The Practice of BDSM (and how it compares to Yoga)

Under the umbrella of BDSM there is something for everyone- there is no shortage of opportunity to explore, learn, and grow, if that’s what you’re into.  Those who want to dip a toe into the pool might find a new favourite toy or fetish, while those who dive in may find identity and belonging thatContinue reading “The Practice of BDSM (and how it compares to Yoga)”

Perfectly Painted

In an effort to get my head on straight before going back to work after the holidays, I invited Mr. Intensity over for a play.  His plan was to use me as he saw fit, and leave it at that- a plan that he executed flawlessly. He arrived, and we caught up for a bit-Continue reading “Perfectly Painted”

Dominant Partners: Cast and Crew

Over the next few weeks, I am going to introduce you to some current and former partners. Every Dom’s style is different, and I have had the privilege of learning from some incredible people. I don’t submit casually; while I do immensely enjoy casual sex, the D/s thing requires a whole lot of trust andContinue reading “Dominant Partners: Cast and Crew”

New Protocol

The thrill of a new partner is always such a high- the way his energy consumes a room, his smell enveloping you before his hands even touch you. The feel of new hands dancing along your skin, that first tentative crush of lips together. Last night, I played with a new partner- and it didContinue reading “New Protocol”

Edging Through the Five Stages of Grief

He came in the door, bending to greet the dogs before standing to his full height to meet my eyes. He took his time looking me up and down, appreciating my tanned legs and short sundress. He closed the gap between us in three steps, leaning into me so I could feel his breath whenContinue reading “Edging Through the Five Stages of Grief”

Hard Reset: Part 3

Read part 1 and part 2. I tilt my head back up at him, needing another kiss to settle. He licks my lips gently, touching his tongue to mine as our lips meet. “You need to cum once more baby, then you’re done, okay?” he says gently. I nod, not trusting my voice to answer.Continue reading “Hard Reset: Part 3”

Hard Reset: Part 2

Read part 1 here. My orgasm rips through me, releasing all of the tension and need that he built up in me as my pussy gushes around his fingers. My body convulses under his touch, as he slows the pace to a slow rub, demanding every single shiver he can from my body. He finallyContinue reading “Hard Reset: Part 2”

Hard Reset: Part 1

It’s been an excruciatingly long week. Every single work battle was uphill, and I hadn’t had a win all week. I could feel frustration and tension in my belly, a constant course through my bloodstream. The barking of the dog is grating, the thought of cooking dinner completely overwhelming. I have been for a run,Continue reading “Hard Reset: Part 1”

A Little About Me

Hi Friends! Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet. I have been writing about my experiences with kink, specifically submission, for quite some time- and have decided to compile them all in one place for the world to see. I hope you find them relatable, sexy, perhaps funny, and insightful- and I certainlyContinue reading “A Little About Me”