The Misadventures of Jessica: The Slumber Party, Part 1

“Happy birthday to me!” Jessica exclaimed as she took a perfectly wrapped gift from her friend Amanda.  Her friends were set to arrive over the next hour or so for her party- a good old fashioned slumber party.  Jessica had pulled out all the stops- junk food, horror movies, sleeping bags, face masks, games- it was going to be the perfect retro night, reminiscent of elementary school.  Now that she was in college, though, there was one key difference- boys decidedly allowed.

Jessica’s boyfriend Scott had taken her out for a surprise dinner the night before to celebrate more privately; he had gifted her a gorgeous heart shaped locket that she was now wearing.  Inside the locket was a tiny photo of the two of them, taken on their first date.  Jessica already cherished the locket and told Scott she would never take it off.

The slumber party had a larger guest list than their intimate dinner for two.  Jessica had invited her closest college friends, including Scott and a few of his guy friends.  She had steadily become friends with his friends over the years that they had dated, and was grateful that everyone got along really well.  Jessica was excited about the slumber party- doing something so silly and fun was just the thing that they all needed after a gruelling round of midterms.  The mandatory pyjama dress code was in effect, and Jessica had purchased a new matching set just for the occasion.  She wore a pink satin buttoned shirt with matching shorts; the material skimmed her body perfectly and felt impossibly soft against her skin.  She was totally lost in the novelty of the party, excited about every detail.

“Quite a pile of gifts you’ve got there…you must have really great friends,” Jessica’s friend Lucy teased as she added a gift to the pile.  “Well, I said no gifts, but apparently those really great friends suck at listening,” Jessica laughed, secretly excited to be so spoiled.  Even the boys had brought gifts; Jessica wondered if Scott had encouraged it.  She watched him across the room as he dealt a round of cards to a few of the slumber partiers.  He was so quietly confident, and Jessica loved him with all of her heart.  

The party continued until the wee hours of the morning. An impromptu poker tournament turned into ice cream sundaes, and finally the group camped out in their sleeping bags on the floor to watch a scary movie.  Jessica snuggled up next to Scott, curling into him and sneaking kisses every time the movie made her jump.  A couple of their friends were also getting close under the blankets, and Jessica found herself smiling- what a wonderful birthday.

Everyone drifted off to sleep long before the movie credits rolled.  Jessica slept beside Scott, holding hands over top of their separate sleeping bags.  The others were scattered with blankets, sleeping bags, and pillows all around the room, junk food and loose playing cards scattered throughout the space.  Everyone in the room had succumbed to their very own junk food induced coma- with a few key exceptions.

“I think everyone’s asleep,” Dan whispered, gently shuffling out of his sleeping bag.  Lucy’s hand was across his waist, her last reach for the popcorn interrupted by sleep.  He moved her arm, taking extra care not to wake her.  Dan stood, surveying the room as a couple of his friends quietly stood up as well.  “Talk about a captive audience,” Dan smirked, “everyone is ripe for the taking, boys.  Where do we start?” he sneered, his friends surveying the room with him.

“I think the birthday girl is the obvious target,” Kyle whispered, taking a few steps closer to Jessica’s sleeping frame.  The others followed suit, five tall shadows circling her and Scott. 

 “Aw, look at the lovebirds holding hands,” Mike said sourly, “I’m sure Scott won’t mind sharing.”  He reached down, gently separating the couple’s entwined fingers.  Jessica stirred briefly, causing all of the men to freeze.  She took a deep breath, drifting further into sleep while the men relaxed.

“Scott doesn’t even have to know that he’s sharing,” Dan reminded the group. A big part of their pact was secrecy- no one but the five of them could know what they were doing. 

“Yah, man, we know,” Eric chimed in, bending to get a closer look at Jessica.  “She’s gorgeous- this is gonna be hot,” he said appreciatively.

“Okay, we can’t wake her up- no sudden movements- let’s get her as naked as we can without waking her up.  Kyle, Eric- you work on getting her tits out.  The rest of you, watch to make sure the others don’t wake up- especially him,” Dan said, gesturing toward a sleeping Scott.  He was right up against Jessica, making it extra difficult for them to do what they wanted to do.

The boys quickly got to work.  Eric quietly unzipped Jessica’s sleeping bag, exposing her body from head to toe.  They held their breath as he took it off her, watching her slim body shiver slightly as she adjusted to the cool air.  She was laying on her back, which was lucky- all they had to do was move her arms to get at the buttons on her shirt.  Eric and Kyle made quick work of the buttons, both clearly trying to temper their own enthusiasm to keep their movements deliberate and gentle.  When Kyle undid the last button, the pink satin opened to reveal stunning naked breasts.

“God, I love slumber parties,” Kyle whispered as he opened Jessica’s shirt.  Her nipples instantly stiffened in the cool air, goosebumps forming on her flesh as the men stared. 

 “She has such nice tits,” Dan agreed, taking a moment to survey the room.  

“Do you think we can get her out of her shorts without waking her or Scott up?” he asked, debating the issue himself.  “The pics will be better naked, and I bet if she isn’t wearing a bra then she isn’t wearing panties either,” he mused.

