Honour Thy Father: Chapter 10-12 (Final)

Chapter Ten: Eva

Eva laid in bed with Daddy, both of them completely naked as she tried to fall asleep- as if she could sleep after the day that she’d had.  She couldn’t believe how a few short hours had changed absolutely everything about her life.  You know it’s an insane day when the most normal part of it was standing naked in front of strangers.  Daddy made her cum! Daddy came inside her! He touched her and kissed her and…it was all so wrong. SO WRONG.

Why did she feel closer to him?

Listening to his deep and regular breathing as he slept beside her, she couldn’t help but cuddle into his warmth.  She hadn’t realized how far apart they had drifted until she felt his hands on her.  They felt…protective, loving- not at all like the hands of the guys she’d slept with.  As scared and horrified as she was about being touched by Daddy, she very quickly found that Father David was right- intimacy builds bridges over dark waters of resentment and disrespect. 

After Daddy filled her with his cum, they were both permitted to get dressed.  Father David told Eva that she was only permitted to wear dresses for the length of the summer, and with nothing underneath them.  When Eva remarked that she had only brought one, Daddy let her know that he had purchased some extras in hopes that she agreed to stay. 

Melody showed Eva where her new dresses were.  Eva had the thought to be self-conscious of her nakedness, especially with someone as gorgeous as Melody.  The notion faded as she remembered that just a few minutes ago Father David and Melody had watched her and Daddy.  She also registered that Father David had his hand down Melody’s dress the whole time.  Still, she supposed, not the strangest part of the day. 

The rest of the day was filled with fairly innocuous tasks; Melody taught Eva how to properly set a table for dinner, and Eva helped Melody prepare the meal.  Eva thought that a lot of the pomp and circumstance that Melody displayed in serving Father David was foolish, but she was much too jarred from her own experiences that day to put up much of a fight. 

They ate dinner together at the table, and then turned in for an early night.  Sleeping was required to be nude, should the men need access to their women’s’ bodies overnight.  It was admittedly awkward undressing with Daddy, especially after he had been inside her hours before.  They both got into bed quickly, letting the darkness protect them as the lights turned off.

“I’m not going to touch you tonight,” Daddy said gently.  Eva wasn’t sure if she felt relief or disappointment.  Her heart was hammering in her chest, but it wasn’t solely due to anxiety.  “I just want to be with you, and make sure that you’re okay.  If this is happening too fast, I can sleep on the couch tonight.  I know today was a lot, baby,” he said as he gently stroked her hair.

Eva considered his offer and turned to face him.  He really did just want what was best for her.  He had full access to her body right then and was consumed with ensuring that she was okay.  That genuine care and love made her want to give herself to him even more.

“Thank you, Daddy.  Today was a lot, but I think I’m okay.  There is a lot to process, but I think Father David is right- I already do feel closer to you.  I think I lost my way when Mom died, and I lost you too.  I don’t really know how it happened, but I don’t want it to happen anymore.  I miss being your little girl, and I miss you,” Eva said.  Her voice cracked with the last sentence as emotion welled up inside her.

“Oh, come here baby, don’t cry,” Daddy said as he took Eva in his arms.  “I love you, and I’ve missed you too.  It’s okay, Daddy’s here now.  We’re here, we’re together- we are going to be okay,” he cooed.  Eva melted into his arms, allowing him to comfort her.  He stroked her hair, and wiped the tears from her face as she cried. 

“I love you Daddy,” she whispered through her remaining tears.  She stayed in his arms until he fell asleep, and remained there as her own sleep eluded her.

She listened to Father David and Melody have sex in the next room.  Their moans were somewhat muffled by the walls, but not enough that she didn’t hear Melody’s singsong voice yell “Father I need your cum!” before Father David moaned.

The cabin was now quiet, apart from Eva’s racing thoughts.  The things happening in this cabin were categorically wrong- of that she was absolutely certain.  She should be running for the hills, but instead she found herself wrapping her naked body in Daddy’s arms, gently placing the palm of his hand on her exposed breast and shivering as he reflexively squeezed.

She drifted to sleep almost immediately after that.

The next day progressed like any other, unless you count the part where Eva sucked Daddy’s cock and swallowed his cum.

Everyone got dressed and had breakfast, the girls went outside to work in the gardens.  It was a bit strange to be gardening in a dress, and Eva found herself bending very carefully so as not to put her whole ass on display- not that everyone hadn’t already seen it, Melody included.  Eva was grateful for the alone time with Melody, and while they didn’t talk about the events of the previous day, Eva felt a safety and camaraderie with Melody that wasn’t there before.

