The Pool Party

What a bitch. 

That was the sentiment playing in Angela’s head as she went up to the pool deck on the roof of her condo building.  She had just run into the President of the Homeowner’s association- Karen, because of course that was her name- in the elevator.  Karen was much too reserved (repressed?) to show any direct disdain for Angela and her “lifestyle”, but did an excellent job getting her point across nonetheless.  It started with an up and down assessment of Angela’s outfit; Karen’s prying eyes taking in every inch of her five-foot-something frame, stopping to linger at the ample cleavage spilling from her black and white bikini top.  A distinct “tsk” escaped Karen’s pursed lips before she plastered on the fakest of smiles. “Angela, dear, how are you?” she sang, the very picture of propriety in her shapeless pantsuit.  “I’m fine, Karen, how are you?” Angela replied, resisting the urge to roll her eyes at the charade.  Angela knew how to play the game- pretending she didn’t know about Karen’s plight to block their condo application, not to mention her subsequent attempts to turn neighbours against them- all because she didn’t approve of their “lifestyle”-if she only knew.  Luckily Angela and her partner Liane were likeable people, and the neighbours (along with everyone else on the planet) could see through Karen’s nonsense.  Two of those neighbours, in fact, had become regular play partners in Angela and Liane’s open relationship- she wondered what Karen would think about that.  Angela bit her tongue as Karen prattled on about who knows what, willing the elevator to speed up.  At long last Karen got off on her floor, not before grasping Angela’s hand in some sort of white woman handshake.  Angela wondered what Karen would say if she knew that Angela’s hand was inside her partner a couple of hours ago- and she hadn’t washed it. 

Determined not to let Karen ruin her afternoon, Angela celebrated a mental victory when she saw the pool deck was completely empty other than a group of 18 year old boys horsing around in the pool.  They wouldn’t bother her- she had little intention to swim.  With Liane at work until dinner, Angela had the whole afternoon to soak in the sun and dive into a good book.  She took her time getting situated, carefully laying her towel out on her favourite chair, arranging her water bottle and book.  She could feel the eyes of the boys on her and smirked to herself as she recognized Karen’s son among them- on summer vacation, about to head off to college.  “Let them look,” she thought to herself as she bent to take her shorts off, taking a little extra time pulling her bikini bottoms out of her ass. 

She wondered what Karen would think of her perfect son perving a lesbian at the pool, and decided to give them something to look at.  Poor guy probably hasn’t ever seen a woman’s body up close, and if his mother had anything to say about it probably wouldn’t until he was thirty.  She took out her sunscreen, applying a generous amount to her hands and slowly working it onto her legs.  She could see the boys whispering to each other out of the corner of her eye, trying to appear as if they weren’t watching her every move.  She moved her bikini bottoms to the side, exposing each ass cheek as she rubbed the lotion into her skin.  Her hands moved to her stomach, the lotion creating a sheen in the sunlight.  She untied the halter bikini top, letting it slip down to expose her breast before catching it and covering up.

The boys were silent at this point, haphazardly throwing a football to each other- missing it just as often as it was being caught.  She retied her top, rubbing the last of the sunscreen into her face, neck, and shoulders.  She turned to the boys, a look of pure innocence on her face.  “Could one of you help me do my back?” she asked, internally rolling her eyes at the frantic energy that passed between the friends.  They all appeared to be paralyzed, so she further prompted Karen’s son.  “Cody? Please? It will only take a minute…I don’t want to burn.”

Cody all but leapt out of the pool, appearing at Angela’s side in a heartbeat.  She noticed his hands shaking slightly as she put the sunscreen onto his palm, turning her back to him and moving her blonde hair out of the way.  “Make sure to get it even,” she teased, “if I burn it’ll be your fault.” 

She was surprised at the strength in his hands; for a gangly guy he certainly had potential.  He took his time rubbing the lotion into her shoulders, awkwardly trying to navigate around the strings at the back of her suit.  “You can untie them if you want,” she said nonchalantly, almost able to feel his heart beating through his chest.  His friends remained silent, no longer keeping up the charade of playing catch.

