Mother and Daughters: Part 4

This story is a sequel to My Mother, My Wife. Read part 1 here.

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Lily couldn’t believe her little sister was actually graduating high school.  She watched Violet walk her curvy frame across the stage with such pride, both as a sister and as a parent.  She always admired Violet’s free spirit, and her talent for acting and painting was incredible.  Lily knew that her sister would do great things in the world, and was excited to see what the future held in store.

She knew of one absolute in Violet’s future; her mom was going to ask her to marry her after the ceremony.  Lily was giddy with excitement at the notion that she would finally be able to share this part of her life with her sister.  It was all she could do not to blurt it out on the way home, but she restrained herself, committed to the plan that their mom had come up with.  They arrived back home so that Violet could drop her diploma off and change out of her graduation robes before going to the after-grad festivities.  When Violet bounded back down the stairs, Lily and Cherie were standing at the bottom, a huge bouquet of flowers in hand, with a card peeking out the top.

“Wow, these are beautiful!” Violet exclaimed, eagerly taking the flowers from Lily and smelling them.  “Thank you so much,” she smiled warmly, hugging her mom and sister.  “Mom, can you put these in water for me? I have to meet my friends,” she said.  “You should probably read the card, graduate,” Lily said teasingly.  Lily and Cherie exchanged a glance rife with nerves and excitement as Violet fumbled with the card.  “Oh yah, duh,” she said, opening the envelope. 

Lily watched her sister’s expression as she read the card.  Her and Cherie had agonized over how to word their proposal, but ended up very pleased with the outcome.  Lily had committed it to memory she had read it so many times.

Dear Violet,

We are so proud of all that you have accomplished so far in your life.  You are a beautiful, talented, kind, and creative woman who will no doubt move mountains.  You have had such an impact on both of our lives as a daughter and a sister; we are so blessed to call you ours.

As you make plans for your future, we want you to consider all that you want to get out of life.  We hope that you find happiness, fulfillment, and safety in all aspects of your life- you deserve all that and more.  A few months ago, you said that you want what we have one day- this kind of loving and passionate relationship- and we desperately want that for you too.

Violet, we want to give that to you.  We want to share what we are, and extend it to include you.  There is absolutely nothing like the bond between mother and daughter, except maybe the bond between sisters.  When you extend that bond beyond family to romance and intimacy, it is absolutely unbreakable.  We want you with us, Violet, forever, as your mother’s second wife.  Please say yes, so we can all live happily ever after- together.

With love,

Mom and Lily

Lily watched as her sister’s expression changed from soft to warm to confused to concentrated, resisting the urge to speak.  The silence deepened as Violet read.  Lily felt her mom anxiously grab her hand, intertwining their fingers.  Lily gave her mom’s hand a reassuring squeeze, not taking her focus off of her sister.  At long last Violet put the card down on the counter, and took a deep breath.

Before Lily knew what hit her, her sister’s arms were wrapped around both her and their mom.  “Yes! Oh my goodness, a thousand times yes!” Violet exclaimed theatrically, embracing Lily and Cherie tightly.  “I have been trying to figure out a way to ask you…you read my mind!” Violet said as her eyes filled with tears.  Seeing her sister’s elation and feeling her own sense of excitement and relief brought tears to Lily’s eyes as well.  “We love you, sweetie,” Cherie exclaimed through tears of her own, “and we are going to be so happy together.”

That weekend, the three women drove the two hours to the lake house.  Lily had spent every waking hour planning out their trip, and was positively bursting with excitement over her mom and sister’s upcoming nuptials.  They had agreed that a wedding was necessary to make things official; in spite of their atypical lifestyle, Cherie was quite a traditional woman.  She wanted to do right by her youngest daughter, making sure that she was married to her before any intimacy took place. 

“It looks exactly like I remember,” Violet said as she got out of the car.  The women carried their bags into the house, taking in the wall of windows in the kitchen/living room looking over the lake.  They explored the house, noting a couple of guest bedrooms and a washroom, before making it to the master bedroom at the end of the hall.  Complete with a fireplace and a California king-sized bed, the wall of windows continued into the master bedroom, offering a stunning view of the lake.  The three women stood together in the room, each anxious and excited for what that bed would later see.

“Well, let’s get ready,” Cherie said brightly.  “Girls, you can get ready in here; I am going to stock the fridge and decorate.  Lily, you are in charge of hair and makeup.”  Lily beamed, excited to see the day finally starting to come together.  “Don’t forget about…”

“The streamers, yes, Lily, I know.  I have your expertly crafted list right here- I won’t miss anything,” Cherie teased.  Lily and Violet both laughed as their mom headed back to the kitchen.

“Okay, sis, are you ready for your big day?” Lily asked, combing her fingers through her sister’s hair.  “I’m nervous,” Violet said honestly.  “It’s okay, I was too,” Lily said, squeezing Violet’s hand reassuringly.  “Really?” Violet asked, turning to her sister.  “You always seem so sure of yourself.”  Lily laughed.  “I’m glad it seems that way,” Lily said, “but I was so nervous to marry mom.  I knew that I loved her, of course, but marriage is still a big deal.  I was worried about whether I would be a good wife, what people would think….how to tell you…” Lily trailed off.  “And it all worked out…this is going to be a great day, Violet, you’ll see.”

