Best Friends Forever (Excerpt): Chapter One

Chapter 1

Julia woke up late and should have just stayed in bed- her life would be so so so different if that were the case. She had stayed up way too late playing video games, and hit snooze one (okay, four) too many times. She rushed through her morning routine, cutting her usually meticulous makeup routine in half and aimlessly throwing belongings into her backpack. She tore a brush through her long brown hair, dressing her curvy frame in a short skirt and a loose-fitting tee tied at the waist. In her rush out the door, she spilled her coffee all over the kitchen floor. She hastily cleaned it up, and then literally RAN to the bus stop. She got halfway before she realized she left her laptop in the living room.

Resigned to missing her first class of the day, Julia walked back to the apartment that she shared with her good friend Katie. Julia and Katie had been friends since high school and moved in together to attend the same college a few hours outside of their hometown. They were close, and pretty much ideal roommates. They had complimentary schedules; Julia attended classes during the week, and due to a few terms of summer school, Katie had graduated early and started a job in town that kept her working shift work. They saw just enough of each other to remain close, but not too much to get in each other’s way.

Katie was off today, having pulled a double night shift over the weekend- she was probably still in bed. Julia climbed the stairs to her apartment, making a mental plan to slip in quietly and grab her laptop, and then head to the library so as not to wake Katie. When Julia came in the door, the apartment was quiet. She grabbed her laptop, and as she turned to leave noticed the half-cleaned coffee spill from earlier. She stopped to clean it up, and as she was wiping the floor heard a sound from Katie’s room. She checked the time, glad to see she still had about an hour until she needed to be back at the bus stop. She headed down the hall to Katie’s room, thinking she would hang out with her for a bit to see how the weekend went at work.

Katie’s room was at the end of a long hallway. When Julia rounded the corner, she could hear muffled voices. Katie’s door was open, and just as Julia was about to announce her presence she was met with a sight that left the words hanging on the tip of her tongue.

It took Julia’s mind a few moments to process what she was seeing. The first thing that registered? Katie’s latex-clad ass.

Julia held her breath as she took in the scene in front of her. Katie was on all fours, ass pointed toward the door. She was fully dressed in latex- she had a painted on catsuit, showing only her hands and feet. Her small, fit frame was fully on display, only accentuated by the tight fabric. Beyond the flash of fire red hair, Julia could see a leather strap connecting Katie’s neck to…Jack’s hand. Jack was standing in front of her, fully nude. He pulled on Katie’s leash, forcing her to sit upright on her knees. He kept the leash tight, so that her face was inches from his stiff cock. It was then that Julia noticed Katie’s ample cleavage popping out of the catsuit.

Neither of them had realized that Julia was there; when she finally regained her senses she darted back behind the corner. She leaned against the wall, catching her breath and trying to process what she had just seen. As she was trying to get a hold of herself, she hears Jack’s voice: “Are you going to be my good little whore today?”

Julia covered her gasp, shocked that Katie would ever let Jack speak to her that way. When she heard Katie’s meek “Yes Master,” in reply, Julia was sure that she was hallucinating. She dared a peek around the corner.

Katie stood on her knees, looking up at Jack. “Tongue,” Jack ordered simply, still holding the leash tight. Katie obediently stuck her tongue out, keeping her mouth open. Jack rubbed his cock on her tongue, and then all around her face, trailing spit everywhere. He forced it into her mouth a few times, and in her throat until she coughed, and then wiped it on her face again. The whole time, Katie stayed still- just letting him soak her face in spit with his cock.

Julia was shocked by what she was seeing but couldn’t look away. She knew she was intruding, but there was something happening deep in her gut that planted her feet and prevented her from looking away. Jack continued his measured assault of Katie’s mouth, using her to harden his cock. He pulled the leash in and out, guiding Katie’s pace as his cock hit the back of her throat. Sometimes he kept the leash tight, forcing her to hold his cock in her throat until she gagged. The longer they continued, the more spit ended up on Katie’s face, chin, and now breasts. She was regularly gagging, allowing Jack to guide her and doing nothing to fight back.

As alarmed as Julia was, something prevented her from intervening. Katie looked…calm. Julia kept watching, listening to the gurgling sounds and watching the scene unfold. As she watched, she could feel her heart rate increasing, the nervousness and shock in her belly giving way to arousal.

Jack was holding Katie’s head on his cock, and she began to push back on him to be able to breathe. He jerked her back by the leash, Katie coughing and sputtering to catch her breath. He took her chin in his hands, and spit on her face before saying “Don’t you dare push away from me you filthy whore…you take my cock until I tell you to stop.”

When he then slapped Katie across the face, Julia reacted as if she herself had been slapped. Instead of a cry of shock or fear, she let out a moan. She had been so lost in the moment that she didn’t realize her hand had drifted up her skirt between her legs, her moan giving up her intrusion.

Both Katie and Jack looked down the hall, seeing Julia leaning against the wall pleasuring herself while watching them. Julia’s face flushed crimson, and without a word she turned and bolted out the door.

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