers deep into her pussy.

Julia screamed into her gag, releasing a new trail of spit down her chin.  Sir’s fingers pounded her hard and fast, giving her no time to adjust to the unrelenting pace.  Julia screamed freely, her effort to channel the sensation burning through her pussy entirely futile.  She could hear her juices covering Sir’s fingers- everyone could hear- and leaned back into him to invite him deeper.  “Mmm, she’s so needy,” Mistress commented delightedly, bending closer to the action.  “This pussy needs to cum, there’s no doubt about that,” Sir commented, “but not yet- 10pm is a long way away.”

Julia’s heart sank.  Through the floor.  Through the earth.  “Or was it 10:30? Pet, when did our slave tell us she couldn’t play because she hadn’t properly planned?” 

“It was 10,” Mistress said mercifully, “and I daresay she has learned her lesson.”

“Have you? Have you learned your lesson, cumslut?” Sir asked, taking his fingers out of Julia’s pussy.  She moaned in protest, craving stimulation more than oxygen.  Sir took her ballgag out, replacing it with his soaking fingers.  Julia eagerly took his fingers into her mouth, sucking her juices off of them in a desperate need to impress.  “Wow, she is eager tonight,” Sir said to no one in particular.  He took his fingers out of Julia’s mouth, moving them up to Mistress’s. “You have a taste now, and then go get the real thing,” he ordered.  Mistress cleaned Sir’s fingers off the rest of the way, and then moved behind Julia.  “Have you learned your lesson, cumslut?” Sir repeated again, unzipping his pants as he awaited Julia’s answer.  “Yes Sir,” she said “I’m sorry.  I will do better…please…I will plan my time better…please Sir, I’m sorry…” Julia rambled, her words becoming moans as Mistress’s tongue kissed her pussy. 

As Mistress licked her, Sir’s cock found its spot in her throat.  He used the spit all over her face as lube before thrusting balls deep into her mouth, allowing her no time to react.  “Good girl,” he said, “you’re learning.  I know you’re sorry, and I trust that you won’t do it again.  I know that punishments are tough, but they are effective,” he lectured, all the while fucking her face.  “Yes Sir,” Julia attempted with her mouth full, but Sir’s cock and Mistress’s skilled tongue made it impossible for her to communicate beyond a moan.  Julia gagged on Sir’s cock, not feeling the spit trailing onto her latex-clad chest.  She kept her hands at her sides, allowing him to set the pace as he saw fit.  In truth, the face fucking was incidental compared to the assault on her pussy.  Mistress’s tongue danced around Julia’s clit with precision, bringing her to the edge and then pushing her back, not letting her build any momentum.  Her frustrated moans were drowned out by Sir’s cock, and in that moment she truly was just a vessel for them to use, with no say in the outcome.

Sir and Mistress used their slave for the rest of the evening, eroding any sense of self, autonomy, or reserve that Julia had left.  She was a shell, retreating into herself to protect against each new assault, the threats from her tormentors warning her not to cum slicing through her.  She knew that letting go would temporarily end her suffering, but also that it would compound any future suffering in ways that she dared not even imagine.  It was with that resolve that she held on, by the tiniest of threads, as they used her mouth and pussy. 

She darted in and out of the scene, sometimes wrapped up in herself, sometimes allowing herself to check back into the moment.  Seeing Mistress’s face buried in her pussy while Sir took hers from behind, then feeling Sir’s fingers and tongue and tasting Mistress as she rode Julia’s face.  Feeling their fingers trace the black latex on her body, leaving a trail of her milky cum in their path.  All the while her pussy gushed, begging for its release.  Julia felt pain radiate through her clit at every lick, but at the same time craved the stimulation.  She needed it- it was the only thing tethering her to the earth. 

As Sir’s cock entered Julia’s pussy, she heard an alarm ring somewhere in the distance- maybe at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, for all she knew.  The sound brought her back to the moment, and she saw Mistress leave to shut it off.  “It’s 10pm, slave, you’ve done so well,” Sir cooed, gently fucking Julia’s pussy while Mistress settled in beside her.  Mistress cupped Julia’s head, placing it on her lap.  She wrapped her hand around Julia’s face and put her fingers in her mouth.  Julia sucked on Mistress’s fingers as she felt Mistress’s other hand trace down the smooth latex.  Julia could see that her catsuit was slick with spit, at times also mixed with her own cum as Sir and Mistress had painted her. Mistress circled Julia’s hard nipples, sending threads of pain and pleasure through her body, directly to her clit. Sir kept a steady pace, allowing Julia to focus on Mistress’s touch- and his voice.

“Are you ready to cum, cumslut?” he asked, as Mistress’s fingers traced down Julia’s stomach.  “Yes Sir, please Sir…please can I cum?” Julia begged through Mistress’s fingers in her mouth.  Sir picked up the pace as Mistress’s fingers touched Julia’s clit.  “I am going to fuck your pussy, and Mistress is going to rub your clit,” Sir explained, “and when you’re ready, you are going to ask permission to cum.  You may only cum with permission, do you understand cumslut?” Sir said patiently.  “That’s it, my cockwhore…rub her clit, just like that,” Sir instructed Mistress, and Julia felt fire in her clit. 

It didn’t take long for her to get to the edge; she had been teetering on it for days.  As she neared it though, the sensation felt different.  The promise of an orgasm, the reliable promise- scared the absolute shit out of her.  It was just then that Julia realized the intensity of her impending orgasm; she was so overstimulated- days’ worth of denial- that when she finally did fall over the edge, it was going to hurt. 

She sucked harder on Mistress’s fingers as she tried to sooth the panic now coursing through her.  Sir’s cock slid in and out of her pussy, hitting every single desperate spot inside her.  Mistress’s fingers applied pressure to her throbbing clit, inviting release with every circle.  Julia was moaning- screaming- as if she were being murdered, both trying to run toward and away from her orgasm.  The sensation built regardless of her wishes, and soon she heard herself ask for permission to cum.  Sir and Mistress looked at each other a long while, continuing their assault on Julia’s pussy while they forced her to hold it.

“Do you remember that rude text message that we received today, pet?” Sir asked Mistress, feigning innocence in his voice.  “Mmm, yes, I do. From an impatient little cumslut, desperate to be used.  It was quite inappropriate, from such a needy little slave,” Mistress said cruelly.  “You’re right, my gorgeous cockwhore, you’re absolutely right.  This slave needs to learn some manners before she can cum.”

