Hi, I’m A- a tall, blonde, curvy submissive who wants to share her stories, reflections, and sexploits with you. I have been learning about BDSM for almost 10 years, and my practice continues to evolve over time. I think about BDSM like yoga- there are opportunities to focus on particular areas and skills, push limits, or maintain progress- it is a personal journey of mindfulness and a very effective release. I write about my experiences to learn from them, and to capture the steamy, vulnerable, often cum-soaked moments for my…continued enjoyment.

In this collection you’ll find stories of my first submissive experiences, pivotal moments, different Dominant partners/approaches, exploration of new kinks and fetishes, and good old-fashioned hot sex. Interspersed with the smut is also some reflection on lessons learned, the impact of submission on my life, and even some goal setting for my BDSM practice. I have tried to sort it by theme and by partner, so that if there is a particular style/approach you enjoy, you’ll have an easier time finding it. This is a living anthology, and I will continue to add to it for as long as I have something to say.

I have also decided to post some of my commissioned work here- these are stories that various clients have requested that I write for them, based on an idea or fantasy of theirs. If you are interested in commissioned work, click here for more information.

I hope that you enjoy my words, and welcome you to engage and reach out with questions or comments (or requests for custom stories!).

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