Honour Thy Father: Chapter 8-9

Chapter Eight: Melody

No one had ever watched her suck Father’s cock before.  Melody knew, of course, that Michael and Eva were coming to learn from them, but she hadn’t considered that they would be watching her most intimate moments with Father.  She had to admit that it felt a little strange, and she almost hesitated when Father undid his belt.  She fought that instinct though, just as he had taught her, and did her duty.  She disliked being reprimanded for failing to apply a lesson.

She could vaguely hear the men talking while she sucked.  She had sucked Father’s cock all last summer, so she knew exactly what he liked.  The spit and the mess used to bother her, but not anymore- Father said that it pleases men even more, so she always let her dress and breasts get soaked.

She could feel Father’s fingers in her hair, and he was setting an aggressive pace.  She tried to open her throat and relax her jaw, focusing on just being a vessel for Father’s pleasure.  That is one of the main functions of a woman, after all.  Melody was good at this particular skill, and before long she felt his balls twitch in her hand.

“Are you ready, baby?” Father asked.  Melody knew that he was about to cum. 

“Yesth, Athhhher,” she said with her mouth full.  Hot, salty cum shot down her throat, and then all over her face has he pulled out and painted her.  Melody closed her eyes to keep the cum out of her eyes, but could feel Michael’s gaze on her the entire time. 

“Such a good girl, isn’t she Michael?” she heard Father say. 

“Y…yes, that was…amazing,” he stammered.  Poor thing, he is as shocked as Melody was the first time.  God only knows how Eva is going to feel.

“Why don’t you go get cleaned up, and then go find Eva,” Father said, more of an order than an ask.  “I think the two of you should have a talk.” 

Melody already knew that she was being tasked with explaining the program to Eva.  It was a huge responsibility, and she didn’t feel ready for it.  Father had reassured her that she was ready, and that it would prepare her for having difficult conversations with her future children.  “Children need boundaries,” he had said.  As always, she listened.

She cleaned Father’s cock off and stood as he nonchalantly tucked it back into his pants.  She squared her shoulders, remembering that Father has always said to be proud of the mess that a man makes on and in your body.  She smiled at Michael as she headed inside to wash Father’s seed off of her face.

She found Eva sitting on a rock just off the trail, her sketchpad laying untouched beside her.  She didn’t realize until she sat down beside her that she was crying.  Eva hurriedly wiped away her tears, but it was obvious that Melody had seen. 

“It’s okay, honestly.  I come here to cry sometimes, too,” Melody said reassuringly.  Upon looking around, she realized that it was true- she had come to almost this exact spot last summer, the first time Father had touched her.  An awful lot had changed since then, but she remembered the hurt and shame and confusion that she felt.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know that Daddy would send someone after me.  It’s just that being here, on this trail- it reminds me so much of my Mom.  I miss her so much,” Eva said, doing her best to swallow her tears.

“I am so sorry, she must’ve been pretty wonderful for you to miss her so much,” Melody said, putting an arm around Eva.  “I never knew my Mom,” Melody offered, “she left right after I was born.  It has just been me and Father since I can remember.”

Eva relaxed in Melody’s embrace.  “Ah, that sucks.  That’s so hard, in a different way,” Eva said.  Melody could feel the girls bonding in their shared lack of feminine influence, and let the moment hang for as long as she could.

“Listen, your Dad didn’t send me out here,” Melody began.  “I came because I wanted to talk to you- about this place, this summer.  It is a little bit…unconventional, and I thought that it might be better for you to hear it from me than from…them.”

Eva sat up straight, angling her body toward Melody.  She had stopped crying, and was now focused on her new acquaintance with new interest.  “What do you mean?”

“Well, I know that we don’t know each other at all, other than through the arts program, but we are about to learn things about each other that we can never unlearn.  I want you to know that I am here for you, and that although this will all seem really scary, it isn’t nearly as bad as you think.”

“Okay, Melody- just spit it out- you’re scaring me,” Eva said. 

Melody took a deep breath, and then told her everything.  She told her about the domestic training- the cooking and cleaning, and general homemaking chores.  She told her about the importance of obedience, and of service to men.  She shared that when she hit puberty she had a rebellious streak, and that Father implemented this program to help get her back on track.  She highlighted her accomplishments and talked about her boyfriend.  Finally, she talked about the ways that Father had taught her about her body, and about giving and receiving pleasure with men.

