Mr. Intensity’s New Toy

I love impact play.  I pride myself in my stamina when faced with a Dom set on pushing my boundaries.  While my body doesn’t translate pain to pleasure, I do get lost in the mindfulness that is required to compartmentalize each hit and prepare for the next.  Feeling my body in that way is suchContinue reading “Mr. Intensity’s New Toy”

Choose Your Own Adventure

“I’m in a mood. Go upstairs, into the toy chest.  Pick something that you want me to use, leave it on the nightstand- choose absolutely anything you want, but know that I WILL use it.  You have five minutes. Be naked when I get up there.” In my career, I am well-known for my decisiveness,Continue reading “Choose Your Own Adventure”

Honour Thy Father: Chapter 2-3

Chapter Two: Eva School feels longer than usual when your ass hurts so badly that it’s hard to sit down.  Eva made a mental note to only break curfew on weekends in the future, so that she didn’t have to endure hours of classroom lectures with a welted ass.  Last night felt different than previousContinue reading “Honour Thy Father: Chapter 2-3”

Honour Thy Father: Chapter 1

Chapter One: Michael Michael always regretted spanking his daughter, but it was the only way he could make her see reason.  At eighteen she was headstrong, passionate, and the absolute light of his life.  At five foot five with a curvy frame, generous breasts, and a tangle of dark brown hair, Eva was the spittingContinue reading “Honour Thy Father: Chapter 1”

Best Friends Forever: Prequel- Ch. 9-11 (Final)

This story is a prequel to Best Friends Forever, and Best Friends Forever part 2. Start at the beginning here. Jack He did not deserve Katie’s forgiveness, but he was committed to earning it for the rest of their relationship.  He had been awake most of the night trying to structure his apology, and ultimatelyContinue reading “Best Friends Forever: Prequel- Ch. 9-11 (Final)”

Best Friends Forever: Prequel- Ch. 7-8

This story is a prequel to Best Friends Forever, and Best Friends Forever part 2. Start at the beginning here. Jack It was the eye roll that did it.  Michelle had rolled her eyes at him as he pleaded with her to reconsider the breakup.  It felt so dismissive, so demoralizing- now seeing Katie rollContinue reading “Best Friends Forever: Prequel- Ch. 7-8”

Becoming His Object

Remind me not to earn another punishment from Mr. Envelope. I knew it would be bad- the man gets under my skin like no other before or since him.  The mental gymnastics that he puts me through surpass the physical; when I play with him, I know that I am going to be challenged andContinue reading “Becoming His Object”

Mother and Daughters: Part 2

This story is a sequel to My Mother, My Wife. Read part 1 here. Read part 1 of Mother and Daughters here. Violet They were at it again, Violet thought with a thrill.  She had been listening to her mom and sister have sex for the better part of a year, but she knew byContinue reading “Mother and Daughters: Part 2”

Mother and Daughters: Part 1

This story is a sequel to My Mother, My Wife. Read part 1 here. Lily “Yes, Mother,” Lily mumbled through her gag.  She was laying across her mom’s lap, hands bound behind her, and gagged with her own panties to muffle the noise of her screams as she was spanked.  “Good girl,” her mother CherieContinue reading “Mother and Daughters: Part 1”

Best Friends Forever: Part 2 (Chapters 6-7)

Read Chapter 1 and Chapters 4-5 Chapter 6 Jack and Katie took care of Julia that night, ensuring that she was showered and tucked into bed.  They then stayed up for a bit more time, talking about the future of their dynamic.  Julia knew this for two reasons: one, she woke up clean and nakedContinue reading “Best Friends Forever: Part 2 (Chapters 6-7)”