Dominant Partners: Cast and Crew

Over the next few weeks, I am going to introduce you to some current and former partners. Every Dom’s style is different, and I have had the privilege of learning from some incredible people. I don’t submit casually; while I do immensely enjoy casual sex, the D/s thing requires a whole lot of trust and rapport to make it worthwhile (and safe) for me. I certainly enjoy exploring elements of BDSM with casual/romantic partners, but submission is a level of intensity and intimacy that I don’t enter into lightly.

There have been times that I have maintained one D/s relationship, and other times when I am involved in a couple of dynamics. Of course there will be some Doms out there who insist that “real” subs only serve one master, but that’s not how I see it.

For me, it’s important that I am able to invest in each partner, and they in me- that doesn’t mean daily text messages or romantic advances, but rather that we make an effort to get to know one another and stay involved in each other’s lives. A Dom partner should know what is happening in my work and personal life before a session, so that they know what I need to get out of it. I should know what makes them tick and what they are going through, so that I know how to please them. This investment takes time and commitment on both of our parts, so the number of dynamics that I choose (and am able to) maintain at once is low. Typically the dynamics last a year or more, and end when it’s time.

I currently have three Dominant partners. You will see that each of them has a different style- each of them scratches a different itch. I have friendships with all of them, and we work together to push each other and develop our respective approaches and practices. While I exploring bondage and restraints with one, I explore the limits of my pain tolerance with another. While one person’s approach may be gentle and encouraging, another is intimidating and threatening. Variety is the spice of life, you know.

I intend to sort many of my (true) stories by partner, so that if there is a particular Dom’s style that resonates with you, the related content is easy to find. This approach should also eventually weave a thread of development and growth for me as a sub, if you’re interested in such things. Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks as I introduce you to the cast and crew 😉

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30 something woman- writer of erotica, blogger of all things BDSM and beyond. Tall, curvy, blonde; intelligent, grounded, hilarious. High pressure job, experienced submissive.

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