Mother and Daughters: Part 2

This story is a sequel to My Mother, My Wife. Read part 1 here.

Read part 1 of Mother and Daughters here.


They were at it again, Violet thought with a thrill.  She had been listening to her mom and sister have sex for the better part of a year, but she knew by the sharp slap she’d just heard that tonight was no ordinary night of mother/daughter intimacy.  She heard her sister’s muffled moan, the mixture of pleasure and pain in it being a dead giveaway that Lily was getting spanked. 

Violet got under her blankets naked, rolling her nipples between her breasts and quieting her breathing so that she could hear what was happening in the next room.  She could hear her mom’s voice, the firm yet gentle tone that she often used when she was hurting Lily.  Come to think of it, it was the same tone that she used with Violet when she forgot to do her chores, or got a poor grade on a test.  There was something about that tone of voice that immediately inspired repentance and surrender- a mother’s gift, Violet supposed.

Violet reached between her legs, spreading her lips to find her pussy already damp.  There was a time that listening to her mom and sister have sex disgusted her; when they had first come home from their ski trip and told her they were going to be together, Violet had laughed in their face and took off.  She’d stayed away for a week, refusing to talk to either of them.  Not only was their supposed relationship gross, but it was also totally inappropriate- what would people think?! Violet seethed all week, staying at a friend’s place and claiming her family was still skiing.  She methodically built her argument, preparing a convincing monologue as she did for the school plays she’d been in.  A week later she returned home to confront her mom and sister.

To their credit, they heard her out.  Her monologue was delivered with dramatic flair, as was everything Violet did.  Arms waving, voice shouting, every logical point delivered from the highest of horses.  When she was finished, she met her mom’s and sister’s patient gazes, seeing both hurt and understanding looking back at her.  The rest of Violet’s words died in her throat.  She instead heard them out, listening to how they needed to support each other since their dad had left, and how Lily’s oversight of the household had naturally progressed to being more of a partner to their mom.  Their logic was sound enough, but it was their love that finally won Violet over- all she had to do was see them together to know they were head over heels for each other.  She loved them both dearly, and ultimately wanted them to be happy.  She still sometimes grappled with the taboo of it all, and disliked it when Lily used her “parent” voice on her, but all in all things were going smoothly- all three women were genuinely happy within the new dynamic.

The sex was hard to get used to.  Violet would go to sleep with earplugs in and music playing, just to drown out her mom’s and sister’s lovemaking.  Violet herself had never had sex, a fact that she was embarrassed about given that she had already turned 18, but she knew enough about it from the moans coming from the next room that in some ways she felt like she had.  It wasn’t until about six months into their new normal that the screaming started. 

The first time it happened, Lily’s scream broke through Violet’s soundproof armour.  Violet lurched out of bed, running down to their room to see if everything was okay.  She opened the door, prepared to help in any way that she could.  She was met with another scream, this one distinctly laced with the pleasured tones that Violet was used to hearing.  Her sister was bent over their bed, fully naked.  Lily’s arms were bound behind her back, and her ass was pointed in the air.  Their mom was behind her, her hand caressing a bright red welt on Lily’s ass.  Violet was stunned into silence, her presence going unnoticed by the women in the room.  She stood in the doorway and watched as her mom spanked her sister, each time coaxing a sound somewhere between a scream of pain and a moan of pleasure out of her lips.  “Do you like that, Lily?” her mom asked in that firm and gentle tone.  “Yes, Mother,” Lily said back, her voice completely sincere.  “More, please.”  Violet had slunk out of the room quietly, and had never spoken to either of them about what she had seen.

That night when she got back to her room, she continued to listen to her mom hurt her sister, and to her sister enjoying it.  She told herself that she was listening to protect Lily- that if her tone of voice lost the note of pleasure, she would go back into the room and intervene.  It wasn’t until she realized that her pussy was dripping wet that she started to acknowledge that maybe she liked listening.

She had stopped using ear plugs and listening to music at night after that, instead straining to hear when her mom and sister might be having sex.  She enjoyed their lovemaking noises, but got an extra thrill when she heard the spanking begin.  She started to rub her clit as she listened, counting the number of spanks as her mom delivered them.  Lily began to sound more and more desperate, her screams tonight muffled by something.  Violet counted 20 spanks in all, making her somewhat impressed by her sister’s stamina.  Violet fingered her pussy as she pictured herself taking Lily’s place, wondering what it would feel like to have her mom speak to her that way, and touch her so intimately.  Based on her sister’s moans, it sounded pretty great.

Violet stroked and fingered her pussy until she was dripping onto her sheets.  She took handfuls of her ample breasts, pinching her nipples to mirror some of the pain that her sister was going through.  She bit her lip as her fingers returned to her clit, rubbing faster as the moans in the other room grew louder.  She could now hear both her mom and sister moaning, and knew that they were getting close to orgasm.  Violet heard her mom say “Okay, Lily, it’s time,” and imagined her saying it to both of them.  Violet came with her family, letting a moan of her own join the sounds from her mom and sister in the next room. 

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