Honour Thy Father: Chapter 4-5

Chapter Four: Melody

Summer vacation was Melody’s absolute favourite time of year.  The school year had just wrapped up (she had honours grades, a championship trophy, and a photography award to show for it), and now she was heading out to Father’s cabin for a few months of downtime. 

She had the top down on the convertible that he had bought her a few years ago for her 16th birthday, her blonde hair flowing in the early summer air.

She found herself a bit sad to be missing the summer with her friends, this year more so than previous years due to the fact that she finally had a boyfriend.  Jeff was everything she had ever wanted in a boy, and she was beyond delighted that Father permitted her to see him.  She knew, of course, that if he had said no she would’ve had to obey- he always knew what was best for her.  Just as she knew that she had to tell Father everything that happened between them, so that he could monitor her purity.

She sent Father a text, letting him know that she was on her way and that she had kissed Jeff goodbye, with tongue.  She also texted that Jeff had put one hand on her waist, and brought her in close so that her breasts pressed up against him.  While Father forbid Melody from being touched under her clothes by Jeff, he was okay with this kind of touching.

Usually she would make the drive with Father, but now that she had her license she offered to come up a day early to get things ready.  The cabin sat empty for the bulk of the winter, so there was always some refreshing and cleaning to do.  She enjoyed the work, and especially the quiet after a grueling school year.

Melody knew that this was not the typical Father/daughter relationship, but she also knew that as the daughter of a minister she had a duty not only to her family, but also to the church.  Father had been teaching her about her womanly duties each summer since she started menstruating, and she found herself to be an eager student.  She enjoyed learning about homemaking and being a good wife, for that was her main purpose and goal as a woman.  The lessons paused at the end of summer when they resumed their life back at home.  Father said that it was important for him to be able to devote his full attention to her training, where the church demanded more of his attention while they were at home.

The cabin became a summer oasis of sorts, away from day-to-day life and the prying eyes of others. Once she turned 18, Father was gracious enough to teach her about her body, and about the pleasure that it could give and receive.  She understood that until she was married her focus needed to be on pleasing Father, so that he could support the church.  She needed to remain pure for her future husband and had to learn the skills that would be required of her to keep him happy.  One day, when she could prove to Father that she was knowledgeable enough and ready to be a wife, he would allow her to marry. She still had a lot to learn, which is what she focused on in the summers.

Father would arrive in the morning, and her training would begin- or, rather, resume.  Melody had learned obedience, cooking, and cleaning, as well as the art of pleasure.  Father had taught her about penetrative sex last summer, and she was eager for more lessons.  He had insured that she was on birth control so that he could fill her with his seed without the risk of pregnancy- that was a gift that she could give only to her husband.  She imagined one day being allowed to please Jeff in this way, and it filled her tummy with butterflies.  She set to work washing the sheets in their two-bedroom cabin and opened all the windows to let in the breeze.  She took a deep breath, soaking in the joy of summer.

Melody awoke to Father’s text, indicating that he would be at the cabin shortly after lunch- and that he had a surprise for her.  She busied herself for the morning, having a quick breakfast before working in the gardens.  When she came in for lunch, she did some dinner prep as well.  She knew that Father would be impressed to see her domestic duties already well in hand.  When she got out of the shower, she dressed temporarily in a robe while she finished preparing for Father’s arrival.

She was only permitted to wear dresses in the cabin, and no panties.  Father had taught her that a woman must always anticipate and fulfill her husband’s needs. This, she now knew, included being ready for sex at any time.    Last summer Father taught her how her vagina gets wet when she is aroused.  This, of course, is desired for her to be able to take a cock.

While her training paused at home, Father made sure that she continued to practice on her own.  She masturbated three times per week, and told Father about each one so that he could monitor her progress and make suggestions.  She was always grateful for his guidance. 

Melody laid on the bed that she would share with Father for the summer, and lazily opened her legs.  Her pussy was covered in soft, dark hair- Father said that it marked her womanhood.  She began stroking her clit in practiced motions, licking her lips as she found a rhythm.  She was careful not to overstimulate herself; Father preferred to be the one to give her orgasms while at the cabin.  She slowly stroked herself, occasionally dipping a finger inside her to assess her wetness.  When she felt sufficiently lubricated, she stood to make the bed.  She was just putting the final pillow in place when Father entered the cabin.

Melody felt her heart rate quicken as his keys hit the table.  “Hi Sweetie, Father’s here!” he boomed from the kitchen. 

