Best Friends Forever: Part 2 (Chapters 6-7)

Read Chapter 1 and Chapters 4-5 Chapter 6 Jack and Katie took care of Julia that night, ensuring that she was showered and tucked into bed.  They then stayed up for a bit more time, talking about the future of their dynamic.  Julia knew this for two reasons: one, she woke up clean and nakedContinue reading “Best Friends Forever: Part 2 (Chapters 6-7)”

Best Friends Forever: Part 2 (Chapters 4-5)

Read Chapter 1 here Katie and Jack were laughing as they came into the door, both quickly swallowing their sounds as they saw Julia awaiting them.  She heard them each take a deep breath, and felt them looking at each other, then back to her.  Neither Katie nor Jack said anything; they both deliberately putContinue reading “Best Friends Forever: Part 2 (Chapters 4-5)”

A Primal Interlude (to an otherwise civilized conversation)

When The Professor and I go without seeing each other for a couple of weeks, the tension between wanting to get naked and wanting to catch up in conversation is palpable.  We text, but it isn’t the same for two avid conversationalists.  Getting naked always wins out, because, well, duh- but the profound friendship isContinue reading “A Primal Interlude (to an otherwise civilized conversation)”

Best Friends Forever: Part 2 (Chapter 1)

Read excerpts from the original story: Chapter 1, Chapter 4, Chapter 6 , or get the whole thing on Amazon. The cock in Julia’s face was a familiar sight, but when paired with the feeling between her legs she was in brand new territory.  Sir’s cock glided across her cheek, spreading spit in its pathContinue reading “Best Friends Forever: Part 2 (Chapter 1)”

Best Friends Forever (Excerpt): Chapter Seven

Read other excerpts: Chapter 1, Chapter 4, Chapter 6 She didn’t even stir until the sun was well up.  Someone had untied her, and someone cleaned her off- but Julia had no idea who.  As she awoke, she realized that Jack and Katie were on either side of her, each wrapped around her and eachContinue reading “Best Friends Forever (Excerpt): Chapter Seven”

My Mother, My Wife (Part 5, Final)

Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 Lily What a night.  Lily couldn’t believe what had happened on what she intended to be a trip to reconnect with her mom- mission accomplished, and then some!  She had no intention of this level of intimacy, but it had just felt right.  As LilyContinue reading “My Mother, My Wife (Part 5, Final)”

My Mother, My Wife (Part 4)

Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Cherie Cherie was stunned at the kiss, her body tensing before she leaned into it.  She cupped her daughter’s face in her hands, tasting her lips before she parted them with her tongue.  Lily’s kiss was gentle, tentative, sweet.  Cherie pulled back, searching her daughter’s eyes for anyContinue reading “My Mother, My Wife (Part 4)”

My Mother, My Wife (Part 3)

Read Part 1, Part 2 Lily What the actual fuck.  Lily threw herself down on her bed, mind reeling from the conversation she had just had with her mother.  The conversation where her own mother proposed marriage- to her- in some lesbian fantasy.  Lily couldn’t fathom what had gotten into her.  The woman was usuallyContinue reading “My Mother, My Wife (Part 3)”

My Mother, My Wife (Part 2)

Read Part 1 here Cherie She knew that her daughter was cumming when the moans became screams.  Cherie had to bite her lip to prevent a moan herself as she thought about Lily’s toned body convulsing on a dildo upstairs.  It was all she could do not to lick that dildo before she handed itContinue reading “My Mother, My Wife (Part 2)”

My Mother, My Wife (Part 1)

Lily Lily idolized her mother.  Beauty, intelligence, kindness, humour…Cherie really was the perfect mom.  Even though she worked a lot- sometimes 16-hour days- she never missed a single dance recital or spelling bee for Lily or her younger sister Violet.  That was more than they could say for their father, whose absentee approach to parentingContinue reading “My Mother, My Wife (Part 1)”