Mother Still Knows Best- Chapters 5&6

This story is a sequel to Mother Knows Best. Read Chapters 1&2 here,

Chapter 5

Lexi’s mouth closed around me.  It was softer, more tentative than her mother’s.  She gently sucked the tip of my cock, looking up at me from under her eyelashes.  I could literally feel my knees go weak.  “God, Lexi,” I murmured, low enough that her mom couldn’t hear.  The moment was just ours.

Lexi smirked and sucked harder.  “I’m just getting started,” she said, and forced me back into her throat.   She made it more than halfway, but couldn’t take all of my 9 inches.  She squared her shoulders, determination setting in.  Lexi gagged and gagged, stroking my cock with her spit covered hand between attempts.  It was obvious that she had been practicing.

As if reading my mind, Crystal’s voice carried over from somewhere beside us.  “Ooo, looks like someone’s been practicing,” she said with unmistakable pride.  “I bet she’s gagged on her dildo every night in anticipation of this moment,” she said as she gently rubbed her clit.  “Too bad it didn’t quite work- do you need mommy’s help baby?”  Crystal’s tone was patronizing, alarmingly similar to that of her daughter’s moments ago.

“No, I’ll get there,” Lexi said easily, barely breaking her stride.  “It’s a good problem to have- a boyfriend with a cock almost too big to handle,” she said with her mouth half full.  She looked up at me and winked as my cock reached the back of her throat.

Lexi was becoming as spit covered as her mother, and showed no signs of relenting.  All I could think about was not cumming- I never ever wanted this moment to end.  More than that, I really wanted to hold out so that Lexi could achieve her goal.

A gorgeous nipple came into my peripheral view as I realized Crystal was wandering the room.  She reached into Lexi’s bedside table, producing a dildo.  It was about six inches, and bright pink.  “Ah, is this what you’ve been using to practice, baby? This little thing? No wonder you can’t take his full cock- it’s way bigger than your little toy here,” she said, taking the dildo back to her perch on the computer chair.

She moved the chair so that it was directly in my view and sat down, her legs spread over the arms.  She slid the dildo inside her slowly, making eye contact with me as Lexi continued sucking.  It was glistening as she pulled it out and brought it to her mouth.

Crystal licked along the dildo, spit replacing her juices as she went.  She finally put the entire cock in her mouth, easily making it disappear.  “Christ, it isn’t even a challenge,” she scoffed as she pulled it out with a loud popping sound.  “You’ll never get him in if that’s what you’re used to.  You just let mommy know when you’re ready for some help,” Crystal said, idly licking and sucking the dildo before putting it back inside her.

I watched Crystal fuck herself with her daughter’s dildo, beaming with pride as Lexi sucked me off.  The fact that she would practice on a dildo to please me made me smile ear to ear.  I gently ran my fingers through her blonde hair in appreciation.  She looked up at me, a tinge of embarrassment in her eyes.

“It was supposed to be a surprise,” she said defeatedly.  “But mom’s right, it’s too small.  Your cock is way bigger- I am not sure if I can do it,” she said quietly.  Crystal was moaning as she masturbated, paying us little attention.

“You are so sweet,” I said to Lexi, cupping her spit covered chin.  “I love you- and I believe in you.  You can do absolutely anything you set your mind to baby,” I said- and meant it.  “Keep trying- you don’t need her- you can do it on your own.  Do you want me to help?” I asked.

“Yes please,” she said gratefully.  I let go of her chin, guiding my cock back into her mouth.  I let Lexi set the pace, getting back into her rhythm.  I matched her pace, my hands in her hair to apply a little more force behind her head.  We worked gradually together, her mouth inching ever closer to my groin with each thrust.

“Okay baby, you’re almost there,” I moaned, grabbing Crystal’s attention too.  “This is it!”

On her next thrust, I buried my cock in her throat.  I held her head down, forcing the last couple of inches beyond her resistance.  I held her mouth on me, giving Crystal ample time to see her daughter’s feat.  When I let go, Lexi came back coughing and sputtering, spit flying everywhere.  The look of victory was all over her face.

“Atta girl!” her mom exclaimed, clapping.  “Took you long enough- but I am pretty impressed.  It took me a while too,” she allowed, smirking at me.  “Looks like our Shane is more than we bargained for,” Crystal said.

“My Shane,” Lexi corrected with an edge in her voice.   

