Best Friends Forever (Excerpt): Chapter Six

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It was finally the weekend. The rest of the week had passed without incident, with Julia and Katie resuming their usual patterns of work and school, sharing the odd meal or TV show together. Jack had been over a few times, and aside from finding herself blushing every time he looked at her, Julia found interactions with him to be fairly normal. When she got home from class Friday night, Katie was dressed again in her latex catsuit, finishing her makeup. “He will be here in about 45 minutes, get dressed. I put your outfit on your bed,” she said, leaving no room for questions or conversation.

Julia went straight to her room, seeing a new latex outfit on her bed with a note from Sir:

“Be a good slave and put this on…I like you in latex. Don’t forget the eyeliner, and a little something extra- in your favourite colour if I remember correctly.” -Sir

She touched the smooth material, this time a skater dress. Two additional pieces of fabric accompanied it, and it took her a minute to realize that they were thigh highs. His final gift was a tube of lipstick. With some difficulty Julia got dressed, taking extra care to emphasize her eyeliner before finishing with her new lipstick shade- a deep purple. It isn’t a colour she would ever wear, but somehow with her head-to-toe latex it worked.

When Mistress came into her room, she inspected her outfit and approved. Mistress braided her slave’s dark hair into pigtails and finished her with the ball gag before leading her out to the living room to an awaiting Sir.

Julia had been so focused on getting ready that she hadn’t heard Sir arrive. He was sitting on the couch, completely relaxed. When she realized that she was late, her heart fluttered a bit in panic- while timeliness wasn’t an explicit rule, it felt disrespectful to him for her not to be ready. Her suspicions were confirmed when he said “You’re late, slave.”

Julia nodded, the ball gag preventing her from speaking, keeping her eyes trained on the floor. “Oh, that’s right- the slave’s mouth always has to be full,” he teased, dipping his finger into Julia’s mouth before turning his attention to Mistress. “Why wasn’t the cumslut ready, pet?”

“I’m sorry, Master,” Mistress said evenly, “I lost track of time. It was my fault, and I know that I need to be punished.” Sir got up from the couch, removing his belt as he bent Mistress over the couch. “Slave, count,” he instructed before delivering the first crack. He didn’t speak as he delivered 20 lashes with his belt; Julia jumped a little with each blow, but Mistress barely moved, other than a faint whimper at the end. When Julia got to the count of 20, Sir stopped, gently caressing Mistress’s red ass and telling her it was over. She stood, and he kissed her deeply, an intimacy that had Julia looking away to give them privacy.

When they were done, their attention turned back to Julia. “it’s her turn,” Sir said, handing Mistress his belt as she bent Julia over the couch. Julia gulped, confident that she would need to use a safe word. She felt Mistress’s hand on her back, steadying her on the couch. “Count, slave,” Sir said again, and Julia worked to ground herself before the first crack.

The belt stung differently than the paddle, its impact sharper but shallower. Julia yelped at the first few blows, but eventually tried to calm her reactions to more closely emulate Mistress’s. She somewhat succeeded, focusing on the mental exercise of grounding herself between blows, using the counts to stay focused. She tried to think of them in counts of five…just five more…five more…until finally she heard herself say twenty through her gag. She hadn’t realized she was crying; a few silent tears escaped her eyes as she took her punishment. Mistress wiped them away, gently stroking her cheek while Sir traced his fingers along the lines left by his belt. “These are going to look very nice tomorrow,” he said appreciatively.

Julia was encouraged by his praise, the difficulty of the pain that she had just endured replaced by the warmth of his affection. She felt a solidarity with Mistress for having experienced the same punishment, even though she understood they were not equals. “We are going to continue the slave training tonight,” Sir instructed both women. “Pet, take the slave to our room and tie her to the bed, with her head off the side- I am going to use her throat while you work on her pussy.”

Julia obediently followed Mistress to the bed, laying sideways on the bed with her head hanging off the side. She laid still as Mistress secured her ankles and wrists, leaving her starfished on the bed. Julia pulled against her restraints, testing their tight limits. She was truly helpless, but now along with the ripple of nervousness there was also excitement. She could hear murmurs as Sir and Mistress strategized, feeling her pussy dampen in anticipation. Her mouth was watering, the ball gag preventing her from swallowing.

She felt Sir’s hands on her face, gently positioning her head as he laid his cock on her cheek. At the same time, Mistress sat between her spread legs, running fingernails up Julia’s thighs. Julia squirmed in anticipation, willing them both to start the training and put her out of the misery of waiting. “Have you ever been edged, slave?” Mistress asked, her fingers moving ever closer to Julia’s dripping pussy. Sir removed her gag so that she could answer, wiping the trailing spit onto his cock. “No, Mistress,” Julia replied obediently. “I am going to tease your pussy…no matter what, you are not permitted to cum until I tell you to, do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress,” was the last thing that Julia was permitted to say before her mouth was filled with cock. Sir slid into her mouth slowly, not reaching her throat. He let her mouth work him, Julia setting the pace for once. As she got used to the angle of having him above her, her head slightly hanging off of the bed, Mistress spread the lips of her pussy and blew on her clit. Julia moaned on Sir’s cock, already wanting to cum. Mistress explored her pussy with the intuition of a woman, taking note of each shiver and moan. Julia felt like she was going to explode, and tried to focus harder on Sir’s cock so as not to cum without permission.