“Only one way to find out,” Mike said, bending over Jessica.  He gently hooked his fingers into the waistband of her pink satin shorts, lifting them to look inside.  “No panties,” he confirmed, “and no hair either.” 

A shiver of excitement went through the group of men as they weighed the pros and cons of their next move.  “We have to- she’s not even wearing panties.  It’s like she wants it,” Dan decided.  The others nodded.

Dan and Mike knelt beside Jessica as the others watched the room.  Dan gently worked one side of her shorts off her slim hips while Mike took the other side.  They kept their movements slow, taking breaks in between progress to let Jessica settle back into sleep.  Her breathing stayed even as they worked, each of the men stifling their own gasps as Dan and Mike exposed her bare pussy.  

“Fuck, I can’t believe this,” Kyle marvelled.  Dan pulled her shorts down her smooth legs, gently moving her feet out of them and tossing them aside.  He noted that her painted pink toes matched the pink satin exactly.  “She’s perfect,” he said, standing to admire Jessica in all of her nakedness.

“Now the fun begins,” Mark said from slightly behind the boys.  While they undressed Jessica, he had been prepping his camera.  Mark was a photography major, and was poised to take photos of Jessica’s unsuspecting form.  “Okay, look out- I want to get some just as she is now, before we start to move her,” he said, stepping closer to Jessica.  Scott was still asleep next to her, and he made sure to include him in some of the initial photos.  “Poor guy has no idea,” he said, more to himself than anyone.

Mark took some close ups of Jessica’s perfect tits, zooming in on her hard nipples and the curve of her full breasts.  He took some full body shots, making sure to include the open sleeping bag and her pink satin pyjamas casually strewn beside her.  He took photos of her hairless pussy, focusing on the curve and angles where her thighs came together.  “We need to open her legs,” he ordered, and Kyle was quick to oblige.

Kyle gingerly wrapped his hand around Jessica’s slender ankle, spreading her legs for the camera.  Mark knelt, putting his camera between her legs to photograph her most intimate area.  “I want more,” Mark said as he eagerly snapped his photos, and his friends understood.

Dan got on the other side of Jessica, and he and Kyle gently parted the lips of her pussy.  Jessica stirred, causing all of the men to freeze- but she soon relaxed.  They all took a collective deep breath, while Dan and Kyle held Jessica’s pussy open for the camera.  Mark made sure to get her face in the photos too, making an effort to capture every vulnerable moment.

“Fuck, I’m hard,” Eric said as he watched.  The others nodded and grunted in agreement, each of them starting to stroke their hardening cocks as Mark finished up.  He reached out to cup each one of Jessica’s breasts, capturing the further violation on his camera before the main event.

“Okay, who’s first?” he said, stepping back to get a wider view through his lens.  “It’s gotta be me,” Eric said, already stepping up to the plate.  He had his cock out, rock hard as his hands stroked it.  He knelt beside Jessica, cupping her breast as Mark just had.  Mark snapped photo after photo as Eric molested her, and made sure to capture every second as he shot ropes of hot cum onto her perfect tits.  His cum covered the delicate chain and locket that Scott had given her the night before.

Dan was up next, standing over Jessica as he stroked himself.  While Dan decided where he wanted to paint Jessica, Kyle knelt at her feet.  He took his cock out of his pyjama pants, gently placing it between her feet.  Kyle loosely closed his hand around her pink painted toes and began to thrust his hips slightly to rub his cock between her feet.  

Dan eventually decided to add his load to Eric’s, leaving Jessica’s tits and locket absolutely covered in cum.  Mike was up next, taking some time to rub his cock over her sleeping face before he came in her hair.  Mark eagerly snapped photo after photo of the abuse, feeling his own cock tightening his pyjama pants.  Kyle remained at Jessica’s feet, using them to harden his cock as he watched his friends molest her.  Mark took his own cock out, watching Kyle’s slide between her feet as he kept snapping pictures of her cum covered body.

Kyle’s cock exploded all over her feet, his hot sticky cum running between her toes and down the soles of her feet.  Mark bent lower to capture the intricacies of such a violation, and decided that he needed to add his to that exact picture.  He used his own seed to cover the rest of her feet, laying on the floor at her feet to get the perfect angle as cum dripped down her gorgeous toes.  He could see her cum covered feet perfectly in the foreground, and snapped at photos at such an angle that the rest of her naked body was also in the frame.

“Guys, this is easily our best work,” he said enthusiastically as he snapped the last few photos.  When Mark had finished, Dan took Jessica’s sleeping bag and covered her with it.  The last part of the plan was the most important- they had to make sure that she woke up before everyone else, in order to give her a chance to get herself cleaned up before they were discovered.  

They were fairly confident that she wouldn’t say anything to anyone, particularly with her sleeping boyfriend beside her.  It would be pretty hard to explain why you woke up naked and covered in cum while your boyfriend slept beside you.

The men quickly went back to their own sleeping quarters, tucking themselves into their sleeping bags as if nothing had happened.  Dan carefully lobbed a pillow toward Jessica, hitting her gently in the face with it.  She stirred, but didn’t wake.  He threw another, and this time her breathing changed- he knew that he had woken her.

Each of the men laid there in silence, waiting to hear her reaction.

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