Chapter 6

Crystal didn’t challenge her, instead opting to change the course.  She sauntered over to Lexi, helping her to stand.  The three of us stood naked and horny, wondering what was coming next.  

Crystal put her arm around her daughter, gently squeezing one of her nipples.  I watched it harden, trying not to explode.  “Since we’ve been so good to you Shane,” she said casually, “don’t you think it’s time that you were good to us?”  She winked conspiringly at Lexi, who smiled ear to ear.

“Yes, I do think you owe us, after we both swallowed all nine inches of you,” she said, teasing her mom’s nipples in return.  The sight of the two of them gently playing with each other while challenging me was enough to make me explode. 

“I just hope you can hold your load long enough to get us both off,” Crystal challenged.  “I know how desperate you are to paint my daughter’s beautiful face.”

“Yes…of…of course,” I say lamely, too distracted by the gorgeous women in front of me to focus on words.  Lexi’s slim figure against her mother’s curves gave me way too many places to look.  Mother and daughter kissed, clearly in an effort to drive me completely insane.

“Well then,” Lexi said, breaking free of her mother’s kiss, “which one of us are you going to fuck first?”

It was like choosing between my two favourite desserts.  I looked at Lexi, all innocence and desire, and then at her mother- hardened skill and temptation.  “I want you both,” I said, a scene playing out in front of me, “hands and knees, on the bed.”

Both women obeyed, presenting their asses to me as they knelt on the bed.  I so badly wanted to wreck both holes, but decided to start with pussy.  I angled up behind Lexi, landing a swift slap on her mom’s much larger ass.  Crystal shivered, waving her ass as if to taunt me.

I rode my newfound dominance right into Lexi; I teased her dripping pussy with my cock just long enough to slap her mother’s ass, and then buried all nine inches in her tight hole.  Lexi cried out- I realize I should’ve gone easier, but I was too pent up to care.  Her scream became a moan with my next thrust, her body relaxing around my cock.  

Crystal’s ass was still waving, so I slapped it a few more times for good measure.  Each slap left a handprint after it rippled through her body. I timed the slaps to align with my thrusts into Lexi, my balls on Lexi echoing my hand on Crystal.  All three of us were moaning in ecstasy, completely lost in the moment.

I could see Crystal’s pussy glistening as I slapped her ass, and knew I had to get inside it.  I reached two fingers into her hole, curling my fingers inside her.  She was slippery, and tasted salty as I put my fingers into my mouth.  I pulled out of Lexi and drove my cock into her mom, grabbing a handful of Lexi’s much smaller ass as I did so.  Lexi flipped over, spreading her legs to show me her bare pussy.

I slid two fingers into her, timing my thrusts with my cock so both mother and daughter were moaning at the same time.  Lexi’s small tits bounced, her hands cupping one of hers and one of her mother’s as they dangled beside her.  Lexi pinched Crystal’s nipple hard, and I felt her muscles contract around my cock.  I almost lost it.

I pulled out of Crystal before I could cum, standing up straight to survey both women.  I needed to taste Lexi’s pussy.  As if reading my mind, Crystal got off the bed and licked her daughter’s pussy once.  “She tastes so fucking good, Shane, you have to get in here.”

I bent over Lexi as Crystal held her lips open.  My tongue danced around her clit, and she moaned loudly.  “What a talented tongue,” Crystal said appreciatively.  She held Lexi open a little longer as I licked, and then moved down to my cock.  Crystal sucked me with her practiced efficiency as I ate her daughter’s pussy.  My attention was split between pleasing my girlfriend and not blowing my load all over her mother’s face.

“Shane! I’m gonna cum!” Lexi screamed, pulling my attention fully back to her.  Crystal’s sucking and gagging became background noise as I focused on Lexi’s swollen clit.  My tongue circled around it before my mouth started to suck, tongue flicking it regularly.  Lexi’s entire body tensed, and she screamed as she let go.  I thrust two fingers into her pussy, delighting in the rush of wetness that I felt as her body convulsed.  Lexi’s body tensed around me, my tongue mercilessly stimulating her clit until she began to shiver.  Her body relaxed as I gently licked her, waiting for her to come down.

“Christ that was hot,” Crystal said appreciatively, her hand stroking my cock.  I didn’t even realize she had stop sucking me to watch her daughter cum.  Lexi sat up, her expression a mixture of sheepishness and elation.  

“Yes, it was,” she said, running her fingers through my hair appreciatively.  I felt like king of the world.

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