Mother Still Knows Best- Chapters 9&10

This story is a sequel to Mother Knows Best. Read Chapters 1&2 here,

Chapter 9

Lexi got on her hands and knees on the bed, just as we had started the fuckfest.  “Go easy, Shane,” she said quietly, “you’re huge.”

“Nonsense,” I heard Crystal say, “you should’ve learned from last time, baby. You should’ve been practicing that with the dildo.”  As if reminded, she pulled the dildo out of her ass.  “Go on, Shane, ruin her ass like she just ruined mine.”

I wanted to go easy on Lexi, I really did- but my cock was hard, and her mom’s voice was in my head egging me on.  Crystal spit all over my cock and her daughter’s ass, ensuring that I had enough lube not to hurt her.  I lined the head of my cock up against her tightest hole, and tried to ease it in.  Given the size of my cock, her ass resisted me- until it didn’t.

I finally slid past her resistance.  I should’ve kept easing, but it felt so fucking good that I thrusted.  Lexi screamed, but I distinctly heard pleasure in it.  “Shane, you’re huge,” she repeated, her tone grateful.

I thrusted as deep as I could, pressing my hips into hers so that my entire nine inches was buried in her ass.  It felt unreal.  She clenched around me, her ass giving more resistance than even her tight pussy.  I knew I wouldn’t last long.   

I fucked Lexi’s ass with regular, deliberate strokes.  Her mom kept encouraging me to go faster, harder- so I did.  I fucked her until she screamed.  Her mom grabbed her by the hair, telling her to take it, and spitting in her face where she promised my cum would soon follow.

As soon as Crystal talked about my cum, I could feel it in my balls- hot and ready to be freed.  I slowed my pace, wanting to fuck Lexi’s ass for as long as I could before unloading.  She was backing up into me, hungry for more- so I gave it to her.

“Lexi, I’m gonna cum,” I said as I thrusted hard.  “I can’t keep this pace up Lexi, you’re too tight.  I’m gonna fill your ass with cum,” I said, somewhere between pleading and warning.   

“I know, baby, I want it,” Lexi said reassuringly, and I could feel it coming.

“Not so fast,” Crystal said, pushing me away from her daughter.  I moaned loudly at the edging; my cock was so close to cumming that it hurt to be forced out of Lexi’s ass.  

“Crystal, what the fuck?!” I said with exasperation. 

Crystal feigned innocence, absently stroking her pussy as she spoke.  “You’ve been saying since you got her how much you want to cum on her face,” she said with a smile, “I was only helping.”

I smiled then, reminded of how much I had fantasized about blowing all over Lexi’s face.  To her credit, she eagerly licked her lips as she stood up from the bed.  “Thanks, mom,” she said as she approached me, getting on her knees, “that’s exactly where I want it.”

Chapter 10

I looked down at Lexi, who was eyeing up my cock.  She wrapped her hand around me, stroking gently.  She spit on me, and so did her mom- they kept going until it was dripping down Lexi’s arm.

“I think he’s ready, baby- make him cum,” Crystal said, looping her arms through mine and holding them behind my back.  “We’re going to paint my little girl’s face,” she purred into my ear so that only I could hear, “even more so than last time.  I know you’ve been holding back all night, Shane, don’t disappoint me.  I want her covered,” she said, holding my arms tight.

I looked down, totally at the mercy of mother and daughter.  Lexi’s fist closed around my cock, gripping it hard as she started to tug. 

Lexi was ferocious; she stroked my cock- the cock that had been in all of her holes, and her mother’s- with reckless abandon.  “That’s it, baby, I want your cum all over my face,” she encouraged.

“Make sure it’s wet, baby, there should be spit flying with every stroke,” Crystal encouraged.  Lexi spit on my cock again, following mother’s orders.  

“It’s coming, mom!” she exclaimed; I knew she was right.

Lexi gripped my balls, rolling them between her fingers as she frantically stroked me.  “Make a mess of her,” Crystal whispered in my hear, tightening her grip on my arms.   

And I did.

My cock exploded, Crystal’s words still in my ear.  Lexi was ready for it; she no doubt could feel my balls tighten just before the first rope hit her in the face.  My cum was a steady stream for what felt like hours; the hot, sticky mess was all over Lexi’s face and hair by the time I was done. I think I even saw some hit the wall behind her.

She stroked me continually throughout my orgasm, completely overwhelming my senses.  I melted into her mother’s hold, now unsure of whether I was holding myself up or if she was.  My cock twitched as my body convulsed, throwing ropes at Lexi’s forehead, nose, chin, tits, and hair.  

I was vaguely aware of Crystal’s instruction for Lexi to open her mouth, so I aimed some cum there too.  

When I was finally done, I looked down at my cum-soaked girlfriend.  She knelt before me, her eyes closed as cum dripped down her face.  Her mother bent down to her and began licking the cum from her cheeks, running a finger along her mouth to open it so that she could feed some to her.

Mother and daughter lapped up my seed enthusiastically as I watched, the afterglow of my orgasm starting to wash over me.  Crystal grabbed her miniscule shirt, and used it to wipe the rest of the cum from Lexi’s face.  She stood, leaving her daughter kneeling on the floor in front of me.

“If you two don’t hurry, you’re going to miss your movie,” she said, as if nothing had happened- as if she was clothed, and didn’t have a belly full of her daughter’s boyfriend’s cum.

“Oh, and Lexi? Don’t wash your face before the movie- I dare you.”

With that, Crystal left the room, hips swaying as she closed the door.

I looked at Lexi, who was already getting dressed.  She threw my shirt at me as she stepped into her short skirt- still no panties.

“We’d better get going, or we’ll miss the movie- mom’s right.”

She always is. 

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