Real tears sprang to Julia’s eyes when they stopped.  Sir pulled his cock out of her, Mistress’s fingers stopped touching her.  She let out some kind of garbled sob, the most desperate noise a human could have made.  Before she had any more time to mourn her predicament, she was roughly flipped over onto her stomach.  Mistress held her down, and Sir administered twenty hard spankings on her latex-clad ass in quick succession.  It felt like he had 12 hands, each making hard contact with the latex at every slap.  Julia couldn’t keep up, and didn’t even realize what was happening until it was already over.  The pain in her ass was unbearable, but she was completely helpless.  It was over as fast as it started, and they flipped her back over to continue their assault on her pussy.  “There, that’s better I think,” Sir said approvingly as he slid his cock back into Julia’s soaked hole.  “Should we let her cum now?” Mistress asked, flicking her clit more intensely than ever before.

At long last, Sir nodded, and Julia’s whole world went black before he finished saying “Cum, slut.”

Julia came with such ferocity that she felt like she was being ripped in half.  Her pussy exploded around Sir’s cock, her first ever genuine squirt.  Sir kept pumping into her as she gushed, Mistress’s fingers eventually leaving her clit so as to hold her down while Sir finished her.  Julia flailed violently, arms and body writhing at Sir’s penetration.  Her orgasm fully possessed her, tearing through every vessel in her body.  Wave after wave of painful pleasure engulfed her, with no relief in sight.  The sound of her pussy gushing around Sir’s rock hard cock was drowned out only by her own screams; cries begging them to stop, keep going, and who knows what else echoed throughout the apartment.  Her orgasm eventually quieted, leaving her trembling with Sir’s every thrust, the screaming quieting to something between a moan and a sob.  “That’s it, good girl, you did it, you’re okay,” Sir encouraged, his words falling largely on deaf ears as Julia floated somewhere in outer space. 

Sir pulled his cock out of her at some point, though Julia was barely aware of it.  Mistress gently laid Julia’s head on the floor and went to Sir to fulfill her duty.  Julia could see Mistress’s fire read ponytail bobbing up and down on Sir’s cock, no doubt tasting of Julia’s squirt.  Sir shot ropes of cum on Mistress’s face, and on Julia’s latex-clad chest.  He made a complete mess of both women, but Julia didn’t even move to react- she wasn’t sure if she would ever move again.  She was still panting, desperately trying to get a foothold back on earth.  Her pussy and clit were somewhere between numb and on fire, and she couldn’t focus her mind anywhere for more than a few seconds.  She was utterly exhausted, mind wandering in all sorts of places-unsure if she would ever be able to cum again (but pretty sure she wanted to), wishing she had red hair like Katie, wondering if her clit would ever stop throbbing.  Also, someone had to mop the floor.

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A Primal Interlude (to an otherwise civilized conversation)

When The Professor and I go without seeing each other for a couple of weeks, the tension between wanting to get naked and wanting to catch up in conversation is palpable.  We text, but it isn’t the same for two avid conversationalists.  Getting naked always wins out, because, well, duh- but the profound friendship is evident throughout.

His penchant for sensuality mixed with an overtly primal approach makes it so that I never quite know what I am going to get.  Is he going to tease me, torture me with every breath and touch? Is he going to pin me down and take me as soon as we get upstairs? Only one way to find out.

We exchanged pleasantries when he arrived, both clearly eager to be reunited.  A few kisses downstairs, a loose hand hold on the way upstairs- practiced intimacy.  Conversation flowed, but when I sat on the bed he pushed me down, laying nose to nose beside me and continuing his story while his hand aimlessly wandered over my hip.  He is someone who I listen to with genuine attention (which is somewhat rare for me), but as he spoke I became more and more aware of his lips, the weight of his hand, and the heat of it on my skin.  I worked to concentrate on his voice, but that just served to deepen his hold on me.

At long last he moved on top of me, casually asking me to tell him about my week before he kissed me.  His tone remained playful, but his hands pinned mine above my head- a subtle reminder of who was in charge.  He kissed me like he meant it, lips starting soft while his tongue played with mine, licking lips and swallowing moans as I squirmed underneath him.  His grip tightened on my wrists as his kisses intensified, building a fire in me from within that was already threatening to explode. 

He moved to the side, giving his hand an opportunity to explore.  In a rare oversight we were both clothed, so when his hand slipped under the waistband of my pants I gripped the soft flannel of his shirt in anticipation.  He of course made me work for it, his fingertips lightly dancing over the inside of my spread thighs, tickling between my legs.  He flirted with the wetness in my pussy, not yet dipping into it.  I kissed him harder, softer, deeper; I licked his lips and moaned into his mouth, gripping his shirt and grinding under him in a desperate and ultimately futile attempt to escalate his approach.  I should have known, as is always the case, that he does what he wants.

My clit was throbbing by the time his fingers touched it, his moan matching mine as he felt how wet he had made me.  His kisses were featherlight, but his touch was hard, rubbing my clit back and forth until my body stiffened.  He backed off, his impossibly light touch matching that of his kisses just moments before.  He toyed with me for a while.  He has a remarkable ability to read my body language, and takes an immense amount of pleasure from eliciting different reactions from me.  He plays me like an instrument; I don’t mind because he knows all my favourite songs.

My orgasm built quickly, but when I asked to cum he taunted me with “Are you sure?”, and “Right now?” as responses to my desperate pleas.  He knows exactly where to touch me and with what pressure to keep me on the edge, and he did so until he wanted a different reaction.  I came hard with his permission, my body gratefully giving in to his demand.  My screams quieted, but quickly became moans again as his hands refused to relent.  He kept me pinned down and drew two more orgasms out of me with his fingers before standing to undress.

His cock was eager for my mouth, instantly responding as my tongue swirled around it.  Sometimes he lets me set the pace, but this time there was more urgency and firmness to his movements.  His hands found my hair and set the pace, his hips thrusting forward to meet my accommodating throat.  He growled as I sucked, his hand forcing its way between my legs to own even more of me.  He brought me right back to the edge, my mind torn between my impending orgasm and his unrelenting assault of my throat.  I asked him for permission to cum with my mouth full, and his voice was rough when he replied, “Cum with my cock in your mouth…close your lips and suck.” 

I did as I was told, my scream garbled by his cock as my body convulsed. 

