Mother Still Knows Best- Chapters 7&8

This story is a sequel to Mother Knows Best. Read Chapters 1&2 here,

Chapter 7

“Looks like it’s my turn,” Crystal said.   

“How do you want me?” I said, still locking eyes with Lexi.  Lexi’s eyes had that post-orgasmic sparkle to them, and I was head over heels in love knowing that I had given it to her.

“Lay on the bed, Shane,” Crystal ordered.  She was back in charge, and I was happy to oblige.  It appeared that Lexi was too, as she dreamily got out of the way and stood beside her mother.  

Crystal put her arm around Lexi, kissing her deeply before both women turned to look at me.  I could feel their eyes on me, taking in my rock hard nine inches as I laid on the bed with nervous expectancy. 

“Do you think you can take another orgasm, sweetie?” Crystal said to Lexi.  That got my attention.  

Lexi considered.  “I think so.”

“Good,” Crystal purred, “because I want to see if I am as good as Shane.  I am going to ride his cock reverse cowgirl, and you are going to stand in front of me so I can eat your pussy,” she said matter-of-factly.

Neither Lexi nor I argued with her direction.

Crystal perched on top of me with her ass in my face as her hand skillfully guided my rock hard cock inside her.  Her pussy was warm and wet, and I instantly had to refocus on not cumming.  “Come here, baby, hold your lips open for me,” I heard Crystal say, and knew my girlfriend was standing in front of her mother showing her her clit.  

I couldn’t see, because Crystal’s perfect ass was bouncing in my face.  Tough luck.

“You taste so good, baby,” Crystal said as she started to ride me.  Her hips moved up and down on my cock in perfect rhythm to keep me on the edge.  As she started to ride harder I grabbed her ass, partly because it was there and partly in an attempt to slow her rhythm so I didn’t fill her with cum.  I was only partly successful.

Crystal bounced up and down on me hard as she ate her daughter’s pussy; it was as if one was fuel for the other.  I could hear Lexi moaning in front of us, and knew by her tone that she was close to another orgasm.  Crystal was relentless on us both, clearly enjoying being in charge of both of our pleasure.  I had no choice but to enjoy the ride.

Lexi screamed again, and I knew she was cumming.  “Mom, fuck!” she moaned, and folded over her mom as she shuddered.  Lexi looked into my eyes just before hers rolled back in her head.  Her weight was pushing her mom down on my cock, my moans mixing with Lexi’s.

“Good girl,” Crystal purred as Lexi stood.  She stumbled a bit, no doubt on weak knees after her orgasm.  

“Thanks, mom,” she breathed.  “Now it’s definitely your turn.”  Lexi got on the bed beside me, her mom’s back still to us.  “Hold on, Shane- don’t you dare cum inside my mom,” she said with a wink.

Crystal started to ride me again, but this time with Lexi’s hands forcing her down on my cock each time.  Lexi hit her mom’s ass, turning it red.  “Come on mom, ride that cock- harder, faster!” she cheered, her hands biting into her mom’s flesh as she set an impossible pace.

I could feel Crystal’s pussy clench before she moaned; this orgasm was going to be huge.  “That’s it, mom, fuck my boyfriend,” Lexi yelled, the sparkle in her eyes as she looked at me making it clear that she was enjoying the hell out of the moment.

“Don’t stop baby, I’m cumming!” Crystal moaned, her ass bouncing so hard on me that it rippled throughout her curves.  Her pussy clamped down on my cock, and I had to bite my lip and grab Lexi’s wrist to stop from cumming.

Crystal bucked on my cock as she came, her whole body convulsing with each moan.  Lexi let up the pace as I grabbed her wrist, clearly understanding that I couldn’t hold on at that pace any longer.  Crystal’s orgasm was long and hard, her pussy still quivering on my cock as her body relaxed.

“Holy fuck that is a perfect cock,” she breathed as she swung her leg over my body.  My cock was still standing straight up, rock hard and glistening with Crystal’s cum.  “Clean him up, baby,” she said to Lexi, who was all too willing to oblige.

Lexi bent over me, her mom holding her hair back.  She licked my cock gently, knowing how overstimulated I was.  Her tongue swirled around my head, making me dizzy with desire.  She licked me from base to tip, her tongue flitting, swirling, and dragging up my shaft.  It was heaven.

Chapter 8

My hands tousled Lexi’s hair as she licked me, and I knew I had to have her again.  I sat up quickly, the little blood that was outside my cock rushing to my head.  Both women looked at me quizzically, no doubt wondering about my next move.

I put my finger under Lexi’s chin, guiding her lips from my cock onto mine.  I could taste her mom’s cum on her tongue, and kissed her deeply.  Lexi’s mouth was accommodating, her tongue dancing around mine with enthusiasm.  “I need to have you,” I breathed, and pulled her onto me.

