Best Friends Forever: Prequel- Ch. 3-5

This story is a prequel to Best Friends Forever, and Best Friends Forever part 2.

Read Chapters 1-2 here.


When Jack left the apartment, Katie’s knees gave out and she crumbled on the floor.  Her mind was too rattled to cry; she just sat there in a numb fog for who knows how long.  She couldn’t believe what had just happened.  Her relationship with her close friend had fundamentally changed- she could hardly count him as a friend anymore.  He had been totally inappropriate- threatening- blackmail?! What the fuck?! She couldn’t believe his audacity.

 He had her photos- how could she have been so careless?! It wasn’t so much that he had seen her in such a compromising position- okay, that was decidedly not ideal- but his threat to share those photos- that could totally ruin her reputation.  Job prospects, respect of her peers…her family…it was all too much to bear.  She wanted to believe that Jack would never, but she also could see during their conversation that he was hurting.  He didn’t want to admit it to himself, but Michelle had hurt him, and Katie could see that it was going to take him a while to get over her.  Jack clearly wasn’t himself, and now she was firmly under his thumb. 

She heard Julia come in the door, and hurried to pry herself up off of the floor. Julia could instantly see that something was wrong, and came over to give Katie a hug- best friend intuition is a powerful thing.  “What happened?” Julia asked, embracing Katie.  Katie burst into tears.  “Oh, Katie, it’s okay, I’m here…just let it out.”  Julia’s voice was comforting, and Katie cried until she ran out of tears.  “What happened?” Julia asked, handing Katie a glass of water. 

“Oh, just stupid boy drama,” Katie said, buying time to think while she sipped her water.  She couldn’t tell Julia about Jack- it was too messed up, and she had no idea what she was going to do about it- no, she needed some time to think about that one.  “Jason and I broke up.  It’s stupid, we were barely dating, but ugh- I guess it just hit me hard,” Katie said.  It wasn’t entirely untrue, but it was far from the whole truth. 

“Ugh, men,” Julia validated, “honestly, you are better off without him.  I’m going out to get ice cream- you pick a terrible romcom on Netflix, and we will reconvene here in a half hour,” Julia said, bringing a reluctant smile to Katie’s face.  Katie was grateful to have such a friend- one that wasn’t using nudes to blackmail her into sex.

Katie fell asleep halfway through the movie, the exhaustion of the evening’s events finally catching up with her.  She awoke in the morning with a blanket over her- Julia really was a great friend.  It took her a moment to orient herself, and then the state of her life came crashing into her like a freight train.  She felt totally out of control, and couldn’t even begin to make a plan.  She decided that the best plan right now was just to move forward- go through the motions of the day and not think about anything else- if she thought about anything else, she would never be able to move. 

With great effort, Katie buried all of her anxiety and fear, and got off the couch.  She showered, praying that the scalding hot water would cleanse her of her situation.  She took extra care applying her makeup- her whole life was out of control, but at least she could control her appearance.  She did a heavy lid and a bold lip, the contrast of the makeup popping against her fair skin and bright hair.  She dressed in black leather tights and soft oversize sweater, slipping into her black heeled boots to finish the outfit.  She left her hair down, and when she caught her reflection in the mirror she felt almost human.  As long as she didn’t run into Jack, she might just be able to keep it together.

Katie made it through the day- barely.  She looked over her shoulder at every moment, terrified that she might run into Jack.  She dropped her coffee in the hallway before class because she saw someone wearing a shirt similar to the one he had on the night before- the night that he ruined her life.  She didn’t hear a word of anything her professors said, and couldn’t eat anything beyond a banana.

 The minute her last class ended she all but sprinted home.  Julia was just heading out to work at her part-time job, and hugged Katie before leaving.  Katie closed and locked the door to the apartment.  She was exhausted but knew that she couldn’t nap.  She laid on the couch, frozen and numb until the buzzing of her phone jolted her back to reality.  Jack was calling.

She screened the call.  It wasn’t even a conscious choice- more of a protective reflex in a futile effort to erase the events of the past 24 hours.  Jack called again, and she declined again.  Her phone buzzed with a text- it was one of the photos she had accidentally sent him.  She was perched on her bed, legs open, dildo filling her as her head leaned back in ecstasy.  “Answer me,” was all the text said.  When her phone rang again, she took a deep breath and answered.  She held the phone to hear ear, saying nothing.