Angela felt her top loosen, Cody’s shaking hands clumsily pulling at the strings.  She modestly held the top in place, careful not to let it fall.  She let him rub her long after the sunscreen had absorbed, delighting in the feeling of his strong hands on her back.  His hands moved to her lower back, flirting with the top of her ass, dipping his finger between her cheeks a couple of times.  She said nothing, letting him have his fun.  She had never had much use for men- to her they were more of a source of amusement than anything- but this one was certainly serving his purpose.  She finally took a step forward, forcing some distance between them as she retied her top.  “Thanks, Cody, that’ll be all,” she said facetiously.  His face flushed, and he quickly retreated into the pool with a splash.  Angela could hear his friends teasing him, their tone a mixture of jealousy and awe.  Their game of catch resumed as she laid in her chair, taking a sip of water before opening her book.

She read for a while, idly watching the boys play catch.  They eventually got out of the pool, drying off and playing cards on one of the tables nearby.  She turned onto her stomach, deciding to doze for a while before heading inside to start prepping dinner.  The boys got quiet as she adjusted herself, closing her eyes as she listened to their conversation.  She could hear one of the boys challenging Cody to something, no doubt teasing him for his earlier grope session.  She heard Cody scoff, but then a chair pulled out.  Angela kept her eyes close, vaguely curious about what Cody was up to. 

He quietly walked toward her; she could tell he was near as she smelled chlorine and heard him breathing.  She felt a tug at her bikini string, the one holding her top on.  It instantly came loose, exposing her bare back.  Cody recoiled as soon as he undid the string, clearly anxious that he may have awakened her.  When Angela didn’t stir, he went back for the string at her hip.  He pulled it loose too, and then the other side.  His last act before he scurried back to his pals was to move the fabric off of her ass, fully exposing her.

Angela smiled to herself as she heard the boys giggle, pleased with themselves for having gotten her essentially naked.  She didn’t mind being on display, and didn’t want to bother lecturing them about respect- plus she made sure her ass was covered in sunscreen, so really they were just saving her from tan lines.  The boys were quiet, each of them taking in the sight of a naked woman on the pool deck.

It wasn’t long before she felt the presence of another boy beside her to complete his part of the dare.  A clammy hand groped her ass, roughly grabbing a handful of cheek before he scampered away.  She found herself irritated by his lack of finesse, and decided to adjust herself in the chair to make them think she may awaken- gotta keep them on their toes, she thought.

She heard a collective gasp as she stretched, spreading her legs slightly before settling back into her supposed nap.  She let one of her breasts peek out from under her, wondering if any of them would try to touch her there.  The boys gave her a minute, watching closely to ensure that she was still asleep before their third tribute took his turn.  This one was gentler, almost too much so.  She felt a whisper of fingers on her exposed nipple, lightly circling until it was fully erect.  The light touch sent a ripple of pleasure through her, culminating between her legs.  This boy lingered, gently flicking and pinching her nipple as his other hand rested gently on her ass.  She let out a contented sigh meant to encourage him, but instead he retreated back to his friends.

Another round of congratulations followed, the boys becoming more and more emboldened by their covert antics.  Angela smirked, her face hidden from the boys.  She was enjoying herself; not only did it feel good to know that Karen’s precious son wasn’t so pure after all, but the forbidden physical stimulation felt pretty good.  Of course she wished for Liane’s hands, but the taboo nature of the stolen gropes and voyeurism made Angela tingle. 

Cody returned to her side, making extra effort to silence his steps and breathing.  Angela shivered as he ran one of his long fingers along the crack of her ass, the sensation reverberating through her entire body.  He pulled his finger back, waiting for her to settle but not yet moving away.  Angela focused on breathing deeply to feign sleep, finding herself excited to see how far Cody would go.  His finger returned to her ass, gently parting her cheeks and circling her asshole.  He dipped slowly down between her legs, his finger sliding down easily into her wetness.  He chanced penetration, tentatively pushing into her hole, her juices smoothing the way for his finger to bury inside her.  He pulled out soon after, licking his finger clean as he returned to his friends whooping cheers.

