Storytime with The Professor

The Professor is an excellent storyteller.  Whether it be about his work, hobbies, his family, or his sexcapades, he has a way of capturing your attention and investment.  He teases his audience, building tension and interest, in no apparent rush to get to the much-anticipated climax.  This week, he took that to an entirely newContinue reading “Storytime with The Professor”

A Primal Interlude (to an otherwise civilized conversation)

When The Professor and I go without seeing each other for a couple of weeks, the tension between wanting to get naked and wanting to catch up in conversation is palpable.  We text, but it isn’t the same for two avid conversationalists.  Getting naked always wins out, because, well, duh- but the profound friendship isContinue reading “A Primal Interlude (to an otherwise civilized conversation)”

The Professor

Sometimes two people inexplicably click.  Different life stages, different backgrounds, different experiences- there is little reason for them to interact, let alone connect- but sometimes, the universe intervenes to make it happen. That is how I would contextualize the Professor.  He is a father of grown children (slightly younger than me), divorced, in a long-termContinue reading “The Professor”