Honour Thy Father: Chapter 8-9

Chapter Eight: Melody No one had ever watched her suck Father’s cock before.  Melody knew, of course, that Michael and Eva were coming to learn from them, but she hadn’t considered that they would be watching her most intimate moments with Father.  She had to admit that it felt a little strange, and she almostContinue reading “Honour Thy Father: Chapter 8-9”

My Mother, My Wife (Part 3)

Read Part 1, Part 2 Lily What the actual fuck.  Lily threw herself down on her bed, mind reeling from the conversation she had just had with her mother.  The conversation where her own mother proposed marriage- to her- in some lesbian fantasy.  Lily couldn’t fathom what had gotten into her.  The woman was usuallyContinue reading “My Mother, My Wife (Part 3)”