The Misadventures of Jessica: A Day at the Beach

It was a gorgeous day for a visit to the beach.  Jessica and a group of friends from school had met early, all carpooling to a nearby beach for a day of fun in the sun.  She was wearing a bright red bikini, with red toe and nail polish to match.  Her boyfriend, Scott was driving, with a few of his friends in the backseat.  Another car of friends was behind them, everyone excited to blow off some steam.

They arrived at the beach, scouting out the perfect sunny spot to set up.  The ocean waves sounded peaceful, Jessica thought, as she put her towel down beside her friend Amy’s.  “This is going to be the perfect day,” Amy said as she rooted around for some sunscreen.  “Hey, Jessica, will you get my back?”  Jessica grabbed the lotion, squirting a generous amount into her hands and rubbing it into Amy’s toned shoulders.  She delicately untied her friend’s bikini top, moving it to the side so that she didn’t miss any spots.  She also reached her hand slightly into her friend’s bottoms, rubbing lotion onto the top of her ass, “just to avoid tan lines,” she said helpfully.  “Thanks, girl, I can do you now if you want,” Amy said, grabbing the lotion.

“Not so fast,” Scott said with a smile, “I’ve got your back Jessica.”  He winked at Jessica, sending shivers down her body- no matter how long they were together, she hoped that he always had that effect on her.  His strong hands massaged the lotion into her, repeating the same motions that she had on Amy, down to untying the bikini top. 

“Woah, Jessica, better keep those hands where they are or you’ll give us all a show,” their friend Chris joked.  Jessica rolled at her eyes, crossing her arms and holding her untied top a little tighter under Chris’s gaze.  Their friends Juan and Malcolm joined the group, each taking a moment to look Jessica’s vulnerable frame up and down.  Their gazes did not make her feel the butterflies that Scott’s did

“Okay babe, all done!” he said finally.  He fumbled with the back of her swimsuit, finally securing it. 

“Thanks,” Jessica said, making a show of kissing Scott in front of the guys. 

“Okay, you two, get a room!” Amy laughed, throwing her sunhat at them.  Jessica laughed too, and the boys went to throw the frisbee around.  

Jessica and Amy laid in the sun, each of them reading a book and sipping cucumber water.  Jessica was so relaxed that she may have even dozed off for a bit- that was until the boys returned.  “Hey, that looks like a really good idea,” Scott said, parking himself beside Jessica and offering a kiss hello.  “I could really go for a nap in the sun.”  Amy agreed, mumbling that it was highly recommended as she rolled over, continuing her own nap. 

“Forget naps, let’s go in the water!” Malcolm said, already walking toward the rolling waves. 

“Naw, I’m gonna have a nap- I’ll be in later,” Scott said. 

“Ugh, fine- Jessica, you come with us instead- we need four for our game,” Chris said.  “Plus, you already napped!” he said with a smile.

Jessica was torn- she really wanted to lay with Scott in the sun, holding hands and just being close to him.  She was also sweating like crazy, and could really use a dip.  “Go, babe, go as tribute for me while I get some zzs,” Scott joked, lightly smacking Jessica on the ass.  “I’ve hung out with those bozos all morning,” he said through a smile. 

“Oh, fine,” Jessica said, getting up and walking toward the water, “I’m going.”  She could feel Scott’s eyes on her as she walked toward the water, so made an extra show of swinging her hips so that her ass jiggled in her red bikini bottoms.  When she reached the cool water, she took a few long strides and dove in.  By the time she looked back at him, he was already asleep.

She swam out to meet the boys, surprised at how far ahead of her they were.  She took some easy strokes in the water, grateful for years of lifeguarding when she was younger.  She picked up her pace, pleased that the muscle memory was still there.  She cut through the waves crashing above her with ease, making it out to the boys in what she thought was pretty good time.  She dipped her head under water to get her hair out of her face, finally finding her footing in the deep water.