She was starting to feel like she had things under control until she heard a buzzing between her legs. When Mistress touched the wand to her clit, she yelped, suddenly teetering on the edge of a well-built orgasm. “Please Mistress,” she begged urgently, her mouth full of cock. “What, slave?” Mistress asked, an edge to her voice. “Please may I cum for you,” Julia breathed, gargling on Sir’s cock as she squirmed against her restraints. Just as Julia was about to fall over the edge, Mistress took the wand away; the disappointment was crushing, and soon gave way to frustration. What the fuck? Why did she stop? Julia’s eyes widened in shock, and both Sir and Mistress laughed. “That, dear slave, is edging. Do you like it?” Sir teased, making Julia feel embarrassed and incredibly needy. “No,” Julia whined, as Sir thrust his cock to the back of her throat with a little more force. When Julia gagged on Sir’s cock, Mistress put the vibe back onto her clit. She moaned in pleasure- and relief- as the sensation refilled her body, her attention split between her needy clit and Sir’s unrelenting cock. Each sensation prevented her from fully focusing on the other, leaving Julia in some sort of sexual purgatory. Each time she got close to cumming, Mistress took the wand away- and Sir thrust further into her throat, his access perfect with the angle of her head off of the bed. Julia was being utterly used and abused, and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it.

The edging was beginning to frustrate Julia; her desperation to cum began to consume her, weakening her resistance to Sir’s unrelenting assault on her throat. She was just trying to hold on, breathing at Sir’s pace, tears and spit covering her face while Mistress ruthlessly tortured her pussy. Every now and then she would moan an incoherent “Please Mistress,” but it was as if no one could hear her. They were doing with her exactly as they like, with no regard for her needs.

Finally Sir grabbed her by the hair, bringing her consciousness back into the moment. Her pussy and her face were both soaked, her body more need than human. “I think she’s ready to cum, pet,” Sir said, leaving Julia feeling gratitude toward him for taking pity on her. “But Master, I am having so much fun!” Mistress pouted, expertly gliding the wand up and down Julia’s clit, pressing the vibration deep into the tissue. “Do you want it, slave?”

Sir removed his cock from Julia’s mouth long enough for her to stumble over some words. “Yes Mistress…please…please let me cum…I will do anything, please!” Julia begged, each word coming out more frantic than the last. Sir’s cock went back down her throat, interrupting her pleas. Mistress continued her torture, tears in Julia’s eyes forming from frustration, not just Sir’s cock. He let her breathe again, telling her to beg for it. “Please…Sir…Mistress…please let me cum. I’ll be good, I’ll be a good slave for you…please…help me…” Julia’s emotions at the surface, panic setting in at the threat of being edged before. Sir left his cock out of her mouth, rounding the bed to stand behind Mistress. They had a whispered conversation, and Julia heard Mistress moan as Sir entered her. She heard the slap of flesh on flesh, and knew that Sir was slamming his spit-soaked cock into Mistress as she tortured Julia’s pussy. The decadence of the moment was almost too much to bear. Finally, Julia felt the pressure of the wand increase, and screamed when she heard Mistress order her to cum. “Cum, slut, cum for me,” she ordered, and Julia was unceremoniously launched off the edge.

She remained in a free fall for what felt like hours, all of the build-up and torture and stimulation exploding inside her, more sensation than her body could handle. She freely screamed as the pleasure took her over, ripping through her spit and cum soaked body, threatening to never end. She had no idea how long she had been cumming for; she couldn’t feel the restraints biting into her wrists and ankles, or hear Mistress’s increased moans as Sir ravaged her pussy- all she could feel- all she was- was her vibrating clit. Mistress held the wand on her until she felt pain, torn between the pleasure of orgasm and the overstimulation of having been edged. Her screams became whimpers, quieting just enough to hear Mistress cry out, her own orgasm taking hold and mercifully forcing her to remove the wand.

Julia was a shell of her former self, laying limp in the restraints. They could have done absolutely anything to her in that moment, and she might not even have known. As it happened, Sir came back to her face just long enough to cover her in cum; Julia didn’t even react, opening her mouth obediently and taking his hot spray. He rubbed the excess into her face, completely destroying what little remained of her makeup. “So pretty,” he said affectionately, and in that moment Julia felt…beautiful.

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