Best Friends Forever (Excerpt): Chapter Seven

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She didn’t even stir until the sun was well up.  Someone had untied her, and someone cleaned her off- but Julia had no idea who.  As she awoke, she realized that Jack and Katie were on either side of her, each wrapped around her and each other.  The three friends were the picture of easy intimacy, a blur of latex, skin, spit, and cum.  Julia stretched, feeling Katie’s arm tighten around her waist.  “Good morning,” she heard Jack mumble, his hand affectionately ruffling each woman’s hair.  Julia felt a wave of awkwardness, but it very soon passed as the three friends cuddled in bed.  They lazily touched and explored each other, hands in hair, skimming latex, long, languid kisses.  Jack got up to use the washroom, leaving Katie and Julia together in bed.  When he returned, he had something in his hand that prompted a sly smile on Katie’s face.

“I come bearing gifts,” he smiled, Katie instantly sitting up straight.  He went to her side of the bed, securing a strip of leather around her neck- the collar that Julia had seen her wearing on that fateful afternoon.  He handed a similar strip to Katie, both of them turning to face Julia.

“We have had a lot of fun with you,” Jack began, “and so we decided to get you a little something.”  They exchanged a knowing glance before Katie continued, “A collar has to be earned, Julia.  It can’t be worn lightly- it is a sign of commitment, of service, and of submission.” She held the collar out for Julia to see.  Julia touched the buttery soft black leather, appreciating the delicate purple stitching.  She looked up at her friends, her relationship with them having fundamentally changed so much in the past few days.  Amid all the change though, she felt closer to them than ever before. “Yes, Mistress,” Julia said, no longer feeling ridiculous at the honorific.  She looked down at the collar, adding “Thank you, Sir.  I want to earn it.”

With that, Mistress secured the collar to Julia’s neck, solidifying their bond and commitment to one another.  Next came a matching leash, Mistress clipping it to Julia’s collar just as Sir clipped one to Mistress’s.  They filed out of the bedroom, Sir leading both women to the kitchen.  Mistress began making breakfast while Sir used Julia’s throat to tame his morning wood, the sizzle of bacon somehow complementing Julia’s wet gags as she worked to handle Sir’s cock.  He had her on her knees, Mistress still holding the leash from across the kitchen island, keeping Julia flat against the cabinets.  When Sir finished on her face, he told her to leave it until after breakfast.

Mercifully after breakfast she was permitted to shower; Mistress led her down the hall on her leash, getting her to crawl behind her.  She turned the water on, giving Julia some privacy to get clean.  When she was finished, Mistress dried her off and gagged her, tucking her in naked on the couch while she and Sir showered together. 

When they returned, Sir had a piece of latex in his hands.  Mistress grabbed Julia’s leash, putting her off the couch and onto her knees.  The latex was in the shape of a deep V, with laces all the way up.  “Put your hands behind your back, slave,” Mistress ordered, and Julia obeyed.  The latex was a long glove, effectively binding Julia’s hands together behind her back all the way up to her shoulders.  Mistress laced her into the restraints, taking a step back to inspect her handiwork.  Julia remained on her knees, arms fully latex-bound behind her, forcing her perky and soft breasts out in front.  She was otherwise naked beyond her collar, gag, and restraints, feeling vulnerable and raw.  She focused on looking straight ahead, obediently awaiting instruction.

“We are going to do some more training today.  You are going to earn your collar each day, by learning your place,” Mistress narrated while Sir circled Julia, inspecting her restrained form.  “You have been a good cumslut so far, but you still have a lot to learn,” Sir added, gently stroking the side of Julia’s face.  “Open your legs, slave,” Mistress said, easily sliding a dildo inside Julia’s already dripping pussy.  Julia moaned as it entered her, closing her legs as Mistress directed to hold it in place.  “Good girl,” Mistress praised, inspiring a smile in Julia’s gagged mouth.  Sir removed her gag, ordering her to spit into his hand. Julia complied without question, watching as he stroked her spit all over his cock. 

“What are you?” Sir asked, standing beside Mistress as he stroked his cock in Julia’s face.  Julia was confused by the open-ended question, not understanding the proper response.  “I…um…I am…”


Mistress’s hand stung Julia’s cheek before she had a chance to realize what was coming.  “You are a cum slut, and a slave,” Mistress finished for her, pulling on the leash to keep Julia upright.  “Now let’s try that again.”