The water was up almost to her shoulders, which is perhaps why she didn’t immediately realize why the guys were looking at her so funny.  She met Chris’s eyes first, and saw them lower to her chest.  Malcolm and Juan seemed to be having a similar issue.  Jessica’s own eyes followed theirs, suddenly seeing that she was missing her bikini top.  “Oh my god!” she exclaimed, covering her exposed nipples with her hands, “why didn’t any of you say anything?!” 

Chris spoke first. “Sorry, we were a little…distracted,” he said obviously, to the laughter of the other guys.  “You have great tits, Jessica,” Juan said.  Malcolm was silent, drawing Jessica’s attention.  He was looking just over her shoulder, back from where she had come.  She was hesitant to turn and follow his gaze, lest she flash the rest of the beach.  It wasn’t particularly crowded, and they had swum out further than any of the other patrons by a long shot.  She doubted that anyone would even be able to tell that she was nude from the waist up, especially because of the water level.  Even still, she didn’t want to take any chances.

While she was engaged in this internal battle, Malcolm leapt past her, jostling her exposed breasts and causing her hands to drop from her nipples momentarily.  She righted her footing, crossing her arms in front of her breasts modestly.  “Got it,” Malcolm said triumphantly, holding a small red piece of fabric out of the water. 

“Oh, thanks, Malcolm,” Jessica said in relief.  She went to reach for her top, cupping both breasts with her other hand, when Malcolm threw it over her head.  

She instinctively jumped for it, forgetting that she was naked.  Her breasts fell out of her grasp, with both hands reaching up to catch the swimsuit top.  She jumped as high as she could and reached for it, but it was way over her head and landed in Juan’s grasp instead.  Jessica came back down with a lurch, her exposed breasts bouncing in the water before she covered them again with her hands.  “Not funny, Malcolm- give me my top back, Juan,” she said, starting to get annoyed. 

Juan examined the top in his hands, as if considering her request.  “Naw, I think you look better without it,” he said, throwing it to Chris.  

They played keepaway with it for a while, forcing Jessica to dart between the three of them while they tossed the top, her breasts inevitably jiggling free of her grasp as she desperately tried to get possession of her top.  She leapt toward Malcolm as Chris threw it toward him, her nipples brushing against him as she fought to get the top from his hands.  He easily overpowered her, throwing the top to Juan before she could wrest it from him.  Jessica didn’t even have a chance to charge Juan before he had thrown it to Chris. “Come on, guys, please- the joke is over- just give me my top,” she said, starting to feel panicked. 

Chris just leered at her, spinning the top around his finger.  “It barely covers you anyway, Jessica, you might as well not even wear it,” he said, baiting her.

She lunged at him, her arms freeing her breasts as they tried to close around his neck.  She fought him desperately, not realizing or caring that her breasts were directly in his face as she wrapped her legs around his waist.  “Give it back, Chris!” she exclaimed, desperation creeping into her voice.  Chris was quite a bit taller than she was, and easily held it out of her grasp while she clawed at his chest. 

“We like you better without it,” he said finally, pushing her off of him- by holding her breast.

Jessica allowed herself to be pushed off of him, if only because of the shock of him grabbing her breast.  “Give it back,” she said quietly, her defeat beginning to sink in. 

“You can have it back, maybe-” he said, a smirk on his face, “if you’re a good girl.”  Malcolm and Juan smirked at this too, closing into a circle around her.

“We will give it back to you, Jessica, but you will have to earn it back,” Chris said simply.  Jessica had no idea what he was talking about, so said nothing.  “You can start by kissing Malcolm,” he said, sneering as the reality of what he was saying sunk in on Jessica. 

“I am not kissing him- or any of you, for that matter.  My boyfriend is on the beach right now- and I love him.  Absolutely not,” Jessica said incredulously.

