Mother Knows Best (Excerpt): Chapter Nine

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She stood, letting go of my cock.  I felt quite a bit of relief, getting an opportunity to stop trying not to cum for the first time in a while.  “Come here, Lexi, lay down on the bed over here,” Crystal directed, and to both of our surprise Lexi obeyed.  She was clearly enamoured by her mom’s performance, and wanted to learn.  “Shane, come stand here,” she said, gesturing bedside her.  She laid her daughter on her back on the bed, hanging her head over the edge so that her ponytail touched the ground. 

“When I was learning to deep throat, I found this angle really helped,” she said matter of factly, grabbing me by the hips.  “Standing gives you a bit more leverage to force yourself down her throat, and this angle has very little resistance,” Crystal explained.  My hard cock hovered over Lexi’s gorgeous face, her wide eyes looking up at me through it.  “Okay, Lexi, now open your mouth like a good girl, and let Shane fuck your face,” Crystal said gently.  Lexi did as she was told, opening wide to accept my cock.  “Stick your tongue out, baby,” Crystal said as she spat on her hand and stroked my cock.  “All right, Shane, fuck my daughter’s face,” she said with a smile. 

I slid my cock into Lexi’s mouth gently, giving us both a chance to get used to the new sensation and angle.  I could feel her familiar tongue, and her warm mouth wrapped around me.  The angle was different; it felt like there was more room in her mouth.  “That’s it, now thrust yourself in and out,” Crystal directed, hands moving my hips slightly.  She allowed me to keep a gentle pace, staying shallow in Lexi’s mouth.  Lexi moaned, clearly enjoying herself, which Crystal took as a green light to increase the intensity.

“Okay, Shane, now fuck her harder.  Can you feel the back of her throat?”  I pressed my cock in further, until my head found resistance at her soft throat.  “Yes, I can feel it,” I said, teasing her throat with my cock.  “Okay, now Lexi, relax, baby, relax your throat,” Crystal said, gently caressing her daughter’s nipples in an effort to calm her down.  I could feel the resistance at Lexi’s throat soften slightly, and took that as an invitation to go deeper.  I pressed myself in, past the initial resistance until her throat easily opened for me.  I pulled out fast, already feeling Lexi start to gag.

“That’s it, great job Lexi,” Crystal encouraged, and to Lexi’s credit she didn’t gag when I pulled out of her mouth.  “Now keep doing that, Shane, little by little, and then all at once.”  I pressed back into her, past the back of her throat and in, and then withdrew.  I did it over and over again, just as Crystal had done on my cock.  Each time I let Lexi regain her composure and catch her breath, her signalling readiness by opening her mouth for me and sticking out her tongue. 

I felt her moan as I entered her sweet mouth, sometimes holding my cock in her throat for a few moments longer at Crystal’s direction.  Crystal oscillated between playing with her daughter’s nipples to relax her, and holding onto my hips to increase or guide my pace.  By the time we had found a rhythm, I was fucking Lexi’s face with some intensity, actually getting myself all the way down her throat before pulling out. 

Crystal was gleeful, clearly proud of her daughter.  She laid beside Lexi, rewarding her with a nibble on her nipples before she matched her daughter’s posture.  I stood there, looking at both mother and daughter staring at me with their mouths open and tongues out, ready for me to fuck their faces. 

I went for Lexi’s mouth first out of principle, keeping my steady rhythm as I fucked her throat.  “My turn,” Crystal whined, grabbing my balls with her hand as I thrusted into Lexi’s mouth.  I pulled out of Lexi, bringing my cock to her mother’s mouth.  I rammed it down her throat, stifling her whining instantly.  I knew I could be rougher with Crystal, and I was.  I thrusted into her mouth hard, not even waiting to feel the resistance at the back of her throat before pressing myself in.  I didn’t let her come up for air; I just kept thrusting back and forth, listening to her gargle on my cock as it slide up and down her throat.  To Crystal’s credit, she didn’t flinch.  Her eyes watered, spit pooled around my cock, but she remained relaxed as I used her throat.  When I could feel that I was about to cum I pulled out, returning to Lexi’s gentler touch.

I fucked their faces for as long as I pleased, switching between mother and daughter to break up the sensation.  At one point I thrusted once into Lexi’s throat, then once into her mothers, then once back into Lexi’s; I moved my cock back and forth between their sweet mouths like a metronome.  Each time I pulled out of one of their throats served as a slight reset; a brief reprieve where I could take a breath and refocus on not blowing my load all over their faces- which is exactly what I wanted to do.  Spit strings followed my cock from mouth to mouth, mother and daughter swapping spit over my cock as I entered their sweet mouths.  The sensation of two tongues, two sets of lips, two mouths, two throats on my cock was damn near overwhelming.  Moving from Lexi’s soft and gentle throat to the intensity of her mother’s was incredible- almost impossible to decide which I liked more.  I realized that I was feeling greedy, and wanted them both at the same time.

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