He flipped me over to take my pussy next, the time for niceties and conversation long past.  I moaned as he entered me, taking his time to tease every now and then before thrusting into me.  He turned me onto my back, thrusting into me until he got what he wanted.  I was trying to get my footing back on earth when he parted my lips, my leg still on his shoulder.  He teased the tip of my clit with such precision that it made me feel vaguely seasick.  The targeted attention was unbearable, but his face made it clear that I would take it for as long as he was giving.  He teased and stroked and circled until my skin was crawling, and finally thrust his fingers into my soaked pussy while he made my clit cum one more time.  My orgasm was like a wrestling match, my body desperately trying to free itself from the sensation, his keeping me exactly where he wanted me. 

I became aware of more featherlight kisses on forehead, cheeks, and lips, his arms circling around me affectionately.  Our conversation resumed as if it were never interrupted.

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Best Friends Forever: Part 2 (Chapter 1)

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The cock in Julia’s face was a familiar sight, but when paired with the feeling between her legs she was in brand new territory.  Sir’s cock glided across her cheek, spreading spit in its path before being thrust into her mouth.  Julia gratefully accepted it, relaxing her throat so that he could use it as he saw fit.  She had built a considerable amount of skill with this particular task, and barely gagged as he began his assault. 

Julia was on her hands and knees on her roommate’s bed, sucking her roommate’s boyfriend Jack’s cock.  Not to worry, her roommate Katie was there too- between Julia’s legs.  Katie- or, Mistress, as Julia was to refer to her in this context- was the source of the aforementioned unfamiliar territory.  They were having an indulgent Sunday morning; while Julia sucked Sir’s cock, Mistress was fucking her pussy from behind. 

She was wearing her usual black latex, today’s outfit chosen by Sir- a long-sleeved skater dress, barely long enough to cover her ass, with cutouts for her tits.  She was also wearing her black leather collar with purple stitching, a gift from her friends when they began this crazy journey together.  Julia moaned into Sir’s cock as Mistress entered her pussy, the complementing sensations rippling through her body from one end to the other (literally).  Mistress was completely nude, save for her collar and a latex and leather harness around her hips, the silicone dildo securely strapped to her pelvis.  This was the first time that Mistress had used a strap-on on her, and Julia was definitely a fan.  “Do you like being spitroasted, cumslut?” Sir asked, taking his cock out of Julia’s mouth just long enough for her to reply “Yes, Sir.” 

“Shouldn’t you be thanking Mistress for fucking your pussy so well?” he asked, thrusting his cock into Julia’s throat and holding it there as she felt Mistress pumping into her.  Julia gagged, and Sir held his cock in her throat for two more of Mistress’s thrusts before pulling out.  “Thank you, Mistress,” Julia coughed, tears running down her face as Sir’s cock went back in her throat.  “Ah, you’re welcome, cumslut, you take cock so well,” Mistress said from behind her.  Julia could sense the sexual tension building between Sir and Mistress as they were no doubt making intense eye contact over top of her. 

Julia could hear her pussy juices with every thrust of Mistress’s cock as she freely drooled down her chin onto the mattress from the cock on the other side of her.  She felt an orgasm building, which was currently a miserable situation given that she was forbidden to cum for a week as a punishment.  She had procrastinated a paper that she had due for school and ended up having to pull an all-nighter to get it done- on a night that Sir and Mistress had planned to use her.  Julia had thought that she could finish in time, but a writer’s block had her scrambling at the last minute.  While she knew that her friends would acquiesce and allow her to finish the paper, she also knew that it would come at a price- a punishment.  She did her best to avoid punishment, but it was an inevitable- and necessary- part of the life of a slave.  She never imagined, however, that they would take orgasms away from her for a week. 

“It’s for your own good,” Mistress had said gently, stroking Julia’s hair as the realization of the consequence began to sink in.  “Please, Mistress, any other punishment- you can spank me as many times as you like,” Julia countered, and Sir laughed.  “Your academics are important, and we want you to break this procrastination habit,” he explained.  “With this punishment, you are not likely to put off an assignment again.”  While he wasn’t wrong, Julia was horrified at her predicament.  She knew better than to try to negotiate or argue- this just made the consequence longer or more severe- so she bit her tongue and went back to her room to start work on her homework. 

That was six days ago, and Sir and Mistress had made sure to play with her for each day of her sentence.  To say that she was sexually frustrated was the understatement of the century.  In truth, Julia was a puddle of desperation, ready to cum at any given moment.  Mistress’s silicone cock currently ravaging her pussy was pushing her closer and closer to a very sharp edge- one she didn’t dare fall over.

Julia moaned as she tried to control her orgasm, focusing on Sir’s cock in her mouth and trying to ignore the intense pleasure between her legs.  The issue was that she was learning to derive a considerable amount of pleasure from being face-fucked as well, so her strategy wasn’t very effective.  “Please, Sir…Mistress…please, I’ll be good…please let me cum,” Julia begged, knowing it was in vain but desperate to try.

“Oh, my pretty slave,” Sir said, his hand caressing Julia’s chin as his cock kept a steady pace thrusting into her mouth, “you know better.  You can’t cum until tomorrow, and certainly not until we give you permission- you’d best hold it if you know what’s good for you,” he said, his gentle tone in contrast to the clear threat in his words.  Julia focused harder, her pussy aching to find release. 

She could feel Sir’s cock pulse in her mouth, a familiar sign that he was getting close to his own edge.  As Julia braced herself for his hot load down her throat, Mistress picked up the pace.  Each time Mistress slammed into Julia from behind, Sir’s cock made it deeper and deeper into her throat.  Julia moaned as she desperately held her orgasm, arching her back away from Mistress in search of relief.  Sir grabbed her by the hair, steadying her mouth as he prepared to let go.  “Fill her up, Master, she hasn’t had breakfast yet,” she heard Mistress say.  With that, he filled her mouth until his cum dripped down her chin.

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Best Friends Forever (Excerpt): Chapter Seven

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She didn’t even stir until the sun was well up.  Someone had untied her, and someone cleaned her off- but Julia had no idea who.  As she awoke, she realized that Jack and Katie were on either side of her, each wrapped around her and each other.  The three friends were the picture of easy intimacy, a blur of latex, skin, spit, and cum.  Julia stretched, feeling Katie’s arm tighten around her waist.  “Good morning,” she heard Jack mumble, his hand affectionately ruffling each woman’s hair.  Julia felt a wave of awkwardness, but it very soon passed as the three friends cuddled in bed.  They lazily touched and explored each other, hands in hair, skimming latex, long, languid kisses.  Jack got up to use the washroom, leaving Katie and Julia together in bed.  When he returned, he had something in his hand that prompted a sly smile on Katie’s face.

