Mother Still Knows Best- Chapters 3&4

This story is a sequel to Mother Knows Best. Read Chapters 1&2 here,

Chapter 3

Lexi and I locked eyes just as Crystal swallowed me yet again.  Crystal’s back was to her daughter, so she didn’t realize that we were being watched.  I swallowed hard- almost as hard as Crystal on my cock.  Lexi stood there staring, her hand on her slender hip.  She was wearing a miniskirt and skintight tank top, her long legs distracting me from her gorgeous tits.  Her expression was totally unreadable, which made the moment all the more agonizing.

Crystal kept fucking her face with my cock, completely oblivious to her daughter’s voyeurism.  She gagged and slurped and gargled, not noticing that my body had completely stiffened in apprehension of the moment that was about to unfold.  

I tried to pull on Crystal’s hair gently, willing her to stop.  “Shane, I told you- I am in control- don’t touch my head again or I am going to make you cum before my daughter gets home- then you can explain to her what happened,” she chided.

“That won’t be necessary,” Lexi finally said.  Crystal froze, my cock deep in her throat.  She gently released me, turning slowly to face her daughter.  

“Lexi, welcome home baby.  We were just….I was…getting him ready for you,” she said sheepishly.  Crystal recovered quickly, standing to her full height.  Her toplessness didn’t seem to bother her, even with the copious amount of drool running down her cleavage and nipples.  

“Mom, Jesus,” Lexi said incredulously.  “What, I’m ten minutes late so you just have to choke on my boyfriend’s cock? Last weekend was…a one-time thing.  It doesn’t give you the right to suck his cock whenever you want.”

Lexi was talking about me as if I wasn’t even in the room- I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.  So far, however, I was absolved from blame- that felt lucky.

“Oh, Lexi, relax,” Crystal said dismissively.  “I was just getting him ready for you.  I know he’s been saving his load for you all week; I wasn’t going to take it.  I just thought I’d have a little fun with him- get him all riled up so that he was extra needy for you.”   

Lexi rolled her eyes before she focused them back on me.  “And you? My mom? Again?

Seriously Shane?”

I was keenly aware of the fact that I was fully naked, cock still half hard standing beside my girlfriend’s half naked mom.  Where should I even begin to explain myself?  “Lex, I’m so sorry.  I was up here waiting for you, and your mom…well she just sort of pounced.  I told her that I was saving it all for you- that I wanted you to suck the cum out of me- but she insisted.  I made her swear not to take me all the way,” I finished, as if that would matter.  To my surprise, it did.

Lexi’s expression softened.  “I know, I know what she’s like.  I really like that you were thinking of me- and I definitely want all of that cum- none for her this time,” she said, glaring at her mom.

“You should be thanking me young lady, you only know how to suck cock because I taught you last weekend.  Show some respect,” Crystal said, idly beginning to stroke my cock.  “After all, mother knows best- I know exactly what men need.  Really you should be begging to learn from me- begging me to teach you how to keep Shane satisfied.”

Something in Lexi’s demeanour shifted slightly.  “Respect.  Hmmm.  Mother knows best…” She set her jaw, coming to some sort of conclusion that neither me nor Crystal was privy to.  “You know what, mom? Fine.  If you are so desperate to suck his cock, get to work.  Show your naïve, inexperienced 18 year old daughter how to suck a cock.”

With that, Lexi sat down in her desk chair, legs spread just enough that I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties under her miniskirt.  My cock instantly jumped to attention.  Crystal’s hand stroked me while I stared at Lexi- I couldn’t believe that this was happening again.

“Babe, are you sure?” I asked, my cock already throbbing in her mom’s practiced grip.   

“I’m sure.  Let her do her best…or her worst.  I want to see her gagging, crying, covered in drool.  Come on, mom- get to work,” she ordered, leaning back in her chair to watch the show.  

“Oh, and Shane? Don’t you dare cum.”

Chapter 4

I swallowed hard at Lexi’s last command.  This dominant side of her was undeniably hot, if a little scary.  Don’t cum? While my girlfriend’s mom deep throated my throbbing cock?  While my girlfriend watched, her delicate pussy lips all but on display from under her miniskirt?  Talk about an impossible situation.

I stifled a moan as Crystal’s grip tightened.  She was staring at Lexi, a look of pride all over her face- that, and the spit.  “Atta girl,” she said admiringly, “way to take charge.”  Crystal got on her knees, ready to service me as her daughter commanded.

“No, not like that- it’s too easy for you.  You need a challenge, mother,” Lexi said coolly. 

“Shane, lay back on the bed.  Hang your legs over- my mom is going to get between them. 

We’ll see how deep she can get you when she can’t pull you in. Mom, on your knees.  Now.”

Crystal looked like she was going to argue, but instead she smirked at her daughter as she got down on her knees.  I did my part and laid on the bed, my cock now standing straight at attention as I laid back.  

“Better,” Lexi said from her computer chair throne.  “Now mom, get between his legs, and put his cock in your mouth.”  She waited for her mom to obey, which she did swiftly.  I felt Crystal’s skilled lips wrap around my cock, gently sucking my head to secure me into her mouth.  Her hand held my shaft, while the other cupped my still soaking wet balls.

“Good, but still too easy.  Mom, put your hands behind your back.  You are not to touch Shane at all with your hands.  See what you can do with just your mouth if you think you’re so good.” I was surprised at Lexi’s tone, but to Crystal’s credit she did exactly as she was told.  She slowly let go of me, putting her hands behind her back and leaning forward slightly, my cock still suctioned in her mouth.  