“Well, that’s your choice,” he said calmly, “but it’s you who is going to have to walk all the way back to Scott without a top on and explain to him that all of his friends saw your tits.  Not to mention all the kids on the beach,” he said.  As he was talking, Juan was getting closer to Jessica.  She didn’t realize until he pulled at the string of her bottoms.  She fought back immediately, blindly kicking her legs under the water.  One half of her bottoms was undone, and she desperately fought to keep the other half on.  Her hands clung to the fabric, forgetting about covering her breasts.  

Malcolm wrapped her in a bear hug, her back facing his chest.  He closed his hands over her breasts, roughly kneading them and pinching her nipples as she kicked toward Juan.  “Stop! Don’t touch me!” she said in her most threatening voice.  Her mouth was covered by Malcolm almost instantly, so no one could hear her scream.  She kicked her painted toes out of the water, aiming for Juan’s nose.  She missed, giving him the perfect opportunity to unite the other side of her bottoms and pocket them.  

Jessica’s body relaxed as soon as she realized she had lost the fight.  She leaned into Malcolm’s embrace, the fight draining from her body as her naked vulnerability set in.  “Guys, please- don’t do this,” she begged, her voice small.  “Please don’t hurt me,” she said quietly.

“It won’t hurt if you don’t fight it, Jessica,” Chris said kindly, tucking a piece of her dark hair behind her ears.  “From the beach it’ll just look like we are playing a game,” he said reassuringly, “Scott doesn’t have to know.  If you be a good girl for us, we will give you back your clothes and you can walk back to the beach with dignity,” Chris said, acting as if he were still her friend. 

“If she can still walk,” Malcolm muttered under his breath, making Jessica’s heart sink.  

“We won’t tell Scott, and neither will you,” Chris said authoritatively.  “We don’t want to hurt him- he’s our friend.  We just want a piece of you,” he said, squeezing her breast as Malcolm held her still.  “If you scream, Malcolm will hold you under the water until you stop,” he said, his voice instantly changing to threatening before he kindly said, “so be a good girl, okay?”

All Jessica could do was nod.  Her boyfriend’s closest friends were about to rape her, and there was nothing that she could do about it.  She steeled herself, trying to prepare to be humiliated.

“Now, where were we- oh yes- kiss Malcolm,” Chris ordered.  She could see his hand drift under the water, no doubt to stroke his cock.  Malcolm grabbed her by the waist and turned her toward him, his mouth closing on hers greedily.  His tongue invaded her, demanding far more than she was willing to give.  He cupped her bare ass under the water, lifting her slightly to gain better access.  She lost her balance, finally having to wrap her legs around him to keep herself from falling.  “That’s it, good girl- get into it,” Chris encouraged.

Juan stood beside them, stroking his cock.  He grabbed one of Jessica’s breasts as she kissed Malcolm, gently teasing her nipple.  She was dismayed to find that it hardened in his fingers.  “Mmm, I think she likes it,” he whispered. 

“I’m cold,” Jessica stammered, relieved as Malcolm removed his tongue from her mouth. 

“Let’s see,” he said, taking her other nipple into his mouth.  Jessica swallowed a moan, pushing against his chest in vain to create some distance.  He just held her tighter, pressing her breast into his eager mouth.  

“I want some,” Chris said, and Malcolm turned her around again so that her back was to his chest.  He held her firmly, arms behind her back in his strong grasp.  Her breasts were forced outward, easily accessible by both men.  As Jessica stood there with her arms bound, she felt Malcolm’s cock twitch against her hands.  “Such great tits, Jessica,” Chris said, cupping the one that wasn’t already in Juan’s mouth.  He flicked his tongue on her nipple a few times, and Jessica shivered in spite of herself.  Her hand brushed up against Malcolm’s hard cock, and she immediately tried to move away.

“It makes me wonder what’s waiting for us down here,” Chris said, trailing his hand down her smooth stomach.  Sheer panic welled up in her as she realized that he was going to take her most private place. 

