Best Friends Forever: Prequel- Ch. 7-8

This story is a prequel to Best Friends Forever, and Best Friends Forever part 2.

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It was the eye roll that did it.  Michelle had rolled her eyes at him as he pleaded with her to reconsider the breakup.  It felt so dismissive, so demoralizing- now seeing Katie roll her eyes at him, it was too much- she needed to learn a lesson.

He let her say her piece, standing perfectly still as she berated him for his inflexibility and lack of reciprocity.  He made a mental note to consider the latter at a later time; perhaps he had been selfish when it came to pleasure, and maybe she would warm to him better if he rewarded her more directly.  At any rate, now was not the time for rewards- Katie had earned one hell of a punishment. 

“You will never roll your eyes at me again.  You will never speak to me like that again,” he said matter-of-factly, crossing the kitchen to retrieve the ring gag off of the counter.  “When I provide you instructions, you will follow them- to the letter,” he continued. 

Katie didn’t move or respond, her body language shifting as she took in the tightly bound rage in his tone. 

“Open your mouth,” he instructed, and she did so without question.  He inserted the ring gag, securing it snugly around her head.  Guess it wasn’t a necklace after all.

 “It’s clear that you need to be taught some manners, and reminded of your place in this dynamic.  I am the one with the photos, I am the one with the power- you belong to me, you serve me.  I intend to remind you of that, and provide you with some memories to recall if you ever feel the need to disobey me again.”

With that, Jack took one of the stools from the kitchen island and put it in the middle of the room.  “Lay across this,” he instructed.  Katie was too stunned and scared to disobey, and the ring gag prevented her from asking questions or arguing.  She did as she was told, folding her latex-clad body across the stool.  Jack removed some rope from his bag, and bound her wrists and ankles to the stool, leaving her completely exposed and vulnerable.   He put a red ball in her bound hand.

“I am going to spank you, Katie, to teach you a lesson about how you are to behave.  My goal is to hurt you, but I don’t want to harm you.  If you’ve had too much, drop the ball and I will stop.  If you want to get back in my good graces, though, I suggest you take your punishment like a good girl.”  Jack could see Katie’s hand squeeze around the ball, and he began.

“You’re going to want to relax,” he coached her as he gently rubbed his hand over her bare ass.  He traced where the latex met her skin as he said, “it hurts less if you can relax into it.  If you stay tense like this, it’ll be worse for you.” 

He felt Katie’s effort to relax under his palm as he gently rubbed her.  He moved to her head, bending so that they were eye level.  “That’s it, good girl.  Okay, we are going to twenty.  This is going to hurt- just remember that I am doing this for your own good, okay?” 

She nodded, and the first rope of spit escaped from her mouth.  The ring gag held it open, and they both watched the spit trail from her mouth onto the floor.  Jack smiled, dipping his fingers into her mouth and moving her tongue around.  He teased her throat briefly, the action creating more spit.  He wiped his spit-soaked fingers on her face as he moved back to her ass, drool now freely flowing from her open mouth.

He planted his feet, taking a moment to marvel at her gorgeous form before he landed the first blow.  The slap rang through the empty apartment, and Katie moaned in pain.  “That was one,” he said simply.  He hit her again, creating a matching red splotch on her other ass cheek.  “Two,” he said, starting to enjoy himself.  He could see Katie fight the tension in her body, making every effort to follow his advice and relax into the blows.  She was fighting for control, but each blow he landed eroded her grasp. 

Jack landed 10 blows on her ass before he took a break to trace the welts.  He ran his fingers over her swelling ass, knowing that each fingertip would feel like a tiny knife to her sensitive flesh.  “You’re doing well, Katie,” he said gently, “you’re halfway there.  Just hold on a little longer.”  He landed slaps 11 and 12 on her thighs, the sound of his hands on latex sending a sharper vibration through the apartment.  He returned to her ass, delivering six more slaps in quick succession.  He was now hitting her with close to his entire force, and she was screaming with every blow.  Jack watched the red ball in her hand carefully, but she clenched it with determination.

“Two more, Katie, and then you’re done,” he promised.  She was whimpering, her body limp from the effort.  “I am going to hit you as hard as I can for the last two.  Remember this feeling and hold on to it if you ever get another urge to disobey me.” 

Jack hit her two more times, with everything he had behind it.  When he was finished, he stroked her ass, applying gentle pressure to quiet her nerves.  He came around to her face, kneeling to meet her eyes.  She was openly crying, her makeup running down her face with her tears.  There was a neat puddle of spit on the floor, her gagged mouth drooling everywhere. 

“Darling, you’re a mess,” he said gently, the affection clear in his voice.  He wiped away her tears, even though they continued to flow as she soaked in the relief of being finished. 

He left the gag in, scooping up some spit from the floor and painting her face with it.  “You are gorgeous when you’re messy,” he said, reaching his fingers back into her mouth to dance with her tongue.  Looking at her laying there, bound and gagged, her ass as red as her hair, Jack felt overwhelming gratitude and pride.  He was aware of how their bond had began- forged in blackmail and threats- but that afternoon she had given him a piece of herself that he didn’t think she ever would.  She could’ve dropped the red ball at any point, and he would’ve stopped- but she didn’t.  She let him hurt her.


Her ass was sore.  Her legs were sore.  Her jaw was sore.  Her hips were sore.  Her ass was sore.  Her ass was sore.  Katie couldn’t believe the toll that the punishment had taken on her body and mind.  She felt like a different person from a few moments before, and as Master untied the ropes binding her wrists and ankles to the stool, she barely moved.  She was vaguely aware of the ring gag being untied as she flexed her jaw, largely unbothered by the spit still running down her chin.  Finally, she felt arms around her as Master scooped her up and carried her to her bed. 

