Best Friends Forever: Part 2 (Chapters 4-5)

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Katie and Jack were laughing as they came into the door, both quickly swallowing their sounds as they saw Julia awaiting them.  She heard them each take a deep breath, and felt them looking at each other, then back to her.  Neither Katie nor Jack said anything; they both deliberately put their things down and took off their shoes.  Their conversation resumed, the easy banter between them laced with scarlet lust.  She heard the fridge door open, and Jack poured them each a glass of water.  They drank at the kitchen island, Julia well within their sight line, feigning ignorance.  Jack leaned in to kiss Katie, his arms wrapping around her.  Julia stole a glance their way, absolutely rattled that they were ignoring her, but refusing to budge.  Jack’s tongue was licking Katie’s eager lips, her hips grinding into his as they explored each other.  The need building up in Julia was electric, feeling very close to toxic.  It felt like her pussy might actually drip onto the floor.  She wanted to scream, if only to get some release- but she stayed still and silent, waiting to be used- just like she was trained.

Jack- Sir- was the first to walk over to her, leisurely circling her.  Julia could smell his cologne, and almost moaned in desire.  She focused on her posture, trying to ignore every screaming fiber of her being needing to cum.  Sir’s hand brushed her hair as he tilted her chin up.  “Look at me, slave,” he demanded, voice gentle.  Mistress was standing behind him, leaning against the counter watching.  Julia looked Sir in the eye, hyper aware of the spit dribbling down her chin.  It caught Sir’s eye too, and he swiped his finger through it, wiping it on her cheek. “You have been such a good slave this week, accepting your punishment.  Are you ready to cum, slave?”

“Yessth Ssthir,” Julia said quickly, desperation evident even in her garbled words.  She felt her pussy tense at his mention of cumming, and worried that she might spontaneously combust if he touched her.  “We are going to make such a mess of you tonight,” he promised, gently caressing Julia’s face.  “Pet, go get dressed please,” he said to Katie behind him while continuing to stroke Julia’s face.  Katie instantly obeyed, and while she was gone Sir affixed Julia’s collar to her neck.  His hands skimmed the latex down her arms and chest, lingering just long enough to outline each nipple with featherlight touches- earning him a moan from Julia’s drooling mouth. 

“I bet that almost hurts,” he said, a sparkle in his eye as he continued circling her rock-hard nipples.  “So long without an orgasm, so overstimulated…I bet your pleasure is going to be painful tonight.”  Julia hadn’t considered this, but as he spoke she realized that he was right- the ache in her nipples- in her pussy- was becoming unbearable.  The line between pleasure and pain was razor thin, and she was straddling it.

Katie-Mistress- returned, her flame red hair in a high ponytail and body clad in a catsuit of her own.  Mistress’s outfit covered her head to toe like Julia’s, but the cutout at her pussy extended all the way up her ass, and the suit had an open chest as well so that her tits could freely bounce.  Julia thought she looked beautiful, and Sir said as much before kissing her passionately.  Sir collared Mistress as well and put Julia’s leash in her hand.

“I bet our slave’s legs are awfully cramped from kneeling for so long,” he said, feigning empathy, “take her for a walk.”  Mistress pulled on Julia’s leash, spurring her to get on her hands and knees.  Mistress walked- crawled- her slowly around the apartment, taking slow, deliberate steps both to allow Julia to keep up and to put on a sexy show for her Master.  Julia dutifully followed her mistress, trying to ignore the feeling of her nipples pressing into the latex, or her exposed pussy begging Sir for attention.  In truth, it did feel good to stretch her limbs, and she took advantage of the opportunity while it was given. 

When they were finished a lap of the apartment, Mistress brought Julia back to where she had been kneeling.  “Stay on your hands and knees, slave,” Sir instructed, and took the leash from Mistress.  “Go check her pussy,” he said to Mistress, “and see if she’s ready to cum.”  Julia felt her entire body clench at the thought of being touched, and took a deep breath to steady herself.  Mistress circled behind her, kneeling at her latex-covered ass.  “Spread your legs, cumslut,” Mistress ordered.  Julia obeyed, the rush of cool air on her pussy threatening to unravel her.  Mistress dragged her fingers over her ass, tracing the crack of it over top of the latex down to the cutout.  She then traced the border of skin and latex, sending a shiver- an earthquake- through Julia’s body.  “I can smell her readiness, Master, and I haven’t even touched her pussy yet.”

Sir growled his approval, and Mistress’s finger circled closer to Julia’s dripping slit.  She traced her up and down, barely touching her- just enough to make Julia moan in frustration, need, and desire.   Spit was pooling on the floor under her, though she didn’t even realize it- her entire being was focused on Mistress’s fingers, silently begging them to enter her.