“So I have a pretty normal life, except for the summers.  My time here has really helped me learn and grow, and it made my relationship with Father so much better than it was.  I truly am a better person, and a much more desirable wife for being here,” she finished.

Eva said nothing; she just picked up her sketchbook and ran.

Chapter Nine: Father David

They could hear Eva before they could see her.

“Daddy!” she yelled, running up the hill toward the porch.  Father David and Michael had been talking about the finer details of the program, and how they would initiate Eva.  This was, of course, assuming that her conversation with Melody went well, which it apparently did not.

“Daddy you can’t be serious with this.  Tell me it’s all a joke- tell me,” she demanded when she finally reached the porch. 

Michael didn’t seem to be able to find the words to answer, so Father David stepped in.  “I know it’s a lot to process, Eva, but you will find by the end of the summer that you are much happier, and closer with your father,” he said gently.

“Closer with my father?! Really?! That seems to be an understatement based on what you have planned.  I am going home now.  Daddy, take me home.  I am going to pack my things and move in with someone else- someone normal,” Eva screamed.

Father David could see torment on Michael’s face and felt quite taken aback by the girl’s abrasiveness.  It had been a while since he had experienced an insolent teenager.

“Your father is doing what he feels is best for you.  Before you make any decisions, Eva, you may wish to know that your mother participated in the same program when she was about your age.”

This, as Father David knew it would, stopped Eva in her tracks.  “You’re lying,” she said automatically.  “Daddy, tell him he’s lying.”

Michael finally looked his daughter in the eyes.  “He’s not lying, baby, it’s true.  Your Mom came here after her Dad left, and learned the lessons of the church.  I went to Father David for advice last week after I spanked you, because I felt so horrible.  He told me about the cabin, and the opportunity to get us back on track.  I’m sorry, baby, I know it’s a lot- I just didn’t know what else to do.  I thought that if your Mom did it, it would be worth a try for us.”  Michael stared at his daughter, clearly unable to anticipate her next move.

Melody had finally caught up, and stood silently with Eva.  Eva looked from Michael to Father David to Melody, eyes darting around like a caged animal.  “So, all of you…all of you are just, okay with this?” she asked, bewildered.

“I know what it sounds like- believe me, I know Eva,” Melody said.  “I would never tell anyone at school about this part of my life.  Service is important, both as a woman of the church and a future wife.  I am grateful for the opportunity to learn these things from someone who I trust, so that I am ready for them when it’s time.  When I am good, Father rewards me in kind.  When I falter, he corrects my behaviour.  It’s a safe environment, Eva, I promise.”

“Can we please just try it baby?” Michael pleaded.  “I miss you, and I want to have what Father David and Melody have- a trusting, respectful relationship.  If you can demonstrate to me that I can trust you, we can talk more about your curfew.  I want to be close to you again, Eva.  I want us to laugh and have fun like we used to.  I really think that this will help- and clearly your Mom did too.”

Father David knew that he made the right decision with Michael.  His heart was definitely in the right place.  Eva must have felt it too, because her posture deflated, and a defeated “okay” escaped her lips.

“Good girl,” Father David chimed in.  ‘You are making the right decision, Eva.  Now let’s all get into the living room, and we can get things started.”

Fathers and daughters cautiously made their way to the living room, each lost in their own thoughts and perceptions of what was to happen next.  Only Father David had any idea.

Melody and Father David sat on one couch while Michael and Eva settled on the other.  Father and daughter were an arm’s length apart, both wrapped up in their own nerves.  “We need to start by setting some ground rules, and some agreements,” Father David narrated, looking at both Michael and Eva.  “Both of you, please come stand before me.”

Father David stood, and Michael and Eva cautiously made their way over to them.  Melody remained seated on the couch, as a witness.  “The relationship between father and daughter is profound,” Father David began.  “There is give and take, and each ultimately learns from the other.  Our daughters shape who we are as men, and it is our duty to shape who they become as women.” 

Eva shuffled nervously, and Michael touched her shoulder to reassure her.  “By agreeing to this program, you are both making promises to yourselves and each other,” Father David continued.  “Michael, you are promising to honour Eva.  You will teach her to the best of your ability, and help her to develop skills and attitudes that will improve her life.  You will always act with her best interest at heart, and believe the best in her.  You will follow the direction of the church in all of these matters.  Is this something that you agree to?”