Their fathers had their coffees on the porch and watched the girls.  They then busied themselves splitting wood for the fireplace, as it was still cool at night.  The girls eventually went inside to make lunch, where everyone ate together.  Normal, right?

After lunch, Father David informed Eva that it was time for her next lesson.

“You did so well yesterday, Eva.  It was very clear to all of us that you pleased your father.  You were such a good girl to take his cum like that.  As you know, though, there are multiple ways to please a man, and to take his cum.   The ability to enthusiastically and skillfully suck cock is a key element in being a good woman, and a good daughter.  This is a way for you to show your love selflessly, without expecting anything in return.” 

Eva gulped, looking at Daddy nervously.  Daddy offered her a gentle smile, which helped to settle her nerves.  She had sucked a few cocks in her day, but of course never Daddy’s.  The voice in her head that said it was wrong was drowned out by the prospect of making Daddy smile.

“Eva, please get on your knees and remove your father’s pants,” Father David instructed.  As Eva undid Daddy’s belt, Father David undid his own.  His silent command had Melody on her knees beside Eva, repeating her motions to remove her father’s pants.

The girls looked at each other, a silent sisterhood, before sliding their fathers’ pants down.  Eva marveled as Daddy’s cock sprang free of his boxers.  She looked up at him, eyes wide as father and daughter embarked on another first.

“Now, Eva, I’m sure you know the basics,” Father David said over Melody’s sucking noises.  “You’ll start by licking your father’s cock from shaft to tip, making sure to get it very wet.  Blow jobs are best when they’re sloppy,” Father David said. 

Eva ran her tongue up the underside of Daddy’s cock, never taking her eyes off of his.  “Great eye contact, Eva, very good girl,” Father David praised.  Eva licked Daddy’s cock all over, paying special attention to the tip as she flicked her tongue along it.  She felt Daddy shiver, and found herself smiling.

“Now take him into your mouth- be mindful of teeth- and suck,” Father David coached.  Melody’s slurping sounds were getting louder, and Eva was eager to match her.  She did as Father David said, taking Daddy’s cock gently into her mouth.  She sucked the tip lightly, making a popping sound to add to Melody’s noise.

“That’s it, nice and slow,” Father David said.  “Now, Michael, tell her what you like- what you need,” Father David said.  He turned his attention back to his own daughter, weaving his fingers through her hair to quicken her pace.  Eva noticed that Melody was more practiced than her- more comfortable, more confident- and she vaguely wondered how long it would take her to have that level of skill. 

Eva looked up at Daddy, curious to know how he liked to have his cock sucked.  “Just like that, Baby, tease the tip,” he said.  Eva swirled her tongue around him, sucking more and more of him into her mouth.  “Now all the way down, baby,” Daddy said.  Eva did her best to take him into her mouth, but the head of his cock hit her throat sooner than she had hoped.  Her eyes watered, but she kept sucking what she could.

“Try again, baby, all the way down,” Daddy said gently.  Eva desperately wanted to please him, but couldn’t see how she would ever get his cock all the way in.  She took a breath, pressing Daddy’s cock all the way to the back of her throat.  The pressure was irritating, and she gagged almost immediately. 

“Yes, baby, like that- you’ll get it eventually,” Daddy encouraged.  Eva had never had a cock as big as Daddy’s in her mouth and had certainly never had to force one down her throat.  She felt out of her element, but determined to please Daddy. 

Eva wrapped her hand around Daddy’s now spit-soaked cock, stroking him as she swallowed her gag reflex.  She took a few deep breaths before putting him back in her mouth.  She stroked and sucked, gearing herself up to try to swallow his cock again.  Daddy was moaning, so she knew that he was enjoying it.

She squared her shoulders and forced her head down on Daddy’s cock over and over again.  She felt him pound the back of her throat, but couldn’t get the leverage to force him down.  Her throat was resisting him, the foreign feeling not something that her body could ignore.  Eva gagged on Daddy’s cock, spit trailing down her chin.  Her eyes watered as she looked up at him, silently pleading for help.

“She really wants it,” Father David remarked.  Daddy just moaned in response.  Eva took a break, going back to stroking Daddy as she caught her breath.  “Melody, sweetie, will you go help Eva for a minute?  Remember how I taught you to swallow my cock? I think Eva just needs a bit of help getting it down her throat,” Father David said. 

Melody was currently tonguing her father’s balls, and after a few final licks sat up and slid over to Eva.  “Yes, Father,” she said naturally.  She looked at Eva, silently asking for consent.  Eva gave her an embarrassed smile while she kept stroking Daddy’s cock.

