The Long Game

We’re having dinner at my sister’s place. Everyone is standing around the kitchen chatting away, kids and dogs are running around. Comfortable chaos. He sees my wine glass is empty, offers to refill it. I follow him to the counter, a bit away from everyone. When he hands me my glass, I give him a kiss- chaste, the way you do in front of family, but I linger for a millisecond. I look at him and smile, and then lean in quick- kiss his cheek, and whisper- “I’m going to gag on your cock later…”

His eyes immediately light up, but I don’t even see- I’m already headed back across the room, teasing my niece. We have dinner, and I start to do the dishes. He comes to dry them; there’s lots of incidental touching- hands collide, my tits graze his back as I scooch by. Normally these touches wouldn’t be noteworthy, but all he can think about is what I said earlier, and how good my lips are going to feel wrapped around his cock.

We start playing cards; he and I are euchre partners. My brother-in-law is telling jokes, has everyone laughing. I’m talking trash at cards. His phone is on the table, because he took a photo of me holding the baby earlier. I take an opportunity. I send a text- I want you in my throat. Your cum is going to taste so fucking good. He sees his phone light up but is focused on cards. We win the hand, and while the cards shuffle he checks his phone. He sees my name- confused, then intrigued. He reads it, and smiles guiltily, and quickly pockets his phone. He feels my eyes on him across the table; he looks up and I’m staring right at him, smirking. I bite my lip, so quick maybe he imagined it, as my wine glass heads to my mouth.

We finally say our goodbyes and get in the car. I babble on about innocuous things- funny things my niece said, what we are doing for the weekend, etc.- the whole time he is half listening, focused on what I had promised, wondering if I’m going to take his cock out in the car.I am the picture of nonchalance- he’s beginning to wonder if he dreamt the whole thing.

We get home- drop keys, shoes, etc. He sits down on the couch- I know his skin is crawling. I stand in front of him, and then straddle him. Kiss him like I mean it, grind my hips into his lap. I toy with him a while- I love making out. I kiss us both into an absolute frenzy- alternating soft and hard, licking lips and biting, tongue and breath. I can tell he wants to rush it- at this point he just wants to thrust his cock into me- but I’m setting the pace- and I’ve got him right where I want him.

I stand up. He stands with me and follows me upstairs. I walk slowly, swinging my hips just so. His hands are all over me, greedy. I relieve him of his clothes, and he returns the favour. He is used to taking control, and assumes old habits. I resist, pushing him down on the bed instead. I climb between his legs, clearly ogling his now hard cock. I look up at him- “Finally,” I say, as I take him in my hand. My hand moves slowly while my tongue starts to lick- just the tip, light flicks. “I’ve been thinking about your cock all night,” …flick… “how badly I want it in my mouth,” …flick… “in my pussy,” …flick… “in my ass”…flick. “I can’t wait to swallow you,”…flick…”gag on your cock.” One more flick, followed by more tongue to soak his cock, slowly letting a trail of spit fall on the top. “Now lay back and enjoy the ride,” I say through a smile.

Without breaking eye contact, the flicks turn into licks, coating his cock in spit. He feels my lips, mouth, tongue- one at a time, and then all at once. I find a rhythm, and when I feel him settle into it, I open my throat and thrust him back- just once- and then go back to the steady rhythm. Repeat- mouth, lips, tongue- swirling, spitting, sucking- then throat- thrusting, holding, gagging. I hold his cock down my throat until I need to breathe- swallowing, showing off. I gag on it, then take it back in. I pick up the pace, cock hitting the back of my throat harder and harder. He hears spit, sucking, and gagging. Then it stops. I lick under his cock from the base to the tip, sending a shiver all the way through him.

I look up at him- I know this is torture, and I know how to make it worse. I lick his balls, already soaked in my spit- taking one at a time into my mouth- gently swirling, sucking. He moans, and I bite his thigh- just to make sure I have his attention. I go back to his cock- I’m done playing- I want cum. I slap his cock on my tongue, and then slam it into my mouth. I suck like it’s oxygen- never breaking eye contact. My eyes water, spit all over my face. I can feel his balls tighten in my hand as I roll them together, and I know I’m about to get what I want.

I consider edging him, but he’s waited so patiently. I drive him into my throat, over and over- tongue swirling, gagging, desperate for cum. He finally lets go, and I feel the hot spray at the back of my throat. I lighten the pressure, but don’t stop the motion; my mouth softens, coaxing every last drop of cum out of his cock. I keep sucking until he can’t take it anymore, and grabs me by the hair, roughly pulling me up for a kiss. He kisses me, my face covered in spit, mascara running down my face, feeling like queen of the universe. I smile- “Thank you, Sir”.

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30 something woman- writer of erotica, blogger of all things BDSM and beyond. Tall, curvy, blonde; intelligent, grounded, hilarious. High pressure job, experienced submissive.

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