Mother and Daughters: Part 3

This story is a sequel to My Mother, My Wife. Read part 1 here.

Read part 1 and part 2 of Mother and Daughters.


Cherie noted that her palm was sore as she wrapped it around her morning coffee. She smiled to herself, thinking back to the night before when she had delivered no fewer than twenty spankings to her daughter’s toned ass- and she certainly hadn’t held back.  If her palm was sore, her daughter’s ass would be very tender. 

Lily really was the perfect wife, just as Cherie knew that she would be.  They had worked hard over the past year to be a team, sharing responsibilities and intimacy as wives.  It wasn’t long into their marriage that Cherie shared her love and need for BDSM with Lily, who graciously and eagerly agreed to try it.  Lily was a natural submissive, and after a lot of conversation and practice they had a dynamic that worked well for both of them.  Lily called Cherie Mother when she submitted, the formality of the term becoming somewhat of an inside joke when they were out of the bedroom.  Cherie knew how lucky she was, and promised herself not to waste any moment of her time with her family.

She was lost in this daydream when Violet came down the stairs, already dressed for school.  Violet was in her senior year of high school, coming up on graduation.  Where Lily was a tall, athletic, straight A student, Violet was her opposite- short, curvy, and much more artistically inclined.  She was the lead in the school play, and her free spirit Cherie knew would never be tamed- it was one of the things she loved most about her youngest daughter. 

“Morning, sweetie,” Cherie smiled at Violet, “can I get you some breakfast? Lily is still in bed.”  Cherie knew that she had been hard on Lily last night, so decided to let her sleep in knowing she didn’t have class until the afternoon.  “Morning Mom,” Violet said pleasantly, “just coffee for me please- I am already late for school.”  Cherie shook her head, knowing that asking Violet to take the time to eat breakfast was a losing battle.  “Okay, at least grab an apple on your way out,” she said.  “I’m good, mom, I’ll grab something at school,” Violet countered.  Cherie frowned, handing her daughter an apple.  “Just take it- make your mother feel better,” she said- gently, but firmly.  A strange expression played across Violet’s face, but she eventually took the apple.  “Th…thanks, mom…okay, I gotta go…love you,” she said over her shoulder.

Lily had dinner ready when Cherie got home from work, as usual.  “It smells amazing,” Cherie said as she put her arms around her daughter’s waist. “Just like you,” she whispered in her ear before nibbling the lobe.  Lily giggled just as Violet came downstairs.  “Ugh, get a room you two,” she said dramatically, a giggle breaking her character.  Cherie looked at both of her daughters, feeling her heart swell with pride.  “Let’s eat,” she said, handing each of the girls a plate.

Violet and Cherie sat at the table as Lily got her food.  “Does anyone need anything?” she asked before coming over to sit down.  Cherie noticed Lily wince as she sat, and knowingly smiled at her daughter.  “Is everything okay, Lily?” Cherie teased, the memories of the night before passing between them.  “Yes, Mother,” Lily emphasized, “nothing I can’t handle.”  Her grin was contagious, and Cherie returned it.  “Seriously, you two, get a room!” Violet exclaimed for the second time that night, breaking the burning tension between Cherie and Lily. 

“What do you mean, sweetie? We weren’t even kissing!” Cherie asked nonchalantly, not realizing that Violet had understood the subtext.  Violet blushed.  She stared at her food, her body language showing her embarrassment.  “Violet? What’s the matter?” Cherie asked, still not quite understanding the change in her daughter’s disposition.  “Nothing, mom, never mind,” Violet mumbled, “let’s just change the subject.”

Not one to let something go, Lily chimed in.  “What’s wrong Violet? You can talk to us, you know,” she said with both sisterly and parental compassion.  Violet finally looked both of them in the eye.  “I can hear you at night, you know.  I’m not a baby- I’m 18 years old- I know what’s happening on the other side of the wall at night,” she said.  Now it was Cherie’s turn to blush.  “And,” Violet said, turning to her sister, “I know why Lily is having a hard time sitting down.”

It wasn’t often that Cherie was rendered speechless; whether in a boardroom or as a parent, she was always quick on her feet.  As she looked into the accusing- and curious?- eyes of her youngest daughter, she didn’t know what to say.  It was Lily who spoke first.  “What questions do you have?”  Lily was ever the pragmatic one; Cherie was grateful to have such a strong and grounded wife.