“When I call, you are to answer me- the first time,” he said.  His voice wasn’t angry, but it wasn’t its usual easy tone either.  Katie couldn’t find her own voice.  “Do you understand?” 

She struggled to speak, finally choking out a soft “yes”. 

“Good girl.  I will be in your apartment in a half hour.  Make sure the door is unlocked.”  With that, he ended the call. 

Katie sat in stunned silence, her body shaking.  She had gone the whole day without seeing Jack, but she should’ve known that it meant nothing- he knew where she lived.  She unlocked the door, hoping that if she did as he asked he would be reasonable.  She started to formulate a plan in her mind to talk to him- remind him of their friendship, ask for mercy.  He likely just got caught up in the moment last night, lost in his own hurt- he would be more reasonable today.  Katie repeated that to herself until she almost believed it. 

Jack didn’t knock.  He opened the door to the apartment, closing and locking it behind him.  Something about the way he flicked the deadbolt felt so final to Katie.  She took a deep breath as he dropped his bag and took off his coat and shoes.  She was sitting on the couch, consciously trying to make her body language appear casual.  “How was your day?” he asked, his tone reminiscent of the old Jack- when he was her friend, before he was blackmailing her. 

“It was stressful,” she said honestly.  “Jack, this has to stop- you can’t- we can’t- please.”  Okay, maybe not quite as eloquent as she had intended, but she made sure to at least meet his eyes as he sat on the couch beside her. 

“I’m afraid that ship has sailed, Katie,” he said gently.  He put his hand on her thigh, gently stroking the buttery leather of her tights.  She tensed, but didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of her pulling away. “I know it seems intense and unfair right now, but I think soon enough you’ll find that it’s really a good arrangement.  I meant what I said last night,” he said gently, taking her face in his hands, “I care about you.  I will take care of you.  This arrangement is going to be good for both of us, you’ll see.”  He pulled her face to his, pressing his lips to hers. 

Katie remained frozen in place, letting him kiss her until he pulled away.  “Jack, I don’t want this,” Katie said in a last-ditch effort.  “I didn’t mean to send the photos, and I don’t mean for you to have them.  Please delete them, and leave me alone- I won’t tell anyone about this, and we can just go on with our lives.  Please- don’t do this to me,” she said, her voice breaking at the end as she begged. 

“Katie, I’ve already told you- this isn’t a negotiation.  You sent me those photos, and I now have them- whether you meant to or not is irrelevant.  I’ll be honest- I was pretty surprised to see that side of you- I didn’t know you could be so…sexy- it just made me want more of you.  I need to see what else you can do, what else your body has to offer.  Speaking of, I would like you to suck my cock now.  Please.”

His feigned politeness was a direct contradiction to his body language.  He undid his belt, lifting his body slightly to unbutton his pants and slide them down his legs.  His erection sprung out of his boxers, startling Katie.  She recoiled, but Jack grabbed her by the arm- not hard, but enough to prevent her from moving away from him.  “Suck, Katie, be a good girl,” he said in the same polite tone.  Katie looked into his eyes, searching for any sign of mercy- all she saw was arousal and determination.  When she didn’t move, his hand moved to the back of her head and gently forced her mouth toward his cock.

Katie allowed herself to be guided down- she felt completely out of control of her own body.  “That’s it, open your mouth,” Jack said gently, and she obeyed.  She tasted the salt of his precum on the tip of his cock immediately, wrapping her lips around him instinctively.  He didn’t force her head down any further, but his hand didn’t leave her hair- he took a gentle handful, and let her set the pace. 

Katie swirled her tongue around his cock, tentatively sucking the head of his cock.  Her heart wasn’t in it, but he moaned all the same.  He guided her head up and down his shaft as she sucked, teasing her throat with the tip of his cock but not forcing it.  “Such a good girl,” he moaned, his hand more firmly gripping her hair as he quickened the pace.  Katie started to panic, scared about how far he would go.  She pushed her head up off of his cock, looking at Jack. 

