My Mother, My Wife (Part 5, Final)

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What a night.  Lily couldn’t believe what had happened on what she intended to be a trip to reconnect with her mom- mission accomplished, and then some!  She had no intention of this level of intimacy, but it had just felt right.  As Lily laid in her mom’s arms, both of their naked limbs entwined in each other, she had no regret.  Her mom had been right, as usual- they both needed this.  There of course was a lot to figure out, not the least of which was how they would tell Violet, but for the time being Lily was content for this to be their secret, and to build a trusting, equal relationship with her mother.  She realized that she wanted to be her mother’s wife- she wanted that with her entire being.

Suddenly inspired, she slid out of her mom’s embrace and went to her laptop.  She wrapped her naked body in a soft blanket and curled up on the couch to write in the waning firelight.  Her senior project was due in a few days, and while she intended to submit a more conventionally appropriate version to her teacher, she had some edits to make before she shared it with her mom.  Lily wrote into the morning, eventually falling asleep on the couch with her laptop open beside her.  


Cherie woke up a few hours later, a chill in the air as the fire had turned to embers.  She watched them glow in the morning light while she replayed the events of the night before.  She wouldn’t have believed that any of it had happened were her daughter not curled up on the couch naked, loosely wrapped in a blanket.  Cherie stood, wrapping up herself and sitting beside Lily on the couch.  The blanket had moved down to her waist, leaving her gorgeous breasts- Cherie’s favourite- on display.  She soaked in the sight, picking up her daughter’s laptop so that she could get closer. 

She glanced at the screen before she closed it, the title of the document catching her eye.  The contents made her heart swell- they were going to be okay.

My Mother, My Wife

Beauty that shines from within.
Softness, warmth, determination, poise. Ruthless competence.
Everything that I want to be, some of who she made me.
My mother, my role model.

The freedom to make my mistakes.
The wisdom to help me make ones different than hers.
A guiding light, a wealth of knowledge.
My mother, my sage.

A messy divorce, her confidence shaken.
Building a wall to keep the chaos out.
Taking pieces of herself to fill the holes, crafting a life of normalcy after the storm.
My mother, my protector.

Fierce intelligence. Reliable, consistent.
A woman in a man’s world, overcoming odds and climbing higher than anyone would allow.
Early mornings become late nights, all in the name of her daughters.
My mother, my provider.

Goofy jokes turn into belly laughs, tears of joy.
Tears of heartbreak, late night milkshakes, our favourite movies.
Ski trips and Christmas trees and baseball games.
My mother, my friend.

Equal partners, a bond deepened.
Fireside kisses, falling over the edge.
A lifetime of happiness, stability, fulfillment.
A promise of forever.
My mother, my wife.

The end.

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