“What are you?” Sir demanded, his cock inches from Julia’s mouth.  “I am a cumslut and a slave,” she said quietly, face still stinging.  “That’s right,” he said, forcing his cock into Julia’s empty mouth.  He thrusted into her throat a few times, just enough to make her sputter when he pulled back out.  “What are you?” he asked, holding her by the hair.  “I am a cumslut and a slave,” she replied, eyes focused on the cock that was heading back to her throat.  They went back and forth like this indefinitely, with both Sir and Mistress barking questions at her as he fucked her face, the taught leash in Mistress’s hands and latex restraints making it impossible for her to fight back.

“What are you good for?”

“Sucking cock, Sir.”

“Good girl.  What else?”  When Julia hesitated, Mistress spit in her face before Sir forced his cock back into her throat.  “What else?” he asked, pulling her off of his cock long enough for her to choke out “nothing, Sir,” before being forced back onto him.

When they like her answers, she was given more cock.  When they didn’t like her answers, she was slapped or spit on or ridiculed.  She felt impossibly small, unable to focus on the humiliation as she needed to focus on staying upright and breathing while taking Sir’s cock in her throat.  She began to understand why Mistress always appeared so calm when Sir was using her; the sensation and stimulation didn’t leave a lot of room to think about stress or worries or life or anything- all she could focus on was cock- it was quite peaceful.

When they were satisfied that she appreciated her place, the scene changed.  Mistress knelt on the couch, her leash in Sir’s hand.  She maintained control of Julia’s leash as Julia continued to service Sir’s cock.  Sir moved his cock from Julia’s mouth to Mistress’s pussy and back, sampling wetness and sensation from each woman as he pleased.  Julia could taste Mistress’s sweetness mixed with Sir’s salty precum, keeping her obedient mouth open for him whenever he wanted.  Each time Sir entered Mistress she pulled tighter on Julia’s leash, restricting her airway just enough to make her think about it.  Julia liked the sound of Mistress moaning, finding herself getting wetter and wetter around the dildo between her legs as she listened to the sounds in the room. 

Sir was buried deep in Mistress’s pussy when he exploded, filling her with cum.  He pulled out, and pulled Julia’s leash tight so that her face was inches from Mistress’s leaking pussy.  “Clean her up,” he ordered, handing the leash back to Mistress as Julia licked her slit, coaxing every ounce of Sir’s cum out of her Mistress’s hole.  Sir pressed her face forward, keeping Julia off balance as her arms remained bound behind her.  She loved the taste of the two of them together, and the shudder that Mistress gave every time her tongue grazed her pussy.  When she had cleaned Mistress to Sir’s satisfaction, he pulled her up, praising her obedience.  Mistress remained on the couch recovering as Sir untied Julia’s restraints.  She was surprised to notice that the sun had set; how long had they been playing? Time really did fly.

Both women remained collared and leashed for the remainder of the evening, but some more normal activities prevailed.  They ordered takeout together, curling up on the couch to watch a movie.  Julia laid on the floor beneath Sir and Mistress, sucking on each of their feet while they watched a movie.  She found the suckling soothing, particularly after such a long day of oral stimulation.  Julia was quickly finding that having an empty mouth was becoming stressful for her; the oral fixation had definitely set in.  When it was time for bed, Sir and mistress tucked Julia into her own bed, telling her what a good obedient cumslut she had been that day, and that she could wear her collar to bed because she had earned it.  Julia went to sleep with a smile on her face, swelling with pride at the validation and appreciation she felt from her friends.

Sunday passed much the same as Saturday had; Sir and Mistress woke Julia up and spent the day training her mouth and pussy to please them.  They worked continuously on ensuring that Julia knew her place as a cumslut slave, finding new ways to torture and humiliate her into submission.  On Sunday afternoon, Sir outfitted her in a latex harness that bound her breasts tightly in front of her, and then he and Mistress took turns dripping hot wax onto her breasts and nipples.  As Julia moaned through the ball gag, her spit mixed with the wax on her breasts, making a mess- she was learning that Sir liked making a mess of her.

The crushing reality of Monday set in when Sir left the apartment to head home on Sunday night.  He removed both women’s’ collars, putting them in his pocket.  He kissed Julia on the forehead, thanking her for the weekend, and then shared a private moment with Katie before heading out.  When he left, Julia felt a strange emptiness that she hadn’t before, as well as absolute, encompassing, exhaustion.  She and Katie cleaned up the house, not quite ready to debrief the weekend, but each content to be with the other lost in their own thoughts.  The routine of the week took over, and they didn’t get to see each other again until Wednesday night at dinner.