“I come bearing gifts,” he smiled, Katie instantly sitting up straight.  He went to her side of the bed, securing a strip of leather around her neck- the collar that Julia had seen her wearing on that fateful afternoon.  He handed a similar strip to Katie, both of them turning to face Julia.

“We have had a lot of fun with you,” Jack began, “and so we decided to get you a little something.”  They exchanged a knowing glance before Katie continued, “A collar has to be earned, Julia.  It can’t be worn lightly- it is a sign of commitment, of service, and of submission.” She held the collar out for Julia to see.  Julia touched the buttery soft black leather, appreciating the delicate purple stitching.  She looked up at her friends, her relationship with them having fundamentally changed so much in the past few days.  Amid all the change though, she felt closer to them than ever before. “Yes, Mistress,” Julia said, no longer feeling ridiculous at the honorific.  She looked down at the collar, adding “Thank you, Sir.  I want to earn it.”

With that, Mistress secured the collar to Julia’s neck, solidifying their bond and commitment to one another.  Next came a matching leash, Mistress clipping it to Julia’s collar just as Sir clipped one to Mistress’s.  They filed out of the bedroom, Sir leading both women to the kitchen.  Mistress began making breakfast while Sir used Julia’s throat to tame his morning wood, the sizzle of bacon somehow complementing Julia’s wet gags as she worked to handle Sir’s cock.  He had her on her knees, Mistress still holding the leash from across the kitchen island, keeping Julia flat against the cabinets.  When Sir finished on her face, he told her to leave it until after breakfast.

Mercifully after breakfast she was permitted to shower; Mistress led her down the hall on her leash, getting her to crawl behind her.  She turned the water on, giving Julia some privacy to get clean.  When she was finished, Mistress dried her off and gagged her, tucking her in naked on the couch while she and Sir showered together. 

When they returned, Sir had a piece of latex in his hands.  Mistress grabbed Julia’s leash, putting her off the couch and onto her knees.  The latex was in the shape of a deep V, with laces all the way up.  “Put your hands behind your back, slave,” Mistress ordered, and Julia obeyed.  The latex was a long glove, effectively binding Julia’s hands together behind her back all the way up to her shoulders.  Mistress laced her into the restraints, taking a step back to inspect her handiwork.  Julia remained on her knees, arms fully latex-bound behind her, forcing her perky and soft breasts out in front.  She was otherwise naked beyond her collar, gag, and restraints, feeling vulnerable and raw.  She focused on looking straight ahead, obediently awaiting instruction.

“We are going to do some more training today.  You are going to earn your collar each day, by learning your place,” Mistress narrated while Sir circled Julia, inspecting her restrained form.  “You have been a good cumslut so far, but you still have a lot to learn,” Sir added, gently stroking the side of Julia’s face.  “Open your legs, slave,” Mistress said, easily sliding a dildo inside Julia’s already dripping pussy.  Julia moaned as it entered her, closing her legs as Mistress directed to hold it in place.  “Good girl,” Mistress praised, inspiring a smile in Julia’s gagged mouth.  Sir removed her gag, ordering her to spit into his hand. Julia complied without question, watching as he stroked her spit all over his cock. 

“What are you?” Sir asked, standing beside Mistress as he stroked his cock in Julia’s face.  Julia was confused by the open-ended question, not understanding the proper response.  “I…um…I am…”


Mistress’s hand stung Julia’s cheek before she had a chance to realize what was coming.  “You are a cum slut, and a slave,” Mistress finished for her, pulling on the leash to keep Julia upright.  “Now let’s try that again.”

“What are you?” Sir demanded, his cock inches from Julia’s mouth.  “I am a cumslut and a slave,” she said quietly, face still stinging.  “That’s right,” he said, forcing his cock into Julia’s empty mouth.  He thrusted into her throat a few times, just enough to make her sputter when he pulled back out.  “What are you?” he asked, holding her by the hair.  “I am a cumslut and a slave,” she replied, eyes focused on the cock that was heading back to her throat.  They went back and forth like this indefinitely, with both Sir and Mistress barking questions at her as he fucked her face, the taught leash in Mistress’s hands and latex restraints making it impossible for her to fight back.

“What are you good for?”

“Sucking cock, Sir.”

“Good girl.  What else?”  When Julia hesitated, Mistress spit in her face before Sir forced his cock back into her throat.  “What else?” he asked, pulling her off of his cock long enough for her to choke out “nothing, Sir,” before being forced back onto him.

When they like her answers, she was given more cock.  When they didn’t like her answers, she was slapped or spit on or ridiculed.  She felt impossibly small, unable to focus on the humiliation as she needed to focus on staying upright and breathing while taking Sir’s cock in her throat.  She began to understand why Mistress always appeared so calm when Sir was using her; the sensation and stimulation didn’t leave a lot of room to think about stress or worries or life or anything- all she could focus on was cock- it was quite peaceful.

When they were satisfied that she appreciated her place, the scene changed.  Mistress knelt on the couch, her leash in Sir’s hand.  She maintained control of Julia’s leash as Julia continued to service Sir’s cock.  Sir moved his cock from Julia’s mouth to Mistress’s pussy and back, sampling wetness and sensation from each woman as he pleased.  Julia could taste Mistress’s sweetness mixed with Sir’s salty precum, keeping her obedient mouth open for him whenever he wanted.  Each time Sir entered Mistress she pulled tighter on Julia’s leash, restricting her airway just enough to make her think about it.  Julia liked the sound of Mistress moaning, finding herself getting wetter and wetter around the dildo between her legs as she listened to the sounds in the room. 

Sir was buried deep in Mistress’s pussy when he exploded, filling her with cum.  He pulled out, and pulled Julia’s leash tight so that her face was inches from Mistress’s leaking pussy.  “Clean her up,” he ordered, handing the leash back to Mistress as Julia licked her slit, coaxing every ounce of Sir’s cum out of her Mistress’s hole.  Sir pressed her face forward, keeping Julia off balance as her arms remained bound behind her.  She loved the taste of the two of them together, and the shudder that Mistress gave every time her tongue grazed her pussy.  When she had cleaned Mistress to Sir’s satisfaction, he pulled her up, praising her obedience.  Mistress remained on the couch recovering as Sir untied Julia’s restraints.  She was surprised to notice that the sun had set; how long had they been playing? Time really did fly.