“Chris, no,” she whispered, knowing that he wasn’t listening.  He reached between her legs, instantly feeling slippery wetness, beyond the ocean water.  “Mmm, I think she’s enjoying herself,” he said, “you dirty girl.”  He kissed Jessica deeply as he pressed his fingers into her reluctant hole.  “That’s it, get it nice and wet,” he said between kisses, “this pussy has some work to do.”

Jessica felt tears fall down her cheeks as he moved in front of her.  He reached down to grab her legs, and she took the opportunity to fight back.  She landed a hard kick with both feet at his chest, using Malcolm’s tight hold on her as leverage to get her legs up.  Chris stumbled back a few paces, his head dipping under the water momentarily.  “You little bitch,” he said through barred teeth, “I told you to be a good girl.  This won’t be nearly as pleasant if you do that again,” he said, approaching her again to rape her.  This time she didn’t fight or kick- she knew that it would be no use- but it did feel good to get him at least once.

Chris put her legs on his shoulders, no doubt to keep her kicking to a minimum.  Her red painted toes shone in the sunlight; Jessica focused on the happy colour as Chris slid his cock inside her.  He was much bigger than Scott, and the resistance of the water had her moaning.  “That’s it, Jessica, take that cock,” he said, starting to thrust.  Malcolm’s body was as strong as a brick wall, offering Chris the perfect resistance to drive his cock deep inside her.  Jessica focused on her red glistening toes, channeling happier times in hopes that the rape would be over quickly.  She didn’t even stir as Malcolm wrapped her hands around his cock, encouraging her to stroke it as Chris fucked her.  She even lost sight of Juan, who had been attached to her tits somehow since it had all started.  

He resurfaced at her toes, taking them into his mouth and breaking her focus.  Now the thing that she was focused on to find a happy place had also been ruined.  Juan sucked her toes over Chris’s shoulder with the same enthusiasm that he had been using on her nipples moments before.  She felt his teeth nibble at her, and moaned at the horrible scene.  He massaged her feet, which would have felt great under very different circumstances- without her friend’s cock in her pussy, and another in her hands, for example.

“Fuck, she feels amazing, boys, who’s up next?” Chris asked, finally pulling out of Jessica’s pussy.  He took over holding her for Malcolm, who moved to kiss her again.  “That’s it, whore, kiss him while you wrap your hands around my cock,” Chris said, holding her hands just as Malcolm had. 

Malcolm kissed her while he reached between her legs, stroking her clit.  Juan continued sucking her toes until Malcolm invited him to fuck her.  “Looks like you’re next in line, Juan,” he said, “I’ve got her good and ready for you.”  He continued to stroke Jessica’s clit as Juan entered her, finally evoking a moan from her mouth that Malcolm captured with a kiss. 

Chris held her wrists on his cock with one hand, and fondled and pinched her breasts with the other.  “Such a good girl,” he whispered in her ear.  His voice was both gentle and threatening.

When it was Malcolm’s turn to rape her, Chris continued to hold her hands.  Malcolm wrapped her legs around his waist, driving his cock into her without warning.  She wrapped her ankles around him, if only to hold on to some ounce of sanity as he penetrated her.  She could feel Juan back at her feet, this time holding them around his hard cock.  She could picture her painted red toes just under the water, wrapped around yet another cock that had just raped her.  Juan massaged her feet and toes while she gave him a foot job, all the while Malcolm raped her pussy and Chris molested her breasts.

She was utterly helpless, her body having long gone limp from resisting.  They were using her like a rag doll, her only protests being the silent tears rolling down her cheeks.  She tried uttering the odd “please stop,” but it just made them fuck her harder so she went quiet.

