My Mother, My Wife (Part 2)

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She knew that her daughter was cumming when the moans became screams.  Cherie had to bite her lip to prevent a moan herself as she thought about Lily’s toned body convulsing on a dildo upstairs.  It was all she could do not to lick that dildo before she handed it to Lily, the sheen of her daughter’s cum incredibly enticing to a woman who hadn’t been with someone since her dirtbag husband finally left. 

Cherie knew that it was conventionally wrong to fantasize about her daughter that way, and for a long time had tried to quell the thoughts.  She was so grateful to Lily for stepping up in the way that she had at home; she had originally thought that the fantasies had just stemmed from gratitude.  She then started paying more attention to how her daughter’s hips swayed when she walked, or how her nipples showed through her pyjama shirt, and realized that what she felt was much more than gratitude- she wanted Lily, in the most intimate of ways.

Lily gave their family stability- a stability that her husband had always failed to.  Her marriage had cured her of any desire for men, but Cherie couldn’t deny that the thought of a partnership with her daughter made her feel whole.  It would be so simple; with no need to integrate a new person into the family, and with Lily already doing half (or even more, if Cherie was honest with herself) of the household responsibilities, it wouldn’t be much different.  Cherie supposed that the main difference would be that she would be more fulfilled personally, and certainly sexually, and was confident that she could offer the same to her daughter.  Lily and her boyfriend had broken up during the previous semester, and while she didn’t seem terribly bothered by it, Cherie knew that he had left a void- one that her daughter was currently filling with a dildo upstairs.

Cherie finished folding the load of laundry when she heard the shower start upstairs.  She carried the clothes basket up the stairs, taking care to be quiet in hopes that she could sneak a peek at her daughter’s naked body.  Lily often showered with the door open when she thought she was alone, and Cherie had taken advantage of the large glass doors on more than one occasion.  She deposited piles of clean laundry in each of her daughter’s rooms, smiling to herself at the memory of walking in on Lily.  Lily’s bedsheets were disheveled, and her dildo lay uncleaned on her bedside.  Cherie listened closely to the shower, hearing Lily step inside.  She chanced a trip across the room, picking up the dildo from the table.  It still felt warm from Lily’s body, and it smelled sweet like her.  Cherie licked the tip, tasting her daughter’s cum for the first time.  It tasted exactly as it smelled, and Cherie couldn’t get enough.  She took the dildo into her mouth, sucking every drop of Lily’s nectar from the toy.  She could feel her own wetness between her legs, and quickly replaced the dildo to peek into the shower.

Lily was singing to whatever she had playing on her wireless speaker without a care in the world.  Cherie angled herself in the hallway so that she wasn’t visible through the doorway but had a full view of her daughter’s naked form.  Lily’s arms were raised above her head lathering shampoo, her perky, ample breasts on full display.  They jiggled slightly with the movement of her arms, sending Cherie into quite a state.  She could see the water trailing down her daughter’s flat stomach, curving around her hips and trickling down the mound between her legs.  Lily’s pussy was fully shaved, a pleasurable sight that Cherie had now enjoyed twice that day.  She instantly recalled the way her daughter’s dildo tasted and found her hand moving between her legs to relieve the tension. 

Cherie leaned up against the wall, imaging her daughter’s perky nipples in her mouth as she fingered her own soaked pussy.  She thought back to the view of Lily on her bed with her legs open, taking her dildo like a practiced slut.  Cherie was desperate to taste her again, this time from the source.  She looked at her daughter’s pussy, so eager to part her lips and suck on her clit.  The sound of the running water and Lily’s music covered Cherie’s moans as she touched herself, her entire focus on her daughter’s naked and soapy body.  She watched Lily methodically shave her legs, delighting in the curve of her ass as she bent over.  Cherie imagined running her tongue along her daughter’s crack, tasting her from behind as she felt her shiver.  Cherie’s own shiver mirrored the one she imagined, and she realized that she was about to cum.  She took one final look at Lily, falling over the edge as if she were the water streaming off her daughter’s nipples. 

Cherie was catching her breath as Lily shut the shower off, and had just enough time to stand up straight before her daughter came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel.  The look on her face was…modest? timid? flushed?…Cherie wasn’t quite sure.  “Mom, what are you doing up here?” Lily asked, a little more assertively than her usual tone.  Cherie was quick to recover, “Just putting away some laundry, sweetie.  Did you enjoy your…shower?”  The double meaning behind her words was not lost on her astute daughter, and Lily automatically averted her eyes.  “Yes, Mom,” she muttered, quickly retreating into her bedroom.  Cherie smiled to herself, took a deep settling breath, and went to her room to finish putting the laundry away.

Her plan was to make dinner for her daughters and take some pressure off of Lily.  Hopefully Violet would have some homework, and after dinner her and Lily could be left alone.  She decided that tonight was the night that she was going to talk to Lily about her idea- about the idea of her daughter becoming her wife.  She had had the conversation in her mind a million times and took the afternoon’s events as a sign that it was time to talk more about intimacy.  She hoped that Lily would be able to see that it wouldn’t make their relationship awkward, and that Cherie could really help her daughter lead a fulfilling life.  She took a moment in her bedroom to fix her hair and change her clothes, wanting to look nice for the conversation.  She thought that she looked pretty good for 40; certainly no match for her daughter’s beauty, but she liked the softer curve in her hips, and definitely had her daughter’s breasts beat by a couple of cup sizes.  Her own blonde hair was more dyed than natural these days, but she kept it styled and highlighted.  She touched up her modest makeup, and spritzed a bit of perfume.  With one more glance at her appearance, she went downstairs to start dinner.