Violet smiled.  “I know- I am so lucky to have the two of you, and I am so excited to be married.  I guess I’m just nervous about…you know…” she faltered, staring at the bed.  “Sex?” Lily asked, surprised.  “Oh, Violet, sometimes I forget that you’ve never done it.  I’m sorry…do you have questions that I could answer?”  Violet was thoughtful, wandering over to sit on the huge bed.

“What’s it like…being with mom?” Violet asked.  “Is it, you know, weird- given that she’s…your mom?” she asked clumsily.  Lily smiled.  “It is incredible.  Honestly, I was nervous at first too, but mom is…she’s amazing.  She made me feel so safe, and so beautiful.  The first time she gave me an orgasm- I will never forget it.  She has been an amazing teacher, and just so sexual.  She has known us our whole lives; she knows everything about us.  You really feel that when she touches you,” Lily said, trailing a finger down Violet’s arm for effect.  She smiled as goosebumps formed in its wake.  “That does sound amazing,” Violet said dreamily, shivering at her sister’s touch. 

“Is…is she going to spank me?” Violet asked, looking to her older sister for wisdom.  “No, she won’t- not this weekend,” Lily said confidently, “and she would never do that to you if you didn’t want her to.  The spanking thing is something that mom and I do together; if you want to experiment with it I’m sure mom would let you, but you don’t have to feel pressure to.  Your relationship with mom will be unique from mine, and that’s okay,” Lily said, giving her sister’s leg a comforting squeeze.  “Mom will take care of you, Violet, you have nothing to worry about- and so will I,” Lily promised.

With that, the two girls started to get ready for the wedding.  Lily did Violet’s hair in an elaborate braid, and helped zip her sister into a gorgeous, white floor length gown.  Lily herself wore white also, her dress shorter to show off her long legs.  She knew that their mother was going to wear a black fitted pantsuit, made from a gorgeous silk material.  She did her sister’s makeup, keeping it natural, but with a bright red lip.  “You look amazing” Lily said honestly. She hugged her sister tightly, careful not to mess up her hair.  Just then, their mom walked in the room.  “Are you girls ready?” Cherie called from down the hall. “Coming, Mom!” Lily said, giving her sister a final squeeze.  “Violet, stay in here for five minutes, and then meet us on the deck.” 

Lily and her mom held hands as they walked out onto the deck, giving Lily a chance to inspect her mom’s decorating.  “Mom, it’s perfect- you did great,” Lily said, admiring the white rose petals marking the aisle that Violet would walk, and the gorgeous hydrangeas and roses punctuating their alter.  The moonlight bathed the deck in an ethereal glow, and the stars and lake provided a perfect backdrop for their family love story.  Lily grabbed her notebook, stationing herself to the right of her mother as their officiant.  She played a soft, instrumental melody on the speakers, and took a deep breath as her younger sister floated down the aisle.

Violet was a vision in white; her long dress hung to her curves perfectly, leaving just enough cleavage to leave you wanting more.  Her bold features were highlighted with makeup, making her beauty look completely effortless.  She took her time walking down the aisle toward her mother and sister, swinging her hips in a way that had Lily’s mouth watering.  Lily looked at her mother, whose eyes had already filled with tears as she watched her second daughter walk down the aisle to her.  The music quieted as Violet joined them at the altar; Lily held hands with both her mother and sister, all three of them smiling ear to ear.

The ceremony was grounded in Lily’s poem, “My Mother, My Wife.”  She spoke of the bond between mothers and daughters, and the importance of supporting and loving each other.  She spoke personally about her bond with her sister, and how excited she was to welcome her sister into her marriage.  The ceremony finished as each woman took turns reading a passage from Lily’s poem before Cherie and Violet finally sealed their vows with their first kiss.

Lily felt instant butterflies as she watched her mother- her wife- kiss her sister.  It was such a tender, beautiful moment; a tentative start deepened as years of familiarity and trust surfaced.  Violet put her arms around her mom’s neck, leaning into the kiss as Cherie’s hands gripped her daughter’s waist.  They finally broke free, Violet blushing furiously.  “That was hot,” Lily said, breaking the tension.  All three of them laughed easily.  Cherie put her hand on Lily’s face, bringing her in for a passionate kiss as well.  Lily could taste her sister’s lip gloss on her mom’s lips, heightening the sensation of the kiss.  She gave her mom’s lips an extra lick before breaking free, smiling at her family. 

Her mom left her hand on Lily’s cheek, moving her other hand to cup Violet’s face.  Cherie brought her hands together, inviting her daughters to seal their bond just as they had sealed it with her.  Lily and Violet made eye contact, allowing their mom to push their faces together until their lips touched.  As soon as Lily tasted her sister’s lips, her tongue searched for Violet’s.  The girls kissed deeply, both leaning into their mother’s hand on their face, allowing their tongues to meet and explore.  “My girls,” Cherie said, tears in her eyes as the sisters finished their kiss.  “You both make me so happy.  I am so lucky to be your mom…and now, a wife- to both of you.”

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