Best Friends Forever (Excerpt): Chapter Four

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When Jack entered, Katie quickly moved to stand beside Julia’s kneeling form. Jack brought a reality to the scenario that had eluded Julia, and in the moment he walked over to them she wasn’t sure if she wanted to scream or cry or run or cum- luckily her outfit and predicament prevented all of those things, so she didn’t have to choose. Her only option was to stay kneeling and follow the rules.

Mistress instantly shed her assertive demeanour as Sir approached her; Julia watched him get close to her, smelling her flaming red hair before kissing her deeply. Julia got lost in their intimacy and in their kiss before remembering the rule about eye contact- she quickly averted her eyes, feeling proud and relieved that she didn’t get caught.

“I missed my cockwhore,” Sir murmured to Mistress as he licked her lips, his hands skimming her latex-clad body. Julia could feel his gaze on her before he moved toward her, her heart hammering in her chest so hard that she was sure he could see it through her latex crop top. “And what do we have here?” his familiar voice turning silky, touching Julia somewhere deep inside. Julia focused on looking straight ahead as he stroked her hair, then her cheek. “She looks beautiful,” he said to Mistress, clearly praising her work as much as Julia’s appearance. Julia tried to swallow, the ball gag preventing efficacy. Julia allowed herself to lean into Sir’s touch on her cheek until his caress became a sting as he slapped her.

Shock rang with Julia’s ears as the sting brought tears to her eyes. It wasn’t that it was particularly painful; the surprise and sensation hit Julia harder than the slap. She became acutely aware of her vulnerability, panic bubbling up over the butterflies. Julia took a deep centering breath, not wanting to let her nerves show. She squared her shoulders, keeping her gaze lowered at the floor.

“Stand, slave,” Sir said simply. Julia stood with some difficulty, towering in her heels. She did her best to adjust her skirt, fighting the urge to pull her skin-tight top down. Sir ran his hands over her neck, shoulders, arms, smoothly skimming the latex. When his fingers touched the skin on her stomach she shivered, the tension in her body becoming too much. He ran his hands over her skirt, reaching her thighs before his fingers trailed up in between her parted legs. He dipped a finger between her lips, smirking at how wet she was. She stifled a moan as he removed his finger, the first bit of spit escaping the ball gag at the corner of her mouth. He dragged his wet finger through her drool, scoping it up before depositing it in Mistress’s open mouth. “How does she taste, cockwhore?” he asked, allowing Mistress to suck Julia off his fingers. “She tastes sweet, Master,” Mistress purred, licking his fingers clean. “Good,” he said, grabbing her by the hair and tilting her chin up, “taste more.”

Before Julia could understand what was happening, she felt hands on her shoulders, pressing her back onto the couch. Julia stumbled, skirt sliding up as she landed. She looked up to see the flash of her best friend…Mistress’s…hair between her legs, just before she felt tongue. Julia moaned in surprise and pleasure as Mistress’s tongue slowly circled her clit, working her into an absolute frenzy. A distant part of her mind was reeling at the thought of Katie between her legs, not to mention Jack watching, but the rest of her was focused on Mistress and Sir, and the fireworks exploding between her legs. Spit was beginning to pool around the ball gag and trickle down her chin, but Julia barely noticed as she focused on falling over the edge. She screamed as she came, the bundle of nerves, doubt, and tension that she had accrued over the past couple of days evaporating entirely.

She felt Mistress’s fingers inside her as she continued to gently lick her clit, each time coaxing another shiver out of Julia’s electrified body. Mistress wiped her wet fingers on Julia’s ball, spinning it into her mouth so that she tasted herself.

She had completely forgotten about Sir’s presence until she heard him say “Very good girls,” coming over to stroke Mistress’s hair. “You did very well, cockwhore, but our slave broke a rule.” His voice grew an edge, just as Mistress’s had earlier when they were alone. Julia searched her brain for where she could have gone wrong, panic seeping into her post-orgasmic haze. “You are going to need to train her to be a better slave,” Sir said to Mistress, the two of them talking as if Julia wasn’t in the room with her legs still spread around another woman. “Yes, Master,” Mistress said earnestly, “may I punish her?”

The word punish cleared the rest of Julia’s mind, bliss being replaced by the chill of fear when she heard sir say “Yes, pet, go ahead.” Julia was again instructed to stand, and then obediently and apprehensively followed Mistress back to her room. She noticed that various implements had been laid out on the dresser, having just a split second to glance at the leather and wood before being instructed to kneel on her hands and knees on the bed.

She heard Mistress and Sir discussing which implement to use, and quickly deduced what was coming next. “When you disobey the rules, you will be punished,” Sir said matter-of-factly. “Do you understand, slave?”

“Yesssssssirh,” Julia garbled through her ball gag, watching a trail of spit drip from her mouth to the sheets below her. “Okay, pet, teach her.”


Julia wasn’t ready for the first hit, and she didn’t realize how strong Mistress was- it looks like that gym time was paying off. She screamed in surprise, the paddle leaving a sting where her skirt brushed her skin. “Make her count,” Sir said passively from somewhere behind Julia. Mistress pressed the paddle gently to Julia’s ass, rubbing her through her latex skirt. “We are going to ten, slave, given that this is only your first punishment. Count each one, and say ‘Thank you Mistress’, or I will start back at one…understand?”