Spit had dripped down her chin, and his hand remained in her hair.  “Please Jack I don’t want to do this…don’t make me.  You’ve had your fun, you’ve made your point- please let me stop,” she begged. 

He said nothing, just shaking his head in response to her pleas.  His hand forced her head back down, but this time she fought him.  Katie planted her hands in front of her, resisting as he tried to force her head back onto his cock.  “No, Jack, stop!” she cried, but no one was around to hear her. 

“Stop it, Katie,” he finally said, “Stop fighting me- I don’t want to hurt you.  Be a good girl and finish what you started- I told you last night that you can’t say no to me- I meant it.  Make me happy, and I will take care of you.”  Katie continued to resist, and Jack finally stood. 

He gripped her by the hair and dragged her to her knees in front of him.  “Look, Katie, I tried to be nice- maybe you just need to learn some manners,” he said through gritted teeth.  He held Katie’s head steady, and forced his cock through her gritted teeth.  “If you bite me, you will regret it,” he said, his tone menacing.  Katie believed him. 

She resumed sucking, his hands now far less gentle.  He fucked her face, forcing his cock down her throat, and pulling out to trail spit all over her face.  She gagged on him, pleading him to stop and let her breathe as he relentlessly thrusted into her mouth over and over.  Katie tried pushing away, but she knew that she was outmatched.  She finally stopped fighting him, allowing him to use her face as he wished.  Jack’s pace slowed, his cock now more deliberately thrusting in and out of her throat, allowing for her to breath between each thrust. 

“Look at me,” he ordered.  Katie opened her tear-filled eyes, feeling the sting of her running makeup as she tried to focus on his face.  “You will not fight me again- you are mine, and will do exactly as I say.  It will be better for you that way,” he said, his tone shifting back to gentle.  He cupped her face as she sucked his cock, smearing her makeup down her cheek as he wiped away her tears.  “I don’t want to hurt you, Katie, I just want to use you.  I would like to still be friends, but I understand if that will take you some time.  For now, just focus on doing as I say- the rest will come naturally, I promise,” he said, taking his cock out of her mouth to wipe the tears with it.  “That’s it, good girl.  Now make me cum,” he said, his cock again touching her throat. 

Katie set her mind to her task, swirling her tongue around him and relaxing her throat so that he could use it.  She could feel his body tensing as his hand gripped her hair again.  He jerked her head back, and she closed her eyes just in time for the first load of warm cum to hit her face.  He emptied himself onto her face, smearing spit, cum, and makeup together with his cock.  He took a step back to admire his work, and Katie could hear the click of his phone as he took her photo.  “To add to the collection,” he said with a laugh.

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” he said, kneeling beside her.  He wiped cum from her eyes, allowing her to open them.  “Open your mouth”, he said gently, and Katie obeyed.  He scooped the cum into her mouth one finger at a time, telling her to suck it off of his fingers but not to swallow.  Finally, when he had gotten it all, he gave her permission to swallow.  “You did well, Katie,” he said, gently wiping her hair off of her face.  “I am proud of you- you’ve made me happy.”  Katie was silent, her mind reeling.  “I am going to leave now.  I will turn the shower on before I go, I’m sure that you want to clean up.”  He took her face in his hands, kissing her deeply on the lips before he turned and left.  For some reason, Katie found herself kissing him back.


Jack couldn’t believe he had gone through with it.  The blowjob from Katie had been so hot- he felt in control of his life for the first time since Michelle had broken up with him.  Jack had spent so much of his life being agreeable and easy going, often sacrificing his wants and needs to go along with the group.  When he made the decision to use the photos to take control of his situation, he had no idea that it would feel like this.  Sure, he felt bad for Katie- he really did value their friendship, and he knew that he was putting her in a difficult position- but taking a blowjob from her perfect lips was a high that he had never expected to find.  He knew as he walked out of her apartment that he would be chasing that high for the rest of his life.

Jack decided to leave Katie alone for a couple of days; he didn’t want to push her too far, and knew that it would take her some time to come to terms with their new arrangement.  He sent her a couple of texts over the next few days, asking how she was and offering to talk if she wanted to.  She kept her replies short, but she did send them- he hoped that meant that she was warming to the idea. 