Violet seemed surprised by her sister’s question.  She thought for a moment, trying to recover her upper hand.  She chose her words carefully.  “Sometimes…when I hear you…you are really loving and gentle,” Violet began, “and then other times- like last night- you hurt Lily,” Violet said to Cherie, “and you like it,” she said to her sister.  “I don’t get it- why do you do that? Why isn’t it loving all the time?”

“Oh, sweetie, it is loving all the time,” Cherie blurted, working through the shock that her youngest daughter had overheard her most intimate moments with her eldest.  Now it was Cherie’s turn to choose her words carefully.  “Your sister and I have lots of different dynamics to our relationship,” she began.  “We are wives, partners…we love and care for each other.  We are also friends,” she said, beaming at Lily, “and we have fun together.  I am still Lily’s mother- I support her as much as I can.  Part of our relationship is intimacy…sexual intimacy. Intimacy can look different in different scenarios.  Of course we make love regularly, but sometimes sexual needs go beyond lovemaking.  Have you ever had sex, Violet?” she asked gently.

“No,” Violet said, face flushing again.  “Its okay, you will when the time is right- and when you do, you’ll learn that there are lots of ways to make someone feel good.  Sex is a beautiful thing, especially between mother and daughter.  I have known Lily for her whole life, as she has known me- we understand each other incredibly well.  Part of that understanding is that Lily knows that my work is stressful, and sometimes I need to deal with that stress in non-traditional ways.  Hurting your sister helps me to release tension, and be a better mom to you,” Cherie explained. 

Violet’s rapt attention to her mother was interrupted by her sister.  “I like being able to do that for mom,” Lily added, “and when she hurts me, I get something out of it too.  It’s hard to explain, but when mom is spanking me, that’s all I can focus on.  I forget about all of my other responsibilities and worries, and am just fully in the moment.  I feel so…free,” she explained, and Violet started to nod.  “So, you aren’t hurting Lily because you’re mad at her? Even though you’re using your ‘mom’ voice?” 

Both Lily and Cherie laughed, breaking the building tension of the moment.  “I hadn’t thought of that, but you are so right- it is her mom voice!” Lily giggled, Violet following suit.  Soon all three women were laughing around the kitchen table, just like old times. “Violet, you are always welcome to ask us questions, about any part of our relationship,” Cherie said genuinely.  “We know that this has been a journey for you, too, and I want to make sure that you understand.  We will try to be…more discrete…in the future.”

Violet looked thoughtful.  “What if I don’t want you to be?” she asked, “What if I…what if I like listening? Does that mean there’s something wrong with me?”  Cherie thought her heart would burst with compassion as she cupped the face of her youngest daughter.  “Violet, of course there’s nothing wrong with you.  I think I owe you an apology,” Cherie said, taking Violet’s hands in hers, “I was so happy to have your blessing to marry your sister that I have forgotten to keep checking in with you.  I know that a lot has changed in the last year, and it can’t have been easy on you.  Just because things have changed between your sister and I doesn’t mean they have to change between us- I am your mother, and I always will be.  I want to make sure you know that,” Cherie said, squeezing Violet’s hands. 

“I know, mom, and it’s okay.  A lot has changed, but it’s easy to see that you and Lily have something special…I just hope that I get to have something like that someday,” Violet said wistfully.  “You will, Violet, you are an incredible young woman,” Lily chimed in.  “Anyone would be lucky to have you.  You’ll find what’s right for you- you always do,” Lily said.  She stood, wrapping her younger sister in an embrace.  Cherie watched her two girls hugging, the picture of love and support- she knew what needed to happen next.

“I was thinking the exact same thing,” Lily said excitedly as they both got into bed that night.  Cherie had just blurted out her idea to marry Violet.  She was worried how Lily might react, but of course she shouldn’t have been- they were always on the same page.  “I can’t believe we haven’t discussed this before,” she said enthusiastically, “it makes so much sense.  Being married to you changed my life- what we have is so fulfilling, so solid- of course Violet should have the same.  How should we ask her?” Lily mused, tucking her naked body under the blankets.  Cherie took her daughter in her arms as she had countless times, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear before kissing her deeply.  “I love you so much, baby, I am so lucky to have you,” she said, feeling butterflies as Lily’s tongue danced along her own.  “I love you too mom,” Lily purred. 