Michael looked at his daughter, his gaze a mixture of love and apology.  “I agree,” he said unwaveringly.  “I love you, Eva, and I want what’s best for you- I always have.  I will do anything it takes to make you happy.”  He took Eva’s hands in his, and she let him.

“Now Eva,” Father David said, turning to the young girl.  “You are promising to honour your father.  To accept his teachings with an open mind, and to give yourself to him- body and mind.  You will obey and respect your father, and will trust that his actions reflect your needs and best interests.  You will dedicate yourself to his teachings, and as a result will have faith that your relationship and your life will be harmonious.  You will follow the direction of the church in all of these matters.  Do you agree?”

Eva squeezed Michael’s hands, her teary eyes matching his.  “Is this really what you want Daddy? Do you think that this is best?”

“Yes, Eva, I do.”

“Well then, I do.  I agree.  Let’s do this, for Mom,” she said with half of a smile.  Father and daughter embraced, setting their course for the summer. 

 “Now, you have a lot to learn about keeping a house and cooking meals,” Father David began, “but I know that what you are both most nervous about is the intimacy.  We will start there, to seal your promises to each other.  Eva, please undress.”

Eva’s cheeks blushed crimson, and she buried her face in her hands.  “I…I can’t do this,” she said, the tears in her eyes threatening to spill over.

“Yes you can, Eva,” Father David encouraged, “just think about what your Mom would want, and what your Daddy wants.  They just want you to be loved.  Help your Daddy help you.  Please undress.”

“It’s okay, Eva,” Melody encouraged.  For his part, Michael remained standing beside her, but was unable to look at her. 

Eva gave her father one last pleading glance before her shaking hands pulled her tank top over her head, revealing a black lace bra.

“Michael, please watch,” Father David prompted.  Michael forced his attention to his daughter as she slowly removed her bra.

Her breasts bounced heavily, nipples hardening at their exposure.  Eva’s motions were painstakingly slow, as if she were hoping that someone would stop her at each turn.  Michael’s face reddened as his daughter removed her shorts, but he did not look away.

“That’s it, good girl.  Now your panties, please Eva,” Father David instructed. 

Eva spared one humiliated glance to Melody, who offered an encouraging smile. “The first time is always the hardest- it will get easier, I promise,” Melody promised.

Eva removed her blue cotton panties and stood in front of them all stark naked.  She tried to cover her breasts and between her legs, but was unsuccessful.   

“Now, Michael, please kiss your daughter,” Father David said.  When Michael stood to face his daughter, Father David saw him mouth ‘you’re beautiful’ to her.  He thought that he also saw her expression soften.

Father David and Melody watched as Michael took Eva’s face in his hands, bending slightly so that he could plant a kiss on her lips.  Eva didn’t move a muscle, her posture remaining stiff and visibly uncomfortable as her father kissed her.

When they broke apart, Father David continued.  “Very good, now Eva, kiss your father.”

Eva squared her shoulders and looked up at her father.  She leaned in, and he bent to accommodate her hesitant lips.  Michael put his arms around his daughter, and this time the kiss was reciprocated.  Their kiss deepened, and Father David saw both Michael and Eva visibly relax. 

“Tongue,” Father David said quietly.

The two obeyed; Michael’s hands found Eva’s dark hair, his fingers tangling as he pulled his daughter in closer.  Eva melted into her father, letting a moan escape her lips as their tongues danced together.

“Very good,” Father David coached.  “Now, Michael, please touch your daughter.  Show her the pleasure that a man can gift a good girl.”

Michael broke their kiss, looking into his daughter’s eyes for permission.  “I’ll make it feel good, baby, I promise,” he whispered.  She stood up straight, a silent consent for him to touch her.  Michael’s hands grazed his daughter’s breasts, gently teasing her nipples as he kneaded the soft skin.  Michael kissed her neck, his mouth slowly progressing down to absorb a nipple.  Eva moaned as her father sucked one nipple while his hand teased the other. 

“See Eva? It feels good to give yourself to your father, doesn’t it?” Father David prompted.

“Yes, Father,” she breathed. 

“Lower, Michael,” Father David continued.

Michael’s hand dropped his daughter’s breast, slowly trailing down her stomach, and over the curve of her hip.  He released her nipple from his mouth, bringing his mouth back to hers for a kiss.  “Are you okay?” he whispered, and she nodded. 

“Spread your legs for your father, Eva,” Father David instructed.