Jack’s classes ended early on Wednesdays, and he knew that Katie’s did too- they would often meet up for a late lunch on campus while Michelle finished up with her last lab of the day.  That felt like another lifetime, Jack mused as he texted Katie: “Happy Wednesday! I am coming over this afternoon.  Door unlocked.”  He read her reply of “k” before pocketing his phone.  It was going to be a great day.

Jack took his time getting to Katie’s place after class; he stopped to grab some lunch and worked on an outline for an upcoming paper before finally heading over.  When he opened the door, pleased to see it was left unlocked, he saw Katie’s perfectly shaped ass bent over in the living room.  She was wearing yoga pants and a sports bra, working through a program playing on the TV.  She stood when he entered the room, her arms crossing over her torso in an attempt at modesty. 

“Don’t let me interrupt you,” Jack said easily, eager to watch the show. 

“No, it’s okay, I was almost done,” she replied quietly. 

Jack wondered how long it would take until he saw the old, bubbly Katie again- oh well, he would think about that later.  “No, please finish,” he said with more finality.  She reacted to the edge in his voice and turned back to the TV.

Katie resumed her downward dog as Jack sauntered to the living room.  He took in every inch of her toned frame, from the skin-tight tights to the muscles in her back framed by her strappy sports bra.  He could see sweat glistening on her skin and fought the urge to lick her right then- all in good time. 

He sat on the couch for a bit, watching her stretch and move with the much less attractive woman on TV.  Jack said nothing, but he could feel the tension building in the room, and knew that Katie could feel it too.  She was on her hands and knees, arching her shoulders and relaxing them, pausing when Jack ran a finger down her spine.  “Don’t mind me, keep going,” he said playfully, his finger tracing her spine all the way to her ass.  She kept flexing her shoulders, slower than before, as his finger traced between her ass cheeks and wrapped around to tickle her pussy.  She then turned on her side, reaching one arm up to the ceiling as her body tightened to hold the side plank.  Jack’s finger traced along her side, scooping a bead of sweat onto his fingertip.  He made a show of licking it off of his finger before tracing more lines of Katie’s body.  She returned to downward dog, and he stood to cup her ass. 

To Katie’s credit, she didn’t say a word, and didn’t resist him.  Jack promised himself that he would be gentler with her this time in hopes that she would warm to him a bit.  She turned onto her back, her legs slightly raised off of the floor.   Jack cupped her breasts next, teasing her nipples so that they hardened through her bra.  Katie looked at him with contempt, but continued to breathe through her stretch.  He could see sweat on her brow and her cheeks, and couldn’t resist her any longer.  Jack climbed on top of her, letting his body weight settle on to her as he whispered, “workout over.” 

He ran his tongue from her collarbone, up her neck, to her cheek- licking every drop of salty sweat in its path.  “You’re delicious,” he said, repeating the same motion on the other side.  He felt Katie shiver under him, kissing the tip of her nose before forcing his tongue between her lips.  “You are gorgeous, Katie,” he said between kisses.  He noticed that she wasn’t kissing him back, but she also wasn’t resisting him; her mouth opened for his kiss, and he began to feel her body relax under him.  He pushed off of her, standing on his knees.  “Get back on your hands and knees, Katie- it’s my favourite view.”

She did as she was told, planting her hands and her knees shoulder width apart, and relaxing her posture.  Jack ran his hands over her ass again, grazing up her hips.  He grabbed her hips, pulling himself up behind her and pulling her back into him so that she could feel his hardening cock through his jeans.  “That was a beautiful little show, but it got me a little excited,” Jack said playfully.  “I’m going to have to do something about that.”  He pulled Katie’s yoga pants down, exposing her ass and pussy to him.  He bent to kiss her ass, his tongue tracing lines around her most sensitive parts as his fingers found her clit.  “Mmm, good girl, you’re already ready for me,” he purred, and undid his jeans.