Angela elected to stir shortly after, feeling a bit like she was in on the celebration of the boys.  They watched her carefully as she pretended to wake, realizing that her swimsuit was untied.  Much to their surprise she stood, removing her bikini completely and putting it in her bag.  She rooted in her bag for her cover up, taking her time to let her tits hang down as she bent, giving the boys a great look at her ass and side profile.  She finally found her cover up and threw it over her head.  “Be good, boys,” she said over her shoulder as she headed back toward the elevator.  Their stunned silence had her smiling all the way back to her apartment.

She told Liane all about her afternoon antics over dinner; her partner found the situation humourous, and shared in Angela’s smugness at corrupting Karen’s son.  Liane also found the story kind of hot, and showed her appreciation to Angela before they went to bed- three times.  “You can have your playthings,” she said haughtily, “but let’s see them do this.”  With that, Liane dove between Angela’s legs, making her forget that men even exist.

The next day was much of the same; Liane went to work in the morning, leaving Angela to her own devices for the day.  She went for a run, stopping in the lobby to get the mail.  Karen was just coming home, Cody in tow, and Angela thought it a commendable feat not to rub yesterday’s pool activities in her face.  Cody flushed instantly upon seeing her, making a beeline for the elevator.  Angela greeted them both with a polite hello, even though Karen didn’t so much as crack a smile toward her.  She thought she saw a brief nod from Cody, but his crimson face illustrated that he would not be saying much.

Angela smiled in spite of herself at his discomfort.  Truly it was earned, given that as far as he knew she was unaware of yesterday’s molestation.  Really she should have told his mother then and there, giving him a lesson in humiliation, but truthfully Angela wasn’t done with their little game.  She had enjoyed herself yesterday, and was vaguely curious to see if there would be a repeat performance today.  With the memory of Cody’s finger inside her tingling through her body, she got ready for the pool and set up in her favourite chair.

Sure enough, the two boys from yesterday were already there- she had affectionately (and originally) named them “the gentle one” and “the rough one” after their approaches.  They were awkward in the expert way that only teenage boys can achieve when she arrived, turning their backs to her and whispering in a flurry of anxiety, stealing glances toward her every now and then- no dobut to make sure she didn’t have a police escort.  Angela opened a bottle of vitamin water, and went to get her book only to realize that she had left it in the apartment.  “Will you boys watch my stuff for me?” she asked politely.  She heard a surprised and extra formal “Yes Ma’am,” as she sashayed back to the elevator. 

When Angela returned with her book, she took a moment to quietly observe the boys.  Cody had not yet arrived, and she had to admit she was a bit disappointed- after all, he had the best hands of any of them.  As she was watching, one of the boys hurried over to her chair.  He was taking a bottle of…cough syrup?…out of its packaging, and added some to her pink vitamin water.  It took Angela a moment to put it together, but she realized that this was their half-assed attempt to drug her.  Clearly they were looking to escalate yesterday’s activities.

Angela was horrified with their brazen (if hairbrained) attempt at assault.  That amount of cough syrup would do nothing to alter her consciousness, but their intentions were clear.  She again thought- knew- she should call them on it, but her curiosity was decidedly piqued.  She decided to let this afternoon play out, and then address it with them- and maybe their parents- after she saw how far they intended to go.

With her mind made up, she gave the boy time to get back to his friend, and then returned to her chair.  She waved her thanks, making a big show of drinking from the bottle.  In truth, she didn’t even take a sip, and switched the bottle out for a second one in her bag when they weren’t looking.  She continued the charade, sipping and reading while the boys floated in the pool, no doubt waiting for her to completely pass out.  Cody eventually joined them, and she enjoyed watching his face through her sunglasses as they updated him on their plan.  She read initial discomfort, seeing Cody protest and look at her almost protectively, but he eventually acquiesced and gave high fives all around for their apparent ingenuity.

Angela was almost finished her vitamin water and realized that it was time for her performance.  She turned onto her stomach, giving her a better angle to shield her facial expressions as she faked sleep.  She took a deep, centering breath and relaxed her limbs.  She put her head on her hands, and focused on regular breathing as she heard the boys begin plotting.  One of them went to put an out of order sign on the door out to the pool, locking it so that they wouldn’t be interrupted.  Another came up to her to get things started.

