Mother Knows Best (Excerpt): Chapter Six

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Lexi squeezed my hand, obviously humiliated.  “Mom, please stop…I don’t want to talk about this with you,” she pleaded, bringing her knees up to her chest in modesty.  “Oh, honey, come on.  I am already here; I have already seen you.  If you two are going to fool around in my house, you can’t expect privacy.  Now, show me what you were up to.”

“Oh my GOD Mom stop it!” Lexi cried, face as red as mine felt.  Crystal leaned forward in her chair, opening her legs slightly.  I could see bright blue panties up her skirt; not that I was looking…or maybe I was- I don’t know, there was a lot going on.  “Come on, baby- show me how you make your boyfriend happy.  Show me how you suck that gorgeous cock.”  Crystal licked her lips, clearly not backing down.  When Lexi didn’t move, Crystal’s tone of voice changed to what could only be described as a “mom” tone.  “Now, Lexi, or I will,” she said firmly. Lexi looked at her mom, no doubt gauging whether she was actually serious.  Clearly she wasn’t ready to take the risk, and Lexi spurred into action. 

Lexi dropped my hand, turning her body slightly toward me.  She wrapped her hand back around my cock, which came right back to attention despite the bizarre circumstances.  She looked me in the eye as she started to stroke, the moment charged in a very different way than it had been earlier.  Crystal made no more noise, but I could still distinctly feel her presence in the room as her daughter lowered her mouth to my cock. 

Lexi worked her magic on me, forcing out a moan as I felt her tongue flick the tip of my cock as her lips closed around me.  She held eye contact, each of us focusing on the other in an effort to drown out the additional presence in the room.  It almost worked, until we heard Crystal’s voice: “Nice work, Lexi- you’ve got him squirming.  Now take him all the way in.”

To Lexi’s credit, she tried.  She forced my cock as far as she could into her throat, her nose almost touching my body before she coughed and gagged it up.  She sat up, eyes watering. 

“Oh, come on baby, you’re better than that.  Again,” Crystal chided, moving her chair closer to the bed for a better vantage point.  “Mom, please- stop it.  Just leave us alone,” Lexi begged, wiping the tears from her eyes.  “Again, Lexi, and this time get it all the way in.”

Lexi bent back over my cock, determination in her eyes.  I laid there silently, unsure of how to help her or of what to say to Crystal.  “Spit on it baby, it’ll help,” Crystal suggested.  Lexi did as she was told, trailing a line of spit from her gorgeous lips onto the head of my cock.  She sucked on me again, working her way up to my full length.  She tried a couple more times, failing to press me down her throat. 

“You need more spit baby,” Crystal said gently as Lexi came up gagging for the fourth time.  Before I knew what was happening Crystal stood, pulling her miniskirt down over her generous thighs.  She leaned over my cock, staring at me as she donated her own spit to the tip of my cock.  As I watched the trail of spit leave her mouth, I could feel my face- and maybe entire body?- flush crimson.  “Don’t be embarrassed, Shane, you certainly win in the end.”

I didn’t know what to say to that, so I chose to say nothing at all.  I looked at Lexi, both of us incredibly embarrassed at her mom’s brazenness.  “Try again, Lexi,” Crystal demanded, this time remaining standing over us beside the bed.  Lexi reluctantly put her head back down, no doubt humiliated by her mom’s patronizing intrusion.  My cock was soaked in spit, and her mouth slid easily up and down it.  I felt the back of Lexi’s throat again, but this time when she gagged her head didn’t lift.  It took me a beat to realize that it was because Crystal was holding her daughter’s head down on my cock.

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