Violet came home shortly after, and Cherie focused her attention on her other daughter.  She was quite a bit different from Lily, much more free-spirited than her responsible sister.  Violet was working on a play in school and was heading up the costume design.  She gushed to her mother about the fabric she had found and was eager to start sewing.  Cherie had bought her a sewing machine for Christmas that year, and it had already seen a lot of use.  She smiled at her youngest daughter, more determined than ever to give her a stable family.

Lily eventually made her way downstairs, freshly showered and dressed in a tank top and pyjama shorts.  Cherie took immediate note of her daughter’s cleavage and nipples showing through her shirt and felt a flutter between her legs.  Her girls got along well even though they were so different, and they slipped into an easy banter.  Lily was still a little bit formal or awkward when addressing Cherie, no doubt a result of her earlier interruption.  She had a hard time holding eye contact and seemed to blush and lose her words every time Cherie spoke to her.  Cherie took extra care in feigning nonchalance to make her more comfortable, showing her that their earlier interaction didn’t have to change things- a lesson she hoped would resonate during their next conversation.  Over the course of the dinner meal the ice eventually thawed, and Lily slipped back into her usual easy rapport. 

Out of habit, Lily began clearing the dinner plates.  “No, sweetie, you’ve been working so hard, please let me clean up,” Cherie said to her with a smile.  Violet excused herself to go upstairs and start sewing her prized costumes, leaving just Lily and Cherie in the kitchen.  “It’s okay Mom, I don’t mind helping,” Lily said, clearly looking for something to do with her hands.  The two women cleaned up in companionable silence, each lost in her own thoughts about the day, and Cherie also thinking about what was to come.  When they had finished, she finally broached the subject.  “Lily, do you mind if I talk to you for a moment?” she asked suddenly feeling nervous.

Lily hesitated.  “Mom, if it’s about today, I’m SO sorry about that…I didn’t know that you were home, and I had no intention of you seeing…well, that,” she stammered, clearly still feeling awkward about her mom seeing her masturbate.  “No, Lily, it’s not that.  I told you, that’s totally natural and you are welcome to pleasure yourself in this house.  I want to talk to you about something else- something that I hope that you will understand, and grow to appreciate.”

Confusion danced across Lily’s face, but was soon replaced with curiosity.  “Okay, what’s up, Mom?” she said, taking a seat at the breakfast bar.  Her breasts bounced when she sat down, and Cherie had to work to keep her focus on her daughter’s eyes.  “I want to talk to you about the future…the future of our family,” she began, putting her hands flat on the counter to steady her nerves.  “You’ve been doing an incredible job keeping this household running while I am at work, and I am so grateful to you.  I am proud of the woman you are becoming, Lily, and am starting to see you in a different light.  I know that you just turned 18, so you are technically an adult, but I want you to know that I really see you that way.  You are beautiful, responsible, talented, and…beautiful.  I guess I already said that.  Anyway,  I want to make sure that you are happy in this family, and I think that you and I can help each other.”  Cherie paused, watching her daughter’s reaction.  She was smiling at her mother’s praise, such a heartfelt moment a rarity amid the hustle and bustle of their daily lives.  “I am happy, Mom, I enjoy helping out around here.  Really, I’m okay,” Lily assured her, reaching across the counter to touch her hand.

Her daughter’s touch sent a lightning bolt of pleasure through her, giving her exactly enough nerve to continue.  “Lily, I want to be more than your mother.  I want you to be more than my daughter.  I want Violet to have stability…a two-parent household- but I don’t think it’s fair to her, or to you, to introduce someone else into our family.  I want you and I to provide for each other- to provide for Violet- beyond financially and in running the house.  I have been lonely, and I know that after you and your boyfriend broke up you have been too.  I want…I want you, Lily.  I want you to be my wife.”

Cherie stopped, laser focused on her daughter’s face for any sign of reaction.  Lily’s expression was blank, until she jerked her hand away from her mother’s.   “What the fuck, mom? You’re serious? You want me to be…your wife?! As in…marry you? Marry my mother…you…me…your daughter…you want to marry your daughter? Mom, seriously- that is fucked up.”  Lily started to pace, her voice bordering on shouting.  “That is insane, Mom.  I don’t know what you thought happened today, but that was not a…a move, or whatever.  I am your daughter, not your wife- this is totally inappropriate. Not to mention the fact that I like men!” Lily said, self-consciously crossing her arms over her breasts.  “I know you’ve been stressed lately, or whatever, but this is way out of line.  I am going to forget that this- this whole day- ever happened and go back to normal.  I expect you to do the same…never, ever talk to me about this again.”  With that she turned on her heel and stomped up the stairs to her room, leaving Cherie desperately alone in the kitchen.

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