“It’s okay, Eva.  I needed help with this too- it’s unnatural to hold something so big in your throat,” she said matter-of-factly.  It’s hard to get the leverage that you need when you’re on your knees at first- it takes practice,” she said.  Eva nodded as if this were a totally normal conversation.

“Eva, keep sucking your father’s cock, and Melody will help you to get it in your throat.  You need to surrender yourself to your father, and now to Melody- let them guide you,” Father David said.  He was stroking his own cock, soaked with his daughter’s spit.

Eva did as she was told, hearing Daddy moan again as she took him into her mouth.  Melody knelt beside her, wrapping her fingers in Eva’s hair and guiding her head gently back and forth along Daddy’s shaft.  She looked up at him, seeing nothing but pride in his eyes.

“Okay, Melody, a bit faster sweetie,” Father David said.  Melody gripped Eva’s hair tighter, quickening the pace so that Daddy’s cock was hitting the back of her throat with each thrust.  Eva fought her reflex to cough, trying to relax her body to accommodate Melody’s pace.

“That feels so good baby, you’re doing such a good job,” Daddy said through a moan. 

“Okay, now Melody,” Father David said.

With that command, Melody held Eva’s face against Daddy’s body, forcing his cock down her throat.  Eva instantly gagged, pushing away from Daddy and spitting on the floor as she tried to catch her breath.  She had tears in her eyes, and did her best to quell the sense of panic that had just flooded her body.

“That’s it, deep breaths,” Melody said gently.  “Let me know when you’re ready to go again,” she said.

Eva looked up at Daddy to see a look of concern across his face.  She wanted to be brave for him, and please him.  She took a deep breath, settling her nerves.  “Again,” she said determinedly. 

Melody grabbed her hair again as she put Daddy back in her mouth.  This time Eva was ready for his cock to slide down her throat, and was able to hold it for a few seconds before she gagged.  

“Much better,” Father David praised.  “Michael, she’s a natural- she will learn in no time,” he promised.  Eva smiled, the praise propelling Daddy’s cock back into her mouth for more.

Eva sucked Daddy with Melody’s help, doing her best to fight her gag reflex each time Melody forced Daddy’s cock down her throat.  Sometimes Melody would hold her head down for a few seconds, coaching Eva to ignore her desire to gag.  Other times she would slam her face into Daddy repeatedly, forcing his cock into her throat and letting her breathe in between. 

Eva became completely consumed by her task; she existed merely for Daddy’s pleasure and knew that Melody knew how to help her.  She allowed Melody to guide her head and set the pace, no matter how frantic she became.  She breathed when Melody told her to, and swallowed Daddy’s cock as much as she could.  She couldn’t even hear Father David coaching them anymore- the only thing that she focused on was Daddy’s cock.

“It’s so good baby, just like that,” Daddy groaned, his hand replacing Melody’s on Eva’s head. 

Melody leaned back on her heels, letting Daddy take over setting the pace.  “He’s gonna cum,” she whispered to Eva.  “Just let it flow down your throat, or take it in your mouth and swallow it.  Always swallow it,” she whispered. 

As if on cue, Daddy put both of his hands in Eva’s hair.  “Daddy’s gonna cum baby, that’s it,” he moaned.  His hips flexed as he thrusted into his daughter’s mouth, the tip of his cock assaulting the back of Eva’s throat as she struggled to hold on. 

With a final moan, Daddy thrust his cock as deep as he could, shooting the first rope of cum directly down her throat.  He pulled back slightly, filling her mouth with his salty flavour.  Eva relaxed her mouth, gently sucking the tip of Daddy’s cock as he finished.  She looked up at him and swallowed when their eyes met.

“Always thank a man for his cum, Eva, and always make sure his cock is cleaned,” Father David instructed.

“Thank you Daddy,” Eva said as she licked her spit off of his shaft.

“You’re welcome, baby,” Daddy said warmly.  He cupped her face, bringing her to a standing position before kissing her tenderly. 

“Now, Melody, please finish what you started,” Father David said.  Melody returned to her father’s cock and began to suck.

“Feel free to watch us,” Father David remarked to Daddy.  “We have certainly watched you enough, and it really is a beautiful thing to witness,” he said. 

Daddy led Eva to the couch, putting his arms around her and kissing her forehead.

“Good girl, Eva, you’ve made Father nice and hard.  Please come and sit on my lap so that I can finish inside you,” he said lovingly.

