Mother and Daughters: Part 1

This story is a sequel to My Mother, My Wife. Read part 1 here.


“Yes, Mother,” Lily mumbled through her gag.  She was laying across her mom’s lap, hands bound behind her, and gagged with her own panties to muffle the noise of her screams as she was spanked.  “Good girl,” her mother Cherie said in a kind tone that directly contrasted with the harsh slap.  Lily could feel bright red welts already forming on her ass cheeks, and moaned knowing that they were just getting started.

A lot had changed in the last year; after that fateful mother/daughter ski trip, Lily and Cherie had returned home in a fully committed relationship.  It hadn’t all been smooth- Lily’s younger sister Violet took some time to adjust to their family’s new normal- but after sitting her down and explaining their love and service to one another, not to mention seeing the way that Lily and Cherie looked at one another, even Violet had to accept their relationship.  Once they had Violet’s approval, Lily and Cherie married in a quiet ceremony with just the three of them.  Lily’s poem became her vows, and hung in the bedroom she now shared with her mom. 

Lily was learning to be a wife to her mother, and a parent to her sister- all while attending college classes part time and keeping the house in order.  She took a great deal of pride in serving their family- as she always had- and continued to make sure that dinners were made and Violet’s homework was done.  Cherie continued to work full time, comfortable with having Lily oversee the day to day of their household.  They made a good team, inside and outside of the bedroom.

Lily was learning to serve in other ways, too.  Ever since she and her mom had begun their physical relationship, she began to realize a strong desire to submit.  Cherie occasionally liked to use sex to cope with her high pressure job, and enjoyed having a willing participant to absorb some of her stress and frustration.  Lily saw this as an extension of her household and wifely duties and delighted in the opportunity to support her mom in a more intimate way.  She found freedom in submission, appreciating the opportunity to forget about her responsibilities for a bit.  Submitting to her mother also happened to make her pussy very, very, wet.  It was in this type of service that Lily found herself across her mother’s lap. 

“I think we’ll go to twenty tonight.  It’s been a rough day,” Cherie said, “Can you do that for your Mother, Lily?”  Lily nodded, moaning the affirmative through her panty gag.  “Good girl, now remember to be quiet- your sister is sleeping.”  Lily bit into her gag with each slap, doing her best to muffle her screams.  Her mom wasn’t holding back tonight, and Lily could feel her ass swell with each blow. 

Her mom’s hand landed with force, the whispered counts illustrating to Lily how far she had come- and how far she had left to go.  “Six,” Cherie whispered.  Lily felt fingertips dance along the raised skin, leaving a trail of fire on the sensitive skin.  She relaxed as she felt the fingertips brush up her spine, tensing back up as her mom took a handful of hair.  “You’re going to get four in a row, and they’re going to hurt.  Don’t make a sound, and don’t move a muscle.”  Lily recognized the raw lust in her mom’s tone, her body responding instantly with more wetness between her legs.  “Yes Mother,” Lily mumbled, doing her best to relax her body and mind to take the pain.

Lily swallowed her screams, turning them into moans.  Pain very quickly became pleasure, rippling through her body and resounding between her legs.  Her mom’s hand gripped her by the hair, holding her still as she spanked.  “That’s a good girl, take it for your Mother,” Cherie purred, the distinct pride in her voice stirring something in Lily.  She doubled her resolve, focusing on remaining still and quiet as her mom delivered blow after blow.  Tears were running down Lily’s face by the time she heard her mother tenderly whisper, “Twenty.  Good girl, you’re done.  I’m so proud of you, baby, thank you for letting me hurt you.”

Lily allowed her mom to move her onto her back, laying gingerly on the soft sheets as she tried not to put too much pressure on her tender ass.  Her hands were uncuffed, and instead attached to the corners of the headboard.  She felt her panty gag being gently removed and replaced with her mom’s fingers. “Suck,” she heard, and obeyed; Lily worked her tongue around the two fingers, silently sucking them as she breathed deeply through her nose to relax. 

Lily inhaled sharply as she felt the pinch of a clover clamp on her nipple.  She looked into her mom’s eyes as the second clamp was secured.  She moaned at the pain, sucking harder on the fingers to soothe herself.  Lily looked back up at her mom, her tear-stained eyes silently pleading for mercy.  “Shh, there there,” Cherie said, cupping Lily’s face, “I’m going to make you feel good now.  You’ve been such a good girl, it’s time for a reward.” 

