Honour Thy Father: Chapter 6-7

Chapter Six: Eva

Daddy was eerily quiet all weekend.  She was grounded, naturally, so she spent the weekend at home working on some art pieces.  Eva found herself walking on eggshells around Daddy, half expecting him to put her over his knee at any moment.  The moment never came, and by Sunday night he seemed to have warmed.  “Will you have dinner with me tonight baby?” he asked.  As if Eva had a choice.

Daddy sat at the head of the table, and Eva took her place to his right.  They ate in strained silence, until he finally put his fork down.  “Listen, Eva, I don’t want to fight with you anymore.  Can’t we just get along with each other?”

Eva scoffed.  “Maybe you should’ve thought of that before you spanked your 18-year-old daughter.”

Daddy paused, trying and failing to mask his exasperation.  “Look, I am sorry about the spankings, but I am just at my wit’s end.  I want to get along- to be like we used to.  I just don’t know how to get there…without mom.”

Eva’s initial prickliness softened at the vulnerability she saw in his eyes.  Sometimes it was easy to forget that he was hurting just as much as she was.  Eva took a deep breath, dropping her shoulders and looking across the table.  “I don’t like fighting either, but you keep trying to control me.  You can’t expect me to obey your every whim, Daddy.  I’m eighteen- I’m an adult.”

Daddy smiled, but his eyes remained sad.  “I know it feels like that, Eva, and you’re right- you are close to being all grown up- but you aren’t there yet.  You may legally be an adult, but you still have so much to learn.  I put curfews and rules in place to keep you safe- to make sure that you have the life that your mother wanted for you- the life that I want for you.  I know it seems unfair sometimes, but please know that I love you.  I would do absolutely anything to keep you safe.”

Eva felt a well of emotion threaten her eyes.  She blinked quickly, trying to regain control.  She was not ready to admit defeat, but maybe she could cut him a break.  “Look Daddy, I know the past few…years…have been, well…they’ve pretty much sucked.  I know you’re doing your best- I can see it.  I just still miss Mom, and I don’t know how I feel or what to do.” 

Daddy touched her hand on the table.  “I know you miss Mom, so do I.  We are on the same side here, baby.  I just want to know you again- I barely recognize you.  I miss my girl.”

Eva paused, considering.  “Maybe we could do something together this summer- like go to the beach, or to that place that Mom used to take us hiking- the one in my painting.”  Her painting that remained unfinished in the living room. 

Daddy’s smile turned from lukewarm to scorching.  “Really? You would want to do that with me? I’s funny you should say that, because I just had an offer to stay at a cabin near there- where we used to go hiking.  Would you like to do that?”

Eva balked at his enthusiasm, sensing some sort of trap.  What kind of cabin? How did he just happen upon an invitation? From who?  All of these questions ran through her mind, but as they did so Daddy’s smile monopolized her attention.  It reminded her of the old days, before they lost her Mom.  Daddy used to be so full of life, and so enthusiastic to spend time with her.  She felt all of her questions melt away as she heard herself saying, “Yes, Daddy- let’s do it.  Let’s go to the cabin, to Mom’s favourite trail.  I want to reconnect with you too- I’ve missed you Daddy,” she said.

No one was more surprised than her to realize that she meant it.

Chapter Seven: Michael

Michael could not believe that Eva had agreed to the cabin trip.  He kept looking at her out of the side of his eyes the entire way to the remote location, just to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.  Alas, she was there, dressed in denim shorts and a red tank top, her gorgeous dark hair spilling over her shoulders. 

To say that he was nervous was a gross understatement.  While Eva may not know exactly what they were getting into, Michael definitely did.  He fought his freezing cold feet with the wise and reassuring words of Father David, trying to place his faith in the church, and in his wife.  If she saw value in this approach, he could too.  He owed her, and their daughter, that much.

Eva hadn’t exactly been thrilled that the cabin would be shared by Father David, but when she found out his daughter was coming she gave her begrudging consent.  She didn’t seem excited about spending a summer with Melody (and made more than a few snide comments about her being the golden child) but the prospect of at least having another teenager around seemed to be enough to keep the plan on track.  Thank God for small miracles.