Lexi settled onto my cock, her tight pussy struggling to accommodate my girth.  I gave her a minute to adjust, and then grabbed her around the waist and stood up.  She wrapped her legs around me, starting to slowly move with my cock inside her.  She grinded against me, forcing my cock in slow, exquisite circles inside her.

“Go slow, Lexi,” Crystal said from behind me, “he almost lost it inside me.  He must be getting close,” she said, coming to look at me over Lexi’s shoulder.  “Are you, Shane? Are you getting close to soaking my daughter in cum? Don’t lose it inside her, I know you want it on her face,” she taunted me.  

She dipped her fingers into her pussy and forced them into my mouth as Lexi grinded against me.  I sucked them eagerly, cupping Lexi’s ass to hold her onto my cock.  I moved Lexi up against the wall to get more leverage, her mother following us with her cum soaked fingers.  

I slammed Lexi into the wall, her tits dancing in my face as her legs gripped my hips.  I took a nipple in my mouth when her mom’s fingers left it, gently sucking a moan out of my girlfriend.  Crystal was still there, pinching Lexi’s other nipple to turn her moans into screams.  I fucked her as hard as I could against the wall, making her small tits bounce in her mother’s hands.

I brought Lexi back to the bed, laying her down underneath me.  Her legs remained clamped around my hips, her pussy refusing to give up my cock.  Crystal got in front of us, dangling her pussy over her daughter’s face as she put her tits in mine.

 Crystal lowered her pussy onto Lexi’s face, smiling as her daughter started to lick.  I kept fucking Lexi as Crystal pressed her huge tits in my face.  I opened my mouth to suck on her nipple, her moans echoing Lexi’s muffled ones from below.

Lexi eventually taps out, her face glistening with her mom’s juices as she gasps for air.  Crystal had been riding her face hard, leaving Lexi red and exhausted.  “Let’s give her a break, Shane,” Crystal said as she kissed her daughter’s messy face, “use me for a while.”

With that, Crystal stood, flipping me off of Lexi with a surprising burst of strength.  I laid beside Lexi, looking over and holding her hand as she caught her breath.  Crystal mounted me, her breasts hanging in my face as she started to ride.

Lexi and I made eye contact for a bit, both of us completely sex drunk and lost in the moment.  Crystal’s nipples eventually pulled my attention, my lips giving them attention as my hand still held Lexi’s.  She eventually let go of my hand, sitting up as she caught her breath.

I cupped Crystal’s tits as she slid her soaked pussy up and down my cock, guiding one nipple and then the other to my tongue.  I pressed both tits together, sucking on both nipples together and making her squirm.  Crystal cried out and tensed; I assumed that it was because of the nipple stimulation.

“Surprise,” I heard Lexi say from behind her mom.  Crystal looked angry for a moment, but her face melted into pleasure as Lexi got up close.  “Still think my dildo is too small, mother?” Lexi said with a smirk.  She held it in front of her mom’s face, forcing it into her mouth.  It was then that I realized Lexi’s other hand was teasing her mom’s asshole.

“You’d better get it nice and wet, mom,” Lexi said through a smile, “because it’s going in your ass as soon as your mouth is done with it.”

I watched as Crystal spat on the dildo, working up as much spit as she could.  Her pace on my cock slowed as she focused, her nerves clearly seeping in.  In truth I was glad for the reprieve, not cumming is fucking difficult.

Lexi pulled the dildo from her mom’s throat with a pop, bringing a trail of spit across her mom’s cheek.  “Ready mom? Here it comes!” Lexi said, and shoved the dildo into her mom’s willing ass.

I could feel her pussy tighten immediately, the dildo rubbing up against my cock inside her body.  Crystal tensed as Lexi filled her, and then made a concerted effort to relax around the new sensation.  “Do your worst, baby, I can take it,” Crystal said, finally regaining control after her daughter’s surprise.

Crystal rode me hard, her daughter forcing the dildo in and out of her ass in perfect rhythm.  “Yes, baby, wreck me!” Crystal exclaimed, clearly getting off on what must have been a painful pace.  For my part I mostly just laid there, watching mother and daughter in a tug of war between pain and pleasure.  My cock was on its own, being used by Crystal to offset the pain in her ass.

She slid easily up me, and I was just wrapping my head around the new tightness and rhythm when I felt Lexi’s free hand tickle my balls.  “Jesus Lexi, fuck!” I exclaimed in surprise, the new sensation threatening my resolve.  I bucked Crystal off in surprise, my hips trying to protect my cock from exploding.  Lexi was smiling behind Crystal, who to her credit rebounded quickly.  

“Sorry, mom,” she said with artificial sincerity, “but after fucking you in the ass, I need Shane in mine.”

You don’t have to tell me twice.

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