The boy with the gentle hands came first, cautiously circling her and moving toward her face to ensure that she was asleep.  Angela could see a shadow dance as he waved a hand in front of her face, and then felt his gentle touch in her hair- a double check to make sure that she was out.  He then moved to untying her swimsuit in a now practiced fashion.  He removed her bottoms, exposing her ass, before untying her top at the back.  She felt his gentle grip as he cupped her ass, kneading the tissue and separating her cheeks as he watched for any sign of reaction.  When he had had his fill he went back to his friends.  Based on their stage whispers, Angela deduced that they were much closer to her than yesterday- no doubt to get a better view.

Rough hands grabbed her next, wrapping around her torso to fondle each breast.  He pinched her nipples with gradual force, gauging just how well their little cold medicine trick had worked.  Angela winced at his pinches, but kept her breathing slow and even.  His hands eventually moved to her ass, repeating his friend’s move of separating her cheeks to look at her holes.  He dipped a finger into her pussy, just as Cody had the day before.  She could hear him tasing her, and was then surprised to hear him call his friends over.  “Guys, you’ve gotta taste her- it’s like candy,” he said.  His friends cautiously approached, each of them becoming more comfortable with their assault as she continued to feign sleep. 

She felt additional fingers dip into her pussy while the rough hands held her cheeks slightly apart.  They all muttered their approval, some going back for seconds.  Someone spread her legs further apart, giving them all better access.  She felt a tongue lick her slit, and then another dance around her asshole. She tried her best to mask her shiver, but their enthusiasm made up for any gap in skill and she was genuinely enjoying herself.  They took turns licking her pussy and asshole, each boy exploring her as thoroughly as he dared.

It was Coty who spoke next.  “My cock is so hard…fuck she’s hot,” he said, his hand idly stroking Angela’s nipple.  “Bro, she’s a lesbian, she doesn’t care about your cock,” his friend teased.  “Yah, look,” said the third, and she heard him move up near her face. 

She felt his cock against her cheek, gently rubbing her face back and forth.  “She probably wouldn’t even know what to do with it,” he said, rubbing himself into her hair.  She felt another cock on her back, hardening as its owner stroked himself.  “Come on, Cody, her skin is so soft,” he encouraged, and she heard Cody pull down his shorts.  Cody’s cock felt like the biggest of the three, and he lined it up between her ass cheeks before starting to rub against her.  “Fuck, you guys were right, she’s perfect,” he said reluctantly, moving into a steady rhythm between her cheeks. 

Angela could feel three cocks on her, all of which were hardening by the minute.  Every now and then someone would grab her tits or a handful of her ass, each of them casually talking about how hot she was.  “Do you think she would wake up if we fuck her?” one of the boys asked the others.  They all stood, as if to consider the risks.  Just then, she felt the sharp sting of the rough boy’s hand on her ass.  She was careful not to cry out, but it was definitely a test of her acting abilities.  She gasped slightly, but quickly steadied her breathing.  “If that didn’t wake her up, nothing will.  I’m going first,” he said triumphantly.

The other two boys moved aside, continuing to stroke their cocks as their friend got in position behind her.  She felt the head of his cock press against her pussy, and he swirled it around her slit to coat it in her wetness.  He slid in slowly, gauging her reaction before starting to move.  She sighed in pleasure before she caught herself. He paused, allowing her to stretch and move around him before settling back into feigned sleep.  His thrusts started gently, but quickly escalated- she was thankful he had a fairly small cock.  His pelvis slapped against her ass, the other boys appreciating the way her ass jiggled as he fucked her.  “She feels so fucking good…who else wants a turn?” he said, pulling out of her to share with his friends.

The gentle one went next, his cock slightly longer than his friend’s.  He was much more tentative, and Angela appreciated his deliberate strokes.  He buried his cock deep inside her, squeezing and separating her ass cheeks so that he could watch it disappear.  He circled a finger around her asshole, eventually pressing gently into her.  She could feel a bead of his spit land, giving his finger the lubrication that it needed to press all the way into her.  She moaned at the new sensation, now thoroughly enjoying herself as the boys assaulted her.  Her pussy was soaked, the taboo and scandal of the moment turning her on just as much as the sensations.

