Honour Thy Father: Chapter 1

Chapter One: Michael

Michael always regretted spanking his daughter, but it was the only way he could make her see reason.  At eighteen she was headstrong, passionate, and the absolute light of his life.  At five foot five with a curvy frame, generous breasts, and a tangle of dark brown hair, Eva was the spitting image of her late mother. 

Eva’s mother’s death had devastated them both, and father and daughter were feeling the effects of their loss years later.  For Michael’s part, he channeled all of his hurt and sadness and angst into building the best possible life for his daughter- one that her mother would have been proud of.  He made sure that Eva had opportunities to pursue her artwork, maintained good grades, and attended church every Sunday.  While Michael wasn’t particularly religious, it was important to Eva’s mother so he persisted for her sake.

He looked down at the curve of his daughter’s bright red ass as he delivered another slap.  He longed for her childhood years where she was a happy-go-lucky little girl- one whose Daddy could do no wrong.  These days wrong seemed to be all he was capable of.  She continued to live with him after high school graduation to attend art school.  Eva and he argued constantly, over everything- curfew, chores, dating…even what to have for dinner at night.  Michael knew that Eva’s mother’s death was hard on her, and he did his best in the years following to lead with compassion.  Teenage Eva was a force to be reckoned with, however, and he worried about the late hours and questionable company that she was keeping.  He didn’t want to control her- he knew that she was eighteen, but while she was still living under his roof he just wanted to keep her safe.  No amount of gentle words or pleading would budge her, so Michael had to result to force.

“Daddy please this is humiliating- I am eighteen years old!” Eva protested, snapping Michael out of his reflection.

“I know Eva, and I don’t like this any more than you do- but you have to learn.  When I say that midnight is your curfew, I mean it,” Michael replied, landing another five slaps on her warm behind.

He had pulled her panties down- not that the black thong she was wearing would have put up much resistance- so that each slap had maximum impact.  He tried not to spank her often, but when he did he wanted her to remember it in hopes that he didn’t have to do it again. Clearly that strategy had yet to be effective.  She kicked her feet in protest, but her thong bound her ankles together.

“Daddy it hurts,” she whined, squirming on his lap.  

“Just lay still baby, it’s almost over. Why is Daddy spanking you?” Michael asked.

“Because I missed your stupid curfew,” she said.  He couldn’t see her eye roll, but he could certainly hear it in her tone of voice.  Michael slapped her ass again, harder.

“Curfews aren’t stupid, especially while you are still living under my roof,” Michael corrected with another spank.  “Midnight is quite generous on a school night.  More importantly, you disrespected me.  As long as you live here, you need to obey me, Eva.  The rules that I have are not unreasonable, and they are for your own good.”

Michael could feel his frustration growing as he spoke, focusing in on the level of disrespect that Eva had shown him.  He really was just trying to do what was best for her, and certainly wasn’t the only father in the world who imposed curfews.  He felt his frustration channeling through his hand as he continued spanking- it started to feel somewhat cathartic.  

“Daddy, please,” Eva whimpered.  It was the first sign that her resolve was slipping.  Michael softened, if only slightly.

“Ten more and then we can talk- you know that I am doing this because I love you,” Michael said gently.  He readjusted her over his knee and felt her settle.  “Count them, baby,” he said, hoping that the focus of counting would distract her a bit from the pain he was about to inflict.

He vowed not to hold back on the last 10 spankings.  He had found Eva over his knee far too often over the past few weeks and needed to make the spankings resonate with her.  When the first slap landed on her right cheek, she cried out.

“Ouch Daddy!”

“Count, baby.”

Eva paused, debating her defiance.  “One,” she mumbled, defeated.

Michael slapped her again, in the exact same spot.  He could feel Eva suck in air, but also square her shoulders.  “Two,” she said, this time more clearly.

Eva held out all the way to seven before she started to cry.  “Daddy, please stop.  I can’t take any more.  I promise I’ll be good. I’ll never miss curfew again Daddy, please.  Please no more spankings,” she sniffled, tears running down her cheeks.

Michael paused, stroking his daughter’s unruly brown hair and wiping away her tears.  “You’re almost done.  Three more Eva, you can do it.  This is how you will learn to obey your Daddy,” he said firmly.  His heart ached for his daughter, but he knew that he needed to finish what he had started.  He prayed that this would be the last time.

“Eight,” Eva choked through a sob as he landed the next spank.  Her entire ass was a fiery red and was warm to the touch under Michael’s palm.  He gently squeezed where he had just slapped to massage the tissue in hopes of giving her some relief.  She was freely crying now, her previous protests now made impossible through her sobs. 

“Two more, baby, are you ready? Will you do what Daddy says from now on?” he asked, gently stroking the welts on her ass.

“Y…yes, Daddy,” Eva whimpered.

Michael landed the last two blows in quick succession to put both of them out of their misery.  Eva dutifully counted each, and then crumbled over his knee in tears.

“Come here, baby, it’s over,” Michael said, pulling Eva into a sitting position.  She straddled his waist, wrapping her legs and arms around him and putting her head on his shoulder as she cried.  “That’s it, you’re okay,” he said as he tightly embraced her trembling frame.

Michael held Eva like that until her crying quieted to whimpering.  Her chest heaved into him as she choked out the last few sobs.  He felt her hands gripping the back of his shirt as she held onto him.  “What did you learn, baby?” he asked her gently.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” she said quietly. “I shouldn’t have disobeyed you.  I won’t miss curfew again, I promise,” she whispered into his shoulder.  

“Good girl,” Michael said, pleased.  “You know that Daddy doesn’t like to spank you, but I had no other choice.  If you can be a good girl, we won’t have to do that again, okay?” he said, gently stroking her back.

“Yes, Daddy, I’ll be a good girl for you,” she promised.  She stayed like that, wrapped around him, until she fell asleep and Michael carried her to her room.  He gently removed her panties from around her ankles, and tucked her into bed.

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