Mother and Daughters: Part 6 (Finale)

This story is a sequel to My Mother, My Wife. Read part 1 here.

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Lily had listened to her mom take her sister’s virginity all night long.  She finally understood how Violet had felt, listening to Lily and her mom for all those months.  Lily lost count of her own orgasms, let alone those of her mom and sister.  Hearing two women that she loved experience so much pleasure was intoxicating. It was a spectacular night for all of them, and Lily was glad that she had given her mom and sister space to consummate their marriage alone.  When she woke the next day, however, she found herself eager to join in on the fun.

She tiptoed down the hall to the master bedroom, silently opening the door.  Her mom and sister were wrapped in each other, sound asleep under the blankets.  The room was completely disheveled; Lily could see the strap-on harness and multiple dildos, a vibrator, and- was that a butt plug? Lily smiled at the disarray, glad that her mom and sister had so thoroughly enjoyed each other.  She stumbled slightly on her way to the bed, tripping over a discarded dildo.  Violet stirred, sleepily opening her eyes.

“Hi, newlywed,” Lily whispered, a knowing smile dancing across her lips.  Violet smiled, her face a mixture of smugness and embarrassment.  “Did we keep you up?” she whispered back, gently moving out of her sleeping mother’s embrace to move closer to her sister.  Lily sat on the side of the bed, and Violet moved over so that they could chat without waking their mother.  “It’s okay,” Lily said, “it was super hot.  Plus, I guess you owe me a few sleepless nights,” she said with a smile.  Violet blushed again, but smiled along with her sister, delighted to be in on the joke for once.  “So…how was it?” Lily asked.

“It was incredible,” Violet said dreamily.  “I had no idea that it would be like that…I am so lucky,” Violet said.  “We are so lucky,” Lily corrected, taking her sister’s hand.  Their fingers intertwined, and Lily bent to kiss her sister tenderly.  “I’ll admit,” Lily said, moving the blankets slightly down to bare her sister’s naked breasts, “I definitely felt like I was missing out last night,” she said, visibly ogling her sister.  Violet laughed, making no effort to cover herself. 

Lily bent to take one of her sister’s nipples into her mouth, feeling Violet shiver under her touch.  “And here I thought you might be too exhausted for any more play,” Lily teased.  “I don’t think I will ever get tired of sex,” Violet said, gasping as her sister nibbled gently on her nipple.  “Mmm, good.  I’ve only ever tasted mom’s pussy,” Lily mused, moving to her sister’s other nipple.  “Me too,” Violet said with a giggle.  She kicked the blankets off of herself, reveling in her nakedness as her sister took off her pyjamas.  “Let’s change that,” Lily said, climbing onto her sister to taste her pussy for the first time.


Cherie woke from what she thought was the best dream of her life.  She was married to both of her daughters, and had spent the entire night taking the virginity of her youngest daughter.  She took a deep breath, stretching to shake the cobwebs from her mind.  She blinked a few times, taking in her surroundings.  She realized that she wasn’t in her bed- she was at the lake house.  The next thing she realized was that she wasn’t alone in the room.  She heard moaning, two distinct voices.  Cherie blinked a few more times, sitting up slightly to take in the room.

Her two daughters lay naked beside her, their faces buried in each other’s pussies.  Lily was riding Violet’s face, her hands spreading her sister’s lips so that her tongue could flick her clit.  Both girls were moaning freely, completely lost in the moment and oblivious to their mother’s observation.  She watched them silently, her fingers roaming between her legs to rub her pussy as her daughters played.  “Violet, I’m gonna cum!” Lily exclaimed, driving her fingers into her sister’s pussy urgently.  Violet was the one who screamed first, her body convulsing under her sister as she came.  Lily cried out a moment after, her hips grinding her pussy on her sister’s face as she soaked her in sweetness.

Lily eventually rolled off of her sister, both of them working to catch their breath.  Cherie watched both girls, swelling with pride and arousal.  “My beautiful girls,” she said, jolting her daughters into the present moment, “come give your mom a kiss.”

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