Eva obeyed, her shallow breathing betraying her nerves.  Michael’s hand brushed the inside of her thigh, then delicately cupped her mound.  Unlike Melody’s, Father David noted that Eva’s pubic hair had been shaved entirely off.  It served as a good reminder that she was not a virgin.

“Your father is going to give you an orgasm now, Eva,” Father David said.  “We know that you are versed in the mechanics of intimacy, and that you are not a virgin.  I want you to forget those experiences.  Intimacy with the man who made you is an entirely different event, and you will soon find that the orgasms given to you from the love of your father far exceed any clumsy experience you have had to date.  I want you to show yourself to your father, and ask him for what you want.”

Eva took a deep breath, and then leaned in for a reassuring kiss from her father.  She reached down, gently spreading her lips for him.  Michael’s fingers explored her folds, eliciting a sigh from his daughter.

“Ask him, Eva.  Tell him that you want it,” Father David reminded her.

“Daddy, please make me cum,” Eva whispered. 

“Good girl,” Father David said.  “Michael, please lay her on the couch where she will be more comfortable.  Melody can come sit on my lap.”

Melody obeyed, shuffling over to sit on Father David’s lap, but never taking her eyes off of Michael and Eva.  Father David realized that for all of his daughter’s experience, she had never seen intimacy play out in another context.  He squeezed her ass as she sat down, earning a smile and giggle from her.

“That’s it, now spread your legs again Eva, let your father show you what real pleasure feels like,” Father David said.  He reached inside Melody’s dress to cup her breast as he watched Michael kneel between Eva’s legs.  Father David pinched Melody’s nipple as Michael licked his daughter’s clit.  Both girls moaned together.

Eva’s moans grew more urgent as her father slid his fingers inside her.  His tongue danced over her clit, sucking and flicking her into a frenzy.  Eva was writhing on the couch under him, her breasts heaving as her back arched.

“Daddy, Daddy please don’t stop.  It feels so good Daddy,” Eva moaned.

“I won’t stop baby, I want you to cum.  Cum for me baby, cum for Daddy,” Michael encouraged as he fingered her harder.

When his lips met her clit again, Eva erupted.  Her screams echoed throughout the cabin when she came.  Father David squeezed Melody’s breast harder, the lust in the room causing her to grind on his knee.  Both Michael and Eva were breathing hard- and both were smiling ear to ear.

“Daddy, that was incredible,” Eva breathed.  “I…I had no idea that it could be like that,” she marveled.  She was no longer self-conscious of her nakedness, but instead seemed to bask in her post-orgasmic bliss.  Father David knew that this was the time to continue.

“See Eva? That is the power of a father’s love,” Father David explained.  “Now, are you on birth control?” he asked.

“Yes, Father,” Eva replied. 

“Good girl.  That means that you can serve your father in the purest of ways, by taking his seed into your womb.  It will serve as good practice for the day that you become a mother, and carrying your father’s seed is a high demonstration of your devotion to him.  Eva, would you like to receive your father’s seed?”

“Yes Father,” Eva replied lustfully.  She was clearly still riding the high of her orgasm, and desperate for more stimulation.

“Michael, please take your daughter now.”  With that, Father David resumed his groping of Melody, the two of them watching Michael and Eva cross an uncrossable line.

“Thank you for this, baby.  It means everything to me,” Michael said to Eva as he undressed.  She replied with a moan as her father entered her for the first time.

“You must always thank a man for entering you, Eva.  Manners are important,” Father David said.

“Thank you, Daddy,” Eva breathed obediently.

“You’re welcome, baby,” Michael said as he started to thrust.

Father David and Melody watched on as Michael and Eva made love for the first time.  It was slow, tentative, and humble before it turned passionate and frantic.  Michael’s thrusts were evenly paced, the two of them getting lost in each other as he neared orgasm. 

“Daddy’s going to cum, baby,” he said at last, the sound of his hips slamming into her body almost masking his words. 

“Yes, Daddy, please,” Eva encouraged.

Michael’s hips bucked, and he filled his daughter.  Melody actually clapped, surprising herself at how lost in the moment she was.  “Sorry, everyone, it was just so beautiful,” she said through a blush.  Father David tweaked her nipples in admiration of such devotion. 

“She’s right, it was beautiful,” Father David agreed.  “Well done to both of you, I am so proud to have been a part of that.  You both have so much to learn, but watching you make love tells me that you both have what it takes to forge a new path.  Congratulations,” he said warmly. 

Melody clapped again, and both Michael and Eva smiled.  There was no turning back now.

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