“Good girl,” Lexi said patronizingly.  “Now show me how to please my man.”

Crystal didn’t hesitate to get my cock in her throat.  Without the use of her hands for leverage she was clumsier, losing her balance as she forced her head down into my crotch.  “Come on, mom, I thought you were better than this,” Lexi said patronizingly.   

We made potent eye contact as her mom struggled on my cock.  A smirk danced across Lexi’s lips as her mom choked me down, not quite able to take my full 9 inches without her hands.  “She thinks she’s soooo good at sucking cock,” Lexi said with a roll of her eyes, “but she can’t even get you all the way down.  Maybe she needs some help…what do you think, Shane?”

The sound of my name took me out of my erection-induced trance.  With great effort I focused on Lexi, trying to get enough blood to my brain to decipher what she was saying.  “What?” I asked as I blankly stared at Lexi’s expectant expression.

Lexi rolled her eyes yet again.  “Don’t you think my mom needs some help getting your cock in her throat? She looks like an amateur right now,” Lexi scoffed, staring at her spit-covered mother between my legs.  

“Y…yes, it might help,” I said, hoping that it was the right thing.  To say that this was uncharted territory would be an understatement.

“Do you want your cock in my mom’s throat, Shane?” Lexi asked.  Her tone was completely innocent, if a little patronizing.  Just as she asked, her mom slammed my cock into her throat, her guttural gag echoing through the room.

I had no choice but to moan “Yes…Lexi…yes.”

In a flash Lexi was out of her chair and across the room, standing over her mother.  She observed the action for a while, getting a closer look at Crystal’s inability to get me down her throat.  “Pathetic, really, that she expects me to learn from her,” Lexi said, more to herself than anyone.  With that, she grabbed her mom by the hair and forced her face toward me, holding her as she swallowed my entire cock.  

Crystal struggled and gagged as her daughter held her down; each time she tried to come up for air, Lexi forced her down deeper.  Thick trails of spit came from Crystal’s mouth, coating my cock as her daughter bobbed her head up and down. 

 Lexi eventually took pity on her mother, grabbing her by the hair and lifting her head off of me. 

My spit soaked cock stood at attention, desperately awaiting the next assault.

“Looks like mother doesn’t always know best,” Lexi said smugly.  Crystal was silent, focusing on catching her breath and swallowing her still-triggered gag reflex.

“You’re not done,” Lexi said cruelly.  She pulled Crystal’s face back by the hair, forcing her to look up at her.  “Looks like you’re going to need more spit,” she mused, “open up.”   Lexi hovered over her mother’s opened mouth, spitting into her mouth and onto her face three times.  Crystal didn’t move, allowing her daughter’s spit to trail into her mouth and down her cheeks.

“Good girl,” Lexi said, and with one fluid motion forced her mother’s spit-covered face back onto my cock.  Lexi was rough, forcing my cock inch by inch down her mom’s throat until her mom’s lips kissed my groin.  She held her there until Crystal started to squirm and choke, then another few seconds for good measure. 

Bubbly white spit surrounded Crystal’s mouth, and my cock- it was endless.  Crystal was fighting for air, and her daughter- my girlfriend- just pushed her harder.  “Come on, Mom…that’s it.  Choke on that perfect cock,” Lexi said aggressively, her hand lost in a handful of her mom’s hair while the other one stroked my face.  “Are you enjoying yourself, Shane?”

“Yes, Lexi, yes, fuck,” I breathed.  Her mom kept sucking even as Lexi was forcing my cock deeper- the sensation was amazing.  Crystal’s guttural sounds mixed with Lexi’s gentle tone had my mind and body in a complete frenzy.  It was nothing short of a miracle that I hadn’t cum yet; I kept all of my focus on Lexi, thinking about how much I wanted to coat her beautiful face with my load.

Crystal’s hands gripped my thighs, holding on for dear life before finally pushing off of me.  It took some effort considering Lexi’s strength holding her mom on my cock.  “Lexi, please, I need a break,” Crystal garbled, her mouth still full of my cock.  She finally spit me out, breathing hard as she tried to regain composure.

“I’ll give it to you mom, you lasted way longer than I thought you would have.  That was pretty impressive,” Lexi said with respect.  Her previously dominant demeanour had shifted to something more akin to friendly, a certain camaraderie existing between mother and daughter.

Crystal choked and coughed, not yet able to reply.  She was drenched in spit from chin to pussy, her generous tits shining with big globs of it.  It was a gorgeous sight.  “Thanks, baby,” she finally managed, and smirked at her daughter.

“Impressive,” Lexi repeated as she stepped out of her skirt, “but I can do better.”  Lexi made quick work of her shirt, leaving her tight body completely bare in front of her mother and I.  Her bare pussy was a contrast to her mom’s neatly kept hair, and I couldn’t help but stare at the two.  My mouth hung open, because- well, of course it did.  I was breathing just as hard as Crystal and was almost as spit covered.  “Move out of the way, mother, and let me show you what he likes,” Lexi said, flipping her long blonde hair behind her back.  

Her confidence was intoxicating, the slight edge of domination back in her tone.  She was on her knees in front of me, her mom taking her spot in the computer chair.  I glanced over at Crystal, who already had her fingers between her legs, masturbating to the site of her daughter sucking cock.

I refocused on Lexi, our eyes meeting as she knelt beside me.  “I’ve missed you,” she purred.  I realized I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me or to my cock.

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