The Misadventures of Jessica: The Slumber Party, Part 2

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It took Jessica a moment to realize that she was naked; it took her another few moments to realize that she was sticky.  She woke underneath a pillow, assuming that she or Scott had squirmed in the night and rearranged things.  The room was still dark, her friends all fast asleep around her.  She stretched to get more comfortable, intending to roll over and snuggle up to Scott and fall back asleep- that’s when she clued in that her pyjama top was open.

Confusion turned into cold panic as she realized that her shirt wasn’t the only thing askew.  Her shorts were nowhere to be found; how did she end up naked?!  She sat up quickly, moving her arms to cover her exposed breasts.  There was a sticky substance on her breasts, and now on her arms that had crossed in front of her.  She took stock of her body, realizing that the sticky substance was also all over her feet, and some in her hair as well.  She began to think that there had been a slumber party prank.

Jessica got up quietly, tiptoeing to the washroom to clean herself off.  She took in her reflection in the mirror as she tried to figure out what she was covered in.  She watched as the milky white substance dripped down her breasts, some of it having already hardened in her hair.  The locket that Scott had given her was also covered- she prayed that it wasn’t ruined.

Was it pudding? Glue? Paint? As all the possibilities ran through her mind, she deliberately tried to stay away from the creeping realization that the substance was much more sinister than pudding.

She didn’t want to admit it to herself, but she knew deep down that it was cum.

Jessica felt her face flush, even though she was alone.  She had woken up at her own birthday sleepover, naked and drenched in cum.  This had to be a prank, and a cruel one at that.  Maybe she was wrong; maybe it was just paint or something made to look like cum.  She did her best to rationalize this option as she turned on the shower.  She hopped in, scrubbing her entire body until her skin was pink and raw.  She took off the locket, taking great care to ensure that it was cleaned.  Her mind spun as she scrubbed- who would do this to her? What kind of a sick prank is it, especially with her boyfriend right beside her?  Was he in on it?  

She immediately dismissed the notion that Scott had anything to do with it- he would never humiliate her like that.  It must have been the other guys- his friends.  But why? As much as she tried, she couldn’t come up with any reason.  She begun to doubt herself- did it really happen? Maybe this was all a dream.  What on earth was she going to do?

She got out of the shower, rubbing the towel on her breasts, hair and feet, scrubbing away the phantom cum that she had long ago washed off.  She got dressed in new pyjamas, these ones flannel and warm and comforting.  She suppressed tears as she looked at herself in the mirror, her birthday having taken a dark turn.  How was she going to tell Scott what had happened? Would he be angry with her? Was this cheating?  Of course not- she knew that- but would he be angry that she accused his friends? Who else could it have been?

Jessica realized that she had no proof that anything had happened; it was just her word against theirs- and she didn’t even know who “they” were.  She resolved not to say anything to anyone- she would keep her humiliation private, and do her best to move on with her life.  With that in mind, she went back to her sleeping bag, taking extra care to zip it up around her and tuck into Scott’s arms before drifting back off into a fitful sleep.

Everyone woke in the morning without incident- it was only Jessica who had been targeted and humiliated.  She was antsy to get everyone out of her house- she just wanted to be alone to grieve her reputation and supposed friendships.  Scott shot her a couple of questioning looks, but didn’t say anything- he likely just assumed that she was tired from all of the festivities.  His friends were totally normal all morning- joking around with each other, thanking her politely for inviting them.  She searched each of their eyes for guilt or knowledge of what happened, and came up with nothing.

When the last of her guests left that morning, she crumbled to the floor and cried.

At least an hour or two had passed, the tears freely flowing from her body until she was nothing but sobs.  She was in the fetal position with tears running down her face when someone came in the door- Dan.  She was startled, and sat up quickly as she tried to quiet her sobs and dry her eyes.  “Hey, Jessica, we forgot something- sorry to bother you,” he said in a friendly tone.  He walked into her living room and was followed by a few of the other guys- Mark, Eric, Mike, and Kyle.  She looked up at them from her position on the floor, sniffling and wiping her tears.  

“Aw, what’s wrong?” Kyle asked sweetly, “did you not have a good birthday?”

“Nothing,” Jessica said quickly, “I’m fine.  What did you forget?”

“Well,” Dan began, a smile forming at the corners of his lips, “we wanted to give you one last gift.”  The other guys smirked, clearly in on some inside joke.

Jessica was so lost in her own vulnerability and shame that she didn’t understand the connotation.  “Thanks, guys, but I’m kinda tired- can we do this later?” she asked, eager to be alone.  

“It’ll only take a second,” Dan assured her, handing her a wrapped box.  Please, we worked hard on it- open it,” he said.

Jessica took the box, tastefully wrapped in her favourite shade of pink- almost exactly the same colour as the polish on her toes.  “You guys didn’t have to get me anything, thank you,” she said politely, quickly tearing at the wrapping paper.  The faster she opened the gift, the faster they would leave her alone to cry in peace.

She held a photo album in her hands.  When she opened it she saw photos that Mark had taken throughout the night- the poker tournament, the games they had played, various groups of people laughing and having a good time.  Jessica was touched at the thoughtfulness of the gift- a great keepsake of the happier memories of her party.  She flipped through the photos, making an effort to smile.  “This is so thoughtful,” she said, right before she dropped the album.