Both women remained collared and leashed for the remainder of the evening, but some more normal activities prevailed.  They ordered takeout together, curling up on the couch to watch a movie.  Julia laid on the floor beneath Sir and Mistress, sucking on each of their feet while they watched a movie.  She found the suckling soothing, particularly after such a long day of oral stimulation.  Julia was quickly finding that having an empty mouth was becoming stressful for her; the oral fixation had definitely set in.  When it was time for bed, Sir and mistress tucked Julia into her own bed, telling her what a good obedient cumslut she had been that day, and that she could wear her collar to bed because she had earned it.  Julia went to sleep with a smile on her face, swelling with pride at the validation and appreciation she felt from her friends.

Sunday passed much the same as Saturday had; Sir and Mistress woke Julia up and spent the day training her mouth and pussy to please them.  They worked continuously on ensuring that Julia knew her place as a cumslut slave, finding new ways to torture and humiliate her into submission.  On Sunday afternoon, Sir outfitted her in a latex harness that bound her breasts tightly in front of her, and then he and Mistress took turns dripping hot wax onto her breasts and nipples.  As Julia moaned through the ball gag, her spit mixed with the wax on her breasts, making a mess- she was learning that Sir liked making a mess of her.

The crushing reality of Monday set in when Sir left the apartment to head home on Sunday night.  He removed both women’s’ collars, putting them in his pocket.  He kissed Julia on the forehead, thanking her for the weekend, and then shared a private moment with Katie before heading out.  When he left, Julia felt a strange emptiness that she hadn’t before, as well as absolute, encompassing, exhaustion.  She and Katie cleaned up the house, not quite ready to debrief the weekend, but each content to be with the other lost in their own thoughts.  The routine of the week took over, and they didn’t get to see each other again until Wednesday night at dinner.

Jack had come over with pizza, eager to watch the basketball game.  Julia was in the kitchen getting plates, while Katie was mixing some of her famous sangria.  The three traded easy banter, the formality of their dynamic reserved for when the women were collared.  Outside of that, they were still all good friends.  Julia made a joke at Jack’s expense, sending Katie into rolls of laughter.  Jack feigned an injury to his pride, which had both women in stitches.  They watched the game and ate pizza, a solid night among friends.  Julia offered to wash the dishes in the morning, given that Jack and Katie brought the food and drinks.  She was relieved at the equality that still existed in their friendship, in spite of what happens behind closed doors.

The next day Julia had an early class, and slipped out of the apartment before Jack and Katie had stirred.  She had a pretty productive day, finishing a tedious citation page for her most recent paper and handing it in a few days early.  She had found that since the weekend she was much less distracted, her ability to focus seemingly improved.  Her mind was generally less noisy, though she did at times find herself daydreaming about her collared life.

She was caught in the middle of such a daydream when she arrived home that afternoon, walking in on a waiting Sir and Mistress. 

Her smile faltered as she saw their expressions, a mixture of expectation and challenge.  Julia walked through the kitchen, dropping her knapsack by the counter as she joined Sir and Mistress in the living room.  She extended her neck to Mistress to receive her collar, and then waited patiently with her eyes at the ground for their instruction.

She had the distinct feeling that she was in trouble, feeling like a chastised child without knowing what for.  She racked her brain for potential issues, not being able to come up with any recent instances of rule breaking.  Julia had taken pride in her mastery of the rules, having studied them intently after that first night.  She did not enjoy the punishments that came with disappointing Sir and Mistress, so she made every effort to avoid them.  It was for this reason that she felt panicked- she had no idea where she had gone wrong.

“Do you know why we are upset?” Sir asked, a gentle but firm tone to his voice.  “N..No sir,” Julia replied, voice shaky.  “What did you promise to do today, slave?” Mistress asked, idly twirling a leather riding crop in her hand.  Julia considered, not wanting to make things worse.  “I…I don’t know, Mistress,” she said, nerves starting to bubble over.  Mistress took her by the leash then, bringing her to the kitchen…and the sink full of dishes.


“Did you not say that you were going to wash the dishes this morning?” She purred, clearly enjoying the anxiety radiating out of Julia’s every pore.  “Y…yes Mistress.  I’m sorry…I didn’t want to be late for class, and I didn’t want to wake you- I was going to do them when I got home…” Julia babbled, trying every angle to explain her indiscretion.  This was the first time that “real life” had crossed over into her collared existence, and she was quickly seeing the endless possibilities ahead of her- for better and for worse.  “Please…I can do them right now- it will only take a second,” she proposed, willing Mistress to take pity on her and decide against punishment.  “Oh, I think it’s too late for that,” Sir chastised from the living room.  “A good slave would follow through on her promises.  A bad slave needs to be reminded of that.  Bend over,” he challenged, joining the women in the kitchen and pressing Julia into the island counter top, bending her at the waist. 

Mistress slapped her leather crop on the counter at Julia’s face, showing her what was coming.  Right after it she saw the leather fingers of a flogger, coming from Mistress’s other hand.  “How many, Sir?” Mistress asked, eager to get started.  Sir was flipping Julia’s skirt up, expressing his pleasure to see that she wasn’t wearing panties underneath.  “Mmm, what a naughty slave,” he said, dipping a finger inside her to taste.  That earns her some points…I think ten should do it…”

Julia sighed in relief- she could definitely take ten lashes.  “…of each,” he finished, making Julia’s heart sink.  She didn’t have time to think about how to manage, because Mistress started quickly.  They didn’t make Julia count- she wouldn’t have had time to anyway.  Mistress delivered twenty blows in impossibly quick succession, alternating crop and flogger with such speed and ferocity that Julia felt like she was just one continuous scream.  She couldn’t even comprehend the pain, because it was over before it began.  Her ass was left screaming- had the skin been broken?- she felt Sir’s large hands on her, his cock sliding into her slowly, a completely opposite sensation to Mistress’s leather assault.  “That’s it…good slave,” he said gently, knowing that Julia needed some tenderness to balance out the pain.  She felt Mistress’s hands in her hair, comforting her as Sir used her pussy.  “I know you don’t like to be punished, but it’s part of the deal,” she explained, “and you need to learn to keep your promises.” 

“Yes, Mistress,” she said, gently sucking as Mistress inserted her fingers into Julia’s mouth to satisfy the related rule.  “Good slave,” Mistress said, kissing her Master as he filled their slave with cum. 

