Porn is someone else’s fantasy- erotica is all yours.

I love writing commissions. As a submissive, a great deal of my pleasure comes from being used to bring someone else’s fantasy to life- pleasing my partner, fulfilling their deepest desires, Writing is an extension of that. I love to learn about a client’s fantasies, needs, and dreams, and work with them to create a story that brings all of their ideas to life and more. As you can likely tell from my writing, I specialize in stories about Dominance and submission, or some kind of imbalance of power. I can write many areas of BDSM well, including orgasm control, impact play, punishment, obedience training, humiliation, toys, CNC, and more. I have very few limits as a writer; my only hard limits are illegal things, weapons, blood, scat, and gore. Otherwise, I encourage you to make me blush!

The process for commissions is largely up to you as the client, but a few things that you can expect include:

  • Rapport building conversation- telling me as much about yourself as you like, learning a bit more about me- making sure that I am the right person to bring your fantasies to life, and that I can give them the story that they deserve.
  • I will ask you questions about your kinks, and your vision for the narrative. If you don’t have much of a vision beyond a few ideas, that’s fine! I am happy to fill in the blanks as much as you wish. On the flip side, if you have a detailed outline, I will gladly follow it.
  • I will also want to know details such as the perspective that you want the story written from, any important character names and traits, length of story (and budget- typically $0.02USD per word, so a 10k word story is $200USD), and timeline for completion.
  • I am happy to send a teaser if you wish, and will also make any changes that you wish after the story is complete (additional fees may apply, depending on the scope of changes). The story is yours- I want to make sure it is exactly what you want!
  • I prefer payment via PayPal upon receipt of the completed story.

If you are looking for something a little different, I am also open to participating in real-time virtual role plays (via text or email), and can provide audio content (me reading a story, for example) for an additional fee. If there is anything else that you are looking for, just ask- I am open to other ideas.

Interested? Contact me and we can get started!

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