When she flipped a page, she saw a photo of her naked breasts.  With shaky hands she picked up the album, flipping to the next photo.  Jessica’s nakedness was on full display in photo after photo; her breasts, her pussy, lips held open, hands all over her.  Cold dread enveloped her, her focus solely on each photo.  She forgot about the men standing in front of her, and flipped through each horrific image as what had happened dawned on her. 

She saw the first cum shot and froze; she had been right- it was cum that covered her body.  She watched the photos like a slow-motion video, each man taking their turn using her body for his own pleasure.  When she got to the last shot, an artful photo of cum dripping down her toes with the rest of her nudity in the background, she dropped the album for a second time.

“You…” she said, unable to find any words.

“Yes, we…” Dan said smugly, picking the album up off the ground.  “We had a bit of fun at your expense, I’m afraid,” he said, moving closer to her.  “You are a gorgeous girl, Jessica, we just couldn’t help ourselves,” he said, putting his hand on her shoulder.

She cowered away from him, feeling defensive and cornered.  “Get out,” she said quietly.  

“Not yet,” Kyle said, moving closer to her.  “We are here to finish what we started last night, birthday girl,” he continued.  “You see, you were such a good girl last night, letting us do anything we wanted to you- you were so hot, so accommodating- we talked this morning, and decided that we want more.”

“Absolutely not, get OUT!” Jessica screamed, standing and getting ready to run away from them.  She didn’t realize that she had nowhere to go.  “Jessica, just make this easier on yourself,” Mark said compassionately.  “We have about a hundred compromising photos of you- that we could share with anyone- including Scott, or your parents…the list is endless,” he said evenly.  “And you know we will- so why don’t you be a good girl and just let us use you, and we promise to keep the photos to ourselves,” he finished.

Horror filled Jessica’s body as she realized that he was right- she was in an impossible predicament, with five of her boyfriend’s friends in front of her, set on overpowering her and using her body- just as they had the night before.  “No, guys, please…” Jessica stammered, knowing that she had already lost.

They all inched toward her, hands pulling at her pyjama shirt.  Dan ripped it open, sending buttons scattering across the floor.  “That’s it, show us those gorgeous tits,” Mark said.  Two of the men held her arms behind her when she tried to cover herself, as someone else pulled her pants down.  She realized that she was completely helpless, and tried her best to withdraw into herself until the horror and humiliation was over.

The men around her started stroking their cocks as they groped her.  She felt rough hands squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples, while others invaded between her legs.  She heard them talking to each other as if she wasn’t even there.

“Fuck, these are nice tits,” Mark said.

“Let’s get her laying down- I want to taste that pussy,” Dan said as the men carried her to bed.  Jessica was limp, not even begging them to stop- she didn’t want to give them the satisfaction.  She held back tears as they spread her legs, the fingers of two men invading both of her holes. She cried out as she felt fingers slide into her ass, her efforts to close her legs foiled as men held them open. 

“Just lay still, it won’t hurt as much,” Mark encouraged her, gently stroking her face as he squeezed her nipple.  

Someone started to rub her clit, and she moaned in pleasure- she didn’t mean to, it just happened.  “What a good little slut, getting all wet to be raped,” Eric said before he pressed his tongue to her clit.  Jessica shivered, her next moan suppressed as a cock was forced into her mouth.

“That’s it, good girl, suck my cock,” someone said, and Jessica did as she was told.  She could feel him hardening in her mouth as the rest of them continued to use her body.  “You are going to make each of our cocks nice and hard so we can rape you with them,” Dan instructed. 

“You’re going to help us rape you, slut,” Eric laughed.

Jessica sucked cock after cock, crying as they forced back into her throat.  She was covered in her own spit and sweat, and it started to mix with theirs as they spit all over her body to further humiliate her.  When the first cock forced its way into her body she screamed, the rough assault a direct contrast to Scott’s tenderness.  She squeezed the locket that he had given her for her birthday, desperate to hold on to a shred of the woman she was before her birthday.

She clung to the locket as they raped her, cock after cock forcing into her pussy and ass, her tears and screams going ignored.  She felt hands all over her, taking things from her that she didn’t even know she had to give.  She realized at some point that Mark had been taking photos the whole time, which took any final fight that she had out of her entirely.

“We covered her last night, let’s fill her today,” Dan suggested, and each of the men enthusiastically agreed.  She took load after load of cum in her pussy and ass, Mark’s camera capturing every cream pie.  When the last load emptied into her, he took a few more final photos, the men holding her legs, lips, and ass open with their hands so that Mark could get the perfect shots of her humiliation.

“Such a good girl,” Dan said, gently stoking her hair.  “We won’t show the photos, as long as you keep us happy.”

Jessica laid still as the dread of having to do this again filled her.  “That’s right slut, you belong to us now.  You can keep fucking your boyfriend, but when we want to use you, you are ours.  Sometimes we will come as a group, sometimes just one or two of us- you will always open your legs for us, and let us do anything we want.  As long as you’re a good girl, the photos- and your secrets- are safe.  If you understand, say yes sir.”

Jessica sobbed, her body recoiling at the through of such imprisonment.  She thought about Scott, and how she didn’t deserve him now that she had been made into such a whore. 

She clutched his locket as she heard her voice say, “Yes, Sir.”

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