“She’s been such a good girl, hasn’t’ she guys?” Chris asked in a patronizing tone.  “You’re almost done Jessica- we are going to paint you with cum, but will give you a little reward first,” he said, his touch again turning gentle.  “You’ve been so good, and you’re going to give each of us such a good orgasm, that it’s only fair that you get one too.  I bet you’ve never had three guys make you cum before,” he said, gently teasing her nipple.  Malcolm’s thrusting slowed, his more deliberate actions giving her instant butterflies.  Juan appeared again at her side, taking a nipple into his mouth and pressing his fingers to her clit.  Her body relaxed, the rape starting to feel good for the first time.

Jessica let out a moan, pleasing each of the men.  “That’s it, let it feel good.  See Jessica? We aren’t monsters, we’re your friends,” Juan said, gently rubbing her clit while she moaned.  He reached a hand underneath her, feeling around for her asshole.  Her body tensed, but Chris kissed her neck, whispering in her hear.  “Just relax, we will make it feel good,” he said, and she obeyed.

Juan’s finger entered her ass slowly; she focused on relaxing around it while Malcolm thrusted into her pussy and Juan rubbed her clit.  “That’s it, good girl,” Juan said, finally pressing his finger a couple of knuckles deep.  He manipulated her asshole and her clit at a similar pace, and Jessica could feel herself nearing the edge.  With one man’s hands on her breasts, another on her clit and asshole, and yet another fucking her pussy, she was completely overcome with sensation and need.  She was freely moaning, her body no longer squirming to get away, but squirming to cum.  

“That’s it, good girl- let it out,” Chris cooed into her ear.  His gentle voice coaxed her nearer and nearer to the edge.  The contrast from the earlier roughness and the current gentle touches from all of the men- her friends- had her feeling strangely safe.  Her body was exhausted, and she could feel her last reserves of energy building into an orgasm.  She grinded herself against Malcolm’s cock and the other guys’ hands, her moans becoming more urgent.  “She’s going to cum, I can feel it on my cock,” Malcolm said excitedly. 

“Cum, Jessica,” Chris said firmly, and she did.

Chris put his hand over her mouth to muffle her scream as her orgasm took hold; she writhed and squirmed against all three men as her body convulsed, a tidal wave of pleasure rushing through her from head to toe.  When she was finished, she lay limp in her three friends’ embrace, her consciousness floating somewhere above them.  She felt totally out of touch with her body, and let them gently carry her to slightly shallower water.  

They had drifted quite a bit to the side of the beach, so even in the shallow water they were far away from the others.  They gently sat Jessica down on the sand, so that the water was up over her shoulders but her head was at the height of their three cocks.  “Suck,” Chris said, as Malcolm stuffed his cock into Jessica’s mouth.  She didn’t react at all; her body and mind were so spent from the rape and the orgasm that she received Malcolm’s cock easily.  He thrusted into her throat a few times, her lips closing and sucking him without her mind even telling it to- Chris had told her to, which apparently was enough. 

Malcolm used her mouth until he was ready to cum, pulling out of her and moving behind her to spray his cum into her wet hair.  Juan was next, repeating the exact same motions as Malcolm; he used her mouth to bring himself to the edge, his thrusting slightly more aggressive than Malcolm’s.  If Jessica had any strength left she would’ve gagged, or begged, or something- but as she was, she just sat there as Malcolm’s cum dripped down her hair, mixing with the salt water and Juan raped her mouth.  He added his cum to Malcolm’s, and Chris moved himself into her mouth.

“You have been such a good girl, Jessica,” he said kindly, taking slow and deliberate thrusts all the way into her willing throat.  “Our cum will stay in your hair for the rest of the day, giving you a reminder of our little game,” he said, gently cupping her face to see that she understood.  “You’ll want to put it up so that no one can tell,” he continued, “and if Scott notices, tell him it’s sunscreen- only we will know the truth- only we know what a good little girl you are,” he said, his thrusts getting more and more urgent.  Jessica nodded, vaguely, continuing to take his cock in her throat.  Chris emptied his balls onto her hair as well, and knelt behind her to tie it up in a cum-filled bun.

With that, the boys gave her back her swimsuit.

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