Best Friends Forever: Part 2 (Chapters 6-7)

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Chapter 6

Jack and Katie took care of Julia that night, ensuring that she was showered and tucked into bed.  They then stayed up for a bit more time, talking about the future of their dynamic.  Julia knew this for two reasons: one, she woke up clean and naked in bed, and two, she woke up with Jack and Katie perched on the end of her bed.  “Morning sunshine,” Katie said with a smile.  “Mmm, morning,” Julia mumbled.  Her body was sore, and if either of them came within a few inches of her clit she would almost certainly cry.  “So, um, we wanted to talk to you…you know, about what you and I talked about the other night.”  Julia’s sleepy brain struggled to catch up; it had been so starved of blood the night before that she may have some permanent memory loss.  “About what?” she said slowly, sitting up and wrapping the blankets around herself.  “About us,” Jack said, his smile gentle.  “Okay…” Julia said tentatively, and they began.

Over the next hour or so, the three friends talked about a relationship- not just a BDSM dynamic, but a romantic relationship between the three of them as well.  Jack and Katie shared that they had started to feel really close to Julia, beyond the intimacy of their D/S/s dynamic.  They asked Julia how she felt about them, particularly in light of the conversation that she and Katie had had earlier in the week.  Julia listened intently, the seriousness of their conversation clearing away any morning or post-earth-shattering-orgasm cobwebs from her mind.  She considered their perspectives and realized that a lot of what they were saying was exactly what she was looking for. 

They explained that they would all be equals in the relationship, but during play they would both answer to Sir- or, Master, as Julia would be permitted to call him.  They would revisit her slave rules, giving her a bit more privilege and autonomy in the dynamic, like Katie had.  Outside of their collared time, Katie and Jack would open their relationship to Julia, romantically and otherwise.  Julia, as always, had a ton of questions about the logistics- but in the end, her gut feeling that this was the right move for all of them rang true. 

They talked a bunch more, the three of them cuddled up in Julia’s bed.  They committed to having future conversations on a regular basis, especially as questions come up and they re-establish what they mean to each other.  Julia was feeling really good about things, and the smiles on Katie and Jack’s faces suggested that they felt the same.  They kissed, held hands, and joked with one another in the way that only friends and lovers can. 

Eventually Jack got up to get some water, and came back with their collars.  Julia felt her clit retreat inward, but at the same time she felt a tingle inside, from her nipples to her pussy.  She accepted her collar with a habitual “Thank you Sir.”

“No, pet, you will call me Master now.”

Chapter 7

Julia flushed, the intimacy of that command carrying a great deal of weight.  She looked at Katie, as if to check to see if it was okay.  She smiled back, accepting her collar from Master as well.  He instructed both of them to undress.  “Master, what do I call…Mistress?” Julia asked, realizing that as equals that name wouldn’t make as much sense.  “That’s a good question, cumslut.  You see, you will still call her Mistress…sometimes.  Other times, she may call you Mistress.  You will each fulfill different roles, depending on the scene.  Sometimes you will both be my slaves, other times you will assume your regular roles of cumslut and cockwhore.  The possibilities are truly endless,” he said with a smirk. 

Katie smiled, clearly having seen this coming.  “Thank you Master,” Julia said politely, her mind still trying to wrap around all of the possibilities.  “You’re welcome, cumslut,” he said affectionately.  “On that note, actually, today I would like for you to call her slave,” he said, turning to Katie.  “And you will call her Mistress for once,” he said.  Katie averted her eyes to the floor, a well trained slave.  “Yes Master,” she said quietly. 

Julia was shocked at this unexpected turn of events, and suddenly wasn’t sure what to do with her hands.  “Stand up, both of you,” Master instructed.  Both slave and Mistress did as they were told, standing at the edge of the bed, facing him.  “Kiss,” he said simply, and watched as the women embraced.  Soft lips touched, tongues danced as Master undressed.  “I want my cock sucked, slave,” he said, as slave got to her knees.  “Now, you,” he said, turning to Julia, “are going to help her keep it in her throat.  We have set a goal for her to be able to hold me balls deep for 15 seconds, but she can’t yet make it to ten.  With your help, we are going to do that today,” he said simply.

