My Mother, My Wife (Part 1)


Lily idolized her mother.  Beauty, intelligence, kindness, humour…Cherie really was the perfect mom.  Even though she worked a lot- sometimes 16-hour days- she never missed a single dance recital or spelling bee for Lily or her younger sister Violet.  That was more than they could say for their father, whose absentee approach to parenting and partnership finally led to a messy divorce a couple of years ago.  As relieved as Lily was to have her dad and his nonsense gone for good, she could tell that the divorce had been hard on her mom.  Cherie did her best to hide it, but Lily knew that she was stressed and lonely. 

Lily helped around the house to take some of the pressure off of her overworked mom.  She made dinner every night and made sure that her and her sister kept the house tidy.  Lily maintained straight As as she navigated her final year of high school, and while her increased responsibilities at home didn’t leave her a lot of time for typical high school preoccupations, she still made time for a few close friends.  It was sometimes tough to juggle everything- it had cost her a boyfriend- but maintaining the stability of her family was her priority.  Lily wanted to make sure that her sister Violet had a smooth upbringing, enabling all three women in her household to leave the mess of the divorce in their collective past.

She really didn’t mind the responsibility- she was 18 after all and would need to learn these skills eventually.  Lily even enjoyed it, knowing how happy it made her mom to have things at home taken care of.  It did, however, make it difficult for Lily to find some alone time.  That was most of the reason that she and her boyfriend broke up- she couldn’t make time for him, and he became frustrated with her constant rescheduling of plans.  The sex had been good, Lily thought- her best assessment given that he was the only boy she had ever slept with- but it just wasn’t a priority right now.  A girl still had needs, though, which is what brought her alone to her room after school.

Dinner was defrosting, the house was clean, and Violet was at rehearsal for a couple of hours- Lily had the house to herself, and a rare moment of free time.  She changed her clothes into a hoodie and pair of loose shorts, forgoing a bra and panties in favour of comfort- it wasn’t like she had anyone to impress anyway.  Her long blonde hair got thrown in a bun on top of her head, and she laid on her bed. She could feel the tension leaving her body as she relaxed.  She let her mind wander, thinking about an upcoming math test, a pair of new boots that she coveted, and the cute guy in her Spanish class.  Her mind lingered over him; his dark eyes, broad shoulders, and kind smile gave her butterflies every time she glanced his way.  Those butterflies returned just at the thought of him, creating a new kind of tension in Lily’s body. Her fingers wandered up her shirt, fluttering over her hardening nipples.  Lily shivered, the sensation travelling down her belly and landing between her legs.  She pulled on her nipples, biting her lip as her body came to life. 

She trailed her fingers down her slender body, slipping her hands under the waistband of her shorts.  She teased her pussy for just an instant, her fingers eager to unlock the pleasure behind her clit.  She parted her lips in a practiced motion, her fingers reflexively beginning slow circular motions around her little button.  She moaned as she imagined her classmate’s hands on her, the pace of her fingers quickening as she thought about his cologne.  Her pussy was already soaking wet, making it easy for her fingers to slide down her slit and inside her, eliciting a more urgent moan from deep in her core.  She stroked in and out, delighting in the sensation as her fingers connected with her G spot. 

The manual stimulation was making her greedy, and after a few minutes she needed more.  She rifled through her bedside table to find a dildo, purchased on a dare from the adult store beside the mall.  It was the perfect size for her young pussy, and she breathed a sigh of relief as she slid it inside her.  She started with slow thrusts, her other hand rubbing her clit at a similar pace as she continued her daydream.  She thought about how his lips would taste, what it would feel like to reach down and feel the bulge of his cock through his shorts, how she would moan if he ever entered her.  The pace of the dildo quickened as she imagined him thrusting into her, his dishevelled hair falling over his eyes as she begged him to go harder.  She spread her legs wider, craving deeper access while her orgasm started to build.  Her fingers rubbed her clit harder, creeping her closer and closer to the edge while the dildo’s steady rhythm threatened to push her over.  She was freely moaning, completely lost in the moment- until her mom entered the room.

Lily didn’t realize her mom’s presence at first; her eyes were closed, her frantic moans drowning out the sound of the door opening.  She wasn’t sure how long her mom had been there, but when she opened her eyes and saw her, she screamed.  “MOM! What are you doing?! Oh my God!” she cried, completely humiliated.  She moved quickly to cover herself with a blanket, accidentally tossing the dildo across the room.  If embarrassment were fatal, she would have been dead.

“Lily! I’m sorry sweetie…I didn’t realize you were…well…I’m sorry.  I should’ve knocked.  I got home early from work and thought I heard you talking to someone- I was just coming up to say hi…” Cherie stammered, clearly not intending to embarrass her daughter. They had always been open about sex- still with boundaries, but Cherie wanted it to be very clear to both of her daughters that they could come to her to ask questions and get advice- she didn’t want it to be a taboo subject in her house.  “It’s okay Lily, really- I get it- everyone needs a little pleasure.  You don’t have to feel embarrassed- we can pretend this never happened,” Cherie said, making no move to leave.  Lily felt her mother’s eyes lingering on her naked body and adjusted the blankets to make sure that she was covered.  The moment was awkward (to say the absolute least); Lily’s heart was racing, partly from the almost-orgasm and partly from the embarrassment of being interrupted.  She was having a hard time finding her voice, so her mom continued, “It’s okay- really- I am going to go downstairs…I will start dinner, you…can feel free to finish up.”  Cherie smiled warmly at her daughter and bent to pick up the dildo that had fallen to the floor.  She turned it in her hands, seeing it glisten with her daughter’s cum before handing it back to Lily and exiting the room.

Lily took a deep breath as her door closed, vaguely wondering if she could just stay in her room for the rest of her life to avoid ever having to mention what just happened.  Her cheeks were flushed from embarrassment and arousal, the dildo still glistening in her hand.  She figured that she might as well finish- what’s done is done- and focused on pushing the thoughts of embarrassment out of her mind.  To be honest, getting caught had been sort of a rush; Lily leaned into the adrenaline coursing through her as she thrust the dildo back inside her.  She moaned freely, no longer needing to hide her occupation from her mother.  She could feel her orgasm building from the inside out, her fingers stroking her clit on pace with the dildo until she overflowed. 

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