My Mother, My Wife (Part 4)

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Cherie was stunned at the kiss, her body tensing before she leaned into it.  She cupped her daughter’s face in her hands, tasting her lips before she parted them with her tongue.  Lily’s kiss was gentle, tentative, sweet.  Cherie pulled back, searching her daughter’s eyes for any sign of hesitancy- she didn’t want her to experience regret.  “Are you sure, baby?” she asked.  Lily kissed her mom again, this time with more tongue.  “I’m sure.  You were right, mom.  We can be this for each other- I want to try to be this for you- I want to be everything for you.  Please?”  That was all that Cherie needed to take her daughter by the fire.

She kissed Lily with passion, running her fingers through her daughter’s hair as her tongue explored her mouth.  Lily was responsive to her touch, letting a moan escape her lips as she wrapped her arms around her mother.  Cherie wanted to take things slow with Lily, but also wanted to ravage her daughter entirely- it was a constant battle in her mind.  Her hands wandered from her hair, kisses setting a slow pace as her fingertips danced over the thin spaghetti straps holding her shirt up.  Cherie trailed her fingers down Lily’s shoulders, taking the straps with them.  She felt goosebumps follow her fingers down Lily’s arms, and was surprised as Lily pulled her arms out of the straps on her own.  The shirt was quick to fall, freeing her daughter’s perfect breasts. 

Both women paused their makeout to mark the escalation, but Lily’s lips were soon hungry for her mother’s as she felt hands cup her exposed breasts.  Cherie felt Lily’s nipples harden under her touch, and could feel her own arousal in response.  Lily’s hands were much more tentative, just starting to wrap themselves around Cherie’s shoulders.  Cherie maintained her measured pace, not wanting to rush the moment.  She circled her daughter’s nipples, noting how the sensation made her shiver.  She finally broke the kiss to put one in her mouth, teasing it with her tongue as Lily sighed in pleasure.  Cherie spent time with both breasts, teasing them with her tongue and fingers as Lily leaned back.  She finally sat up, pulling Lily’s face in for a kiss, and intertwining her fingers.  They stared into each other’s eyes, knowing that the moment was theirs.

She moved the girl to the floor in front of the fire, taking the blankets off of the couch with them.  They sat facing each other, the light of the fire dancing on Lily’s breasts.  Cherie removed her own shirt, not breaking eye contact with Lily.  She took Lily’s hands and placed them on her much larger breasts, showing her how to squeeze and knead them in a way that felt good.  Lily took her own initiative with the nipples, mirroring her mother’s motions from moments before.  Cherie was pleasantly surprised at her daughter’s skill and boldness and offered her an encouraging moan as her hands went back to her daughter’s breasts.

They stayed like that for a while, both women stimulating each other’s breasts, interspersing heady eye contact with tongues and mouths on nipples.  Cherie was conscious of not rushing her daughter, and also letting her explore at her own pace.  She was perfectly content to spend the rest of the night like that, just topless and exploring.  She was therefore surprised when Lily looked up at her and said, “I want more, Mom.”

“Are you sure, sweetie? We don’t have to…this…this is nice,” Cherie said, watching Lily’s face.  “Please, Mom,” she said with a little more desperation.  “Okay, Lily, lay back,” Cherie said gently, hooking her fingers into the waistband of her daughter’s pyjama pants and pulling them down.  Cherie was surprised to see that Lily wasn’t wearing panties; once her pants were off, she was fully naked in front of the fire.  Cherie parted her legs gently, trailing her fingers up Lily’s thighs and watching her shiver in excitement. 

She gently parted her daughter’s bare lips, seeing her wetness glisten in the firelight.  Running a finger up her slit, Cherie found her to be more than ready.  She rubbed slow, deliberate circles around her clit, teasing a moan out of her before applying any pressure.  She moved her fingers down, finally entering them into her tight hole.  They slid in easily, and Cherie couldn’t resist bringing her fingers to her mouth to taste.  Lily was as sweet as the flower she was named after.

She put her fingers back inside her daughter, thrusting them slowly in and out and watching Lily squirm.  When her back arched, the firelight played off of her nipples in an absolutely mouth-watering way.  Cherie laid beside Lily, fingers continuing to work her pussy while she took a nipple into her mouth.  She eventually trailed kisses all the way down her body, forcing goosebumps despite the heat from the fire.  Cherie could smell Lily’s sweetness and needed to taste more.  She took her clit into her mouth, lightly sucking and flicking with her tongue until Lily’s moans became more urgent.  “Oh my god Mom, please don’t stop,” Lily breathed, her hands grabbing fistfuls of blankets as Cherie continued.  She licked her all over, eager to taste every drop of her daughter, her fingers continuing to stroke her inside.  Lily tensed and released, climbing to orgasm as her mother pushed her forward.  She screamed when she fell over the edge, just as she had on that fateful day in her bedroom.

Lily was breathing hard, coming down from the highest of highs as Cherie gently stroked her pussy.  Cherie crawled back up beside her, planting a tender kiss on her lips, allowing her daughter to taste herself.  “Mom, that was…that was amazing,” she breathed, “I…I want to do that for you.”  Cherie smiled, stroking her daughter’s hair as they kissed.  She laid down and slipped out of her pyjama pants, the shadow of her pubic hair a stark contrast to Lily’s smooth pussy.  She took one of Lily’s hands and put it on her mound, kissing her deeply as she pressed Lily’s fingers between her lips.  “You’re so wet, Mom,” Lily whispered as her fingers slid between the folds.  “That’s all for you baby,” Cherie breathed, opening her legs for her daughter to explore. 

She let Lily take her time rubbing, fingering, and stroking her pussy until she was desperate for release.  “Do you want to taste me, baby?” she asked, craving the sensation of her daughter’s tongue.  Wordlessly Lily moved between her mother’s legs, spreading her wide and licking her up and down.  “You taste so good, Mom,” she said between licks, treating her mother’s pussy like an ice cream cone.  She focused in on her clit, using the same practiced motion that her mother had used on her moments before.  Cherie bucked under the attention; when Lily pressed her fingers inside and curled them, Cherie exploded.

Cum rushed from her pussy, soaking Lily’s hand and mouth as she eagerly lapped it up.  Cherie didn’t squirt often, but the rush and the buildup (and the whole situation) was just too much.  Her orgasm flowed from her daughter’s mouth through her body, touching every single nerve before resulting in an explosion of wetness.  Lily sat up, eyes sparkling with excitement while a smile dance across her face.  “Mom! You made a mess!” she giggled, and Cherie hugged her tight, kissing her forehead.  “You helped,” she laughed back.  Both women laid by the fire, wrapped in each other, while time stood still.  They had crossed a boundary, and both remained lost in her own thoughts while they kissed and touched, their motions more comforting than urgent.  Cherie fell asleep with her naked daughter in her arms, the smell of sex thick in the air.

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