The Professor

Sometimes two people inexplicably click.  Different life stages, different backgrounds, different experiences- there is little reason for them to interact, let alone connect- but sometimes, the universe intervenes to make it happen.

That is how I would contextualize the Professor.  He is a father of grown children (slightly younger than me), divorced, in a long-term relationship, and 20 years my senior.  We are in completely different places in life, with a completely different set of experiences, priorities, and goals- but for whatever reason, I feel connected to this guy in a way that neither of us have been able to accurately describe.

We chatted online a while back- it was an easy connection, even virtually, but circumstances at the time didn’t align for us to connect in person.  Fast forward to a very random series of events, and he reached out again a few months later.  I remembered him fondly, and his circumstances had changed such that a drink was now possible- and, as we both quickly decided, necessary.

My first impression of him was that he was good looking- attractive, subtly strong, confident.  Conversation flowed naturally from the moment I sat down- we talked sports, work, life lessons- philosophy, social issues- and a whole lot of laughter.  I found myself asking him questions, and genuinely caring about the answers to them- which is not always the case for me.  He had a lot to say, but not in a way that takes up too much space- his easy insight, quiet confidence, and quick humour had me wanting more. 

He made me nervous, which isn’t easy to do.  My superiority complex was shaken- he might actually be smarter than me! Our hands touched at one point, and the electricity was hard to ignore.  We had a couple of drinks, and then pulled ourselves away from the conversation to go back to real life.  A parking lot hug lingered, hands urging to hold, and it was at that moment that I knew the sex would be outrageous.

I am never wrong.

Read more about the Professor here.

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30 something woman- writer of erotica, blogger of all things BDSM and beyond. Tall, curvy, blonde; intelligent, grounded, hilarious. High pressure job, experienced submissive.

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