Lily felt butterflies mix in with the strain in her nipples as her mom gently pulled on the chain connecting the clamps; Lily’s breasts jiggled back and forth, creating a sensual smile at the corners of her mom’s full lips.  “You’re so beautiful, baby,” Cherie said, bending to kiss her daughter.  Lily’s tongue found Cherie’s instantly, beginning a familiar dance as she worked to tune out the ache in her nipples and focus on her mom’s fingers gently parting her legs.  Lily felt spit-soaked fingers travel down her stomach, gently tracing her nipples as her mom kissed her.  “Mother,” Lily whispered into the kiss, the formal name that she used when submitting easily rolling out of her mouth.  “That’s it, baby, open your legs for your Mother,” Cherie whispered, her fingers easily finding her daughter’s swollen clit.  “You’re so wet, baby, I knew you like it when your Mother hurts you.” 

“Yes, Mother,” Lily moaned, the sting of her ass and ache in her nipples distant memories compared to the throbbing in her clit as her mom’s fingers slowly circled her most sensitive spot.  Lily tried to stay quiet, but as her mom applied more pressure to her clit, her moans became harder to contain.  She cried out as she felt two fingers enter her, shivering on her mom’s hand as she neared orgasm.  Lily felt one of her mom’s nipples slide into her mouth to muffle her sounds, and gratefully began to suckle.  “That’s it, Lily, suck your Mother’s nipple so you don’t wake up your sister,” Cherie ordered.  Lily looked up at her mom with nothing but adoration; she felt so lucky to have such a loving (and sexy!) relationship.

Lily found it more and more difficult to muffle her moans as her mom picked up the pace.  She felt the steady pressure of her mom’s fingers thrusting hard inside her, curling inward to hit her favourite spot.  She sucked harder on her mom’s nipple, desperately trying to stay quiet as her mom’s other hand began to tug at the chain between the nipple clamps.  Lily’s wrists pulled at her restraints, her struggle causing a sparkle in her mom’s eyes.  “You’re going to wake up your sister when you cum,” she said with a smirk, “maybe eating your Mother’s pussy will keep you quiet.”

Cherie’s nipple was ripped from Lily’s mouth as her mom swung her hips over Lily’s face.  She planted her legs on either side of her daughter’s head and lowered her dripping pussy onto her daughter’s face.  Lily could smell her mom’s sweetness before she tasted it, obediently and eagerly sticking her tongue out to lap it up.   The nipple clamps pressed into her as her mom laid down over her, immobilizing the rest of her body as she continued to rub her daughter’s clit.  Lily felt her mom relax onto her face, pressing her pussy into her mouth and griding her hips on her face.  Lily’s moans were swallowed in her mom’s folds.

“That’s it baby, eat my pussy,” Cherie said, her voice sounding muffled to Lily as her mom’s thighs squeezed around her head.  “Are you ready to cum for your Mother?” she asked, and Lily cried a muffled “Yes, Mother, please!” into her mom’s pussy.  Her mom’s fingers were relentless on her clit, bringing her closer and closer to the edge.  “That’s it, Lily, you’re almost there,” Cherie encouraged, “you’re making your Mother’s pussy feel so good. We’re going to cum together, baby,” she promised, and Lily smiled as her tongue stroked her mom’s clit. 

Lily took her mom’s clit into her mouth and sucked in rhythm with her mom’s fingers in her pussy.  The combination of having her clit rubbed and pussy fingered, not to mention the acute throbbing of her clamped nipples as her mom wiggled on top of her, was enough to push Lily all the way to the edge.  “Okay, Lily, it’s time,” Cherie said, grinding her hips into her daughter’s face.  Lily felt her mom’s pussy gush at the same time that hers did and let out a scream as she came.  Her mom’s thighs clamped down on her head, muffling her sounds as their bodies convulsed as one. 

Lily eventually felt her mom ease off of her face, leaving her coated in sweet smelling juices as she untied her daughter’s restraints.  She gasped as her mom removed the clamps on her nipples, pain searing in them as blood rushed back to the tissue.  Lily felt overcome by exhaustion, and was grateful for her mom’s embrace as Cherie cuddled up next to her.  “I love you, Lily,” Cherie said softly, stroking her daughter’s sore nipples.  “You were such a good girl for me tonight.  I am so lucky to have you as my wife,” she cooed, stroking Lily’s face.  Lily could feel herself coming back to earth, centering around her mom.  She felt so grounded, loved, seen, and cared for, that her heart could burst at any moment.  “I love you, Mother…wife,” she breathed contentedly as she drifted off to sleep.

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