Father David sat on the other end of the couch, opposite Eva and Daddy.  Melody straddled him, hiking up her dress so that he could enter her.  She faced outward, allowing Father David to cup her breasts as she rode him.

Daddy stroked Eva’s hair while they watched Melody finish with Father David.  “Isn’t it beautiful, baby?” Daddy whispered as Melody bobbed up and down on her father’s cock.

“Yes, Daddy,” Eva replied, nuzzling deeper into his embrace.  She meant it.

Chapter Eleven: Michael

For the rest of the day, Michael’s mind was consumed with how familiar and natural it felt to have his daughter suck his cock.  Her mouth felt so much like her mother’s, it was uncanny.  He longed to be inside her again to see if her pussy felt the same; he had been so nervous and overcome with emotion the first time that he hadn’t paid attention.

He could already see Eva coming out of her shell, even though it had only been a day.  She seemed to be forging a friendship with Melody, and was much more relaxed around him than she had been in years.  Her defensiveness seemed to have dissipated, and while she seemed a bit nervous sucking his cock, her eye contact showed nothing but devotion. 

Cumming in her mouth while she looked up at him was a close to heaven as he thought he would ever get.

The girls took some time that afternoon for their hobbies (part of Father David’s training is ensuring that they are interesting and articulate women).  It was good to see Eva with her sketchbook.  Father David talked Michael through what the next two weeks of training would look like.  Michael’s earlier apprehension was far outweighed by his excitement and belief that this would bring him closer to his daughter.

After dinner, Michael and Eva went on a walk along her mom’s favourite path.  They didn’t speak much; there was so much to be said, that neither knew where to start.  Michael wanted to ask Eva how she was doing, if she was okay, what she needed from him to make this work, but he didn’t want to interrupt the companionable silence that they had found. 

On the way back, she took his hand in hers, intertwining their fingers.  When she whispered, “Thank you, Daddy,” his heart melted. 

When they returned from their walk, they said goodnight to Melody and Father David who were playing cards by the fire.  Michael and Eva went into their bedroom and closed the door.  The two quickly undressed, finding each other under the blankets. 

“I love you, Eva.  Thank you for that walk- it was so special to me,” Michael whispered. 

Eva nuzzled into his arm.  “I felt so close to Mom when we were out there.  I think she would be happy that we’re here,” she whispered back.

Michael squeezed his daughter tighter, trailing his fingers down her bare back.  He felt her shiver.  “I think so too, baby,” he said, and kissed the top of her head. 

Eva tilted her head up to him.  It was dark, but he could see the sparkle of her eyes as he gazed into them. 

“I love you, Daddy,” she whispered.  Her lips met his in a soft, sweet kiss. 

Michael kissed her back, cupping her face in his hands.  She put her hands in his hair, drawing him in closer as her tongue danced along his lips.  He breathed her name as his tongue found hers, and was soon completely lost in their kiss.

Michael’s hands moved down his daughter’s body, tracing her curves to her hip.  She broke their kiss, her breath heavy on his face.  She looked up at him as she took his hand, tracing it back up and deliberately placing it on her breast.  His fingers instinctively teased her nipple, causing her to shiver. 

“I want you, Daddy,” she whispered.

“Are you sure, baby?” he asked.

“Yes, Daddy.  Please, don’t stop.”  Eva punctuated her ask with a kiss so deep that he felt it in his toes.  Now it was his turn to obey.

He continued to kiss her as his hand moved from her breast to between her legs.  He could feel her wetness before he even parted her lips.  “Eva, baby,” he moaned as he slid a finger inside her.  Her body grinded into him as she bit his lip in pleasure.

Eva whimpered as his fingers circled her clit.  He moved his mouth to her nipple, running it against his teeth.  Eva arched her back, breathing heavily.  Michael brought his fingers to his mouth to taste his daughter’s sweetness before driving them back into her.  The small taste wasn’t nearly enough, so he moved his mouth onto her clit while he fingered her.

“Daddy, Daddy yes!” Eva screamed, her moans carrying throughout the cabin.  Michael didn’t relent with fingers or mouth, completely consumed by his daughter’s pleasure.  “Daddy, please can I cum for you?” she asked.

“Yes baby, yes.  Cum for Daddy,” Michael said before sucking her clit into his mouth and flicking it with her tongue.  She cried out as she came, an extra burst of wetness soaking his fingers as her body convulsed.  Michael licked her clit slowly, desperate to taste every drop of his daughter’s sweet cum. 

His cock was throbbing as he kissed his way back up to Eva’s mouth. “Daddy needs to be inside you,” he whispered into her mouth. 