As if on command, Julia felt the tip of Mistress’s finger push into her slit- not enough to touch her throbbing clit, but enough to feel the well of wetness inside.  “Oh, slave, you are so ready…so needy,” she purred, moving her finger up and down, just inside.  When she finally grazed Julia’s clit, she saw stars.  As soon as the sensation began it ended, with Mistress pulling her finger out of Julia’s warmth and offering it up to Sir.  He inspected and then tasted, murmuring his pleasure.  “Mmm, so ready…so sweet,” he said, sucking on Mistress’s finger.  He bent to where Mistress had been, firmly pressing on Julia’s back.  “Arch your back, slave, show us that soaked, needy pussy,” he commanded, snapping Julia’s consciousness from her pussy back to her posture.  “Good girl,” he said approvingly, before he drove two fingers deep into her pussy.

Julia screamed into her gag, releasing a new trail of spit down her chin.  Sir’s fingers pounded her hard and fast, giving her no time to adjust to the unrelenting pace.  Julia screamed freely, her effort to channel the sensation burning through her pussy entirely futile.  She could hear her juices covering Sir’s fingers- everyone could hear- and leaned back into him to invite him deeper.  “Mmm, she’s so needy,” Mistress commented delightedly, bending closer to the action.  “This pussy needs to cum, there’s no doubt about that,” Sir commented, “but not yet- 10pm is a long way away.”

Julia’s heart sank.  Through the floor.  Through the earth.  “Or was it 10:30? Pet, when did our slave tell us she couldn’t play because she hadn’t properly planned?” 

“It was 10,” Mistress said mercifully, “and I daresay she has learned her lesson.”

“Have you? Have you learned your lesson, cumslut?” Sir asked, taking his fingers out of Julia’s pussy.  She moaned in protest, craving stimulation more than oxygen.  Sir took her ballgag out, replacing it with his soaking fingers.  Julia eagerly took his fingers into her mouth, sucking her juices off of them in a desperate need to impress.  “Wow, she is eager tonight,” Sir said to no one in particular.  He took his fingers out of Julia’s mouth, moving them up to Mistress’s. “You have a taste now, and then go get the real thing,” he ordered.  Mistress cleaned Sir’s fingers off the rest of the way, and then moved behind Julia.  “Have you learned your lesson, cumslut?” Sir repeated again, unzipping his pants as he awaited Julia’s answer.  “Yes Sir,” she said “I’m sorry.  I will do better…please…I will plan my time better…please Sir, I’m sorry…” Julia rambled, her words becoming moans as Mistress’s tongue kissed her pussy. 

As Mistress licked her, Sir’s cock found its spot in her throat.  He used the spit all over her face as lube before thrusting balls deep into her mouth, allowing her no time to react.  “Good girl,” he said, “you’re learning.  I know you’re sorry, and I trust that you won’t do it again.  I know that punishments are tough, but they are effective,” he lectured, all the while fucking her face.  “Yes Sir,” Julia attempted with her mouth full, but Sir’s cock and Mistress’s skilled tongue made it impossible for her to communicate beyond a moan.  Julia gagged on Sir’s cock, not feeling the spit trailing onto her latex-clad chest.  She kept her hands at her sides, allowing him to set the pace as he saw fit.  In truth, the face fucking was incidental compared to the assault on her pussy.  Mistress’s tongue danced around Julia’s clit with precision, bringing her to the edge and then pushing her back, not letting her build any momentum.  Her frustrated moans were drowned out by Sir’s cock, and in that moment she truly was just a vessel for them to use, with no say in the outcome.

Sir and Mistress used their slave for the rest of the evening, eroding any sense of self, autonomy, or reserve that Julia had left.  She was a shell, retreating into herself to protect against each new assault, the threats from her tormentors warning her not to cum slicing through her.  She knew that letting go would temporarily end her suffering, but also that it would compound any future suffering in ways that she dared not even imagine.  It was with that resolve that she held on, by the tiniest of threads, as they used her mouth and pussy. 

She darted in and out of the scene, sometimes wrapped up in herself, sometimes allowing herself to check back into the moment.  Seeing Mistress’s face buried in her pussy while Sir took hers from behind, then feeling Sir’s fingers and tongue and tasting Mistress as she rode Julia’s face.  Feeling their fingers trace the black latex on her body, leaving a trail of her milky cum in their path.  All the while her pussy gushed, begging for its release.  Julia felt pain radiate through her clit at every lick, but at the same time craved the stimulation.  She needed it- it was the only thing tethering her to the earth. 

As Sir’s cock entered Julia’s pussy, she heard an alarm ring somewhere in the distance- maybe at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, for all she knew.  The sound brought her back to the moment, and she saw Mistress leave to shut it off.  “It’s 10pm, slave, you’ve done so well,” Sir cooed, gently fucking Julia’s pussy while Mistress settled in beside her.  Mistress cupped Julia’s head, placing it on her lap.  She wrapped her hand around Julia’s face and put her fingers in her mouth.  Julia sucked on Mistress’s fingers as she felt Mistress’s other hand trace down the smooth latex.  Julia could see that her catsuit was slick with spit, at times also mixed with her own cum as Sir and Mistress had painted her. Mistress circled Julia’s hard nipples, sending threads of pain and pleasure through her body, directly to her clit. Sir kept a steady pace, allowing Julia to focus on Mistress’s touch- and his voice.