Katie was perfectly still, tension radiating from her body.  Jack teased her with the tip of his cock a few times, pressing into her slightly and pulling back to see her wetness glistening on his head.  “I’ve been thinking about this all day,” he said as he finally thrust into her.  Her body hugged tightly around him, the sensation better than he had imagined.  He slid easily in and out of her, gently grabbing her hips as he took everything he wanted.  He soon lost himself in the moment, grabbing the back of Katie’s sports bra to bring her toward him even harder.  He fucked her so hard that she moaned, and he heard distinctive pleasure in it.  “That’s it, Katie, lean into it- I know you like it,” he said, and while she didn’t make any more noise, there was no tension left in her body. 

Jack exploded into her, filling her with his cum.  He gently pulled away, taking care to pull her lips apart to see the creampie that he left inside her.  “You are going to feel me inside you for the rest of the night,” he said as he pulled her yoga pants back up over her ass, pressing them between her legs until he felt wetness seeping through.  He stood, offering Katie a hand up as well- which she took.  “I want you to think about me every time you feel that cum drip out of you- think about how I care about you, and how you belong to me.  Understand?” he asked, his hand caressing her face and bare shoulder as he spoke, noticing goosebumps forming in his wake. 

“Yes,” she breathed, her face flushed- from yoga or sex, it was unclear. 

“Who do you belong to, Katie?” he asked gently, tilting her face up to look at him. 

“You,” she said quietly. 

“That’s right.  You belong to me- I will care for you, I am your Master.” 

“Yes,” Katie repeated, her eyes not wavering from his. 

“Yes what?” he challenged. 

“Yes, Master.”


Master.  The word tasted foreign on her tongue, like trying to sound something out that’s spelled wrong.  Is that what Jack is to her now? It felt a long way from friendship, but perhaps a step forward from blackmailer.  Katie shook her head- how did this become her life?  Jack left shortly after he filled her with cum, leaving her alone with her thoughts.  He was right about one thing- every time she moved, every time she felt his cum slowly leaking out of her, she thought of him.  She couldn’t believe how she had just stayed still as he touched her, used her, fucked her- she had done nothing to stop him.  She reasoned that it was because she didn’t want to have another fight- it was just easier to let him have his fun, and then leave- she hoped that he would just lose interest eventually.  There was a tiny piece of her, though, that wondered if the butterflies in her stomach were from anxiety or excitement.

The next few weeks gave Katie ample opportunity to adjust to her new normal- to her Master.  Jack had an uncanny way of navigating Julia’s class and work schedule, ensuring that Katie was alone in the apartment each time he came by.  Sometimes he stopped by for a quick blowjob, other times he took his time fucking her and filling her with cum.  He always left her a mess, whether it be dripping cum from her pussy or down her tear- and spit-covered face. 

She was getting oddly used to it, and began treating the interruptions as she would any other.  In truth, as long as she did what Master asked Jack was quite kind to her, always starting the shower or helping her to clean herself up before he left.  It seemed impossible that he could force her to have sex and also make her feel cared for, but she had to admit that for the most part that was her experience.  He had this odd way of caressing her and kissing her as if she was his most cherished possession, which she supposed perhaps she was. 

She wasn’t surprised to receive a text from him one Friday afternoon; he often came over Friday nights when Julia was at work.  Julia was away for the weekend, something about a grandparent’s birthday at home that she had to be at.  Katie considered going home with her, just to get a break- but she had three papers due the next week, and knew she needed the weekend to finish them.   She would give Jack whatever he wanted, and then set to making a plan to catch up on schoolwork over the weekend.  She was about halfway through compiling a mental to do list when her phone buzzed, reminding her of Jack’s unanswered text. 

She opened his message, seeing her plans fly out the window as she read its contents: “Just ran into Julia…you’re mine- all weekend.”  Katie roller her eyes- so much for productivity.

Jack was quite a bit later arriving Friday night than usual.  Katie was on the couch reading a book (having already removed her bra and panties as he preferred easy access) when she heard him let himself in.  She listened to the rustling at the door as he dropped his stuff, and then his easy steps toward the living room.  He sat down beside her on the couch, asking her about her day as he started to rub her thigh.  She kept her answers short, tone cordial as she told him about the schoolwork piling up. 

“Look, Jack- Master- I know that you want me all weekend, but I really have a lot to get done.  Can you cut me a break?” she asked. 