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My Mother, My Wife (Part 5, Final)

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What a night.  Lily couldn’t believe what had happened on what she intended to be a trip to reconnect with her mom- mission accomplished, and then some!  She had no intention of this level of intimacy, but it had just felt right.  As Lily laid in her mom’s arms, both of their naked limbs entwined in each other, she had no regret.  Her mom had been right, as usual- they both needed this.  There of course was a lot to figure out, not the least of which was how they would tell Violet, but for the time being Lily was content for this to be their secret, and to build a trusting, equal relationship with her mother.  She realized that she wanted to be her mother’s wife- she wanted that with her entire being.

Suddenly inspired, she slid out of her mom’s embrace and went to her laptop.  She wrapped her naked body in a soft blanket and curled up on the couch to write in the waning firelight.  Her senior project was due in a few days, and while she intended to submit a more conventionally appropriate version to her teacher, she had some edits to make before she shared it with her mom.  Lily wrote into the morning, eventually falling asleep on the couch with her laptop open beside her.  


Cherie woke up a few hours later, a chill in the air as the fire had turned to embers.  She watched them glow in the morning light while she replayed the events of the night before.  She wouldn’t have believed that any of it had happened were her daughter not curled up on the couch naked, loosely wrapped in a blanket.  Cherie stood, wrapping up herself and sitting beside Lily on the couch.  The blanket had moved down to her waist, leaving her gorgeous breasts- Cherie’s favourite- on display.  She soaked in the sight, picking up her daughter’s laptop so that she could get closer. 

She glanced at the screen before she closed it, the title of the document catching her eye.  The contents made her heart swell- they were going to be okay.

My Mother, My Wife

Beauty that shines from within.
Softness, warmth, determination, poise. Ruthless competence.
Everything that I want to be, some of who she made me.
My mother, my role model.

The freedom to make my mistakes.
The wisdom to help me make ones different than hers.
A guiding light, a wealth of knowledge.
My mother, my sage.

A messy divorce, her confidence shaken.
Building a wall to keep the chaos out.
Taking pieces of herself to fill the holes, crafting a life of normalcy after the storm.
My mother, my protector.

Fierce intelligence. Reliable, consistent.
A woman in a man’s world, overcoming odds and climbing higher than anyone would allow.
Early mornings become late nights, all in the name of her daughters.
My mother, my provider.

Goofy jokes turn into belly laughs, tears of joy.
Tears of heartbreak, late night milkshakes, our favourite movies.
Ski trips and Christmas trees and baseball games.
My mother, my friend.

Equal partners, a bond deepened.
Fireside kisses, falling over the edge.
A lifetime of happiness, stability, fulfillment.
A promise of forever.
My mother, my wife.

The end.

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My Mother, My Wife (Part 4)

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Cherie was stunned at the kiss, her body tensing before she leaned into it.  She cupped her daughter’s face in her hands, tasting her lips before she parted them with her tongue.  Lily’s kiss was gentle, tentative, sweet.  Cherie pulled back, searching her daughter’s eyes for any sign of hesitancy- she didn’t want her to experience regret.  “Are you sure, baby?” she asked.  Lily kissed her mom again, this time with more tongue.  “I’m sure.  You were right, mom.  We can be this for each other- I want to try to be this for you- I want to be everything for you.  Please?”  That was all that Cherie needed to take her daughter by the fire.

She kissed Lily with passion, running her fingers through her daughter’s hair as her tongue explored her mouth.  Lily was responsive to her touch, letting a moan escape her lips as she wrapped her arms around her mother.  Cherie wanted to take things slow with Lily, but also wanted to ravage her daughter entirely- it was a constant battle in her mind.  Her hands wandered from her hair, kisses setting a slow pace as her fingertips danced over the thin spaghetti straps holding her shirt up.  Cherie trailed her fingers down Lily’s shoulders, taking the straps with them.  She felt goosebumps follow her fingers down Lily’s arms, and was surprised as Lily pulled her arms out of the straps on her own.  The shirt was quick to fall, freeing her daughter’s perfect breasts. 

Both women paused their makeout to mark the escalation, but Lily’s lips were soon hungry for her mother’s as she felt hands cup her exposed breasts.  Cherie felt Lily’s nipples harden under her touch, and could feel her own arousal in response.  Lily’s hands were much more tentative, just starting to wrap themselves around Cherie’s shoulders.  Cherie maintained her measured pace, not wanting to rush the moment.  She circled her daughter’s nipples, noting how the sensation made her shiver.  She finally broke the kiss to put one in her mouth, teasing it with her tongue as Lily sighed in pleasure.  Cherie spent time with both breasts, teasing them with her tongue and fingers as Lily leaned back.  She finally sat up, pulling Lily’s face in for a kiss, and intertwining her fingers.  They stared into each other’s eyes, knowing that the moment was theirs.

She moved the girl to the floor in front of the fire, taking the blankets off of the couch with them.  They sat facing each other, the light of the fire dancing on Lily’s breasts.  Cherie removed her own shirt, not breaking eye contact with Lily.  She took Lily’s hands and placed them on her much larger breasts, showing her how to squeeze and knead them in a way that felt good.  Lily took her own initiative with the nipples, mirroring her mother’s motions from moments before.  Cherie was pleasantly surprised at her daughter’s skill and boldness and offered her an encouraging moan as her hands went back to her daughter’s breasts.

They stayed like that for a while, both women stimulating each other’s breasts, interspersing heady eye contact with tongues and mouths on nipples.  Cherie was conscious of not rushing her daughter, and also letting her explore at her own pace.  She was perfectly content to spend the rest of the night like that, just topless and exploring.  She was therefore surprised when Lily looked up at her and said, “I want more, Mom.”

“Are you sure, sweetie? We don’t have to…this…this is nice,” Cherie said, watching Lily’s face.  “Please, Mom,” she said with a little more desperation.  “Okay, Lily, lay back,” Cherie said gently, hooking her fingers into the waistband of her daughter’s pyjama pants and pulling them down.  Cherie was surprised to see that Lily wasn’t wearing panties; once her pants were off, she was fully naked in front of the fire.  Cherie parted her legs gently, trailing her fingers up Lily’s thighs and watching her shiver in excitement. 