“Are you ready to cum, cumslut?” he asked, as Mistress’s fingers traced down Julia’s stomach.  “Yes Sir, please Sir…please can I cum?” Julia begged through Mistress’s fingers in her mouth.  Sir picked up the pace as Mistress’s fingers touched Julia’s clit.  “I am going to fuck your pussy, and Mistress is going to rub your clit,” Sir explained, “and when you’re ready, you are going to ask permission to cum.  You may only cum with permission, do you understand cumslut?” Sir said patiently.  “That’s it, my cockwhore…rub her clit, just like that,” Sir instructed Mistress, and Julia felt fire in her clit. 

It didn’t take long for her to get to the edge; she had been teetering on it for days.  As she neared it though, the sensation felt different.  The promise of an orgasm, the reliable promise- scared the absolute shit out of her.  It was just then that Julia realized the intensity of her impending orgasm; she was so overstimulated- days’ worth of denial- that when she finally did fall over the edge, it was going to hurt. 

She sucked harder on Mistress’s fingers as she tried to sooth the panic now coursing through her.  Sir’s cock slid in and out of her pussy, hitting every single desperate spot inside her.  Mistress’s fingers applied pressure to her throbbing clit, inviting release with every circle.  Julia was moaning- screaming- as if she were being murdered, both trying to run toward and away from her orgasm.  The sensation built regardless of her wishes, and soon she heard herself ask for permission to cum.  Sir and Mistress looked at each other a long while, continuing their assault on Julia’s pussy while they forced her to hold it.

“Do you remember that rude text message that we received today, pet?” Sir asked Mistress, feigning innocence in his voice.  “Mmm, yes, I do. From an impatient little cumslut, desperate to be used.  It was quite inappropriate, from such a needy little slave,” Mistress said cruelly.  “You’re right, my gorgeous cockwhore, you’re absolutely right.  This slave needs to learn some manners before she can cum.”

Real tears sprang to Julia’s eyes when they stopped.  Sir pulled his cock out of her, Mistress’s fingers stopped touching her.  She let out some kind of garbled sob, the most desperate noise a human could have made.  Before she had any more time to mourn her predicament, she was roughly flipped over onto her stomach.  Mistress held her down, and Sir administered twenty hard spankings on her latex-clad ass in quick succession.  It felt like he had 12 hands, each making hard contact with the latex at every slap.  Julia couldn’t keep up, and didn’t even realize what was happening until it was already over.  The pain in her ass was unbearable, but she was completely helpless.  It was over as fast as it started, and they flipped her back over to continue their assault on her pussy.  “There, that’s better I think,” Sir said approvingly as he slid his cock back into Julia’s soaked hole.  “Should we let her cum now?” Mistress asked, flicking her clit more intensely than ever before.

At long last, Sir nodded, and Julia’s whole world went black before he finished saying “Cum, slut.”

Julia came with such ferocity that she felt like she was being ripped in half.  Her pussy exploded around Sir’s cock, her first ever genuine squirt.  Sir kept pumping into her as she gushed, Mistress’s fingers eventually leaving her clit so as to hold her down while Sir finished her.  Julia flailed violently, arms and body writhing at Sir’s penetration.  Her orgasm fully possessed her, tearing through every vessel in her body.  Wave after wave of painful pleasure engulfed her, with no relief in sight.  The sound of her pussy gushing around Sir’s rock hard cock was drowned out only by her own screams; cries begging them to stop, keep going, and who knows what else echoed throughout the apartment.  Her orgasm eventually quieted, leaving her trembling with Sir’s every thrust, the screaming quieting to something between a moan and a sob.  “That’s it, good girl, you did it, you’re okay,” Sir encouraged, his words falling largely on deaf ears as Julia floated somewhere in outer space. 

Sir pulled his cock out of her at some point, though Julia was barely aware of it.  Mistress gently laid Julia’s head on the floor and went to Sir to fulfill her duty.  Julia could see Mistress’s fire read ponytail bobbing up and down on Sir’s cock, no doubt tasting of Julia’s squirt.  Sir shot ropes of cum on Mistress’s face, and on Julia’s latex-clad chest.  He made a complete mess of both women, but Julia didn’t even move to react- she wasn’t sure if she would ever move again.  She was still panting, desperately trying to get a foothold back on earth.  Her pussy and clit were somewhere between numb and on fire, and she couldn’t focus her mind anywhere for more than a few seconds.  She was utterly exhausted, mind wandering in all sorts of places-unsure if she would ever be able to cum again (but pretty sure she wanted to), wishing she had red hair like Katie, wondering if her clit would ever stop throbbing.  Also, someone had to mop the floor.

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