He considered while his fingers trailed up her thigh, teasing her nipple through the thin fabric of her t-shirt.  “I’m afraid that’s not how this works, Katie,” he said gently, the sensation of his finger circling her nipple taking the edge off his words.  “I’ve brought an overnight bag; I’ll be staying until Julia comes home on Sunday.  I intend to use you whenever I wish until then.  However,” he conceded, “you are welcome to go about your day however you need to- provided you remain available for my use.  You can do your schoolwork here, and I will try to be…minimally disruptive while you’re working.” 

By this point he was cupping her breast, gently massaging it.  Reluctantly, she could feel herself getting wet at the sensation.  She knew that his word was final, so she acquiesced with a shrug of her shoulders.  “Fine,” she said disappointedly. 

“Good girl.  Now that we’ve got that settled, undress please,” he said, his overly polite tone grating on her nerves.  Nonetheless, Katie obeyed, standing and removing her t-shirt and stepping out of her tights.  She was no longer embarrassed to be naked in front of him and stood silently awaiting his next instruction, eager to get on with it.

He stood, coming closer to her and running his fingertips over her shoulders and down her bare arms, watching her nipples harden in response.  “You’re so beautiful,” he said softly.  “Undress me.” 

She got to work, first unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it off of his shoulders, then pulling his undershirt over his head.  She undid his belt and jeans next, pulling them down for him to step out of.  The motions of undressing him felt oddly intimate; though she had seen and been with him naked many times over the past few weeks, she had never undressed him herself.  She was kneeling as he stepped out of his pants and socks, and she remained on her knees as she reached up to tug at the waistband of his boxer briefs.  She ran her fingers under the seam, gently pulling them down until his hard cock sprang free.  He stepped out of them, standing in front of her as she knelt. 

She knew her instructions before he said them, so she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.  “Very good,” he said appreciatively, and placed his cock on her tongue.  “Suck,” he ordered, and she did. 

She licked and sucked his cock until it was soaking in spit- she knew he liked it like that.  At about the time he would typically start getting more forceful he moved away from her, sitting on the couch.  “Come here, sit on my lap,” he said.  Katie moved toward him, turning her back to him as she sat on his lap.  His spit-soaked cock slid easily inside her, and she gasped as he filled her. 

His hands gripped her hips, guiding her up and down his shaft.  He moved her in slow circles, his cock reaching every nerve inside her.  She leaned forward slightly, the angle excruciatingly pleasurable for her.  She grinded into his cock, no longer sure if he was setting the pace or if it was her.  His hands found her breasts, cupping them and pinching her nipples as she moaned in pleasure.  He picked up the pace, thrusting upward into her as she put her weight on him.  He squeezed her breasts painfully as he finally let go, emptying his balls inside her with a moan and a few bucks of his hips. 

He held her on his cock as he caught his breath, cum already leaking out of her and down his softening shaft.  He finally released her breasts, the outline of his fingers still visible on them where he’d squeezed.  “Clean me up, please,” he said as he continued to breathe hard.  Katie knelt between his legs, licking cum from his shaft and balls.  She could vaguely taste herself as well, their two fluids combining to form a new flavour- she liked the taste. 

“Thank you,” he said, as she rose.  “You should probably get to bed now.  Don’t worry, I’ll sleep on the couch.  You’ll need to be rested up for tomorrow,” he said conspiratorially, patting her on the ass before she left to go to her room. 

Katie showered before bed, and then tucked herself in. She tossed and turned, worried about school and the weekend and what else Jack would demand from her.  She felt agitated and couldn’t settle.  She felt wetness between her legs as the rest of Jack’s cum leaked out of her, and she was annoyed that it would be all over the sheets.  The sensation did give her an idea, though, as cumming often helped her sleep. 

She reached between her legs, sighing as she leaned into the sensation of her fingers rubbing her clit.  Sex with Jack had been, in all honesty, pretty hot that night, and she was disappointed that he came before she was ready to.  Usually an orgasm was the furthest thing from her mind when he was using her, but something about that night- maybe the intimacy of her undressing him, maybe his gentle tone, or the angle of his cock thrusting inside her- or a combination of all three- had her definitely nearing the edge.  She thought about his cock inside her as she played with herself, smelling his cologne on her and remembering how his hands had roughly pinched her nipples as she caused him pleasure.  She squeezed her own breast as she came, emulating his painful grip as her body shook.  She drifted to sleep soon after, grateful for the escape.