Mistress hit Julia in the exact same place as the first one, sending needles of pain through her ass. As she gave her second count and thank you, she felt Mistress’s hand on her ass, rubbing in the pins and needles and flipping her skirt up out of the way to expose her ass. The third slap came on the other cheek, distributing the sizzle in her skin. She diligently counted each slap, out of an eagerness to impress and a fear of further punishment. By the time she reached a garbled “Tenh”, her ass was stinging and hot, and there was a growing puddle of drool underneath her. She felt both Mistress’s and Sir’s hands on her ass, bringing the sting alive as they tenderly massaged her skin. “You did very well, slave,” Sir said, before loudly kissing Mistress as they both rubbed Julia’s tender ass.

Eventually they stood Julia up, and Sir instructed Mistress to clean Julia’s spit covered face with her tongue. Mistress licked up the excess spit, bringing her tongue to Sir’s mouth before swallowing. He kissed her as he undid his belt, allowing her to take over removing his pants. Julia wasn’t sure where to look when his hard cock sprang free of his boxer briefs, feeling her face blush to match her painted lips. “Now because slave had such a great time watching us the other day, she is going to watch you serve my cock again. You are going to teach her to live up to her cumslut name,” Sir instructed, pressing Mistress’s shoulders to lower her to the ground. “Kneel beside her slave, and pay attention.”

Julia obeyed, eyes widening as Mistress easily took Sir into her mouth, swallowing him into her throat. She coughed once, bringing her head back to lick him shaft to tip before forcing him back down. Julia watched in awe, appreciating the front row seat to the show that she peeped on a couple of days ago. She grew nervous, realizing that Mistress had an incredible amount of skill that Julia absolutely could not emulate. Sir was becoming rougher with her, holding her by the hair while slowly and deliberately fucking her face. Mistress didn’t gag or choke, but rather took his cock down her throat while looking up at him, even through the tears that he was creating with each thrust. Just like before, Mistress seemed to be bathing in a calm, which was a stark contrast to Julia’s tension as she watched her best friend be ravaged.

Sir held Mistress’s head on his cock, wiping the tears out of her eyes with his thumbs as she struggled for air. When he decided that she had had enough, he released her, praising her effort. He side stepped over to Julia, saying “Let’s see what she’s learned.”

Mistress removed the ball gag, a trail of spit coming from Julia’s mouth and down her shirt. She held back Julia’s hair, positioning her face at Sir’s cock. He gave the side of her face a few good slaps with his shaft before wiping it around her face, spreading the spit left behind by her gag. Julia’s jaw was sore from being gagged, but she didn’t have a lot of time to think about it before Sir’s cock invaded her mouth. He was gentler with her than he was with Mistress, for which Julia felt grateful. “That’s it, stick out your tongue,” Mistress coached, still gently holding her hair back as Julia serviced her boyfriend. Julia obeyed, letting Sir rub his cock across her tongue, soaking it in spit before roughly reaching it to her throat. He didn’t press in yet, giving her a chance to get used to his girth. “We are going to train your throat to make you into a perfect little cumslut,” Mistress said encouragingly, holding Julia’s head a little more firmly. With Sir’s cock at the back of her throat, Julia’s head was pressed into him, the tip of his cock entering her throat. She coughed instantly, tears springing to her eyes as she gasped. “Again,” she heard Mistress say, and before she could even catch her breath Sir’s cock was back in her throat. This went on countless times, with Julia being given just enough time to take a breath before her throat was again filled with cock. Tears streamed down her face, mixing with the spit streaming down her chin as she gagged and choked. Mistress kept holding her hair and head, gently stroking her cheek and encouraging her as Sir continued his assault. Every now and then he asked her to look at him, just to smear her makeup. Julia couldn’t pay attention to anything around her except her chance to breathe; with each cough she sucked in air like her life depended on it, already looking forward to her next opportunity. She didn’t hear the gurgling sound she was making, nor Mistress’s and Sir’s comments- just one breath after another- that’s all she was.

They finally showed her mercy, Sir giving one final thrust into her throat before pulling his cock out, wiping her spit all over her messy face. “You did very well,” he said gently, Mistress stroking her hair and forehead as she tried to get her bearings again. “I think she earned it,” Mistress said. Julia vaguely wondered what she meant, until she saw Sir’s hand stroking his rock-hard cock. “Are you ready to become a cumslut?” Mistress asked, holding Julia’s head firmly in case she had any doubts. “Yes, Mistress,” Julia said obediently. “Open your mouth,” Sir said, and when Julia obeyed she felt the first rope of hot cum hit her tongue.

Sir’s release released something in Julia as well; as he sprayed her mouth and face with cum she felt relief, like the lid being lifted on a pot of boiling water. She basked in the feeling, allowing herself to feel pride as well- she had persevered through the constant stimulation and fear, earning praise from both of her partners. While her mouth was still open, Mistress fed her the rest of Sir’s cum on her face, gently wiping it off of her cheeks and nose and into her open mouth, further smearing her makeup. Julia was completely spent, hovering somewhere above the moment. They stood her up, taking her over to her bed. Mistress helped her out of the latex, Julia still floating too high to feel self-conscious as she stood naked in front of her friends. They tucked her into bed, Sir coming into the room with a warm cloth and gently wiping her face clean of makeup.

“Go to sleep now, slave, you’ve been such a good girl. We will be here when you wake up.” Julia heard Mistress’s…Katie’s… gentle voice in her ears as she leaned into her well-earned sleep.

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