Sir is a layered man, with a huge cock. As you all well know, I don’t give undeserved compliments- especially to men- so trust me when I say…huge.

He has taught me a whole awful lot about intimacy, partnership, vulnerability.  He is easy to be around, disarmingly familiar, and makes me want to open myself up (which is no easy feat).  What started as a casual, age-inappropriate (he is in his mid-fifties) D/s dynamic, somehow morphed into sleepovers, gifts, and an unabashed honesty that I haven’t enjoyed in quite some time.

Sir has made me infinitely better at sucking cock.  I was good before, bordering on great- he has made me exceptional (if I do say so myself).  He has one of the biggest cocks I have ever been with- and not the meaty, half hard kind- he is rock hard, girthy, and long.  The first time I saw it, he told me that soon enough it would be all the way down my throat- I laughed.  When he told me that soon enough it would be buried in my ass, I panicked.

He wasn’t kidding.

He is a patient trainer, strict enforcer, and a gentle soul- quite a package.

He has contributed substantially to my growth as a sub, and probably- if I really think about it- as a human as well.  He challenges me physically and psychologically, and creates a safe place to do so. 

I can’t wait to tell you more about him.

Published by aliddell106

30 something woman- writer of erotica, blogger of all things BDSM and beyond. Tall, curvy, blonde; intelligent, grounded, hilarious. High pressure job, experienced submissive.

One thought on “Sir

  1. Such a kind and accurate post.

    I will always cherish your submissiveness and eagerness to please and learn and Improve.



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