“In here Father!” Melody chimed back.  He found her quickly, standing beside the perfectly made bed beaming.  “I was just finishing making the bed- not a single crease!” she said proudly.

Father’s eyes inspected the bed and landed on her.  “Good girl,” he said appreciatively.  “Come here, please.”

Melody obediently crossed the room to stand in front of Father.  He took her face in his hands, kissing her deeply.  “I am so glad to be back here with you, and so proud of the work you’ve done so far.  You are such a good girl,” he said as he untied her robe.

Father pushed Melody’s robe off of her shoulders, letting it pool on the floor.  She shivered at her nakedness but did not cover herself- another lesson from Father.  It was important to always show off your body if a man wants to see it.  “You are even more beautiful than I remember, Sweetie,” he marveled.  He kissed her shoulder, gently caressing under her small breast. 

Melody felt goosebumps erupt all over her body.  “Thank you, Father,” she said politely.  She stood perfectly still as he caressed her, teasing her nipples to erection while his tongue found hers. 

“Are you ready for me, Sweetie?” he asked.  “Open your legs, please.”

Melody obeyed, standing with her legs apart to give Father better access between them.  “Yes, Father,” she answered.

Father reached between her legs, delicately tracing her slit before dipping a finger between her lips.  “Very good girl,” he said appreciatively.  He brought his finger up to her mouth, pressing it between her lips until he reached her tongue.

Melody sucked his finger obediently, her wide eyes eagerly awaiting her next instruction.

Chapter Five: Father David

“Lay down, sweetie,” Father said gently.  He undressed, never taking his eyes off of his daughter’s naked body.  He climbed on top of her, easing inside her as her legs wrapped around him.

Melody gasped as he filled her, letting her eyes roll back in pleasure.  “That’s it, good girl,” he encouraged, “take Father’s cock.”

“Father, yes,” she breathed as he started to thrust.  Her tightness was a marvel, and no matter how many times he entered her it felt like the first.  She squirmed under him, wrapping her arms and legs around him as if holding on for dear life.  Her perky little breasts bounced with each thrust as he completely lost himself in her.

“Father, may I please cum?” she asked, bringing him back into the moment.  He was impressed that she remembered to ask, and at her control. 

“Yes, sweetie, you may cum,” he said gently, thrusting into her harder.  He felt her tighten and pulse around him, and had to work to hold onto his own orgasm as she came.  His daughter’s orgasmic scream was his favourite sound.

“Good girl,” he breathed, giving her a moment to come down.  He maintained his steady pace, sliding in and out of her perfect hole as she breathed heavily underneath him.  When her eyes opened, he kissed her.  “It’s time for you to get on top, sweetie.  Do you remember?”

“Yes, Father,” she breathed.  He rolled onto his back, and she quickly straddled him.  She gripped his cock, urgently sliding it into her hole.  When her hips started to rock back and forth, he almost lost it.

“Mmmm, you are going to make such a good wife someday,” he said as he cupped his daughter’s breasts.  She rode him gently, moaning each time he thrust into her. 

“Thank you, Father.  That’s all I want,” she said proudly. 

His heart (and cock) swelled with pride.  “I’m going to cum in you now, Sweetie, don’t stop,” he said firmly.  She rode harder, her slim body rocking back and forth on him as he pulled at her nipples.  He groaned as his orgasm took hold, emptying his balls into his daughter. 

“Thank you, Father,” she said, getting off of him to lick his cock clean- yet another lesson she had learned last summer.  Her retention rate was excellent.

As they ate the wonderful dinner she had prepared, Father David let Melody in on the surprise that he had promised.  “We aren’t going to be alone this summer, Sweetie,” he said vaguely.

“Oh? How come Father?” she asked, trying and failing to hide her disappointment. 

“Don’t worry, Melody, it won’t change our summer.  I have been so proud of the way you have learned and retained your training, that I thought it was time to share our approach with someone else.  I have invited a father and daughter from the church to spend the summer with us.  They have been having a hard time, and I think that we can really help them.  You will be such a good mentor for her, and I can help him to learn how to teach her as I have taught you.”

Father David could see Melody considering his words.  Her face broke out in a smile.  “You really think I could help someone? You think I am ready?” she asked, her face beaming. 

“Of course, sweetie.  You have learned so much, and one day will make a man very happy.  You still have some things to learn, but you have all the basics mastered.  I really think that your leadership could change this girl’s life.  She is on a dangerous path, and her father is desperate to keep her safe.  Will you help us?”

Melody didn’t hesitate.  “Of course, Father.  Anything for you.”

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