Jack had come over with pizza, eager to watch the basketball game.  Julia was in the kitchen getting plates, while Katie was mixing some of her famous sangria.  The three traded easy banter, the formality of their dynamic reserved for when the women were collared.  Outside of that, they were still all good friends.  Julia made a joke at Jack’s expense, sending Katie into rolls of laughter.  Jack feigned an injury to his pride, which had both women in stitches.  They watched the game and ate pizza, a solid night among friends.  Julia offered to wash the dishes in the morning, given that Jack and Katie brought the food and drinks.  She was relieved at the equality that still existed in their friendship, in spite of what happens behind closed doors.

The next day Julia had an early class, and slipped out of the apartment before Jack and Katie had stirred.  She had a pretty productive day, finishing a tedious citation page for her most recent paper and handing it in a few days early.  She had found that since the weekend she was much less distracted, her ability to focus seemingly improved.  Her mind was generally less noisy, though she did at times find herself daydreaming about her collared life.

She was caught in the middle of such a daydream when she arrived home that afternoon, walking in on a waiting Sir and Mistress. 

Her smile faltered as she saw their expressions, a mixture of expectation and challenge.  Julia walked through the kitchen, dropping her knapsack by the counter as she joined Sir and Mistress in the living room.  She extended her neck to Mistress to receive her collar, and then waited patiently with her eyes at the ground for their instruction.

She had the distinct feeling that she was in trouble, feeling like a chastised child without knowing what for.  She racked her brain for potential issues, not being able to come up with any recent instances of rule breaking.  Julia had taken pride in her mastery of the rules, having studied them intently after that first night.  She did not enjoy the punishments that came with disappointing Sir and Mistress, so she made every effort to avoid them.  It was for this reason that she felt panicked- she had no idea where she had gone wrong.

“Do you know why we are upset?” Sir asked, a gentle but firm tone to his voice.  “N..No sir,” Julia replied, voice shaky.  “What did you promise to do today, slave?” Mistress asked, idly twirling a leather riding crop in her hand.  Julia considered, not wanting to make things worse.  “I…I don’t know, Mistress,” she said, nerves starting to bubble over.  Mistress took her by the leash then, bringing her to the kitchen…and the sink full of dishes.


“Did you not say that you were going to wash the dishes this morning?” She purred, clearly enjoying the anxiety radiating out of Julia’s every pore.  “Y…yes Mistress.  I’m sorry…I didn’t want to be late for class, and I didn’t want to wake you- I was going to do them when I got home…” Julia babbled, trying every angle to explain her indiscretion.  This was the first time that “real life” had crossed over into her collared existence, and she was quickly seeing the endless possibilities ahead of her- for better and for worse.  “Please…I can do them right now- it will only take a second,” she proposed, willing Mistress to take pity on her and decide against punishment.  “Oh, I think it’s too late for that,” Sir chastised from the living room.  “A good slave would follow through on her promises.  A bad slave needs to be reminded of that.  Bend over,” he challenged, joining the women in the kitchen and pressing Julia into the island counter top, bending her at the waist. 

Mistress slapped her leather crop on the counter at Julia’s face, showing her what was coming.  Right after it she saw the leather fingers of a flogger, coming from Mistress’s other hand.  “How many, Sir?” Mistress asked, eager to get started.  Sir was flipping Julia’s skirt up, expressing his pleasure to see that she wasn’t wearing panties underneath.  “Mmm, what a naughty slave,” he said, dipping a finger inside her to taste.  That earns her some points…I think ten should do it…”

Julia sighed in relief- she could definitely take ten lashes.  “…of each,” he finished, making Julia’s heart sink.  She didn’t have time to think about how to manage, because Mistress started quickly.  They didn’t make Julia count- she wouldn’t have had time to anyway.  Mistress delivered twenty blows in impossibly quick succession, alternating crop and flogger with such speed and ferocity that Julia felt like she was just one continuous scream.  She couldn’t even comprehend the pain, because it was over before it began.  Her ass was left screaming- had the skin been broken?- she felt Sir’s large hands on her, his cock sliding into her slowly, a completely opposite sensation to Mistress’s leather assault.  “That’s it…good slave,” he said gently, knowing that Julia needed some tenderness to balance out the pain.  She felt Mistress’s hands in her hair, comforting her as Sir used her pussy.  “I know you don’t like to be punished, but it’s part of the deal,” she explained, “and you need to learn to keep your promises.” 

“Yes, Mistress,” she said, gently sucking as Mistress inserted her fingers into Julia’s mouth to satisfy the related rule.  “Good slave,” Mistress said, kissing her Master as he filled their slave with cum. 

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