Julia knelt beside slave, who already had Master’s cock in her mouth.  Julia again marvelled at slaves skill, wondering internally how on earth she could help improve that.  As if he could hear her, Master said, “Okay, now put your hands on her head.  You’re going to force her onto my cock as I thrust, getting it as far down her throat as possible.  If she gags, or coughs, or spits, don’t stop.  She knows the safe word, and she will use it if she needs to.  It is your job to make sure she doesn’t relent, do you understand?”

Julia nodded, taking slave by her red ponytail and wrapping her hand around her cheek.  “Yes Master,” she said, before they began.  Master fucked slaves face ferociously, and she relaxed her throat to take him while Julia held her head steady.  When slave balked for the first time, trying to turn away from Master’s cock, Julia forced her head down onto him instead.  Slave fought her, but Julia didn’t relent, desperate to make Master proud.  Master continued thrusting, with Julia forcing slave’s head down onto his cock each time.  Slave was moaning into his cock, cough and sputtering each time he released her, drool pooling all over her tits.  Her body tried to reject his cock, but Julia’s force behind her made it impossible.  Master’s cock was buried deep into her throat each time, completely unyielding.

“Good girls, now we are going to work on holding it.  I am going to put my cock into slave’s throat and hold it there.  You are going to count to ten, and make sure she doesn’t move off of it until you reach the end.  Start.”

With that, he thrust into slave’s mouth, getting as deep as he could before he stopped.  Julia began the count.  Slave remained still, clearly focused on the task; her eyes watered, and spit pooled, but she didn’t struggle until Julia reached six.  She then tried to move away, but Julia held her in place.  When she reached ten let go, and slave came off of Master’s cock with tears running down her face.

“How was that, slave?” Master asked, pride easily seen in his eyes.  Slave looked at the ground.  “It was good, thank you Master,” she said quietly, still trying to regain control of her breath.  “Mistress helped me,” she said.  “Good, that was the point.  See, I knew you could do it- you just needed a little help.  Again,” he commanded, and the women set themselves back up.

They continued, with Julia holding slaves head until the ten count, feeling her fight to breathe as Master held his cock in her throat.  Julia knew that she wanted this, which made it easier to do- it was still incredibly bizarre to be treating her friend like this, especially because the day before she had been addressed as slave. 

Slave began to get tired, her resolve and determination weakening so that Julia had to be more forceful to get her to succeed.  “Come on, slave, you can do better than this,” Julia said, surprising herself.  Her tone was harsh, but her intent was good- she wanted her friend to succeed.  She noticed that her words sparked action in slave, so she continued.  She channelled the Mistress that she had experienced and let her have it.

“That’s it, take that cock, slave, you are such a good cockwhore, three more seconds,” she encouraged, pressing slave’s head into Master’s cock.  She let her out to breathe, and then pushed again.  “Again…do it again, you aren’t done yet, slave, get that cock down your throat.  That’s it, hold it…hold it…good girl,” Julia said, this time with even more enthusiasm.  She was so proud of her friend, and was very much enjoying this newfound authority.

Eventually Master was satisfied with slave’s progress and rewarded both of his pets with a spray of cum all over their faces and tits.  He had them lick it off of each other, while he stroked their hair.  “I am a very lucky Master, with such perfect pets,” he said adoringly.  The women licked each other clean, starting with their tits, swirling their Master’s cum around their mouths, swapping it between them with a kiss.  When they were both cleaned up to his satisfaction, their bellies full of his cum, he removed their collars. 

“Now, Julia, I believe you have a paper to write,” Jack said nonchalantly.  “You’d best get to it…wouldn’t want you to procrastinate again, now would we? I hope you’ve learned your lesson.”

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