Learning to Cum, Part 2: Let it feel good

Read part 1 here. My body tensed in anticipation of his touch- where was he going to start?  I could feel his presence next to me- a quiet calm.  It was his voice I heard first.  “Relax your body,” he said, his voice gentle but even.  I unclenched my fists (when did I make fists?),Continue reading “Learning to Cum, Part 2: Let it feel good”

Becoming His Object

Remind me not to earn another punishment from Mr. Envelope. I knew it would be bad- the man gets under my skin like no other before or since him.  The mental gymnastics that he puts me through surpass the physical; when I play with him, I know that I am going to be challenged andContinue reading “Becoming His Object”

Learning to Cum: My Foray into Orgasm Control- Part 1

I had to lose control of my body to gain control of my orgasms. Prior to my foray into BDSM, I could not reliably cum with a partner.  Sure, I could get myself off- at an Olympic level pace- but with a partner I found it way too hard to stay in the moment.  InsteadContinue reading “Learning to Cum: My Foray into Orgasm Control- Part 1”

Mother and Daughters: Part 3

This story is a sequel to My Mother, My Wife. Read part 1 here. Read part 1 and part 2 of Mother and Daughters. Cherie Cherie noted that her palm was sore as she wrapped it around her morning coffee. She smiled to herself, thinking back to the night before when she had delivered noContinue reading “Mother and Daughters: Part 3”

Mother and Daughters: Part 2

This story is a sequel to My Mother, My Wife. Read part 1 here. Read part 1 of Mother and Daughters here. Violet They were at it again, Violet thought with a thrill.  She had been listening to her mom and sister have sex for the better part of a year, but she knew byContinue reading “Mother and Daughters: Part 2”

Mother and Daughters: Part 1

This story is a sequel to My Mother, My Wife. Read part 1 here. Lily “Yes, Mother,” Lily mumbled through her gag.  She was laying across her mom’s lap, hands bound behind her, and gagged with her own panties to muffle the noise of her screams as she was spanked.  “Good girl,” her mother CherieContinue reading “Mother and Daughters: Part 1”

Tormentor and Protector

One of the things that I appreciate most about Mr. Envelope is the level of care that he puts into hurting me.  As he wrapped lengths of rope around my legs, binding me to a spreader bar to keep them open, his touch was sensual, deliberate.  I lay on the bed with wrists cuffed toContinue reading “Tormentor and Protector”

Mr. Envelope

Introducing Mr. Envelope: intelligent, deliberate, self-aware, unassuming.  My height, slim build, strong hands.  He likes to play with rope, take photos, and explore boundaries when it comes to pain.  He does with a great deal of care and, ironically, gentleness.  I would describe his style as two parts sadism, one part sensual, and eight partsContinue reading “Mr. Envelope”

Perfectly Painted

In an effort to get my head on straight before going back to work after the holidays, I invited Mr. Intensity over for a play.  His plan was to use me as he saw fit, and leave it at that- a plan that he executed flawlessly. He arrived, and we caught up for a bit-Continue reading “Perfectly Painted”