She gently parted her daughter’s bare lips, seeing her wetness glisten in the firelight.  Running a finger up her slit, Cherie found her to be more than ready.  She rubbed slow, deliberate circles around her clit, teasing a moan out of her before applying any pressure.  She moved her fingers down, finally entering them into her tight hole.  They slid in easily, and Cherie couldn’t resist bringing her fingers to her mouth to taste.  Lily was as sweet as the flower she was named after.

She put her fingers back inside her daughter, thrusting them slowly in and out and watching Lily squirm.  When her back arched, the firelight played off of her nipples in an absolutely mouth-watering way.  Cherie laid beside Lily, fingers continuing to work her pussy while she took a nipple into her mouth.  She eventually trailed kisses all the way down her body, forcing goosebumps despite the heat from the fire.  Cherie could smell Lily’s sweetness and needed to taste more.  She took her clit into her mouth, lightly sucking and flicking with her tongue until Lily’s moans became more urgent.  “Oh my god Mom, please don’t stop,” Lily breathed, her hands grabbing fistfuls of blankets as Cherie continued.  She licked her all over, eager to taste every drop of her daughter, her fingers continuing to stroke her inside.  Lily tensed and released, climbing to orgasm as her mother pushed her forward.  She screamed when she fell over the edge, just as she had on that fateful day in her bedroom.

Lily was breathing hard, coming down from the highest of highs as Cherie gently stroked her pussy.  Cherie crawled back up beside her, planting a tender kiss on her lips, allowing her daughter to taste herself.  “Mom, that was…that was amazing,” she breathed, “I…I want to do that for you.”  Cherie smiled, stroking her daughter’s hair as they kissed.  She laid down and slipped out of her pyjama pants, the shadow of her pubic hair a stark contrast to Lily’s smooth pussy.  She took one of Lily’s hands and put it on her mound, kissing her deeply as she pressed Lily’s fingers between her lips.  “You’re so wet, Mom,” Lily whispered as her fingers slid between the folds.  “That’s all for you baby,” Cherie breathed, opening her legs for her daughter to explore. 

She let Lily take her time rubbing, fingering, and stroking her pussy until she was desperate for release.  “Do you want to taste me, baby?” she asked, craving the sensation of her daughter’s tongue.  Wordlessly Lily moved between her mother’s legs, spreading her wide and licking her up and down.  “You taste so good, Mom,” she said between licks, treating her mother’s pussy like an ice cream cone.  She focused in on her clit, using the same practiced motion that her mother had used on her moments before.  Cherie bucked under the attention; when Lily pressed her fingers inside and curled them, Cherie exploded.

Cum rushed from her pussy, soaking Lily’s hand and mouth as she eagerly lapped it up.  Cherie didn’t squirt often, but the rush and the buildup (and the whole situation) was just too much.  Her orgasm flowed from her daughter’s mouth through her body, touching every single nerve before resulting in an explosion of wetness.  Lily sat up, eyes sparkling with excitement while a smile dance across her face.  “Mom! You made a mess!” she giggled, and Cherie hugged her tight, kissing her forehead.  “You helped,” she laughed back.  Both women laid by the fire, wrapped in each other, while time stood still.  They had crossed a boundary, and both remained lost in her own thoughts while they kissed and touched, their motions more comforting than urgent.  Cherie fell asleep with her naked daughter in her arms, the smell of sex thick in the air.

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My Mother, My Wife (Part 3)

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What the actual fuck.  Lily threw herself down on her bed, mind reeling from the conversation she had just had with her mother.  The conversation where her own mother proposed marriage- to her- in some lesbian fantasy.  Lily couldn’t fathom what had gotten into her.  The woman was usually so sensible, rational…clearly the stress had been getting to her.  A ripple of concern tempered Lily’s outrage, causing her to sit up and take a few deep steadying breaths to calm herself down.  If her mom was that far over the edge, Lily needed to think about how to help her.  This was so out of character- so insane- her mom must not be in her right mind.  Lily felt compassion for Cherie; she knew that her mother had been lonely, and empathized- really.  Not to the extent that she wanted to volunteer to be the object of her mother’s sexual desire, but enough that she could sort of understand where she was coming from- sort of. 

She had never yelled at her mom like that before.  The look on her face as Lily turned away was…heartbreaking.  She had always had such a close relationship with her mom, and really had done her best to support her through the divorce.  Maybe she had done too much? Had Lily given her mom the wrong idea?  She cringed at the thought of her mom walking in on her earlier in the day; knowing what her mom had been thinking- fantasizing about Lily being with her sexually- made that moment all the more inappropriate.  To think that Lily was actually happy earlier about how little awkwardness there was during dinner!  If she had only known what was to come for dessert.

Lily laid in bed that night with troubled thoughts, trying to make sense of a senseless situation.  She heard her mom come up a while later, saying goodnight to Violet but giving Lily space.  Lily barely slept, her mind racing far too quickly to allow for rest.  She was torn between indignation at her mom’s audacity, and compassion for the woman who raised her.  She desperately wished for a compromise but saw none in sight.  By morning, the best strategy Lily had come up with was to continue as if none of it had ever happened.  It was with that mindset that she started her day.

Cherie had already left for work and worked late that night.  Lily took care of dinner and chores as usual, leaving something in the fridge for her mother to heat up when she came home.  They existed like this for the next week or so, with Cherie working extra-long hours and driving Violet to various extracurriculars, effectively avoiding Lily.  Lily was initially relieved by the space, happy that her mother was choosing to give her some time to process instead of pressing the issue.  Her relief at some point began to morph into sadness and regret.  Given everything that happened this was surprising to Lily, but the feeling couldn’t be denied- she missed her mom.

She was at a total loss for what to do.  Every time she entered the kitchen, she saw her mom’s hurt as Lily yelled at her.  Every time she was in her room, she remembered her mom walking in on her masturbating.  Her mind was a mess, and she just needed it all to stop.  The idea of a getaway came to her as she was doing homework with Violet one night.  Violet was lamenting that if she just ran away, her history exam wouldn’t be taking up space in her mind.  Lily empathized, but then got an idea: if her and her mom got away somewhere, maybe they could start over.  Time had passed, and so maybe what they needed was some space to break the ice- then things would get back to normal.  Lily searched the internet for a nearby destination and started to put a plan together.