“I think that we should ask her at graduation,” Cherie said, absently stroking her daughter’s breast.  She felt Lily’s nipple harden under her touch, causing her own body to tingle.  “I love that idea,” Lily agreed, “and after we could go to that house on the lake that we rented a few summers ago- the one that Violet loved,” Lily added.  “Yes, that’s perfect,” Cherie gushed, shivering as her daughter ran her fingers down her back.  They were locked in an intimate embrace, both lost in the vision of their future with Violet.  “I’ll plan the wedding,” Lily said, excitement dancing in her eyes.  “Of course you will,” Cherie laughed, kissing Lily playfully. “Oh my gosh, there will be so many flowers…and we’ll need a cake…oh, and outfits…and…!” Lily’s excited rush was cut short as Cherie put her nipple in her daughter’s mouth.  “There will be plenty of time to plan the wedding,” Cherie said lightly, stroking her daughter’s face as she began to suckle, “right now I just want to celebrate with you, my first wife.”

Her daughter’s skilled mouth went to work on her nipple, bringing her body completely to life.  Cherie reached between her daughter’s legs, moaning as she found her pussy to be soaked.  Lily’s moan vibrated around Cherie’s nipple as she stroked her daughter’s clit, practicing the pattern that she knew made her squirm.  Cherie looked down into her daughter’s eyes, biting her lip as Lily’s fingers pulled at her other nipple.  “I love you, Lily,” she said as she slipped two fingers inside her.  Lily had such a wet pussy, it was just perpetually begging to be filled. 

Cherie reached into their bedside table, finding their favourite double ended dildo.  She stepped out of bed, smiling as Lily’s disappointed expression turned into excitement as she watched her mother step into the strap on harness.  Cherie secured the straps around her hips, and then slipped one end of the dildo into her own soaked pussy.    She never took her eyes off Lily while she got ready; the sight of her daughter rubbing her own pussy in their bed had her already teetering on the edge.  She got back into bed, mounting her daughter and slipping the other half of the dildo inside her.  Lily moaned as her mother filled her, and Cherie returned the sound as their pussies touched. 

She thrusted gently into her daughter, shivering as the dildo worked its way in and out of both their pussies. It was anchored inside Cherie, moving inside her as she circled her hips against her daughter’s pelvis.  “Mom, that feels so good,” Lily moaned.  Cherie would usually remind her daughter to be quiet so as not to wake her sister, but in light of their dinnertime conversation with Violet elected not to.  “Yes, baby, that’s it- move your hips…mmm, you’re so wet Lily,” Cherie purred, bending to kiss her daughter.  She increased the pace, the sound of the dildo in both of their wet pussies turning her on even more.  Lily gripped her mom’s hips, digging her fingers into the soft flesh as she neared the edge.  “Mom, I’m gonna cum!” she exclaimed, and Cherie thrusted into her hard.  “Let go, Lily, cum for me,” Cherie encouraged, slamming her hips into her daughter.  She reached between them, flicking Lily’s clit just until she screamed, her body convulsing through the orgasm. 

Lily was breathing hard as Cherie pulled the dildo out of her, unhooking it from the harness around her hips.  She was about to pull it out of her own pussy when Lily’s hands wrapped around the cum soaked end that had just been inside her.  Lily wordlessly took the dildo, moving so that her mom could lay down.  Cherie laid on her back, opening her legs for her daughter.  Their eye contact was constant until Cherie’s rolled back in her head as Lily thrust the dildo in her pussy.  “Oh, God, Lily- yes,” Cherie moaned, feeling her own orgasm build.  “Harder, baby,” Cherie instructed, moaning as Lily obeyed.  “I want you to feel good mom, I want to make you cum,” Lily said, reaching up to pinch Cherie’s nipple as she relentlessly thrusted the dildo into her mom.  “Yes, baby, just like that- you’re going to make your mom cum,” Cherie encouraged, gripping the sheets beneath her as her body started to shake.  She thought about Violet in the next room, picturing her youngest daughter touching herself while she listened to her mother and sister having sex.  She looked up at her eldest daughter, the source of the pure pleasure that she was feeling.  “I’m cumming!” she exclaimed, no longer making an effort to hide their activities from Violet; her orgasm was powerful, fueled by emotion and the raw sexual energy between her and her daughter.

Cherie and Lily cuddled afterward, both taking deep breaths in an effort to get back down to earth.  “Do you think Violet heard us?” Lily asked ironically, sleepily stroking the outline of her mom’s breasts.  “Definitely,” Cherie said, “I hope she enjoyed it.”

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