She woke up to a box at the end of her bed, and a note from him. 

Dear Katie,

Get dressed and come suck my cock as soon as you wake up.



Katie swallowed hard, her day already off to a compromising start.  She emptied the contents of the box- a latex dress, impossibly tight looking.  She leaned back in bed, covering her head with the blankets.  Maybe if she just stayed here all day she could wake up and it would be Monday?  She knew better, and finally pulled herself out of bed to get dressed. 

She shimmied into the dress, noticing too late that there were perfect cutouts for her breasts.  She pulled it over her hips, the material sticking to her but barely covering her ass.  The neckline was high, and it had long sleeves.  She felt ridiculous with her breasts sticking out of the dress, on full display.  She knew better to wear panties, so she tugged and pulled at the dress until she had it covering a couple inches past her hips.  She did her makeup, buying herself as much time as she could before the day started.  Finally, there was nothing left to procrastinate- she went to suck Master’s cock.

She could hear him in the kitchen, preparing breakfast for the two of them.  She walked out, shuffling her feet in the skin-tight dress, embarrassed by her out of place costume.  She had never in her life worn anything like it, and couldn’t believe she was now standing in front of him.  He turned toward her, his face breaking out in a smile as he took in the view.  She crossed her arms in front of her, a failed attempt at modesty. 

He said nothing to her, and she didn’t speak.  She walked over to him where he’d been spreading cream cheese on bagels and got to her knees.  He was dressed in boxers and a t-shirt, so she was able to quickly access his cock.  She took him in her mouth, stroking his shaft back and forth as she worked her lips and tongue around the tip of his cock.  She sucked him until he’d finished preparing breakfast; he then stepped away from her, cheerfully announcing that breakfast was ready and inviting her to sit with him at the table.

She delicately wiped the corners of her mouth as she stood, knowing that her lipstick was likely smeared on her face.  She sat down at the table, her overtly sexual outfit feeling ridiculous while doing such a domestic activity.  He had a coffee waiting for her, just as she liked it, and a bagel and fruit prepared as well.  They ate in companionable silence, until Jack started making small talk about her papers.  She talked to him about what she had to write, for lack of anything better to do, and in an effort to feign some sort of normalcy.  He seemed genuinely interested, and she caught a glimpse of her friend- the person he had been before she had accidentally sent the photos.  When they’d finished, she made a comment about starting her homework. 

“Actually, Katie, do you mind washing the dishes first? Seeing as how I made breakfast and all…” he said, his words vaguely suggestive. 

“Oh, sure,” she said, realizing that her usually well-practiced manners seem to have left her when she dressed up as a sex doll.  She gathered the dishes from the table, filling the sink.  He watched her from his seat as he finished his coffee.  She bent at the sink, focusing on her task at hand when she felt him behind her.  His hands grazed the smooth latex at her hips, appreciating every angle that the material highlighted.  He smelled her hair, pressing his hard cock into her.  She stood, expecting that he wanted something from her. 

“Continue, don’t mind me,” he said, his tone light.  She bent back toward the sink, feeling his hand trail up her thigh, between her legs.  He cupped her ass and exposed breasts, now freely groping her as she scrubbed.  He put his foot between her legs, spreading hers slightly before he thrust his cock inside her.

She gasped in surprise, not expecting him to fill her on the first thrust.  She relaxed around him, standing on her tip toes for a more comfortable angle.  She stopped washing the dishes to stabilize herself on the counter, but he corrected her.  “Keep washing, you aren’t done,” he said to her, and in a concentrated movement she began rinsing a plate.  “Good girl,” he said patronizingly as he continued to fuck her.

His hands gripped her latex-clad hips, holding her steady as he slammed into her.  She could feel him nearing his orgasm, and arched her back slightly in preparation.  He pulled out at the last second though, and roughly ordered her on her knees.  He sprayed rope after rope of cum in her hair, stroking every last drop out of his cock before telling her to clean it off.  She took him into her mouth, feeling cum dripping from her hair down to her latex dress.  She licked his cock in a practiced motion, tasting herself as she swirled her tongue.  When she finished, he told her to finish the dishes while he went to the shower.