Once she had booked the trip and put all of the information together, she e-mailed it to her mom.  She sent a text to follow up, simply saying “Mom, I miss you- check your email.”  She woke up to a note from her mom on her bedside table saying “I love you- pack your bags, I will pick you up from school at lunch.”  Lily couldn’t ever remember a time when her and her mom had gone away just the two of them.  She had worked it out so that Violet was at a friend’s for the weekend, so her mom didn’t have to be stressed about leaving her.  Lily was good at considering the little details, and smoothing the way so that her mom didn’t worry.  She packed for the cabin, making sure she had her skis and helmet before heading to school.

Lily found herself to be nervous all morning, realizing she hadn’t really seen her mom since their fight.  She hoped that it wouldn’t be awkward in the car- she was determined that it wouldn’t be.  This trip was just what they needed to get back on track and put the ugliness behind them.  She was reminded of the love that she has for her mom in English class; she was working on a poem about her for the senior project, and reading her words about her mom- her hero- quieted her nerves. 

She was waiting for her mom outside the school right at lunch, and after a quick stop at home to pick up their gear they were off to a cabin for a weekend of skiing.  Lily knew it was one of her mom’s favourite hobbies, but they hadn’t been since the divorce.  She could feel her mom’s excitement in the car, both women grateful enough to be together that they buried their previous complicated feelings. 

They arrived to their private cabin a couple of hours later; two bedrooms, a fireplace, kitchen, and huge living area made them both giddy.  By late afternoon they were out on the slopes, getting a few hours of skiing in before having dinner at the chalet.  Their conversation was easy, reminiscing about ski trips when Lily was a kid, and congratulating each other on the perseverance of their skill in spite of their lack of practice.  They went their separate ways to bed early, agreeing to get up with the sun to maximize their time on the slopes.

The next day was a dream; the weather was incredible, and Lily and Cherie were both in their element.  They pushed each other to try more difficult runs, encouraging and laughing when one fell or needed a break.  They took a couple of breaks in the chateau, sipping hot chocolate and reveling in each other’s company.  They had a fancy dinner at the restaurant, each finishing with a well-earned piece of chocolate cake.  They finally walked back to their cabin, both exhausted and fulfilled.

Cherie started the fire in the cabin while Lily made them some tea.  Their walk had been chilly, and both women were eager to curl up by the fire and hang out.  They each changed into pyjamas, Lily’s flannel pants and tank top almost exactly matching her mother’s.  “Apples, and trees,” Cherie joked, and they both laughed.  They were both privately happy that they had found each other again, though neither had yet verbalized it for fear of upsetting the other with memories of their fight.  It was Lily who finally did.

“Mom, I’m really glad we did this,” she said as she handed her mom a cup of tea.  She sat on the other end of the couch, stealing the end of her mom’s oversized blanket to cover up with.  Cherie looked at her daughter thoughtfully, her eyes conveying a wealth of emotion.  “Me too, sweetie, you have no idea,” she said warmly.  “I’m sorry…for everything,” she finished.  Lily was silent for a minute.  “It’s okay Mom, I know that you were just trying to find a way forward for us.  I have thought a lot about what you said, especially throughout this weekend.  It has been wonderful to be with you, just us- with no work and no school and no chores.  I think that I maybe villainized you a bit after that conversation, and forgot that you really just want what’s best for our family.  I know that you weren’t trying to make me uncomfortable, and I’m sorry that I reacted the way that I did.”

Cherie nodded, relief palpable in the room as she absorbed her daughter’s words.  “I really didn’t mean to hurt you, Lily, I just…I had thought about it a lot, and I thought it only fair to share it with you.  I don’t like keeping things from you, especially when they affect our family.”  Lily nodded thoughtfully.  “I’m sorry I can’t give you what you need, Mom- but I can’t marry you.  I don’t think it’s a good idea, and besides- I’m straight,” she said finally.  “I know, baby, and it’s okay.  We will find another way to be whole again.”  Cherie’s eyes were distant, and she blinked a few times in an effort to hide her hurt and disappointment.

Lily hated seeing that on her mom’s face, especially after the day that they’d had.  “If…if I did, you know, what you asked…what would it be like?” she asked.  She hadn’t known that the question would come out when she began speaking, but she realized when she said it that she really did want the answer- how on earth had her mom pictured it working?!

Cherie was thoughtful, trying to gauge how much to say.  “Well, honestly it would work a lot like it does now.  I would continue to work, and you would continue taking care of the house.  Of course you would finish high school, and could even go to college and join the workforce if you want to- or you could stay home- I make more than enough money to support us.  You would have more authority with Violet- I really think that she needs two parents.  She has a good head on her shoulders, but I think that as she gets older she will benefit from structure.  I would look to you to parent her with me, in addition to being her sister.  We would be equals, you and I- in all things.  And…” Cherie faltered, not sure how much further to go.  “…and we would support each other.  I would confide in you, and you in me.  Our relationship would be more intimate…mentally and…physically.”

Lily listened attentively, making an effort to see things from her mom’s perspective.  When she actually listened instead of shouted, she could follow the logic.  It really would be better for Violet to have more structure, and Lily appreciated that her mom didn’t want to just bring a stranger into the house.  They had a really good thing going as a family, and really Cherie just wanted to protect and foster it.  Lily genuinely wanted to be someone who her mom confided in, and wanted to support her.  She was trying hard to do that now, but realized that there was something missing.  As much as Lily could run the household, her mom was still lonely- she didn’t have the personal support of an equal- no one to share her hopes and fears with. 

Lily moved closer to her mom, holding her hand.  “I understand, mom,” she said with tears in her eyes, “I’m sorry I didn’t before.  I was awful to you…you tried to open up to me, and I just shut you down.  I am truly sorry,” Lily said.  Cherie opened her arms, and Lily fell into her embrace. She cried silently, relieved by her mom’s implicit forgiveness.  Cherie stroked her hair, holding and comforting her as she fought to control her emotions.  Lily felt safe; she knew in that moment that there was nothing that her and her mom couldn’t overcome together.  There was nothing that she could do or say to make her mom stop loving her, and she felt the same about her mom.  They really were a team, and getting through this ordeal just proved the point. 

Lily sat up, meeting her mom’s eyes.  Her mom wiped her tears away, holding her face in her hands. “I love you Lily, and I always will, no matter what,” she said, and with that- Lily kissed her.

Looking back, Lily would guess that she was caught in the moment.  Maybe it was the crackle of the fireplace, maybe it was the relief that her and her mom would be okay, or perhaps the exhaustion of a day spent on the slopes- either way, something had come over her and the kiss just seemed natural.  Somehow, so did everything that happened after.

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