He sat, laying her on his lap.  He stroked her hair, his hands gentle.  If she hadn’t just experienced the beating, she never would’ve guessed they possessed such ruthless strength.  She wanted to get up and distance herself from him, but instead she found herself nuzzling into him closer.  Her tormentor’s arms now felt protective, his hands putting back together what he had just torn down. 

She clutched onto his shirt, desperately trying to right her own ship.  She breathed deeply, smelling his cologne.  Her body ached all over, but what was excruciating, urgent pain soon became more akin to the sensation you feel after an intense workout.  Katie was overcome with fatigue and found herself melting more and more into his comforting and stabling embrace. 

“You did so well, Katie, I am so proud of you,” he purred gently.  The sharp, threatening edge was gone from his voice, replaced with sweetness and care.  In truth, Katie felt a modicum of pride as well; she had held on for all 20 blows, and had not given in to the urge to quit.  She had proven something- to him, to herself- and it felt profound. 

She looked up at him, a world of conversation passing between them.  Her walls had been knocked down, and for the first time she wasn’t fighting his pull.  She felt centered, and, ironically enough, safe in his arms.  He had put her through it, and she had come out the other side- stronger, more sure.  He had somehow given her a gift, and she was grateful.

She nuzzled into him, stretching her legs out.  She was still in her latex outfit, and found that she enjoyed the feeling of the tight fabric fully covering her body.  Well, almost fully, she was reminded, as he felt Master’s hands trace the cutouts on her chest.  She didn’t move away from him, and instead relaxed further into his arms as he traced his fingers down her body.  The latex rippled around her curves, and she found herself opening her legs as his hand moved between her legs.  “Good girl,” he whispered.  “I think you’ve earned a reward.”

His touch was gentle at first, almost tentative.  He waited for her to part her legs, and then traced her slit with his finger.  Katie shivered, the intimate touch feeling like fire to her frayed nerves.  He gently parted her lips, his eyes searching hers as he stroked her clit.  She met his gaze, wordlessly giving him permission to explore her most private place.  He was gentle, considerate, measured.  He stroked her with soft, practiced motions, building into slow circles as she shivered in his arms.  He dipped two fingers into her pussy, this time to give instead of to take.  He curled them inside, sending a shiver through her exhausted body.  She opened to him further, freely giving him every piece of herself that she had left.  His arms held her, his fingers steadied her, and she pushed over the edge as if diving off a cliff. 

Katie moaned, her body stiffening under Master’s touch as she came.  She convulsed around his fingers, his strong arms holding her steady as he captured every shiver.  When she had settled, he carried her to bed.  He helped her out of her catsuit, Katie’s body too exhausted to be much help.  She felt him tuck the blankets around her, and a small, sweet kiss on the lips laced with gratitude.  As he turned, she grabbed onto his hand.  “Stay,” she said quietly, and he did.

She woke up in his arms the next day, feeling refreshed after a sound sleep.  She stirred, immediately reminded by the stiffness in her body what she had been through the day before.  Jack’s arms tightened around her, holding her close to him as he slept.  She looked at him sleeping peacefully and tried to reconcile this man- her friend- with the one who blackmailed her- her Master.  She felt awkward and unsure about where to go from here.  He had taken advantage of her vulnerability, and that was unforgivable. 

As she laid there in his arms sore from her punishment, though, she had to admit that it hadn’t all been bad. While she had been loath to admit it to herself, there was part of that enjoyed being used like that, and yesterday’s experience had been absolutely incredible.  She missed her friend Jack, and that was the absolute truth.  She wasn’t ready to lose him, and found herself willing to entertain the idea of living with a Master for some time longer. 

Maybe there was a middle ground, she mused, where she could still have her friend Jack and serve her Master.  She began to consider her options and was completely lost in thought as Jack stirred awake.  “Good morning,” he said tentatively, as he took in his surroundings. 

“Good morning,” Katie replied, matching his tone.  It was clear to both of them that something had shifted, and they needed to talk about it.  Jack broke the silence first.

“Look, Katie, I owe you an apology,” he said.  “I don’t know what came over me- with the blackmail, the photos- that’s not me.  I hope you know that.  Christ, I’m so embarrassed,” he said, his face flushing.  He couldn’t meet Katie’s eyes, which was a first.  She remained in his arms, giving him some time to collect his thoughts.  “I have no excuse- Michelle hurt me, and I felt out of control of my life- I saw an opportunity to have control, and I took it- at your expense.  You are one of my very best friends, and I can’t believe that I treated you like that. Last night, something happened.  A connection- I don’t know- I don’t even know if you felt it.  But when you gave yourself to me like that- I realized that I didn’t deserve it- and I desperately want to deserve it- deserve you.  I want you to know that it’s over- I will delete the photos- and I hope that you can forgive me.”

Katie was still, taking in his words.  She had longed to hear them for months, but now that she did, she found herself feeling sad.  “What if…what if I don’t want it to be over?” she asked.  He looked at her, confused.  “I mean, what you did was shitty- beyond shitty- but yesterday was pivotal for me too.  I did feel it- the connection- and it made me want more.  I want more of you, Jack, and I think I want more of Master too.”

Jack didn’t speak for an excruciating amount of time. Katie was essentially holding her breath waiting for his reaction.  Jack had always been a thoughtful and deliberate man, and she heard that level of measure in his voice as he replied.  “So, you still want to be friends? And you still want to…play?” 

Katie nodded, trying to absorb the impact of the words herself.  “Yes, I think so.  The truth is, I miss you as a friend- I miss Jack.  I really want you back in my life.  The real truth is that part of me has enjoyed the dynamic we have set up, and I want to explore it more.  Do you think we can do both?” Katie asked, looking up at him.

Jack kissed her- tender, then consuming.  “Absolutely,” he said.  Katie smiled. 

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