She finished the dishes, using the cloth to clean the cum dripping onto her dress.  She knew not to touch her hair- he would want that to stay for the day.  She tidied the kitchen, still hearing him in the shower.  She took the opportunity to get set up for the day’s homework, curling up on the couch with her laptop and textbooks.  She felt absolutely ridiculous writing papers in latex- with her tits out, no less- but she covered herself with a blanket and started to feel a little more normal.  Jack came out of the shower dressed for the day, and poured himself another coffee while he read something on his laptop. 

Katie tried not to pay attention to him, but she was keenly aware of his presence for the rest of the morning.  Aside from him coming over to her a few times to grope her breasts- no doubt just to demonstrate that he could- he left her alone for the morning.  He even made her lunch, and served it to her in the living room- she found herself feeling grateful for the gesture. 

She eventually closed her laptop, realizing that she couldn’t write any more until she read another chapter of her textbook.  Master took that moment to join her on the couch, remarking that she now had a free hand.  He pulled his cock out, wrapping Katie’s free hand around his shaft.  She stroked him as she read, doing her best to ignore his hands casually fondling her breasts.  He turned something on the TV, checking with her that it wouldn’t distract her.  “No more than…this,” she said ironically.  He smiled, but made no move to change their situation.

Katie could feel his cock pulsing in her hand as he stroked it, his own hand idly playing with her nipple as he watched a show.  She focused on the words of her page, every now and then dropping his cock to highlight something, before picking it back up to continue stroking him. 

“I think you need a break,” he said finally.  She closed her textbook, allowing him to guide her between his legs.  She knelt on the floor, closing her eyes as he laced his fingers through her hair.  “You know what to do,” he said patiently, and she closed her lips around his cock.

“I know you have school to do, but I just can’t resist you in that little outfit, and your hand was making my cock throb,” he explained as he gently moved her head up and down his shaft.  His grip in her hair tightened, his hips rising to her mouth so that his cock tickled the back of her throat.  He finally forced himself down her throat in a fluid motion, holding her head just for a second before relenting.  She took a deep breath, knowing that another assault was coming.  He kept his pace measured, going for depth instead of speed.  He held her head down his shaft, thrusting up into her throat as far as he possibly could.  She could feel his cock curve down her neck, resisting the urge to cough or gag.  She couldn’t stop herself from drooling, and soon his balls and cock were soaked, as was her chin.  She cupped his balls in her hand, hoping that the added sensation would make him cum sooner.  He moaned as she worked her spit into his skin, maintaining his practiced pace as he fucked her face.  She felt his balls tighten just before then unloaded, the taste of cum filling her mouth. 

He pulled out after, spraying the rest of his seed on her face and hair, a mess to match the one he left that morning.  She remained still until he was finished, obediently opening her mouth so that he could feed her the cum that was on her face.  He left what was in her hair to harden, running his fingers over the other side of her hair that he had already styled.  “Such a good girl,” he growled, his tone suddenly brightening.  “What do you want for dinner?”

Katie felt like she had whiplash from the day’s activities.  From being used to being talked to as a friend to casual groping to cum spraying in her hair- she couldn’t keep up with her mercurial Master.  Jack had made them a wonderful pasta dinner, having her sit extra close to him so that every now and then he could eat some sauce off of her exposed breasts.  Katie had accomplished more homework than she thought she would, all things considered.  She did the dishes after dinner, this time without a cock inside her.  She was exhausted, both from the activities and the anxiety of the day. 

They retired to the living room, Master instructing her to lay her head in his lap.  He cupped her breast with one hand and put his fingers in her mouth with the other.  She sucked on them as they watched a movie, and found herself feeling oddly soothed.  Master didn’t use her for the rest of the night, even going so far as walking her down to her room and tucking her into bed.  He kissed her lightly on the forehead, ordering her to sleep in the latex outfit.  As he left the room, he turned back towards her, a glint in his eye as he said “I am going to wake you up tonight to use you- you’d better sleep while you can.”

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