Eva sat up, her generous breasts bouncing as she adjusted herself.  “Sit up, Daddy,” she said, “I want to do it like Melody.” 

Michael sat, leaning against the headboard.  Instead of facing outward as Melody had, Eva straddled him face to face, dipping her tongue into his mouth as she settled onto his cock. 

“You feel so good, baby,” he moaned as she started to grind her hips on him. 

“You feel good too, Daddy,” she breathed.

They looked into each other’s eyes, breathing together as Eva rode his cock.  “You’re so good baby, Daddy’s gonna cum,” he said, taking one of her nipples into his mouth. 

“I want your cum Daddy, please fill me,” Eva asked, riding harder.

Michael wrapped his arms around his daughter, pulling her hard down onto his cock as he filled her pussy with his seed.  They stayed wrapped in each other as Michael’s cock pulsed.  Eva eventually slid off of him, burrowing her way into his arms and wrapping her legs around him.

They fell asleep to the sound of Father David and Melody making love in the next room.

Chapter Twelve: Father David

Two Months Later

The girls had served pancakes for breakfast, with sweet maple syrup.  Father David had just finished his stack, and thanked Eva for clearing the plates on the table. 

She had come so far over the past couple of months.  He was really pleased with her training.  Her domestic skills had improved greatly; she was quite a creative cook, and while she didn’t have Melody’s discipline with cleaning, she was great in the garden. 

Her lessons in intimacy were also progressing nicely.  Father David still provided some instruction from time to time, and he also had daily debriefs with Michael to see how Eva was learning.  Michael was quite pleased with her progress, and Father David could see a seamless obedience from her that did not exist at the beginning of summer.

This obedience was currently on display; as Eva carried the dirty dishes over to the sink that Melody was filling, Michael backed his chair away from the table and undid the buckle of his belt.  Eva sat the dishes down on the counter for Melody, and then wordlessly crossed the room to kneel in front of her father.  She took his cock out of his pants and began sucking. 

The gagging noises as she forced her father’s cock down her throat had Father David feeling proud of all that they had accomplished. 

Melody continued washing the dishes, as if nothing else were going on.  Father David watched her focused work, attentive to the way her hips swung as she scrubbed a particularly difficult plate.  He felt his cock twitch at the sound of Eva sucking Michael’s cock, and realized that he needed to relive some tension of his own.

Father David got up from his chair, moving behind Melody as she continued cleaning.  “Do you need something, Father?” she asked politely, turning to face him.

“No, sweetie, it’s okay- keep washing the dishes,” he said gently, kissing her deeply before turning her back around.  “I can help myself.”

Melody put her hands back in the dishwater as Father David pulled her dress up.  He pressed his hand on her back slightly to bend her, and slipped his hard cock into her awaiting pussy.  She gasped slightly as he entered her, but it was swallowed by a moan from Michael.

Father David let Eva’s gagging sounds set his pace with Melody, thrusting his cock into his daughter each time he heard the girl gag.  Michael gently encouraged her, his voice becoming more and more urgent as she sucked.  Father David picked up his pace with Melody, who was having difficulty not sloshing the dishwater as he used her.

Michael’s orgasm spurred his own, both fathers emptying themselves into their daughters at the same time.  Father David pulled out of Melody, smoothing her dress back down around her backside.  She turned, getting down on her knees to clean his cock off. 

When she stood back up, her “thank you, Father,” was echoed as Eva thanked her Daddy at the same time. 

“Jinx!” both girls said together, and both daughters and fathers laughed.

Epilogue: Eva

The start of a new school year was never particularly remarkable for Eva- but that was before.  Eva considered herself a fundamentally different person now than she was at the beginning of the summer. 

She was in week two of her second year at the art program, and had dusted off the painting that she had left at the end of the last school year.  She found herself pleased with the way that the trees and shapes and cliffs accurately represented the landscape on which it was based.  After this summer, she was much more familiar with it.

She had worked for two weeks solid, intent on finishing the project.  When she had finally finished, she stepped back to assess her work.

Melody came up behind her as she was lost in thought.  Eva and Melody decided to keep their friendship secret at school, and remain acquaintances- until next summer, when they would pick up where they had left off.

 “It looks good,” Melody said quietly.  “It looks finished.” 

Eva looked at the black and grey landscape, and the three shadows- man, woman, and daughter.  Her gaze landed on the one spot of colour, a bright yellow flower in the mother’s hand, giving it to the daughter.

“It is,” Eva said, as she gathered her things.  Daddy was picking her up in five minutes, and it was rude to make him wait.

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