The drive to the cabin was familiar, given its proximity to their favourite hiking trail.  It suddenly made so much more sense that his wife loved this landscape so much- it was where she had spent many of her summers growing up.  When they pulled into the cabin, it was obvious that it was the only place around for miles. 

Father David and Melody were both on the front porch waiting for them.  Michael found himself relieved that they were both…decent.  He didn’t know what to expect but was fairly terrified about what would happen next.  He and Eva got out of the car, and Melody quickly helped them to carry their bags into the cabin.  “We are so excited to have you here!” she gushed.  “There is only one spare bedroom, so I will put your things in there.  The bed is…big…so uh, it should be fine,” she said, tripping over her words.  Michael wondered how much the girl had been told about their stay.  He wondered a lot of things at that exact moment.

“I’m sure we will work it out,” Father David said from behind them.  Eva unpacked her paint supplies, declining Melody’s offer of help. The foursome headed back to the porch where Melody served lemonade.  Eva hadn’t said a word since they arrived, but she didn’t look like a flight risk either.  In her way, she was taking it all in.  Michael was reassured by her silence- it was far more desirable than an outburst.

Father David told the story of the family cabin, edited for Eva’s sake.  She listened politely, fidgeting with her chipped black nail polish.  “My Mom used to bring us hiking around here,” she offered- the rarest of olive branches.  Perhaps this wasn’t a terrible idea after all.

“Daddy, would you mind if I went for a walk on the trail? I think I want to do some sketching,” she asked politely.  Michael looked at her, somehow trying to assess her motives.  She had been good so far, so he figured that a little bit of grace was appropriate- particularly given what was bound to come later.

“Of course, baby, go ahead.  Do you need Melody to come with you, or do you know the way?” 

“I think I know the way- I have my cell, and I will set a timer to be back in an hour.  Is that okay?”

Michael wasn’t sure if it was the fresh air, or the summer break, or some holy force- but whatever had his daughter acting so kindly was more than welcome to stay.  “Sounds good baby, have fun.”  He watched his daughter head down the trail until she was out of sight. 

“You’re making the right decision, Michael,” Father David said.  He stood beside Michael, looking out at the landscape.  “You can see she’s already more relaxed.  A summer here, and she will be right as rain- you’ll see.  Daughters just sometimes need structure, and a bit of training- isn’t that right Melody?”

“Yes Father, you have always known what’s best for me.  You are such a wonderful teacher,” she said.  Her voice was, well, melodious.  Michael looked for a chink in her armor but was met with nothing but sincerity and warmth.

“And you are a wonderful student, and daughter,” Father David said.  It took Michael a moment to realize that he was unbuckling his belt.  He quickly averted his eyes but realized he didn’t know where to look.  As Father David unzipped his pants, his daughter quietly dropped to her knees, angling herself between the two men to suck her father’s cock.

Michael stepped back, stammering an excuse to leave and unpack their things.  “Nonsense, Michael- you are going to have to get used to this.  It’s okay, and she’s okay.  I have trained her to drop to her knees when I unzip my pants.  Melody knows that part of her duty to the church, and as a woman, is to service me when I need it.  She is happy to do it, aren’t you sweetie?”

Melody removed her father’s cock from her mouth long enough to say “Yes, Father,” before continuing to suck.

“It really does become natural, Michael, you’ll see,” Father David promised.  Michael was transfixed as he watched Melody work.  She was able to take Father David’s full length into her throat, and didn’t let the gagging get in the way of her pace.  She licked around his shaft, taking great care to suck the tip of his cock until she made popping sounds.  Father David let her set the pace and seemed quite content to continue their conversation.

“You will get here with Eva eventually,” he assured Michael.  “Not right away, of course- they’re always so nervous and timid to start.  Melody couldn’t even swallow half of me the first time she tried.  She worked at it, though, and now she is incredible.  She is going to make her future husband very happy, aren’t you sweetie?”

He pulled Melody back by her hair, causing her to cough and sputter as she choked on her spit.  “Yes Father,” she agreed, before her father put her back on his cock.  This time he held her hair, commanding a faster pace as she gagged on him.  Spit was pooling down her chin, beginning to soak the top of her dress.  She didn’t seem to mind at all.

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