Best Friends Forever: Part 2 (Chapter 1)

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The cock in Julia’s face was a familiar sight, but when paired with the feeling between her legs she was in brand new territory.  Sir’s cock glided across her cheek, spreading spit in its path before being thrust into her mouth.  Julia gratefully accepted it, relaxing her throat so that he could use it as he saw fit.  She had built a considerable amount of skill with this particular task, and barely gagged as he began his assault. 

Julia was on her hands and knees on her roommate’s bed, sucking her roommate’s boyfriend Jack’s cock.  Not to worry, her roommate Katie was there too- between Julia’s legs.  Katie- or, Mistress, as Julia was to refer to her in this context- was the source of the aforementioned unfamiliar territory.  They were having an indulgent Sunday morning; while Julia sucked Sir’s cock, Mistress was fucking her pussy from behind. 

She was wearing her usual black latex, today’s outfit chosen by Sir- a long-sleeved skater dress, barely long enough to cover her ass, with cutouts for her tits.  She was also wearing her black leather collar with purple stitching, a gift from her friends when they began this crazy journey together.  Julia moaned into Sir’s cock as Mistress entered her pussy, the complementing sensations rippling through her body from one end to the other (literally).  Mistress was completely nude, save for her collar and a latex and leather harness around her hips, the silicone dildo securely strapped to her pelvis.  This was the first time that Mistress had used a strap-on on her, and Julia was definitely a fan.  “Do you like being spitroasted, cumslut?” Sir asked, taking his cock out of Julia’s mouth just long enough for her to reply “Yes, Sir.” 

“Shouldn’t you be thanking Mistress for fucking your pussy so well?” he asked, thrusting his cock into Julia’s throat and holding it there as she felt Mistress pumping into her.  Julia gagged, and Sir held his cock in her throat for two more of Mistress’s thrusts before pulling out.  “Thank you, Mistress,” Julia coughed, tears running down her face as Sir’s cock went back in her throat.  “Ah, you’re welcome, cumslut, you take cock so well,” Mistress said from behind her.  Julia could sense the sexual tension building between Sir and Mistress as they were no doubt making intense eye contact over top of her. 

Julia could hear her pussy juices with every thrust of Mistress’s cock as she freely drooled down her chin onto the mattress from the cock on the other side of her.  She felt an orgasm building, which was currently a miserable situation given that she was forbidden to cum for a week as a punishment.  She had procrastinated a paper that she had due for school and ended up having to pull an all-nighter to get it done- on a night that Sir and Mistress had planned to use her.  Julia had thought that she could finish in time, but a writer’s block had her scrambling at the last minute.  While she knew that her friends would acquiesce and allow her to finish the paper, she also knew that it would come at a price- a punishment.  She did her best to avoid punishment, but it was an inevitable- and necessary- part of the life of a slave.  She never imagined, however, that they would take orgasms away from her for a week. 

“It’s for your own good,” Mistress had said gently, stroking Julia’s hair as the realization of the consequence began to sink in.  “Please, Mistress, any other punishment- you can spank me as many times as you like,” Julia countered, and Sir laughed.  “Your academics are important, and we want you to break this procrastination habit,” he explained.  “With this punishment, you are not likely to put off an assignment again.”  While he wasn’t wrong, Julia was horrified at her predicament.  She knew better than to try to negotiate or argue- this just made the consequence longer or more severe- so she bit her tongue and went back to her room to start work on her homework. 

That was six days ago, and Sir and Mistress had made sure to play with her for each day of her sentence.  To say that she was sexually frustrated was the understatement of the century.  In truth, Julia was a puddle of desperation, ready to cum at any given moment.  Mistress’s silicone cock currently ravaging her pussy was pushing her closer and closer to a very sharp edge- one she didn’t dare fall over.

Julia moaned as she tried to control her orgasm, focusing on Sir’s cock in her mouth and trying to ignore the intense pleasure between her legs.  The issue was that she was learning to derive a considerable amount of pleasure from being face-fucked as well, so her strategy wasn’t very effective.  “Please, Sir…Mistress…please, I’ll be good…please let me cum,” Julia begged, knowing it was in vain but desperate to try.

“Oh, my pretty slave,” Sir said, his hand caressing Julia’s chin as his cock kept a steady pace thrusting into her mouth, “you know better.  You can’t cum until tomorrow, and certainly not until we give you permission- you’d best hold it if you know what’s good for you,” he said, his gentle tone in contrast to the clear threat in his words.  Julia focused harder, her pussy aching to find release. 

She could feel Sir’s cock pulse in her mouth, a familiar sign that he was getting close to his own edge.  As Julia braced herself for his hot load down her throat, Mistress picked up the pace.  Each time Mistress slammed into Julia from behind, Sir’s cock made it deeper and deeper into her throat.  Julia moaned as she desperately held her orgasm, arching her back away from Mistress in search of relief.  Sir grabbed her by the hair, steadying her mouth as he prepared to let go.  “Fill her up, Master, she hasn’t had breakfast yet,” she heard Mistress say.  With that, he filled her mouth until his cum dripped down her chin.

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