Cody stood beside his friend, stroking his cock as he watched.  When it was his turn, he rubbed his cock up and down her slit, taking extra care to soak it.  He added some spit, and pressed his fingers inside her to wet them before penetrating her ass.  He explored and stretched her with his fingers, giving her a hint at what he had planned.  When he was satisfied, she felt the head of his cock pressing on her asshole.  “Do you think you can get in?” one of his friends asked, stroking his cock faster at the thought.  “She’s tight, but I want her ass so bad…I am gonna try,” Cody said, gently applying pressure. 

Angela’s ass resisted him, but only for a moment.  He was patient and gentle, allowing her body to accept him before he started to thrust.  “Holy fuck man she’s so tight,” he marvelled, his cock sliding in and out of her asshole as all three boys watched with hard cocks.  “This is so fucking hot,” one said, to murmured agreement of all the others.  “I’m not gonna be able to hold on much longer, this is too good,” Cody said, slowing his thrusts in an effort to maintain control.  “Let’s soak her in cum,” one of them said, “I bet she hasn’t had that happen before.”  She smirked at their naivete, thinking about Liane and some other partners squirting all over her.  Men really had no idea. 

She heard each of them increase their pace, feeling Cody’s cock unrelenting in her asshole.  Their movements became frenzied, each boy focused on his own orgasm and her vulnerable body.  They stroked and moaned, the rough boy being the first to explode all over her back.  The gentle one came next, getting some in her hair before trailing the rest into the considerable puddle left by his friend.  Cody was last, violently thrusting into her.  “Cum in her ass,” one of his friends suggested, and with that Cody let go, spraying his cum inside her.

He pulled out after every drop was out, spreading her cheeks so that his friends could see his cum start to leak out of her.  They each muttered sentiments of how hot she was, and how hot she looked covered in cum while they toweled themselves off.  “Should we…clean her off?” one of them asked.  They considered.  “Yah…but someone has to get the stuff inside her,” Cody said with a smirk.  “Shotgun,” he quipped, laughing at himself.  She felt a towel on her back, mopping up the mess that two of the boys had left.  She felt Cody’s strong hands part her ass cheeks, and his tongue dart inside her asshole, licking her clean.  His tongue felt amazing, and she arched her back almost imperceptibly to give him better access.  “Okay man, we’ve gotta go before she wakes up…get your tongue out of her ass,” the gentle one said, gathering their towels.  Cody offered her a few final licks, clearly reluctant to leave such a (seemingly) willing participant. 

They left Angela naked and cum-soaked inside and out, pretending to be asleep in the sun.

When the boys had been gone for a moment, Angela got up and jumped in the pool.  She made sure to wash the rest of the cum off of her, smiling to herself as she replayed the afternoon.  She was both impressed and astonished in the audacity of the boys- someone would surely need to teach them a lesson.  It had been a while since she had played with a man, though, and she admitted to herself that the variety was certainly interesting.  She was absolutely not straight, but she could appreciate sexual pleasure in many forms.  Once she was all cleaned up, she headed back to the apartment, excited to fill Liane in on the developments.

“Those little predators!” Liane said, aghast.  They had laughed at the boys’ brazenness all evening, shocked that they had taken things as far as they did.  Both Liane and Angela agreed that they needed to do something about it, and began to formulate a plan.  They wanted to make sure that the boys thought about what they did, and decided that a healthy dose of panic and paranoia would be a good start to this particular life lesson.

They got their chance for phase one of their plan a few days later.  Angela and Liane were in the elevator, headed out for dinner.  It stopped on the way down, and Cody got into the elevator.  It took him a moment to realize the identity of his fellow passengers, and when he did it looked like he wanted to just dissolve into nothingness.  Liane greeted Cody innocently, and he mumbled his hello.  When the elevator dinged she exited first, leaving Angela just enough time to whisper something to the stunned Cody before exiting herself.

She glanced up at him, a smirk dancing on her lips. “Next time, leave the cum on me…I like the way it feels.”

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