Mother Knows Best (Excerpt): Chapter Four

Lexi kissed me deeply, angling her perfect body so that she was back on top of me.  Seeing her glorious tits hanging over me as she bent over for a kiss had my cock rock hard, desperate to be freed from the confines of my jeans.  I thrust my hips up into her as her tongue touched mine, the passion in her kiss mirroring my own.  Her slim fingers undid the first three buttons on my shirt, enough for her hands to touch my chest. 

When her need outweighed her patience, she ripped my shirt open, sending buttons scattering along the floor.  I gasped at her impulsiveness, smirking slightly as the reality of her ripping my shirt off was so much better than my fantasy.  Her hands covered every inch of my chest, creating a path of fire everywhere she touched. She nibbled on my earlobe as I sat up slightly to take the rest of my shirt off, moaning at the feel of her delicate mouth on such a sensitive area.  “Lexi,” was all I could get out before her mouth crushed mine again.

She kissed down my neck, covering my chest in licks, nibbles, and kisses.  As she neared the waistband of my jeans I was sure that I was going to burst into flames.  I concentrated every spare brain cell on not cumming; I was pretty sure that I would agree to never cum again if it meant that this feeling could continue forever. 

I felt her fingers dip under the waist of my jeans just before she undid the button.  My cock was rock hard under them, barely contained by my boxer briefs.  She made quick work of my jeans, pulling them off of my long legs and tossing them carelessly aside, her attention fixated on the bulge between my legs.  Her eyes sparkled in anticipation as she licked her lips, fingers tracing the outline of my cock through the thin fabric.  “Lexi, please,” I said desperately, the teasing already bringing me to the edge.  “Oh, come on, Shane, let a girl have a little fun,” she smirked, bending to lick my cock through my boxers.  She breathed hot air on me as her hands mercifully started taking off my boxers.  She put her face against me as she freed my cock, close enough that my 9 inches jumped up to slap her cheek.  I swallowed my apology as she smiled in delight.

I could feel myself flush self-consciously as she ogled my nakedness, taking her time pulling my shorts off the rest of the way, remaining perched on her heels to take me all in.  She kissed up my leg, inside my thigh, almost to my package- and then switched sides to do the same to my other leg.  When her mouth finally got back between my legs, I yelped as she bit the inside of my thigh.  “Just making sure I have your attention,” she said, as if I could pay attention to anything else.  The house could be burning around us, and I would still be focused on her. 

I felt her breath on my balls before her lips gently wrapped around them.  I moaned in satisfaction, feeling my body melt into the mattress as her lips and tongue tickled me.  Her hand wrapped around my throbbing cock, gently starting to stroke up and down as her mouth worked my most sensitive areas.  The sight of the girl of my dreams between my legs with her hand wrapped around my cock was almost too much to bear.

Her mouth eventually worked its way up, licking me from shaft to tip before she made eye contact with me.  Her eyes held mine as she flicked the tip of my cock with her tongue, each contact sending a jolt of electricity through my body.  I focused on her eyes, framed by long blonde hair and deep enough to get lost in.  I longed to see her lips wrapped around me, but as she started licking my cock like a lollipop while holding eye contact, I forgot all about that.

At long last she sat up, flipped the pink ends of her hair toward her back, and squared her shoulders.  She bent toward my cock, holding eye contact with me as she wrapped her perfect lips around my head.  Her mouth felt amazing; warm, inviting- like home.  My whole body clenched in an effort not to explode right there.  She moved her lips around me, soaking me in spit as her tongue swirled circles around my head.  I moaned, looking into her eyes, willing her to never, ever stop. 

She started bobbing her head up and down my shaft, taking the first couple of inches into her mouth.  I could feel the back of her throat, but she didn’t press me into it.  She could fit about half of my shaft in her mouth, which was absolutely fine with me.  Her hand worked the base of my cock as her mouth did things to me that can only be described as magic.  If she had any hesitation when she began, it quickly disappeared as she licked and sucked and swirled me into a frenzy.

Emboldened by my moaning and squirming beneath her, she took more and more of me into her mouth.  I could feel the tip of my cock resting at her throat as she took tentative movements to get me further and further in.  She tried pressing me all the way down her throat and gagged instantly; watching her gorgeous eyes water from gagging on my cock was probably the sexiest thing I had ever seen in my life.  She looked up at me sheepishly, delicately wiping spit from the corners of her mouth before saying “Shane, you’re huge.”

I smiled.  That wasn’t the first time I had heard that, but it meant so much more coming from her lips.  “You’re incredible,” I countered, earning a smile from her.  “I want to get you all in my throat, but I don’t think I can,” she said, the first traces of self-consciousness that I had seen all night playing across her features.  “Lexi, you are absolutely amazing- you have had me on the edge of cumming this whole time- you absolutely don’t have to take all of me in,” I said gently, really meaning it. As hot as it was to see her gag on me, I wanted her to feel comfortable.

“Thanks, Shane,” she said shyly, “maybe it’ll be something to work up to.”  Her mischievous grin reappeared, and she went back to work on my cock.  She found an expert rhythm, sucking, swirling, and stroking me with her hand and mouth.  Her other hand cupped my balls, and every fibre of my being was focused on not exploding into her mouth.  She was really into it, every now and then sneaking my head into her throat and gagging, just to test the waters.

Every time she gagged on me she looked up at me, tears glistening in her eyes at her effort.  I was enamoured- head over heels in love- with her.  Her sucking noises got louder, as did my moans- we were one being, a mixture of sensation and need, giving each other everything we had to give.  It was during one of these moments- her gagging on my throbbing cock- that her mom walked into the room.

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